15 Celebrities Everyone Thinks Are Connected To Conspiracy Theories

For celebrities, being gossiped about is just part of the business. They are idolized, fantasized about and sometimes they are loved just to be hated. From the moment the bright lights hit their faces, they know that one of the casualties they will face aside from being mobbed in public is the loss of privacy of the more intimate details of their lives. After all, that's part of the reason we love them, right? When they become relatable, we are further drawn to them. And what details are not relatable, are usually regarding the glamorous and luxurious things in life that we can only daydream about. So it stands to reason that when bizarre rumors about their lives present themselves, they are gobbled up and spread around like breath mints at a garlic festival. But some people take it to another level by making up complex conspiracy theories about them. Some of them are rather hilarious, some are kind of creepy and some may actually get you thinking and following along. When it comes to celebrity conspiracy theories, no star is safe and nothing is off limits. Here are fifteen completely ridiculous or possibly true (you be the judge!) celebrity conspiracy theories.


15 Elvis Secured A Sweet Gig As An Extra On Home Alone

Elvis has not left the living world, ladies and gentleman. Instead, he has grown a rather bushy-looking beard and landed himself a sweet gig as an extra on a fun family movie in the 90s according to this Elvis conspiracy theory. This is not just a great scene displaying the fine acting abilities of Catherine O'Hara and John Candy but a sneaky little hello from The King himself. The skeptic in me can't help but wonder why he chose Home Alone of all the movies and why such a small part. Sure, I know that if he had a bigger role, people might become more suspicious but then what has The King been doing the rest of this time to support his super secret undercover lifestyle? More non-speaking extra roles? Great, now I'm going to have to re-watch all movies since Elvis supposedly passed away and check out the background actors. I'll be in touch...

14 Taylor Swift Has A Twin Who Lives In Japan And Is A Female Ronald McDonald


Orrrr... something like that. Among the MANY rumors swirling around about Taylor, one in particular is that she has an evil twin living in Japan and sometimes that twin works for McDonald's. I'm all aboard on the theory that McDonalds is evil but why doesn't the rumor go that Taylor did a really bizarre McDonalds commercial that aired in Japan? The evil twin thing is a little too Daytime Soap Opera, even for a viral rumor. The reason that she lives in Japan is too out there as well. According to the rumor, Taylor exiled her twin to faraway Japan so that she wouldn't steal her thunder. If that's true, then I extend my personal apologies to Miss Swift because she did a heck of a job. Unless... is it possible that the evil twin switched places with Taylor and is forcing her to do bad television commercials while the evil twin basks in her luxurious lifestyle?

13 Michael Jackson Is Alive And Moonwalking In Canada Or Africa

Fact. Michael Jackson had a closed casket. Fact. Michael Jackson died of cardiac arrest, and people who die of cardiac arrest typically have open caskets. Fact. A video shows a coroner's van's back door opening and a man who looks eerily similar to Michael Jackson hop out and is whisked away. Theory. Michael Jackson is still alive, living underground and tons of his people are assisting with the cover-up. I would almost buy that MJ was desperate for a break from the public eye, seeing as how he never got to experience a normal childhood or adult life and faked his own death to achieve some normalcy in his later years but this seems all a bit too much. Then again, what part of The King of Pop's life wasn't a bit too much? All sarcasm aside, watch the video closely. It is an interesting claim. Though I would imagine that if this was real, MJ's people would have made sure there would be no way to videotape it. What do you think?

12 Marilyn Manson Played Paul Pfeiffer In The Wonder Years As A Child

"Have you heard the rumor?" Danica McKellar, who played Winnie on The Wonder Years asked Josh Saviano. It was 1994, Josh was out of the acting game, in his first year of college and he hadn't heard the rumor going around that the singer known as Marilyn Manson (Brian High Warner) played his character of Paul on TV's The Wonder Years. At the time, he didn't even know who Marilyn Manson was. If the rumor was true, that meant that Josh didn't exist. But since he did exist then and still is around today, it's of course not true. He said he and his friends got a kick out of the silly rumor, though. He's also been rumored to have turned into Lady Gaga and the drummer from the band, The Black Keys. Now that he's a mega lawyer in New York City, it seems like he's pretty happy with how he turned out, even if he's not a rock star.

11 Nicolas Cage Is Immortal And Vants To Suck Your Blood

It's not that women have been accusing him of biting their necks but when this Civil War era photo was discovered, one man declared that it looked so much like Nicolas Cage, it had to be him and since he hasn't aged, the only naturally conclusion is that he must be a vampire. Really, what else would make sense? That in this world, where billions upon trillions of people have once walked, two of them might look very similar? Of course not. In a Dave Letterman interview, Nicolas says that he does acknowledge the resemblance but says, "How can I be polite about this? It's a somewhat slowed down version of me." When Letterman presses that there are similarities, Nicolas again says, "But it's slowed down" - emphasis on the slow. (Yes, Nicolas, we know you're attractive.) I would like to say to those who believe in the vampire theory and with all respect to Nicolas' achievements, do you really think that a vampire would put all of their energy into winning acting awards? While a Golden Globe and Academy Award is certainly impressive, I'm just not sure that translates over into the dark world.

10 Chanel West Coast Used To Be A Child Actor... Oh Yeah, And A Boy

Chanel West Coast (real name Chelsea Dudley) is one of Rob Dyrdek's sidekicks on MTV's Ridiculousness. She's the one with the adorable laugh! Besides co-hosting the show, she is also a *ahem* very successful rapper and according to a widely circulated conspiracy theory, she also used to be a child actor, starring in Boy Meets World, The Torkelsons and spin-off Almost Home with Brittany Murphy. Did you know that? Neither did she! Because Chanel West Coast was not a child actor nor is she transgender. While Chanel has laughed off the rumor, I'm willing to bet that Lee Norris, the 35 year actor in question, isn't too happy seeing as how he never left the biz. In fact, Lee has been in One Tree Hill, the movie Gone Girl and has recently reprised his role as now grown-up Stuart Minkus on the Boy Meets World spin-off, Girl Meets World. Thanks for noticing, everyone and thanks for nothing, conspiracy theory!

9 Beyonce Didn't Give Birth To Blue Ivy - And She's An Evil Child

When it comes to Beyonce, the rumor mill is bursting at the seams. She died and was replaced by a clone, she whitens her skin, she and her triangle hand gestures are in the Illuminati, she is her younger sister, Solange's real mother, Solange is really Blue Ivy's mother. And speaking of Blue Ivy, she's an evil baby. Maybe. Some people believe that Jay-Z and Beyonce made a pact with the devil a la "Rosemary's Baby" and the result o that pact is Blue Ivy. But others just think that Beyonce didn't want that baby body and hired a surrogate to protect her perfect body image. People who believe this have amassed "proof" in the form of photos and videos that show Beyonce doing things that pregnant women just don't do, just like the video above. It's actually not the craziest thing ever when it comes to conspiracy theories. Celebs do love to bounce back post-pregnancy quicker than the last star did.


8 Tupac Is Alive And His Mother Confirms It


The assassination of Tupac Shakur is something that is extremely hard for his diehard fans to accept. So hard, in fact, that they latch on to things like this. In the video clip, the poster writes, "So she said he was tired of fighting, and that he had a right to choose for himself. In the end he chose to leave quietly. Is she telling us that he left the USA and moved somewhere else because he was tired of everything he was getting involved in?" Gonna go with a big old nope on that but that's just me. Hey, I've got nothing against holding onto hope. And if it makes people like this poster feel better to read more into what's being said, that's perfectly fine. But I truly believe that if 2Pac really did pass away, he would want you to take his song title, "Life Goes On" to heart.

7 Megan Fox Is Definitely A Clone

According to official Megan Fox conspiracy experts, the original Megan died years ago and since then, we've been stuck with not just one but TWO government-created Megan Fox clones. Not at the same time, silly. One was introduced and when that clone died, Megan Fox #3 was created. Of course, somehow this is all tied into the Illuminati. Makes total sense because it doesn't take a magnifying glass to notice some changes in her appearance based on the side by side photos above. She looks so different that it would be insane to accept any other explanation including accusations that Megan Fox has simply gone under the knife like so many other celebrities. Clearly, this is a case of government cloning. The circumstances surrounding Megan's death haven't been released but I'm sure there's a reasonable explanation. I can absolutely believe that the real Megan Fox was a secret spy for the government. If you don't think that she, the original, had what it takes, I dare you to search Megan Fox quotes and see for yourself. Be prepared to be mystified with the genius that was Megan Fox #1.

6 Kanye West And Taylor Swift Set Up The "Imma Let You Finish" Scandal


The theory goes that West's PR team and Swift's PR team hooked up and orchestrated the controversial scene to boost both of their client's careers. Supposedly, they knew that concocting the plan for Kanye's rude outburst paired with Taylor's demure and hurt expression to be played out in front our very surprised eyes would get everyone talking and  hopefully double record sales for each artist. If this theory is in fact true, genius. But I'd also wonder if Beyonce's PR team was involved as well. Her shocked "Poor Taylor" demeanor had people commenting on what a class act she is. Come to think of it... how did Kanye get on stage near Taylor so fast? Was award presenter Taylor Lautner in on this, too? How far does this pack of lies go, man?! Well, I think a more appropriate theory is not a theory at all but just the cold, hard fact that Kanye can be a rude dude, has no boundaries and little to zero consideration for others.

5 Miley Cyrus Died And Was Replaced

So that explains the change in behavior. I'm just saying... it would explain a lot. A whole lot. She went from a wholesome, fun-loving, pretty teenager to a twerking, tongue-wagging "free spirit" if I'm being nice. But for the people who truly believe in this -- is it possible that her parents are capable of being bought out to pretend that a stranger is their daughter while they know their real daughter is dead? The entire Cyrus clan, for that matter? I think not. But I must agree that it could be a comforting explanation for a confused parent to cling to when they turn on the TV and see their "daughter" wearing whitey-tighties and riding a giant wrecking ball. I'm not hating on Miley but you've got to admit, her outrageous antics are not exactly a parent's dream come true. Could Miley's parents have started the rumor to save themselves from embarrassment? Maybe it's easier to pretend to grieve the loss of a perfect daughter than acknowledge she's turned into the Miley that we know. RIP, normal Miley.

4 Marisa Tomei Accidentally "Won" Her 1992 Oscar

The rumor goes that awards presenter Jack Palance got confused and read Marisa's name by mistake as the winner for the 1992 Best Supporting Actress Oscar for My Cousin Vinny. The academy was so embarrassed by the blunder that they covered it up and let Marisa have the prestigious award just to save face. There are people who are convinced this is the case even though The Academy has stated that they are prepared for such instances and would immediately address the mistake. Not only does this conspiracy theory not have much weight to stand on but it is a huge smack in the face to Marisa Tomei's acting abilities. Poor Marisa. I am officially starting my own conspiracy theory as of now that the group responsible for this outlandish rumor was none other than the collective Vanessa Redgrave/Judy Davis/Joan Plowright/Miranda Richardson fan club. For crying out loud, can't a girl have her moment?

3 Charles Isn't Prince Harry's Biological Father

A royal rumor! You might have heard something about James Hewitt, English former household cavalry officer for the British Army. He's fifty-eight, hails from Northern Ireland and reportedly carried on a five year affair with the Princess of Wales, supposedly (according to the royal rumor) that culminated in the birth of Prince Harry. Look at the photo and judge for yourself. Does P.H. more like Charles or Major James? While Harry does seem to share some of Charles' facial features, I've always thought that Harry had a serious Irish vibe going on. Just look at that hair! I think the side by side comparison raises enough suspicion that a DNA test is in order. And I know just the man to put on the case. Is a call to The Maury Show needed for these two? I vote yes.

2 Katy Perry Is Supposedly Murdered Six-Year-Old JonBenet Ramsey


It's fair to say that a sizable portion of America has been obsessed with the JonBenet Ramsey was and still is obsessed with the case of the murdered six-year-old beauty pageant princess. Who did it is a question that investigators, psychics and forensic detectives have been trying to solve for decades. Well, wonder no more thanks to a man named Dave who solved the mystery. Turns out that JonBenet wasn't murdered at all but in fact, became a huge internationally-known pop star! Katy Perry, as we know her today, obviously was JonBenet (Dave uses his computer to merge their facial structures together as proof) and that's that. What about her parents? The police? All of the obvious glaring details that says that this theory couldn't be true, you ask? Dave explains that away. "He shaved his head and she lost some weight," he says of JonBenet/Katy's parents. So Patsy Ramsey didn't die of ovarian cancer at age 49? And the interview that John Ramsey (who looks nothing like Katy Perry's dad) gave in 2016? All part of the hoax, apparently.

1 The Ever Increasing Number Of Celebrities Tied To The Illuminati

You know you've made it as a celeb when you're accused of being tied to the Illuminati. All a celebrity has to do is stand near a triangle or associate themselves with something that vaguely resembles an eyeball and -- bam! Another Illuminati member is born. The seemingly never ending list includes but is certainly not limited to: Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, Jay-Z and family, Katy Perry, Will Smith and family, Lady Gaga, Celine Dion, Angelina Jolie and Christina Aguilera just to name a few. These celebs have all apparently included some Illuminati reference in their album artwork or on stage during a concert. Different accusations fall upon the likes of Britney Spears and Amanda Bynes who have allegedly undergone Illuminati mind control processing. And then there's Fetty Wap who is said to have traded his eye for his fame. Now that's just plain mean.


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