15 Celeb Kids That Will Be Messed Up In The Future

As kids, we all fantasize about growing up to become rich and famous. But for celebrity children, success is something they’re born with. So why do the majority of young Hollywood stars end up so messed up, especially when they are born with such privilege. Is bad parenting to blame? Or is the downfall of celebrity children simply an unavoidable result of growing up in the public eye? It’s become a Hollywood cliché that being raised in limelight is hazardous for one's mental and physical health. Just take the infamous Lindsay Lohan for example. We all saw that train wreck coming from a mile away.

Even if they've never starred in a movie or recorded an album, celebs' kids are in the spotlight constantly. We all watch them grow from tiny tots, to teens, to adults thanks to the media. But it's tough growing up in the limelight, that's a fact, and it's true whether you’re a star in your own right, or the child of a celebrity. With tabloids exhaustively reporting every possible detail of stars' lives, no mistake goes unnoticed, and that goes for celebrity children as well. For celeb kids, that kind of attention and pressure can prove to be disastrous even with the best of parents, which very few of them have. It seems as though celebrity children are often doomed to fail with reckless relationships, excessive partying, drug addiction, lavish spending, depression, self-image issues, and a lack of privacy being common symptoms of their upbringing. Their foot-in-mouth-moments all play out on a global stage to an audience ravenous for a scandal. Worse yet, foibles during their formative years stick like glue on these kids' reputations. I mean, can you imagine if every move you made during your teenage years had been plastered in the media for all the world to see?

The downfall of celebrity children is a tale as old as Hollywood. Whether it's thanks to poor parenting, or simply a by-product of growing up in the tabloids. Here is a list of 15 celeb kids that will be messed up in the future, cause let’s face it– these famous offspring don't stand a chance.

15 Kylie Jenner

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Kylie Jenner is the youngest of the Kardashian clan, and she's had no trouble making a name for herself at a very young age, thanks to growing up on the popular reality TV show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians. When she was 17, she bought her own house and starting dating the 25 year-old rapper, Tyga. Now at the age of 20, Jenner has developed her own makeup line, Kylie Cosmetics, and has a net worth of over $50 million dollars. But we know what tends to happen to celebrity children raised in the spot light with unlimited amounts of cash at their disposal, just take Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears for example. Like Lohan and Spears, Kylie hasn’t always had it easy, especially with her father’s recent public sexual transformation. Like her big sisters, Kylie cultivated a passion for risqué Instagram photos at an early age that would make a normal parent throw their teen's cell phone in the garbage disposal. She's also taken up cosmetic surgery as a hobby, beginning with lip injections, which she has said her parents did not approve of.  Most teens rebel by sneaking out of the house, but Kylie has resorted to surgery, partying, and has taken to the internet posting half naked photos of herself, as a way to get her parents' attention. Seeing as how she was not raised with any sense of normal reality, and her parents often encouraged her outlandish behavior on their reality show, it is likely that Kylie will have a flip-out later in life, similar to that of Spears and Lohan, despite the current success that she is experiencing now.

14 Suri Cruise

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Suri Cruise, daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, began her life in the spotlight starting with her famously silent and drug-free birth that was orchestrated by the Church of Scientology. With a radical Scientologist father, like Tom Cruise, expecting his daughter to become the next big face of the famous cult, I mean church, does anyone really believe that Suri will grow up to be normal? With any luck, her mom will help bring some level of balance and reason into the now 11 year-old's chaotic life in the public eye because the paparazzi seem to be more than Suri can handle. In 2013, at the tender age of 7, Suri reportedly used her outdoor voice to tell the press to "Stop it! Get out of the way!" as she tried to get into her vehicle.  Many articles have been written about what a “brat” this pre-teen has become, so we don't have the highest of hopes for this Scientology princess to become a humble humanitarian. It is likely that Suri will either turn into another teenage Hollywood horror story, full of rebellion with the arrest record to prove it, or the glowing face of Scientology. And to be honest, we aren't sure which is worse!

13 Ireland Baldwin

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After being lambasted by her own father in 2007, Ireland Baldwin had a rough go of things. The incident, where Alec Baldwin called his then 11 year-old daughter a "rude little pig" in the voicemail heard 'round the world, was the girl's first foray into the public spotlight. And what a way to make an entrance! Though Alec publicly apologized for speaking to his daughter in such a mind-blowingly hateful way, the ugly and embarrassing moment seemed to set the tone for the rest of Ireland's adolescence. According to People magazine, Ireland checked into rehab for "emotional trauma" in 2015, and Alec reportedly didn’t leave her side while she underwent treatment at the facility (which may or may not have been a good thing considering the circumstances). Ireland recently posted a snarky photo to her Instagram of the father and daughter pair reading a children's book together with the caption, "If I were a pig I would be Rude and Thoughtless of course." It's unclear if that was meant as a dig toward her dad or not, but regardless, the emotional trauma she experienced could have an impact on her self-esteem that lasts a lifetime.

12 Willow and Jaden Smith

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Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith's children, Jaden and Willow, are wise beyond their teenage years (or at least that's what they think). This sibling pair is often described as nuclear narcissists, just check out their Twitter bios if don’t believe us. Jaden's Twitter promises, “If You Want To See The Future Of Music, Photography and Film Making Look No Further” and Willow’s tweets are even more pretentious and humorless than her brother’s. “ANYTHING that I EVER do is geared towards the evolution and vibrational elevation of this planet through the inspiration of individuals,” reads one of Willow's posts. I'm sorry, how does her 2010 single “Whip My Hair” lead to “vibrational elevation” exactly? Many have dubbed Jaden and Willow as annoying, arrogant, or just plain crazy, but the kids seem unfazed. The siblings make music, movies, design clothes, and promote their squads— which is not all that unusual in Tinsel Town. But the Smith kids seem to think they're on to something revolutionary, and have dubbed their collective activities “theMSFTS republic.” According to the Complex, this republic is a "creative work force dedicated to supporting and waking up the population of planet earth, through attaining knowledge and personal growth. But even that puts it into a box. There has never been anything like MSFTSrep before, because there are very few collectives willing to sacrifice the safe, cliché, and popular for something entirely new which has never been seen before." We admire their enthusiasm and self-confidence, but a pinch of humility could serve them well too.

11 Saint and North West

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Okay, okay, so these two aren't exactly screwing up their lives just yet. They are far too young for that, but plenty of folks fear that their egomaniac parents will ruin their chance for a normal future before these kids hit the first grade, thanks to their love for excessive media attention. We need to consider that their dad is rapper Kanye West, the self-proclaimed greatest artist of all time, and their mom is Kim Kardashian, the epitome of famous for being famous. These kids young lives have been saturated with social media, their baby wardrobes cost more than your average college education, and they spend so much time being carried from place to place that fans joke that their feet have never touched ground. We see this going one of two ways: either these kids will become the most self-absorbed tiny humans on the planet, or they'll rebel against their egocentric parents during their teenage years and opt to live off the grid whilst saving the planet. Option #1 seems far more likely!

10 Emma Roberts

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It would be hard enough if your father was a recognizable actor with a long list of famous movie credits under his belt, but imagine if your aunt was also the most famous actress of her time. That’s the issue for Emma Roberts, daughter of actor Eric Roberts, and niece to superstar, Julia Roberts. All in all, it’s turned out pretty well for Emma, who has built a respectable career for herself as one of Hollywood’s most successful rising young stars. Just look out for her temper cause she reportedly has quite the anger management problem! In 2013, Emma was arrested for domestic violence. She and then-boyfriend, Evan Peters, had gotten into a loud fight in their hotel room in Montreal. Someone called the cops and when officers arrived, Peters had a bloody nose. Roberts was arrested for domestic assault, but Peters refused to press charges, so nothing came of the incident. Considering some of the other celebrity kids on this list, it appears as though Emma may be pretty normal after all. Just don’t get on her bad side cause we hear she has an impressive right hook.

9 Paris Jackson

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The teenage daughter of the late Michael Jackson has plenty of pressure on her shoulders, and unfortunately, it's showing. 19 year-old Paris Jackson has reportedly spent time in treatment facilities for substance abuse and a suicide attempt. In February 2016, she unleashed the following post on Instagram: "The expectations for my DAD were f***ing ridiculous. He didn't owe you anything, yet he was ripped to shreds DAILY. I will not let that happen to me." After turning 18 in 2016, Paris began revamping her look, commissioning tattoos, and spending more time with her older boyfriend, Michael Snoddy, a drummer who's recently come under fire for his white power ink and clothing. The match has invited more controversy into her life, but Snoddy and Paris, who reportedly met at an AA meeting, have been weathering the spotlight together. Considering the circumstances of her famous father’s untimely end, it is no surprise that Paris has developed deep emotional issues concerning the media as she crosses over into womanhood. One can only hope that she continues on the path of sobriety, and gets the help she needs before the life of this celebrity child implodes in the same very public manner that her father's did.

8 Noah Cyrus

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Miley Cyrus' little sister, Noah Cyrus, started her teen years off with a bang— literally, just like her rebellious sister did. In 2013, TMZ reported that Noah was photographed by paparazzi driving her father's car at the unlicensed age of 13. Dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, was in the vehicle at the time, which just demonstrates more excellent parenting from the Cyrus clan. Though Noah's joy ride was illegal, no charges could be levied against her because the police didn't witness her crime. But in 2015, TMZ reported again that the now legal driver, Noah, rear-ended another vehicle while texting and driving in Los Angeles. To make matters worse, mom, Tish Cyrus, was apparently in the car with her distracted daughter behind the wheel. In 2016, Noah turned 16 and underwent a major makeover. She now spends much of her time palling around with socialites Kendall and Kylie Jenner.  Sure, big sis Miley has enjoyed her high-profile moments of rebellion, but it looks like Noah may be starting at an earlier age, as this threesome is known to hit the Hollywood club scene on a regular basis. Hopefully she gets her partying under control before we meet this young Cyrus in rehab in the very near future.

7 Bella Hadid

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As the baby sister of supermodel Gigi Hadid, and the daughter of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Yolanda Foster, up-and-coming model, Bella Hadid has the Hollywood pedigree. Unfortunately, she is also repeating the same mistakes of many a celebrity teens who have been caught drinking underage and driving. In 2014, a 17 year-old Bella was driving on the Pacific Coast Highway when she allegedly ran a stop sign and nearly crashed into a Los Angeles County Sheriff's patrol car, according to the Daily Mail. Bella failed a breathalyzer test and was also driving on a suspended license, reported TMZ, which is a very un-cool way to start off your teen years in the spotlight. Fortunately for fellow drivers, as Bella's fame continues to climb she appears to spend far less time driving herself anywhere and far more time Snapchatting risqué photos of herself, while being chauffeured from party to party. It doesn't seem like this star's partying days are behind her, but at least from what we can tell, her driving days seem to be.

6 Indio Downey

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They say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, and like his famous father, Robert Downey Jr., son Indio Downey has struggled with drugs for years. According to TMZ, a 20 year-old Indio was arrested in June 2014, for cocaine possession. After his son's arrest, the elder Downey told TMZ, "Unfortunately there's a genetic component to addiction and Indio has likely inherited it. Also, there is a lot of family support and understanding, and we're all determined to rally behind him and help him become the man he's capable of being." The following month, TMZ reported that Indio entered an in-patient rehab facility after being charged with felony drug possession. The judge told Indio his conviction would be "wiped clean" if he maintained 18 months of sobriety and continued to receive addiction counselling and treatment. In March 2016, Indio's case was dismissed and he released the following statement: "I would like to say I am truly grateful for the experience I had over the last 20 months in recovery," he told the judge. "I'm so blessed to have my life back. I hope to be an inspiration to work with others in the future."

5 Lourdes Leon

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It's not a stretch to surmise that one of Madonna's children could become a material girl. So we weren't too surprised to learn that Lourdes Leon is reportedly not too popular with her peers. In 2011, high school classmates allegedly told In Touch Weekly that Madonna's daughter demanded everyone call her "Lola, not Lourdes" and said she "makes no secret that she gets and deserves special treatment." Lola may even deem herself above other young celeb spawn. In 2015, Radar Online said she snubbed friendly advances from fellow teen Kylie Jenner. "She couldn't believe Kylie thought she'd be receptive to a party invite and has completely ignored her— as far as Lourdes is concerned, she's not going to lower herself to even responding." At age 19, Radar Online reported that Leon was struggling again. A day after she was reportedly photographed crying hysterically on the streets of New York City, the little lady flipped out on a gaggle of bystanders, which, of course, was also photographed for the world to see. Public meltdowns, high-profile snubs, and diva demands: this doesn't bode well for Leon. It appears that she has inherited her mother’s diva status without with talent or chops to back it up.

4 Tallulah Willis

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Tallulah Willis, daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, checked herself into a rehab for an eating disorder and substance abuse problems in July 2014, at the age of 20. Mom, Demi, reportedly endured her own bout in rehab in 2012, and according to People magazine, that experience was difficult for Tallulah. A source told the magazine, "When Demi was hospitalized, Tallulah didn't show up to school for days because she was too embarrassed. She was very open about Demi's issues and would sort of imply, 'Of course I have issues too, look at my mom.'" After completing treatment, Tallulah got candid with Teen Vogue about her "crippling insecurities" and what led her to seek help. "I recall very specifically: I was in a New York hotel room when I was 13, looking at a photo of myself online," she said. "I broke down in tears as I started to read the comments. I thought, 'I am a hideous, disgusting-looking person. I might be nice and I might be kind, but I'm a really unattractive human being.' In that moment, a switch flipped. It wasn't about the anonymous cyberbullies—I became my own worst critic." This just goes to show how damaging growing up in the spotlight can be for celebrity children.

3 Chester Hanks

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Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson's son, Chester Hanks, has been a hot mess for years. He got into a raging Twitter feud with a so-called rapper for using "rapper slang" without the street cred to back it up. Then he duked it out with Howard Stern after the loud mouthed DJ mocked him in a radio segment. Chester called Stern out by tweeting, "I AM A WALKING PR DISASTER AND I COULD LITERALLY GIVE A F**K LESS!!!!!!" Stern responded, "[Tom Hanks] must be so annoyed. Where'd [Chet] grow up, Beverly Hills? What a f**kin' d**che." Chester boiled over, threatening violence against Stern in the following tweet, "Do you have any idea how badly I am going to assault you when I see you? One day, maybe tomorrow, maybe 10 years from now, I am going to see you in person, and I am going to hurt you." Chester also reportedly shared a photo of himself holding handguns shortly after tweeting the post. In 2015, he continued to spout off at the mouth, dropping the n-bomb seemingly everywhere he went. Later that year, London police went looking for him after he allegedly trashed a hotel room. Some positive news finally emerged in 2016, when Chester reportedly found God, rehab, and manners. "I've been in rehab. I've been trying to get my s**t together and I'm doing pretty damn good," he said through a series of Instagram videos. We will see how long this new found reform of Chester’s will last because as see all too often, when it comes to the children of celebrities, sobriety rarely sticks.

2 Stephanie Bongiovi

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In 2012, the daughter of legendary rocker, Jon Bon Jovi, was arrested after reportedly overdosing on heroin at her college in New York. According to TMZ, Stephanie Bongiovi was found unresponsive, but alive in her room. She called her "Livin' on a Prayer" father at 2 a.m. from the hospital after regaining consciousness. "It was my worst moment as a father," he told the Mirror. "I wasn't aware of [the drug use], not because I'm not home but because it is a different world. Our world is far more relatable to our parents' world than the kids' world. There's many more pressures on kids—what is this college degree going to do for me, what am I going to be when I grow up, will I be able to accomplish things?" He added, "I thank God every day because she is whole. It happened and it has gone. I know personally people whose sons and daughters, where it was a lot, lot worse. That could have been Stephanie." It appears as though the pressures of having a famous father got to Stephanie, but hopefully she won't be "livin' on a prayer" in the future.

1 Cameron Douglas

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The eldest son of actor, Michael Douglas, is no stranger to run-ins with the law. In 2010, Cameron Douglas pled guilty to dealing large amounts of methamphetamine and cocaine. The former celebrity child admitted to distributing the drugs out of a New York hotel room, a charge that carries a minimum ten-year prison term. He also admitted to possession of heroin, a charge that resulted from his girlfriend allegedly smuggling the narcotic to him in a toothbrush, while he was under house arrest on the initial drug charge. In 2016, Cameron, was released from prison early, after serving almost seven years of his sentence. Michael Douglas has frequently discussed his son’s incarceration and his frustration at the justice system for how the case was handled. "I have gone from being a very disappointed but loving father, who felt his son got what was due him, to realizing that Lady Justice's blindfold is really slipping," the actor told New York magazine in 2013. "I'm not defending Cameron as a drug dealer or drug addict, but I believe, because of his last name, he's been [made] an example of." In 2017, Cameron violated his terms of parole when he tested positive for marijuana during a routine drug test. The probation officers were sympathetic to Douglas, telling the judge that, “relapse is part of the recovery process.” They recommended he get a second chance to prove that he can stay sober. This may be his final chance to get his life together because if Cameron is caught using again, he could be facing hard time, despite his famous family ties.

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