15 Celeb Moms Who Are Hotter Than Their Daughters

No matter who the flavor of the week is, the hottest celebrities always seem to have their brief moment in the spotlight before fading and becoming forgotten. Some of the hottest and sexiest celebrities of our time have been called "timeless" and "classic" beauties, but we all know that they're just living their fifteen minutes of fame before some TMZ paparazzo catches them walking outside in the wee hours of the morning, sweatpants on and makeup off, and we all cringe at remembering they are just as fallible and vulnerable as we are. Just like that, we've forgotten who they are and why we ever thought they were attractive. We dub someone new to be the sexiest woman of the year and move on to celebrating their looks before they're condemned for their physical flaws.

However there are some women that have seemed to defy the aging effects of time. Maybe it's good genetics; maybe it's plastic surgery; or maybe it's Maybelline. However they've managed to keep themselves looking so mighty fine, it's definitely worked in their favor. Some, in fact, have defied what women everywhere are told to believe is impossible- looking finer than their own daughters.

Every good mom wants their daughter to grow up to be a beautiful, intelligent, coveted young woman. However, some kids just don't make the cut because the mom's set the bar too high. Let's check out some MILFs that'll have you lusting after someone twice (or more) your age. Here are fifteen celebrity moms who are hotter than their daughters.

15 Olivia Newton John

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Olivia was best known for her famous moments in the movie-musical Grease, her lead in the other (much more terrible) movie-musical Xanadu, and her brief and odd musical career with songs like "Physical." Her career was a bit lackluster, sure, but she was undoubtedly gorgeous in her prime. After she stepped away from the Hollywood limelight, you likely assumed she settled down with her wholesome family and let herself go, but you'd be wrong! She has a lovely daughter who has followed in her footsteps and taken up a career as an actress and singer, Chloe Lattanzi, who is very gorgeous but just can't meet her mom's standard of beauty. Even today, Olivia is stunning as ever. She's maintained a great fitness regimen that's kept her body in tip-top shape through all these years. Perhaps living in her mother's shadow all these years is what's limited her lackluster career into fame.

14 Cindy Crawford

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One of the most popular models of the 1980s and 1990s, Cindy Crawford always could rock denim, neon colors, and various odd accessories. Even if you know nothing about the modeling industry, you're sure to recognize Cindy from her iconic mole above the left side of her sexy smile. She was one of the greatest models of the 20th century, one of the first women dubbed as a "supermodel," and was the highest paid model of 1995. She redefined the modeling industry before making parenting her priority, once she had her lovely daughter, Kaia, back in 2001. Kaia is still very young, a mere fifteen years old, but is already being noticed by talent representatives, paparazzi, and Hollywood as a blossoming modeling talent to be reckoned with. Even through all that attention, though, Mama Cindy still prevails as the hottest in the family. With minimal makeup and lightly touched up hair, Cindy Crawford is still a total babe.

13 Tish Cyrus

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Tish never did much to earn her own fame, but she's always been very good at living off the celebrity of her family members. After marrying iconic country singer Billy Ray Cyrus, she gave birth to their daughter Miley, who is of course the iconic child star turned scandalous pop singer we're all overwhelmingly familiar with (put your tongue away, Miley, we're trying to take a decent picture). Miley is very pretty, it's hard to argue with that. Even if you're not a fan of her risqué dance moves, edgy fashion choices, or typical pop music, you've got to admit that Miley has some gorgeous eyes, luscious full lips, and a great frame to put it all on. Did you think Miley got all those sexy looks from her dad? Hell no! She got it from her mama! Looking at Tish today, it's clear just why Billy Ray fell for Tish and where the good looks of the family came from.

12 Beverly Johnson

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The famous model Beverly Johnson, known best for her iconic work as the first African-American woman on the cover of American Vogue Magazine back in 1974, has always been gorgeous. She was so well renowned that she even got her own television reality series, Beverly's Full House, and her widely popular hair product line. Beverly hasn't ever really stepped away from her career to focus on raising her family or fix her attention on her personal life, but anyone that's followed her career knows about her daughter, Anansa Sims. The gorgeous model has quite a lucrative career and is one of the most highly renowned plus-sized model in the United States- but she'll never quite reach her mom's level of success or beauty. With one kid already and another on the way, Anansa never prioritized her career and looks over her personal happiness or life goals- she'll never keep up with her hot mom with that attitude.

11 Lisa Bonet

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Lisa Bonet is most famous for her time acting on The Cosby Show as the young daughter, Denise Huxtable. However, Lisa is still acting to this day on shows like Ray Donovan, Girls, New Girl, and The Red Road. If Lisa has already made her fortune and could retire from showbiz, why hasn't she? Primarily because she's still gorgeous, amazingly talented, and any producers would be lucky to cast her. Lisa has, of course, made time for a personal life and has a beautiful daughter with singer Lenny Kravitz named Zoe- and she is jaw-dropping gorgeous. She's got Lenny's stunning bone structure with her mother's beautiful lips and eyes, and they've helped her establish a great career as a singer, actress, and model. Yet, when you get the two together, it's clear that Zoe's mom is using her maturity to her advantage and has a sex appeal light years ahead of her daughter's.

10 Madonna

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We know, we know- you're probably rolling your eyes and thinking "really? Madonna? Hasn't she passed her prime yet?" Alright, you've got us there. Madonna is certainly past her prime. If you check out pictures of her from her younger days, there is absolutely no argument that Madonna has peaked and is on the sex-appeal-decline. But be honest: Madonna is still TOTALLY hot! Some of it's the stellar makeup artists and that expensive plastic surgery sure didn't hurt either, but Madonna's also just a damn attractive woman. She's this hot and she's fifty eight years old! Her daughter Lourdes Leon, on the other hand, doesn't seem to have all of her mom's best genes. The star power of her name has allowed her some fame in movie and TV cameos, but she has never (and will never) achieve the level of hotness or fame that her mother has accrued over the years.

9 Kim Basinger

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Remember Kim Basinger? She was an actress that started her career back in the 70s before turning towards modeling. Her most memorable roles were Vicki Vale in the iconic Tim Burton Batman movie and Lynn Bracken in L.A. Confidential, but you're certain to recognize some of her famous modeling work even if you aren't familiar with her acting career. In the prime of her career, she married famous actor and (then) super-sex icon Alec Baldwin and the two had a beautiful daughter together named Ireland. If you're looking at the picture of these two standing side by side and thinking, "well, they're both hot... they could be sisters," let us put this in perspective for you. Ireland is a twenty one year old model, likely at the peak of her modeling career and sex appeal. Kim, on the other hand, is sixty three. Like, damn. Kim is practically the definition of a MILF.

8 Goldie Hawn

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We promise you remember Goldie Hawn's career, even if you've forgotten her name long ago. Goldie was best known for her acting career in the 1980s, when she headlined movies like Overboard, The First Wives Club, Death Becomes Her, and Private Benjamin. While she was famous for her comedies, she was known second best for her stunning looks. She slowed her career down a lot when she gave birth to her delightful and gorgeous daughter, Kate Hudson (you didn't think Kate got famous on her own merit, did you? Hell no! She was a starlet's daughter!). Kate is, of course, a gorgeous actress and businesswoman, best known for her JustFab clothes line and acting in movies like How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days and Almost Famous- but she's still no match for her mama! Goldie has kept it tight and toned all these years and parenting hasn't kept her from staying sexy.

7 Nicole Murphy

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Former wife of comedian and actor Eddie Murphy is the woman front and center in this sexy beach pic, sporting the voluptuous white top with tight black bottoms. There's no question about it, Nicole Murphy has kept fitness and vitality priorities over the years even after all the ardor and work required in raising beautiful daughters. Her stunning daughter Bria is the delicious piece of eye candy on the left, and she's done her fair share of modeling and acting in movies like Conflict of Interest and Amateur Night. Bria is sexy as all get out, there's no denying that- but if you were to happen upon these two while spending a day at the beach, we know who's going to draw your eyes first. Nicole has put in work on her body and it shows. She also has the confidence and swagger of a supermodel! Eddie sure missed out by letting this one slip away.

6 Demi Moore

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Demi Moore has done a good job of staying relevant as her career has transitioned away from primarily acting, as it was back in the 1990s with movies like Ghost, A Few Good Men, and G.I. Jane. These days, Demi Moore spends her time more prudently by being selective about the roles she takes and only working on a few good projects every year. Why did she choose to rein herself in? Well, parenting requires a lot of time, care, and attention! She had a daughter with hit actor Bruce Willis back in 1988 named Rumer Willis and she chose to split her attention between acting and parenting most of her career- talk about exhausting. Yet, through it all, Demi is still sexy enough to land some of the hottest actors today while Rumer got the worst part of her dad's genetics: his chin. Sorry Rumer, but mom's got you beat.

5 Heather Locklear

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Even if you were never interested in Heather Locklear's career, you were certain to know her name at the peak of her acting profession. She is most famous for her time on the hit series Melrose Place, where she played the stunning Amanda Woodward for six years. She still acts, though only intermittently as she turns her interests towards retirement and spending time with her family. Her little girl, Ava Sambora, has grown up to want to follow in her mom's footsteps- though she's been significantly less successful. Her claim to acting fame is in Judd Apatow's film starring Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann, This is 40, and her modeling fame comes from walking the runway for Richie Sambora (her father, if you were wondering how she got that job) and his clothes line, 'White Trash Beautiful' (every father's dream). There's really no question about it: Heather is way out of her daughter's league.

4 Jane Seymour

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This British-American actress, best known for her roles in Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman; Somewhere in Time; James Bond: Live and Let Die; and Wedding Crashers, is an absolute stunner. Jane Seymour has always been a drop-dead gorgeous diva, one that anyone is happy to see grace the big screen. She had a daughter with one of her many husbands, David Flynn, and together they named her Katherine. This lovely doll has grown up to be quite a stunner. She's thirty four and has certainly tried to stake her claim in show business as her mother did before her, but she never has and never will achieve the level of success and acclamation that her mother has. Look at Jane! She's sixty five and is still looking that fine! Who could dare to compete with that?! Poor Katherine will always live in her mother's sexy shadow, no matter what she does.

3 Vanessa Williams

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We're willing to bet that you recognize Vanessa Williams but can't exactly place where you know her from. Her most notable roles were in movies like Eraser and Shaft, as well as popular television series like Ugly Betty. Vanessa's still so coveted, she's a regular on the television series Daytime Divas. She's been a staple of the Hollywood community for a long time, mostly because she hasn't seemed to age a day over the course of her entire career! You know it's all natural, too, since her daughter Melanie Hervey is a looker too. You can see that good genetics run deep in this family, but you'll have to go back to the source to see just how hot Vanessa's daughters have the potential to be. Even with an age difference of twenty four years (Melanie is twenty nine and Vanessa is fifty three), these ladies look like they could be sexy sisters.

2 Evelyn Lozada

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Evelyn, on the right in the picture above, is best known for her time spent on the VH1 reality show, Basketball Wives, and she was known for being briefly married to Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver, Chad Ochocinco. She's had her own reality show as well, Livin' Lozada, to flaunt her elegant and diva-esque lifestyle as she bounces between man-candy and fiancees. She's got one staple of her life that she's dragged through all of it: her daughter, Shaniece, who is on the left in the picture above. Here's the thing: Shaniece is gorgeous, no doubt about it, but when she has to dress in scandalous and revealing outfits just to be able to compete with her mom it's obvious who's got the hotter bod. Seriously! Evelyn looks like she just threw something on and looks that stellar, while Shaniece looks like she spent hours to try to look comparably as hot as her mom.

1 Christie Brinkley

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Last and certainly not least is the one and only, Christie Brinkley. Christie is a model who ended her career years ago. She started modeling in the late 70s and was known as the pinnacle of sexiness throughout the 80s. She has been on over 500 magazine covers and was the face of CoverGirl makeup for a long time. Christie doesn't model anymore and keeps a pretty low profile, but you probably remember her from her cameos on Parks and Recreation as Gary Gergich's wife (which baffles every character on the show). She married a few times, most notably to famous singer Billy Joel, and has had three children total. The most beautiful of her children is certainly Sailor Lee Brinkley-Cook, who is pictured above. Sailor is gorgeous, there's no arguing that- but there's also no dispute in saying Christie is still a stone-cold fox that has her kids beat on the sexy-scale any day!


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