15 Celeb Instagram Pics We Can't Unsee

It's no secret, living in the age of social media places pressure on all of us to keep up appearances. Even for non-celebrities, many of us feel obligated to post to a variety of pages on the very regular basis. Moreover, when dealing with a famous celebrity, this pressure is far more fierce. Indeed, while the average person has the luxury of having their Instagram fails (as well as most of their other pictures) all but ignored, for celebrities, one false picture can land you in the tabloids for months to come. Furthermore, given that many of these personalities are paid based on traffic and attention, finding ways to get people talking about your Instagram page is vital.

Nevertheless, bad celebrity IG photos exist and persist. No matter who the celebrity may be, there have likely been at least a few embarrassing tags attached to their IG names and for some of them, quite a few. Personally, while I have no vested interest in what anyone posts on their public (or even private) social media pages, I do believe that some of these celebrities are bereft of a skilled social media team and thus, and virtually clueless with regards to what is and isn't considered good social media content. Moreover, given that many people earn a  living on this site alone, I suppose there is technically no way to give anyone bad promo. Either way, in the interest of, once again, spreading my useless opinions like gospel, the following is a closer look at 15 celeb Instagram pics we all wanted to see the least.

15 Zorro Kardashian

OK, so we all know tanning is a trend that tends to be more or less prominent depending on where you live. In the case of Hollywood, being tan is almost mandatory as the lack of one often causes people to be ridiculed into oblivion...or, at least, the nearest tanning booth. Either way, there is a stark difference between tanning and charring. While her fans certainly appreciate Kim's 'candid camera' approach to life, I'm fairly certain most grimaced at the sight of this photo. Seriously, this picture is painful to look at. If you've ever experienced any type of massive skin irritation, you are well aware of how painful this must've been. Stick to the boyfriends and belfies, Kim. Nobody wants to see this.

14 Geraldo Suave

So, I've had the same visions of sugar daddies dancing in my head as the average lady millennial but our expectations very rarely line up with reality. This is made painfully evident by the "sexy" selfie posted by none other than, well known journalist, Geraldo Rivera. He was basically standing there with a towel (barely) covering his junk. We've cropped that part out to help preserve your sanity.

Now, on the one hand, he does look great for his age and if he had been doing his show shirtless, I doubt it would have ever gotten canceled. On the flip side, call it ageism if you'd like, but I can't help but remember rubbing the tears from my eyes struggling to stay awake to find out about Al Capone's vault. Seriously, this is like finding out your grandfather is secretly a hottie. You laugh for a second but, overall, it's a detail you could have easily died without knowing.

13 Fugly Lena

OK, so I'm as big of Lena Dunham as the next new age woman, however, what was she thinking with this photo? I know, in recent months/years, there has been a push towards getting rid of the falseness and Photoshop and once again embrace people as they are. Nevertheless, I am still no fan of the purposely ugly selfie. I mean, it would be one thing if this was the best she could do or there was some super deep point behind the photo but, in my opinion, this is akin to posting a super Photoshopped picture and waiting to hear how pretty you are. I'm also assuming it backfired. She just looks drunk. Nothing innately revolutionary about that. Lena is certainly a very pretty lady but nobody is pretty from every angle. Just sayin'.

12 Cara Delevingne's Franks and Beans

No matter how you feel about well-known model, Cara Delevingne, you have to admit, at times, she is known to be quite weird. In addition to her many other interests, she has repeatedly expressed her affinity for both bacon and baked beans. Nevertheless, no one seemed quite prepared when she took to the pages of Instagram to show her fans just how deep her love for baked beans goes. In a super disturbing (though mildly cute) display, Cara posted the ultimate homage to her beloved baked beans. Rather than simply posting a picture of the beans themselves, Cara opted to post a picture of herself in what appears to be a huge tug of baked beans. I'm sure the likes of Fat Bastard would've been all but smitten. However, from a personal standpoint, I shuddered a bit when I saw the picture. I'm truly not a fan of baked beans...

11 Fugly Brooklyn

So, who doesn't love to see their model looking a little less than gorgeous every now and then? Well, myself for one, and quite a few others, I'm sure. To be clear, I am a huge fan of pictures that capture the 'human' side of these so-called super-models. However, there is an enormous difference between being candid and just doing things for attention. For instance, in this picture, Brooklyn is supposedly counting her chins. Seriously? As a person who just lost a bit of weight and certainly cannot fit into a size 2 (not that there is anything wrong with that) if you have to do facial yoga in order to make your fleet of chins appear, you don't have a fleet of chins. Leave the chubby girl antics to us chubby girls, thanks.

10 Ratchet Madge

On the flip side, although she's still a national treasure, for many, her name will always be synonymous with trashy. Now, I'm not saying there is anything innately wrong or trashy about wearing gold grills. Quite the contrary. However, it should be a relatively well-known fact that these are an urban invention and have been worn, almost exclusively, by those connected to the hip-hop community. If you take a long, hard look at Madonna's career, you'll see that besides the use of the N-word to her mixed child, or the awkward, cringe-worthy, Drake face rape incident, Madonna has never spent much time with the hip-hop community. However, it is highly likely that she is trying to pull a Miley and use hip-hop culture as a means of re-branding her dated image. However, rather than looking cool and hip, this looks like a promo for the next season of American Horror Story. Nobody wants to see that, Madge. Stick to the rivers and the lakes that you're used to...

9 Ex-Wife, Lindsay Lohan

While most young girls were watching Mean Girls, learning that women should always choose being sexy over scary, apparently Lindsay didn't get the memo and in this scene, she's once again playing the 'ex-wife'. Which is why this ghastly photo was posted to her Instagram account a few years ago. I'm assuming this isn't a nod to the whole "vamp life" culture that was so big years ago, since others appear to have on costumes in the photo, nevertheless, put down the phone and get back to filming (or the seance you're in the middle of) because nobody wants to see this. The worst part, look at the back of her phone! Seriously, did she have some extra fake blood on her hands or did she truly just crawl out of the depths of hell? I don't know and frankly, at this point, I don't want to know...

8 TYRAnnosaurus Rex

On the flip side, this model defies an introduction. The lady who literally made the term "America's Next Top Model" a household name, not only has Tyra been a highly successful supermodel for decades. Moreover, her skills are so sought after that she was able to create an entire empire in which she has helped to make dozens of models household names over the years. However, this picture is an epic fail. Yes, we all know models like to have fun and no, nobody is saying that you can't post goofy pictures on your IG page. However, on the whole, you know why we're here. A few of us rolled our eyes, some chuckled, but in general, nobody wanted to see this picture, Tyra. Just stick to serving us face and lookin' pretty...

7 Throwback Kylie

No need to adjust your smartphones, folks. This is what Kylie Jenner used to look like. However, this is not a dig at her natural looks at all. Rather, just some candid confusion with regards to why this photo was posted by the starlet and remains on her IG page. Let's ignore the terrible winged eyeliner and awesomely bad eighties-esque hair, the bottom line is, this doesn't look anything like the Kylie most have grown to know and love. And while I certainly respect every woman's right to alter or augment an area of their bodies, I just wonder what message this is sending to her millions of young female impressionable fans. It is certainly not one of embracing the skin you're in...just sayin'.

6 Amanda Bynes...Is that You?

Next, while I've never been one to kick a person while there down, luckily, this picture is from years ago and Amanda is doing much better these days. However, as many of us recall, there was a time in which the antics of Barnes were essentially a daily train-wreck most were just tuning into as they awaited the inevitable crash. The breakdown began around 2010, as Barnes proceeded to post a variety of random, erratic, and often scandalous posts on her various social media pages.  During this time, she was also arrested for criminal possession of marijuana, reckless endangerment, and tampering with evidence. Moreover, she continued down this road and racks up a whole gang of charges all while tweeting mostly nonsensical (yet relatively entertaining) tweets, that more or less, served as a map of her mental breakdown. Either way, where was her PR team during this time? Someone should have deleted her pages way before she had a chance to post this selfie...

5 Fugly Chrissy

Although we all love her care-free spirit and gorgeous good looks, there is always such a thing as taking it too far. Sure, we want to know you're living your life and having fun but it is not necessary for you to upload pictures for us to witness every aspect of your personal journey. I'm not sure of the context of this picture and Frankly, I don't care. There's no such thing as being too gorgeous to make funny faces but Chrissy looks like a "legit" mental patient in this photo...not that there's anything wrong with that. Bottom line, I know she's trying to be funny but this picture may have lost her a few modelling jobs. Stick to the beauty shots and mildly funny faces, Chrissy...this one is a bit too much for my taste.

4 Katy Perry and Hillary (Before)

By performing a simple Google search, it should be clear that neither Hillary nor Katy are having the best year. On the one hand, Katy seems to be having a very public mental/ emotional breakdown. Although I'm no doctor, the cutting of the hair and the episode "The Therapist" alone (in which she mentioned her suicidal thoughts and wishing she could stop being 'Katy Perry'), are more than enough evidence of the fact that she is in need of serious help. On the flip side, in the aftermath of one of the biggest political upsets in recent history, I'm fairly certain Clinton has had a few breakdowns of her own. So, months later, after the dust has settled and we're all struggling to move on, the last thing we to see is a longer haired, wide-eyed Katy Perry (dressed in a most unfortunate patriotic-themed outfit I've ever seen) complete with matching red and white turban (the irony). And we certainly can't stand seeing happy hopeful Hillary. This is almost too sad for words...

3 Fugly Brooklyn (Yes, Again)

OK, I don't like to pick on anyone but seriously, is Brooklyn trying to be the queen of awesomely bad selfies or something? I'm not sure if 90's Kramer stunt double is the look she was going for but if so, mission accomplished. On a serious note, I'm not sure how I feel about pretty people going out of their way to take ugly photos. On the one hand, I guess it does show they have a light-hearted side and don't take themselves seriously. On the flip side, it's kind of just taunting those who are innately unfortunate looking in that it shows, when you are pretty and well-liked, there is truly no such thing as a bad picture. Either way, she looks a mess and I never want to see this picture again. I hope that wasn't too harsh...

2 Conan and Ricky Gervais

Although each of them is an infamous comedian in their own right, even comedy has its limits. Nevertheless, the world has been subjected to many ridiculous antics in the name of having a good laugh. For instance, this picture made its way onto social media in 2013 when Gervais posted about his curious bath time. After an appearance on Conan, in which he admitted to occasionally tweeting out unflattering photographs whilst in the bathtub, he decided to top himself and convinced Conan to hop in a tub (in studio) with him and talk a bath time selfie. What happened next is a permanent part of pop cultural history, and is also permanently ingrained in the brains of millions, whether we want it to be, or not.

1 Fugly Cameron

Last but certainly not least, Cameron Dallas is a gorgeous young model/social media heavyweight who posts tons of hot, sexy photos to his 20 million+ adoring IG fans. Of course, nobody has to look good 24 hours a day but I'm wondering what sort of exorcism he was involved in to end up looking this fugly. Surely, this was just an effort to get attention, I mean, the kid couldn't take a bad photo to save his life, either way, this photo is so terrible it's hard to believe it's even him. Nevertheless, it is and for those who enjoy looking at eye candy, this picture likely crushed your dreams. We don't want to see your struggle faces, Cameron. Just sit there and look pretty....

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