15 Celebrities That Haven't Looked Hot Since The 90s

Oh, the 90s. For many of us, the 90s seemed like a lifetime ago. The last decade of the 20th century saw everything change. Technology advanced in giant leaps as phones, computers, and the birth of the Internet made our futuristic dreams come true. The movie world also had a boost as the advances of CGI made the impossible possible as movies such as The Matrix burst out of the screen and changed the world of cinema forever. The 1990s was truly an innovative age and it set the world in motion for what we have today.

As well as all that, the 90s were also an era of celebrity culture. The big and small screen were crawling with hot celebrities, with the decade bringing us plenty of hot glamour models, TV stars, and movie stars, and the music world was filled with stunning, young, talented hotties, each of them vying for our undivided attention. While some of these stars would continue with their success, and looks, into the next century, many others however would never be as big or as hot. Some of them took plastic surgery too far, while others had their hard-parting lifestyle catch up to them. Unfortunately for them, they just can't compete with their 90s selves. So here are 15 celebrities that haven't looked hot since the 90s.

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15 Lark Voorhies

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Our first entry on our list was one of three hotties that made up the cast of Saved By The Bell. Primarily for younger viewers, Saved By The Bell became a smash hit with older viewers as well and most of that was down to the stunning trio including Lark Voorhies, Elizabeth Berkley, and Tiffani Amber Thiessen. The gorgeous trio lit up the screens as well as the high school hallways and became instant pin ups.

However, over the years, life and time hasn't been kind to the once glamorous Voorhies. While Berkley and Thiessen aged well, Voorhies is unrecognizable these days as the former Lisa Turtle looks nothing like her younger self. With many reports about her unhappy lifestyle and many trips to the plastic surgeon, Voorhies' glory days are firmly stuck in the 1990s.

14 Lil' Kim

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During the 90s, rap and hip hop music exploded and would soon go on to become mainstream music. Taking over from the likes of rock and pop, rap music was a new kind of music for this generation. With many male stars rising to superstardom in the 90s and putting rap music on the map, the female artists were still finding their way in the new world. However, the biggest, and sexiest, rap star was without a doubt the Queen Bee herself, Lil' Kim.

Working with some of the biggest stars of the day, such as The Notorious B.I.G, Lil' Kim became a household name. With her musical talent and her sultry and sexy look, Lil' Kim became many people's fantasy. However, when we look at her today she has almost become a different person. In a distorted version of her former self, Lil' Kim has drastically changed everything about herself, including her skin tone! Yikes!

13  Nikki Cox

You'll be forgiven if our next entry doesn't ring any bells straight away. Nikki Cox hasn't really been part of the celebrity scene for quite some time. But during the 1990s, Nikki Cox was a must watch star. Being the star of, and only reason to watch, the sitcom Unhappily Ever After, Cox became an overnight sensation. With her easy acting style and her stunning good looks, Cox ticked all the boxes.

Over the years, however, Cox has let all of this slip away. We do understand the pressures of being a TV actress and the need to stay looking "young," but after one too many body modifications, Cox doesn't resemble anything close to her glory days. We can't help but feel that if God gives you perfect looks then don't mess with it. Growing old gracefully can still look stunning.

12 Teri Hatcher

The former Mrs. Superman has had a difficult time both on and off our screens over the years. Not content with being the main desire for Superman, Teri Hatcher also became the fantasy of many more men when she became a Bong girl in Tomorrow Never Dies. Lighting up both the small and big screen with her sultry, sexy looks (and possibly the best legs in the 90s!), Hatcher was hot property in the 90s in every sense of the word.

Over the years, Hatcher has kept her fame bubble going with starring roles in popular TV shows such as Desperate Housewives, however, her looks haven't been able to keep up. A nip here and a tuck there has altered the once sexy TV star too much and it shows.

11 Melissa Joan Hart

During the 1990s there were two shows, and two women that kept all of our attention and focus: Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Sabrina The Teenage Witch. These two women with superpowers captivated us each week and looked drop dead gorgeous doing it. While Buffy star Sarah Michelle Gellar has aged well (in fact she doesn't appear to have aged a day!) Sabrina star Melissa Joan Hart hasn't done as well.

Her career and life may have been quite successful, with several TV shows and even a few movies following Hart after Sabrina ended, as well as successfully working behind the scenes, Hart has carved out a great career. However, gone are the days in which Hart's looks alone could pull in a big audience. We will however say one thing about Hart and although she doesn't look as good as she once did, from what we hear it's all still natural. We give her plenty of credit for that.

10 Jenna Jameson

Ask any man who was alive in the 1990s to name one woman they would do anything to spend the night with, and 99% of them would probably say Jenna Jameson. The sexy starlet put the adult industry on the map and made the world of porn more glamorous and even more acceptable. Being the face, and body, of an entire industry, Jameson became, not just a star, but a global brand as all men watched, bought, and owned anything Jameson was involved in.

However, having spent her prime years in the porn industry and constantly parading her body around, the years haven't been kind to Jameson. Whether it's plastic surgery, an overworked exercise regime, or just her desire to do whatever it takes to stay thin, Jameson looks nothing like she did. For a while after, she resembled more of a skeleton than her once curvy build, but now she looks puffy and unrecognizable. Jameson's days of being the world's pinup is long over.

9 Katie Price

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Speaking of the glamorous world of nudity, our next entry became an overnight sensation when she started to pose topless for British tabloid magazines. Although not following in the footsteps of the likes of Jenna Jameson, Katie Price still had the world drooling over her photos. Changing her name to Jordan, Price became synonymous with everything sexy and glamorous, and we couldn't get enough.

However, in an effort to stay on the sexy side of life, Price has had many trips to the plastic surgeon's office and most of her body these days isn't hers. The once natural curves of the busty Price have been worked on again and again and again. We're all for enhancements if that's what these stars want, but Price has taken this too far and the once popular glamour girl's career has suffered for it.

8 Sarah Jessica Parker 

There's no denying that Sarah Jessica Parker has become a phenomenon, especially towards the end of the 90s. This is all due to her role in the hugely successful Sex and the City TV show and movies. Supposedly being at the cutting edge of fashion and telling a generation of woman what looks good and fashionable, Sarah Jessica Parker became the voice and face of the 90s. Even before Sex and the City, Parker was causing a stir on the big screen, all be it more of a ditzy blond than a style guru, even so the 90s was a good decade for Parker.

With time passing and the years not being all that kind to her, Parker doesn't look anywhere as good as her 90s heyday. Even towards the end of Sex and the City and their movies, Parker's looks were starting to fade.

7 Brooke Shields

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During the late 80s and 90s, there was one woman who shone so brightly on our TV screens and made a generation of men drown in their own drool, and that was Brooke Shields. Shooting into the limelight as a child model, Shields would go on to star in some big movies and TV shows. With her instantly recognizable and striking good looks, Shields was worshiped for decades.

However, being thrust into the limelight, and also being sexualized at such a young age, Brooke shunned the life of fame and disappeared from our screens in the late 90s, only to make a resurgence later in her career. Nowadays, Shields doesn't look anything like she once did. Her striking looks have long gone and instead she looks more like the younger Brooke Shields' mom rather than the former sex symbol herself.

6 Kate Moss

Starting on a similar path to our previous entry Brooke Shields, Kate Moss' stunning looks propelled her into the limelight at an early age. Being discovered at only 14, this British stunner was pushed into superstardom as Moss graced every catwalk and magazine cover in the world. Being the face of the 90s, Moss' flawless looks and slim body was on every teenager's wall in the 90s.

Unfortunately this is where the similarity between Shields and Moss ends. Whereas Shields stepped away from fame, Moss craved it more. Being linked with some of the most famous men of the decade, such as Johnny Depp, Moss threw herself into the limelight. Years of partying, alcohol, and drugs has taken its toll on the once sexy model and she now looks a gaunt former shadow of herself.

5 Yasmine Bleeth

via tomorrowomen.com

With a new Baywatch movie splashing its way onto our movie screens, our minds can't help but wander back to the original TV show and the sexy stars that made those red swimsuits so famous. Filled with gorgeous stars all wearing tight swimsuits, and of course the frequent use of the slow motion running, Baywatch became much watch TV for so many men. One of the biggest and brightest stars of the show was Yasmine Bleeth.

Her time as a Baywatch girl pushed Bleeth into the spotlight and the public couldn't get enough of her. Often being voted as the sexiest woman in the world, Bleeth was the subject of so many men's fantasies during the 90s. Over the years since she left Baywatch, Bleeth faded from the public eye and her slow motion antics became a distant memory. Apart from the odd cameo, Bleeth disappeared for years. When she did resurface she was unrecognizable and the former pinup was long gone.

4 Pamela Anderson

The most famous and original Baywatch girl and arguably one of the biggest pinups in the 90s was Pamela Anderson. The curvy blond bombshell, and former Playmate of the month, Anderson became the most desirable woman in the world for pretty much the entire decade. Not content on just being the "Barbie girl in a swimsuit," Anderson tried her hands at lots of things from TV shows to movies. Although these days she is probably more famous for her string of sex tapes!

With her lifestyle and relationships making more headlines than her career, the roles for Anderson started to fade, as did her once gorgeous looks. The celebrity lifestyle and her love of plastic surgery all took their toll on Anderson and nowadays she looks like an old and tired out version of herself, a version that we really don't want to see in that famous red swimsuit anytime soon.

3 Courteney Cox

via dailyexpress.com

With our next entry we just have one question: What did Courteney Cox do to herself? When you're one of the stars of arguably the biggest sitcom ever, surely there's no need to do anything drastic, especially to your face! Being part of the sexiest trio of the 90s, Cox and fellow stars Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow became instant sex symbols due to their roles on Friends.

Admittedly, Cox was often overshadowed in the media and by fans by Aniston, but there is no denying that Courteney Cox was a sexy woman in the 90s. So we are guessing that over the years Cox felt like she had to nip and tuck everything in order to keep herself ahead of her former co-stars. How drastically bad this backfired. Whereas Aniston and Kudrow have aged well, gracefully, and still look hot, Cox's love of plastic surgery has made her look as if she is constantly ready for halloween. If you're going to have plastic surgery, we don't think having the mask from Scream is a good role model!

2 Renée Zellweger

As if our previous entry on this list wasn't warning enough about the dangers of too much plastic, then the next two entries surely will be. The number two entry on our list is the once glamorous and subtly stunning Renee Zellweger. Zellweger is known for committing herself and her body to the role she is portraying, after all when she first stepped into Bridget Jones's shoes she put on weight and did everything she could to make the role believable.

However, when the movie star disappeared from the spotlight for a while, no one could have ever guessed that she would come back looking completely different. Not just content with having some work done, Zellweger went one further than that and completely changed everything about herself. We're not saying that Zellweger is unattractive now but before the surgery she had a sexy charm that she has now lost.

1 Meg Ryan

The number one entry on this list has to be the biggest, and worst, transformation in Hollywood history. During the 1990s, Meg Ryan was America's sweetheart. Being part of some of the biggest romantic comedies of all time, Ryan didn't just do sweet and innocent, she also brought a sexy edge to her characters. Often playing quirky roles, Ryan became one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, as well as a lot of men's dream girl.

However, as the 90s started to come to a close, Ryan's star power started to fade and the roles dried up. So as with many stars before her, and many stars on this list, Ryan took a trip to the plastic surgeon's office. Having everything nipped, tucked, pumped and squeezed, Ryan doesn't look anything like her former self.

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