15 Celeb Lookalikes Who Are Actually More Attractive

People on the internet are obsessed with finding so-called “normal” people who look like celebrities. While the average person may never meet or know of another person that resembles them, celebrities are often presented with people that look just like them. The odds of a celebrity having a lookalike are much higher than any regular person.

These are just ordinary individuals who were thrust into the spotlight due to their uncanny similarities to some very famous folks. A lot of them have grown a huge online presence after all of the public attention they received. They get frequently stopped on the street by fans and their social media pages are filled with comments from people who recognize the resemblance. Some embrace the fact that they look like a celebrity, while others claim to have not even been aware until it was pointed out to them by the celebrity’s fans. Some have even dedicated their careers to being celebrity impersonators.

These doppelgängers look so much like the celebrity you will have to do a double take. In fact, they are arguably more attractive than the celebrities they have been claimed to look like. Some celebrities have even shown their lookalikes some love after their fans made them aware of their photos. Ariana Grande follows her doppelgänger on Instagram, Miley Cyrus wore a jacket on stage made by her lookalike, and Scarlett Johansson even took her clone from the past to a movie premiere with her. Here are 15 celebrity lookalikes that are actually more attractive.

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15 Selena Gomez

selena gomez celebrity look alike
via: instagram.com

This girl looks so much like the pop star Selena Gomez that even her fans were fooled! Sofia Solares' photos went viral on the internet once people began realizing the striking resemblance between the two. The 22-year-old from Mexico is a spitting image of the pop star with the same brunette locks, bold brows, and plump pout. They even have a similarly-shaped nose and dark brown eyes.

Solares even said that it would be her "dream" to have the singer comment on one of her photos. Selena’s fans have commented on Solares’ Instagram with things like “OMG is this Selena Gomez’s unofficial account?” and “WTF she’s Selena Gomez!” Sofia has said that she gets mistaken for Selena all the time out in public, which she does not mind because she is a huge fan.

14 Kate Upton

kate upton celebrity look alike
via: sportsillustrated.com/huffingtonpost.com

Kate Upton may have a secret sister in Russia that she is unaware of because this woman may just be her identical twin. Ania recognized the similarities between her and Upton and decided to replicate the supermodel's infamous Sports Illustrated photo shoot. Ania took a picture of herself wearing nothing but a fur-trimmed coat.

Kate even retweeted the photo of Ania's replication of her magazine cover saying, "Amazing!" Even the celebrity agreed that this woman was definitely her doppelgänger. Ania later told media reporters that after the magazine issue came out, she had realized that she had the same jacket hanging in her closet so she knew a replica of the photo "had to be done."

13 Ariana Grande

ariana grande look alike
via: instagram.com

Ariana Grande happens to have something in common with one of her fans — her looks. A 20-year-old named Jacky Melissa Vasquez has an undeniable resemblance to the pop star. The young woman is a waitress in Virginia who grew a whopping 237,000 followers on Instagram after people began recognizing the uncanny similarities between her and Ariana.

Grande is even one of Vasquez's followers. She has said that her own cousin thought that Jacky was her! Jacky regularly posts about how much she adores the pop singer. She does not mind that she gets stopped on the street by the superstar's fans who mistake her for Ariana. In fact, she even poses for photos with them. Vasquez has received some negativity from people but it is the internet, so that can be expected.

12 Angelina Jolie

angelina jolie look alike
via: instagram.com

Angelina Jolie's lookalike is actually a friend of Kylie Jenner. The 21-year-old model named Mara Teigen shares the same piercing eyes and plump lips as the infamous Hollywood actress. She is well-known for starring in Jenner's "Glosses" music video and frequently hangs around with her crew. Mara has close to 800,000 followers on Instagram and her followers are always quick to point out the fact that she resembles Jolie so much.

The model was first described as Angelina Jolie's doppelgänger by PopSugar. The model has even dated celebrities like the NHL player Evander Kane. She has been the face of Milani Cosmetics and Frankies Bikinis. Despite her impressive career thus far, people still continuously reference the resemblance between her and the 42-year-old mother of six.

11 Taylor Swift

taylor swift look alike
via: fashiongonerogue.com/instagram.com

Taylor Swift has a face that you would recognize anywhere. She is one of the most well-known singers in the music industry. What if people were constantly bombarding you on the streets, confusing you for one of the biggest pop stars in the world? Laura Cadman, a college student in England, experienced just that.

Although she is naturally tall, blonde, and thin, Laura does admit that she looks to Swift for inspiration when it comes to her hair and makeup. She has the same choppy bob and frequently wears Swift's signature red lip and winged eyeliner. Taylor Swift has one of the largest fan bases on the planet and her fans immediately flocked to Laura's Instagram account once the doppelgänger's image began to go viral online.

10 Emma Watson

emma watson look alike
via: playbuzz.com/instagram.com

Emma Watson's doppelgänger will definitely make you do a double take, especially when she is actually dressed up like the actress's infamous character, Hermione Granger. This mother from Indianapolis named Kari Lewis has the same light brown wavy hair, thick eyebrows, and almond-shaped eyes.

Emma and Kari could easily be mistaken for relatives. Kari only heard about Harry Potter and Emma Watson after people continuously pointed out to her that she looked exactly like the actress. Once she took a "dive into the Harry Potter universe," she immediately became a fan. Now, Lewis embraces the resemblance and frequently dresses up like the movie character. Kari even attended the Cincinnati Comic Expo this year and confused a few people who mistook her for Watson.

9 Scarlett Johansson

scarlett johansson look alike
via: betrendsetter.com/dailymail.co.uk

This woman looked practically identical to Scarlett Johansson when she was in her twenties. Geraldine Dodd is now in her seventies but the old photos garnered so much attention online after her granddaughter posted them to Reddit that even the actress caught wind of the buzz. She was immediately bombarded by messages from people who recognized the obvious resemblance. Scarlett was also overwhelmed by the number of fans that were contacting her about this woman’s photos. Johansson actually invited Dodd to attend the premiere of her chick flick Rough Night with her in the spring of 2017.

The actress's invitation was posted on YouTube and got over 1.4 million views. The two wore matching sequin purses that looked like name tags at the event so that people would be able to "tell the difference" between them.

8 Aubrey Plaza

aubrey plaza look alike
via: suggest.com

This woman had clearly been told she looked like Parks and Recreation star Aubrey Plaza before taking this photo. The two women look close to identical. Plaza famously played the moody and sarcastic April Ludgate on the comical NBC series. This doppelgänger has everything down from the brunette shoulder-length hairstyle, to the pursed pout, to the side-eye roll. On the show, April had a notoriously dry sense of humor and loved to mess with her co-workers.

This woman has completely captured the look of utter disdain that Plaza had so exquisitely perfected on the show. Although Parks and Recreation finished airing on television in 2015, the show is still extremely popular and relevant. This woman undoubtedly gets noticed for her similar features to this day.

7 Britney Spears

britney spears look alike
via: bravotv.com/twitter.com

This woman looks so much like Britney Spears, she makes a living off of impersonating the "Hit Me Baby One More Time" pop star. Back in 2014, Spears held a lookalike competition in Las Vegas on Halloween and of course, this professional impersonator took the prize. Michaela Weeks got into the impersonation business as a young teenager and eventually began getting noticed when she appeared on a reality show featuring celebrity lookalikes.

She got a lot more public attention after she won the contest in Vegas. Britney tweeted out a picture of the two and her fans lost their minds over how similar they looked. Michaela now has her own Britney tribute act that features "live vocals and intense dance routines” inspired by the singer.

6 Chloe Grace Moretz

chloe grace moretz look alike
via: facebook.com/summitentertainment.com

This young woman from the Philippines was first recognized after a customer took a photo of her at the fast food restaurant where she worked at, pointing out that she looked like the American actress Chloe Grace Moretz. The photo went completely viral and the actress' fans made a point of letting her know that this person existed. Edcell Ched was overwhelmed with the response she got online.

Chloe commented on the photos on Twitter saying, "WHOAAA we do look very like." The Twitter picture got over 40,000 likes, 3,000 retweets, and 6,000 comments in just a short amount of time. A few months after the photo was shared online, Ched was surprised by Asia's Next Top Model finalist Katarina Rodriguez who gave her a makeover and did a photoshoot with her.

5 Megan Fox

megan fox look alike
via: instagram.com

Megan Fox is arguably one of the most beautiful women in the world. However, her doppelgänger may give her a run for her money. The 31-year-old actress has an almost identical lookalike named Claudia Alende. Claudia is a model and strikingly gorgeous but her 10 million Instagram followers could not help but notice that she looked an awful lot like Fox.

In almost all of her photo comments, someone mentions the fact that she could easily pass for Megan's twin sister. The women have the same dark hair, porcelain skin, and structured eyebrows. One noticeable difference is that Claudia definitely has a much curvier body than Fox. Alende’s fans are quick to comment on her ample assets, while Megan is known for her thinner frame.

4 Adele

adele celebrity look alike
via: adele.com/instagram.com

Ellinor Hellborg, a 23-year-old from Sweden, swore that she had no idea she resembled Adele until a bunch of the pop star's fans contacted her on social media. Hellborg bears an uncanny resemblance to the British singer. The two wear the same perfectly-lined, winged eyeliner, have similar facial features, and sport identical hairstyles.

In the photos of the two, it is actually hard to tell the difference between them! Ellinor has amassed over 20,000 followers on Instagram thanks to Adele's fans. Being recognized on the street as the singer used to be an occasional occurrence but it has quickly turned into a regular event for the young woman. She has said that she takes the comparison as a "compliment" and does not mind being stopped by people who think she is Adele.

3 Rihanna

rihanna look alike
via: pinterest.com/instagram.com

Rihanna's lookalike nearly broke the internet with how much attention she gained from her photos after fans of the "Love On The Brain" singer thrust her into the spotlight. Andele Lara is a 29-year-old model and beauty influencer who was first noticed by YouTube star and celebrity makeup artist, Patrick Starr.

Lara actually even did a makeup tutorial video with Starr using Rihanna's makeup products from her cosmetics line, Fenty Beauty. Andele got even more public attention after she did a photoshoot with the makeup artist, specifically trying to look like Rihanna. The young woman's Instagram followers are up to 137,000 and nearly every photo has a comment from someone pointing out the model's resemblance to Rhianna. She seems to be loving the attention she has been getting from the singer’s fans.

2 Miley Cyrus

miley cyrus look alike
via: pinterest.com/instagram.com

Miley Cyrus' doppelgänger looks so similar that her own father, Billy Ray Cyrus was amazed at the resemblance. Mardee Shackleford, a 23-year-old waitress from California has been bombarded by Cyrus' fans in the past who have mistaken her for the pop star. In fact, Shackleford has even had to be protected by security at nightclubs by fans who have tried to mob her.

She also revealed that she frequently gets yelled at when she is sitting in traffic by kids that will yell out, "Miley!" However, Mardee enjoys being recognized as Miley and says that it is kind of like experiencing being a celebrity on a "small scale" and that it has "been really fun" for her. She has amassed more than 30,000 followers. Shackleford has even kept her hairstyles similar to Cyrus’, going from a short pixie to longer locks when the singer switched up her look.

1 Leonardo DiCaprio

leonardo dicaprio look alike
via: twitter.com/instagram.com

Leonardo DiCaprio is one of those actors who women fawn after. He was insanely popular in the nineties for films like Titanic, Romeo & Juliet, and What's Eating Gilbert Grape. So, it was not surprising when this celebrity's lookalike began getting a whole lot of attention from females. Konrad Annerud, a twenty-something-year-old from Sweden looks almost identical to what Leonardo DiCaprio looked like in his younger days.

The bartender became an instant online sensation as soon as people saw his photographs on Instagram. He now has over 200,000 followers and a fan base of his own all because of his shockingly similar appearance to the Hollywood star. Konrad has mentioned that people have yelled at him on the streets of Italy, crying out "Leo!" and begging for photos.

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