15 Celebrities On Santa's Naughty List

Ho! Ho! Ho! It's the most wonderful time of the year! Just because you're a celebrity doesn't mean you automatically get put on Santa's nice list. Sorry, it doesn't work that way. The beautiful thing

Ho! Ho! Ho! It's the most wonderful time of the year! Just because you're a celebrity doesn't mean you automatically get put on Santa's nice list. Sorry, it doesn't work that way. The beautiful thing about Santa Claus is that he treats all of us exactly the same. Nobody gets preferential treatment from the big guy in the red suit. Santa's list is out and he knows who's been naughty and nice.

It was a magical year for many celebrities. There were acts of kindness, beautiful marriages, babies born, and many other wonderful things. In terms of those ending up on this year's naughty list, this year didn't disappoint. Scandals and controversies galore! We are going to take a look at those celebrities who made Santa's Naughty List this year. So who is going to be getting a lump of coal in their stocking for Christmas? Keep reading to find out.

15 Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid needs to stick to modeling. Her American Music Awards co-hosting gig fell absolutely flat. It was awkward and downright painful to watch. Not to mention her impression of Melania Trump wasn't as funny as Gigi's attempt at trying to be funny.

14 Mariah Carey

It's a widely known fact that Mariah Carey is one of the biggest divas in show business. Her outrageous demands include a private chauffeur for her Jack Russell terrier and a red carpet rolled out for her entrance whenever she makes an appearance--even at 2am when checking into a hotel.

If her prima donna demands aren't enough to put her on Santa's Naughty List than perhaps her recent behavior after she and her billionaire fiance, James Packer, called off their engagement is. James proposed to Mariah with a whopping 35-carat diamond ring. Yes, 35-carats! It's nearly as big as her head. Well instead of returning it, she has kept it. She still wears it out and about with her toy boy lover! And, she reportedly demanded $50 million from James Packer due to 'disruptions' in her life caused by the broken engagement. She was forced into moving across the country when she became engaged to Mr. Packer and that was of enormous emotional and financial cost.

13 Orlando Bloom

via mirror

Pictures of a stark naked Orlando Bloom standing on a paddle board while his girlfriend, Katy Perry, sat quietly next to him went viral within minutes of their release. 7.3 billion (give or take a few) people saw Orlando's package. It's not like this was done on a private beach away from prying eyes. This was during the afternoon on a beach in Italy. A  crowded public beach!

12 John Mayer

John Mayer's dated some of Hollywood's hottest entertainers. John's famous description of Jessica Simpson being 'sexual napalm' and discussing their sex life in public definitely made him something of an attention-seeking Hollywood lothario. Unfortunately, a lot of women like bad boys. Something about the challenge of 'taming' them and rescuing them from bachelordom. Actresses and models started lining up to tame this stud.

11 Miley Cyrus

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Saying Miley Cyrus has come a long way since Hannah Montana is a bit of an understatement. This year she has toned it down a bit but she's still not yet in Santa's good graces. Not after her 2013 VMA performance alongside Robin Thicke which rumor has it led to Robin's divorce from his wife Paula Patton.

10 Shia LaBeouf

Earlier this year Shia LaBeouf started a war of words with several rap artists, including Soulja Boy on a morning radio show. Shia compared Soulja to Raggedy Ann. This escalated into a messaging string of back and forth of name calling. Why? No one really knows.

9 Tyga

via In Touch Weekly

Tyga, otherwise known as the boyfriend of Kylie Jenner, has slid onto Santa's Naughty List this year due in part to his social media addiction and his inability to stay faithful to Ms. Jenner. This year Tyga was tied to several other women, including a transgender model.

8 Johnny Depp

It shouldn't come as any surprise to find Johnny Depp on Santa's Naughty List. Johnny is on a lot of people's Naughty lists this year. Johnny Depp and his model ex-wife Amber Heard, divorced this year over claims of domestic violence. Johnny was ordered to pay Amber several million dollars which she has promised will be going to a domestic violence charity. So far Johnny has not made good on shelling over what Amber is owed. He is not happy that she went public, with photos of her injuries that backup her claims of assault. Amber also has been widely outspoken for her support of women in similar situations.

7 Ariana Grande

via youtube

Ariana Grande is almost as famous for her diva-like behavior as she is for her music. She isn't known as "mini-Mariah Carey" for no reason. Who could forget the infamous donut licking incident?! Where she was in a donut shop and caught on security footage picking out, licking the icing off a donut, and shoving it back in the case. Classy.

Ariana's treatment of her fans, co-stars, backup singers, and paparazzi is downright deplorable. She has ordered fans to delete photographs they took of her and demanded paparazzi to take pictures from only her right side. She has hired burly security guards to frighten her pre-teen fans into handing over their cellphones so that they can delete any photographs Ariana disapproves of.

6 Tom Brady

via CelebNSports247

Even though Deflategate happened in 2015, Tom Brady's punishment for his involvement in the deflating of footballs wasn't handed down until this year. Even with all the evidence mounted against him he still denies knowledge or involvement in deflating the footballs. Come on, Tommy! The New England Patriots and Tom's legacy have been forever tarnished due to Tom's supersized ego.

5 Gwyneth Paltrow

4 Ozzy Osborne

Ozzy Osbourne has been married to his beautiful wife, Sharon, since 1982. Unfortunately, this past year was plagued with scandals. Sharon reportedly had evidence of Ozzy's infidelity with his 40-something year old hairstylist and continued drug use.

3 Justin Bieber

via yahoo

If all you want for Christmas is a misbehaving pop star then your wish would come true with Justin Bieber. Justin has definitely lost some of his boy-next-door charm these last couple of years. He's become a little ungrateful and takes many things for granted. He has done things like telling his fans to not approach him for photographs and outright punching uber-fans in the face for getting too close. He doesn't seem to appreciate the fact that these "annoying" fans are the entire reason why he is where he is at today. He is worth a jaw-dropping 245 million dollars!

2 Nick Young

via sportsworldnews

Lakers small forward, Nick Young, was a very bad, bad boy. He cheated on his fiance, the beautiful Iggy Azalea. He not only cheated but he was caught on tape discussing his cheating with fellow teammate D'Angelo Russell. Russell later posted the video and it went viral. Iggy thanked Russell for his video catching Young admitting to be unfaithful. In the video, Russell is heard asking Young if he ever got with model Amber Rose. Young says he hasn't because Amber is friends with Iggy.

1 Kylie Jenner


All Santa Claus needed to do was check out Kylie Jenner's Instagram account and see what she's been up to this year to determine which list she needs to go on. And, that list would be the Naughty List. Kylie believes less is more and unfortunately when that comes to clothing, that's not quite the case.

In addition to frolicking around in little-to-no clothing and coming across as desperate for likes and comments, its been reported that she has a bit of an unpleasant personality. Earlier this year her staff quit en masse due to her lack of respect and nasty behavior. Her housekeepers have been quoted as saying she is a slob who will call them in the middle of the night to come and clean after one of her crazy late night parties.

What about the Kylie Jenner lip kits? Anyone can click on YouTube and find hundreds of poor reviews. From people not being sent the product to the product not living up to her claims. It was a complete bomb. Santa did find a good substitution for the Kylie lip kits--- Lip Smackers! They're about 80% less expensive and some say work even better than the Kylie kits!

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