15 Celeb Instagram Pics No One Wanted To See

As the internet has grown in power, the celebrity factor has shifted with it. Over the years, many have become famous just for being Internet darlings, using Facebook, Instagram and twitter to the utmost to become stars in their own right. For actual celebrities, that’s a bigger deal, getting to connect with their fans and get their image out more. Many have used social media to the utmost, putting out huge posts to get attention and helping their brands. The Kardashians are tops there, genius using social media to keep themselves in the headlines and make sure fans pay attention to them. Some are more low-key and just post the occasional family photo while others seem to be unable to stay from putting out photos every hour.

Because of that, it’s quite easy to see several pictures that fans, quite frankly, do not want to see. Some stars just can’t help but overshare as showcased by the slews of young starlets who flaunt bodies nearly (or even fully) nude on beaches, saunas or their own homes. Other stars share from doctor’s appointments or off-time without makeup. And others just posts from strange places and putting up photos that should not be seen by the public. That they decide to share these are just astounding and shows how some stars may not get what is appropriate or not. Here are 15 such social media pics that no fans wanted to see and how much the stars don’t get limits in TMI.


15 Miley's Tongue

Miley Cyrus has never been shy about showing herself on Instagram. One famous bit had her sending photos from her dentist appointment with close-ups of her teeth. She’s also notable for putting out pics of herself in very revealing outfits and flaunting her tattoos. The former Hannah Montana has grown into a wild and sexy lady who enjoys flaunting herself big time even if some might not want to see so much. Of course, there is the tongue. Ever since she brought “Twerking” into the popular lexicon at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards, Cyrus has been obsessed with flashing her tongue constantly, often showing off a stud of some sort. While it was fun at first, it’s become more than a bit annoying to have to watch non-stop. How many times can you flash your tongue before it gets old? It has fast and showcased how Cyrus may be fun at times but also more than a bit annoying with much of her behavior and that tongue flaunted so much. Thankfully, she has toned it down lately because there’s too much tongue to overwhelm her act.

14 Sofia's Treatments


You’d think it’s impossible to have a photograph of Sofia Vergara looking anything but gorgeous. This proves that theory very, very wrong. The sultry Columbian native had been rising up in small roles in a variety of TV shows and movies. She got her big break playing Gloria in Modern Family with the show doing a lot of humor on her thick accent, bad English and how utterly stunning she looks. Vergara also shows off a lot in her accounts, including shots of her in skimpy bikinis and flaunting her curvaceous body. But this is one pic that shows her “beauty regiment” that goes a bit too far. The various makeup and masks may be needed to keep her looks great but in this case, makes Vergara look very unattractive and not as alluring as she could be. One would think the sultry lady is a knockout in any way yet this shows even she can have a bad shot now and then.

13 Kourtney's Fish Pedicure

The fish pedicure is gaining popularity in the U.S. Originally found in Asia, the idea is to get garra rufa fish and pour them into a tub. These fish feast upon the dead skin of a person’s feet, managing to nibble in the cracks between nails and toes most just can’t reach. You have to be careful as a few folks have suffered allergic reactions and even sickness due to the wrong type of fish used. But it’s still popular with several spas utilizing it. In an episode of their reality TV show, Kourtney and Kim Kardashian took part in it on a vacation with Kim shrieking over the fish rubbing over her bare feet. Kourtney seems to enjoy it a lot more and now using it a lot. That includes sharing this selfie of her feet covered in fish and nibbling away. There’s a lot about the Kardashians that falls under the heading of “TMI” and showing how you use fish to eat away your dead flesh is close to the top of the list.

12 Hillary's Terrified Son


This is a rather famous picture but for good reason. Hillary Duff rose up as a star with Lizzie McGuire and various movies, a perky blonde that got herself famous as a singer and actress. As she’s grown, she’s moved on to a variety of movies and TV shows and currently winning raves for the hit series Younger. She’s also shown herself as a good mother and carrying on after a rough divorce. But this pic may not be one for the family album, let alone shared online. Duff obviously loves her son, a bright smile as she lays a huge kiss on the kid. Her son, on the other hand, looks absolutely terrified, crying and scared as hell, almost pleading at the camera. That Duff would choose to send this out of the public is amazing and you have to feel for the kid having to be famous for looking horrified to be in the arms of his famous mother.

11 Brooklyn's Ear Search

Supermodels can often overshare a bit. Sure, watching a gorgeous woman in a bikini (or even less) is something, especially one as mega-hot as Brooklyn Decker. The Sports Illustrated and Victoria’s Secret model is amazing with her work and always great on the red carpet. She can even make her “downtime” of jeans and a sweatshirt look stunningly hot and a great style. Still, this is something fans are a bit thrown by. Ears are something often overlooked by Hollywood starlets to their embarrassment (see Evan Rachel Wood once photographed with what looked like orange gunk coming out of her ears). So you have to use a proper treatment in order to take care of them. Still, this is a bit much as Brooklyn’s assistant seems to be using a combination of that “wax vac” liquid and a q-tip and digging in to get out the wax. Yes, even Brooklyn can have a pic you don’t want to see and someone should tell her when to stop.

10 Bynes' Blonde Ambition


Ah, Amanda Bynes. Once a cute child actress on Nickelodeon, she rose up well with her terrific humor to get her own comedy show on the WB and movies like What A Girl Wants. She also blossomed into a very hot lady, showing off a great style with fun humor and it looked like she was going to become one of the new hot ladies of Hollywood. Then, almost overnight, it all came apart. DUI arrests, announcing retirement from acting, hospitalized, talk of drug use, ranting about her parents putting a microchip on her head and even seen homeless at the mall. Bynes’ life turned into an absolute joke even before her Twitter rampages and court appearances. So it’s no surprise that Bynes has made a few selfies that were best left unseen. This is one of the worst, her hair billowing out and a nutty expression that quite frankly makes her look like a crack addict. It’s sad to see this one great lady a total mess and desperate for attention no matter what.

9 Kim's Shade

Some folks can pull off summer well. Kim Kardashian does not appear to be one of those people. You’d think she could as the famous starlet is known for looking great in a bikini and her TV shows regularly feature her on some hot vacations. From taking part in spa rituals to multi-million dollar luxury resorts, Kim has enjoyed a lot of time in the sun. She’s also taken to oversharing on Twitter and Instagram big time, flaunting her often nude body off in a variety of hot outfits. But this is one pic Kim probably should have thought twice before sending out. Whether it was a long day at the beach or a tanning session, it’s obvious that Kim had her shades on a bit too tight. As such, her eyes are shown bright and way too clear, standing out big time and making it look like she’s got some sort of wild mask on. Kim may share a lot at times but this was a pic best left out of the sun.


8 Simpson's Mask


Jessica Simpson has had a rather up and down career. She started as a pop princess and rising well before her marriage to Nick Lachey. That led to the famous reality show that presented her as a total moron and a film career that fizzled fast after The Dukes of Hazzard. Simpson has also wrestled with her weight, fluctuating between fat and thin and some brushes with bad stuff. But she can still look hot when she tries and every now and then can wow folks in a great bikini. Yet this shot isn’t her best, wearing a mask that, quite frankly, makes her look like a burn victim. It’s meant to be a beauty regiment but making herself look worse doesn’t help her image with fans. Simpson is smarter than she seems and funny as well besides a hot blonde yet this pic should have been covered up majorly.

7 Dunham's Pill Pop

Lena Dunham is an…interesting person. The creator and star of Girls has shown almost no shame on her series from constantly flaunting off her nude body to ultra-frank talk on sexuality. That keeps up in real life as Dunham does massive talk with no filter on everything from her sex life to her dark past to other aspects like hygiene and tattoos. This is a woman who is selling off to charity her “tear-soaked” dress from Election Night 2016. So it’s no surprise that her social media feeds are packed with photos of serious over-sharing. This is one of them, Dunham (whose noted her various mental and emotional issues) showing off her pill regiment on her tongue. On the one hand, her being so open is what’s led to her great success in Hollywood. But it also shows how she goes beyond the limits as some stuff should definitely be kept inside.

6 Kaley's Throne


Even an amazingly beautiful and sexy woman can put out a bad pic now and then. Kaley Cuoco rose to fame as the ditzy daughter on 8 Simple Rules and then a witch on the last season of Charmed. Her biggest, of course, has been playing Penny on the long-running comedy smash The Big Bang Theory. Cuoco has been showing off her body in a variety of magazines and other bits and never shy about flaunting her amazing form off. She’s open on stuff like how she got tattoos for her marriage than had them changed when she got divorced. But this is one pic she probably should not have shared. Herself on the toilet with what looks to be an assistant working her hair over. Cuoco seemed to be putting it out as a joke about her supposed “diva” behavior and how she required herself to look great no matter where she was and probably still fully dressed. Still, this was one shot of Kayley her fans didn’t want to take in.

5 Madonna's Pits

Say what you will about Madonna but you have to give credit to a woman who can still get massive attention three decades after her breakout. True, there’s almost nothing else this woman can show off. She’s flaunted her nude body in everything from movies to a coffee table book to various red carpet outfits. She’s been outspoken, dated and slept with the most famous men in Hollywood, engaged in wild stuff constantly and her concerts are a spectacle few can touch. But the Material Girl still has a habit of massively oversharing details no one wanted to know about. This pic has to stand among the biggest as she openly flaunts her unshaven armpits. That she doesn’t shave too often is one thing but to just show them off like this in a wild top is something else. Madonna practically helped invent TMI as a term in the 1980s and isn’t slowing down decades later to show how her sex appeal is matched by a raunchy style.

4 Gaga's Lip Work


No one could accuse the former Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta of being a shy person. Since transforming herself into Lady Gaga, the singer is acclaimed for her amazing voice and writing as well as some of the flat-out most bizarre outfits ever seen. From meat dresses to stuff that appears to require a degree in structural engineering to pull off, Gaga has wowed fans constantly. But she can be just as daring in her “off-time” with various pics of herself in odd ways. A famous one has her with drawn eye and head cocked as if looking like an odd skeleton. There’s also a few showing off her various hygiene ways and dentist appointment. This shows a close-up of Gaga with her lip treatments, using a needle bottle to inject something in and give her lips a fuller look. As with most anything she does, you can’t take your eyes off it despite how wild it is and proves how genius Gaga can be with her style.

3 Lindsay Boredom

It’s hard to remember when Lindsay Lohan was known for her actual acting. It’s easy to forget how hot she was in Hollywood, rising up well with The Parent Trap, Freaky Friday and Mean Girls making her a major star. She was also an amazingly gorgeous woman with her nice chest and her career seemed set. Then came the drinking, the arrests, the tirades, talk of her ego and so much more to derail a once fine career. She’s had hard times, even going to jail and looked utterly horrible with her addictions. Today, she’s getting herself back on track but Lohan can still be criticized for making herself too much the star of things. With Twitter and Instagram, she shares a lot, a few she should not have. There was a famous pic of her topless with just hair covering her breasts and a few too many revealing outfits. This pic is just…bad. While nicely dressed, Lohan just looked bored out of her mind, no real flash or aura and not the best look for her by far. She’s getting her life together but this shows why Lohan lost the spark that made her famous in the first place.

2 Tyra's Big Head


The jokes come pretty easily. Even by supermodel standards, Tyra Banks has been known for something of an ego and massive need for the spotlight. It was there with her work rising up on various covers and standing out with her amazing beauty. Then came her long-time hosting America’s Next Top Model where she stole the show with her crazy antics, wild rants, acting like she had rabies (really) and other bits. She was also slammed for her ego with her talk show, putting herself into stories constantly and acting like being shamed for looking fat was a national tragedy. So you’d think she would avoid putting out a selfie with a little “warping” that made it look like her head was an alien’s. Her wide eyes look terrifying and the overall effect makes one of the most beautiful people around look ugly as hell. Banks may enjoy her time in the limelight but this wasn’t a smart pic to have released.

1 Chelsea's Mess

Chelsea Handler has made speaking what’s on her mind her career. It led to huge success with her stand-up comedy and then a long-running talk show on E where she regularly skewered celebrities. Now on Netflix, Handler showcases a foul mouth and a rough style as she takes on politics, gender and more along with social media posts often flaunting a nude body. But this pic is just…A mess. Trying to figure out the worst part is tough. Maybe how Handler just lounges in her office like it’s no big deal. How the place is a total mess showing off personal items strewn about all over. How it showcases strange food and drink items giving too much insight to Handler’s diet. And of course how Handler is wearing just a bra and panties and seems to not care too much. Even if it’s meant as a joke, this is taking “Casual Friday” way too far and how Chelsea can often be too much to handle.

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