15 Celeb Hook-Up Rumors We Wished Were True

Look through the tabloids, the gossip columns of various magazines, and now pretty much anywhere online, and you’ll find info, forums, and whole articles dedicated to celebs and what’s going on in their personal lives. People want to know what their favorite star’s up to, what they're doing and who they’re doing it with. Thankfully for those celeb-hungry individuals, there’s plenty of stuff out there dedicated to just that, people whose job it is to delve deeper into their lives and discover a load of juicy info. And then there’s the paparazzi – boy where would we be in today’s day and age without the paparazzi? Most celebs hate them – they can be intrusive, downright rude, don’t respect boundaries, and would do just about anything to get the perfect snap and scoop a story– but they’re still an essential part of today’s society, and without them, the celeb gossip columnists wouldn’t have much to write about.

Many celebs are quite open and frank about certain aspects of their personal lives, like who they’re dating, but if not, the paparazzi will certainly find out anyway. But there are some who do their best to keep their relationships under wraps. They really don’t want people knowing about who they have been doing the dirty with. But when they’re spotted together, it sparks rumors. That’s essentially what a lot of this whole celebrity culture craze is – it’s gossip and speculation, but people still lap it up, and people love nothing more than to gossip about which celeb’s hooking up with who.

There are always celeb hook-up stories, fact or fiction, the truth or just rumors. There might be some truth to some of these rumors, and we’d have loved it if that was the case, but others are just downright ridiculous. In any case, these are 15 celeb hook-up rumors that have surfaced over the years that we wished – for a whole variety of different reasons – were true.

15 Matthew Perry – Courtney Cox

Friends is perhaps the best sitcom to have ever hit our screens. It centres around three men and three women, and well, the idiosyncrasies of their friendships. During the hit series, there were many instances where the friends became more than friends. Ross had the hots for Rachel, Joey had the hots for Rachel, Monica and Chandler got together, Ross’ feelings for Rachel were eventually reciprocated – it was, if you think about it, very incestuous. With all of this happening onscreen, it’s inevitable that there were going to be rumors flying about offscreen as to whether the cast members were actually hooking up in real life. One rumor, a pretty big rumor at the time, and incidentally one that continued after the show had come to its conclusion, was that Monica and Chandler, Courteney Cox and Matthew Perry, were hooking up. Fans of the sitcom just loved these two and their relationship, and it’d just be awesome if they hooked up in real life. These rumors began gaining momentum again in 2015 when they were spotted having a cozy lunch together, but they have come out and said they’re not dating, they’re friends after all.

14 Cameron Diaz – Drew Barrymore

This is a rumor we wish was true for obvious reasons. They’re both two of the hottest actresses around,  and they sizzle onscreen – who can forget that iconic movie Charlie’s Angels where they shared a lot of screen time together? – and so the thought of them hooking up is one that many people would find incredibly titillating. There have actually been a lot of these rumors over the years, and not just because they’ve been co-stars. Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz are actually really close – besties you might call them. They’ve been there for each other over the years, and are frequently seen out and about together, and are always singing each other’s praises.

In case you didn’t know, Drew’s bisexual. That alone is enough to get a lot of people purring. It means that some of her girlfriends are likely to have been more than friends. Think about it for a sec, if you can control yourself! Cameron appears to be a bit of a wild girl. She’s out and about with her bestie one night, they have a few too many drinks, there’s some innocent flirting, and the next thing they know they’re waking up under the sheets together. Rumors of course, they’re just rumors, but the imagination’s a wonderful thing.

13 Kourtney Kardashian - Justin Bieber

These rumors have been around for years. Sources were saying that the reality TV star always had a boy toy she could call upon.

For those of you who don’t know about Keeping up with the Kardashian – have you been hiding under a rock for the past decade? – let me just tell you about the soap opera that panned out on the show between the eldest Kardashian sibling, Kourtney Kardashian, and Scott Disick. They have three kids together, were on and off for around nine years, were never married, and from an outsider looking in, it was just a really weird relationship. There were always rumors about Scott’s infidelity – Kim even hired a private investigator to tail him at one point! – but Kourtney hasn’t escaped from the rumors either.

One rumor about Kourtney’s dating life is that she’s been having regular hook-ups with Justin Bieber. The rumors started to surface when she was still with Scott, but gathered a lot of momentum when she was finished with him. Even today the two are frequently seen out and about together. Both are coy about the situation, but Justin has been overheard saying he feels “used” by the reality star. We’d love it to be true just because of the strangeness of it all. They just don’t seem compatible – she’s a doting mom, and he’s, well, a rowdy little adolescent - so if it’s discovered that there is truth to these rumors, it’d be some serious news in the celeb world.

12 Angie Harmon – Sasha Alexander

The series Rizzoli and Isles, featuring Angie Harmon and Sasha Alexander in the star roles, has amassed quite a sizeable lesbian and bisexual fanbase over the years. There have been quite a few touchy-feely, sensual moments between these two beautiful ladies of law enforcement – nothing major, just a few things here and there that’s enough to get ideas whirring in people’s head, and to get people thinking of the possibilities. There is definitely a mild lesbian subtext to the show, much to everyone’s delight.

Neither Angie or Sasha are gay or bisexual – not that we know of anyway – but you don’t have to be a genius to work out why the prospect of them getting together would get a lot of guys, and girls too, hot under the collar. They’re both stunningly attractive women, have an awesome onscreen chemistry, and because of that, rumors that they’ve had a hook-up offscreen have surfaced in the past.

11 Ric Flair – Halle Berry

Ric Flair’s known for getting around. He’s a legend in the wrestling industry, but is also well-known for being a lady’s man, and always having a beautiful woman on his arm. He had been with a lot of hotties over the years – just look at his current fiancé Wendy Barlow! Being the huge megastar that he is, and with it being common knowledge that he’s hooked up with a lot of women in the past, there’s always been rumors about him getting with this celeb and that celeb. One of those celebs he apparently hooked up with is Hollywood superstar Halle Berry.

Ric has actually come out and said that he’s hooked up with Halle. In a shock interview, he said: “She just got divorced from David Justice when I took her for a ride on Space Mountain” – an innuendo referring to some bedroom fun between the two – which apparently happened in the 1990s. But Halle has stringently refuted these claims. We’d love it to be true, simply because of the drama that would unfold if it came to light they did hook-up.

10 Taylor Swift – Ed Sheeran

Here are a couple of singing sensations we’d have loved to have gotten together, firstly because they’re two superstars of the industry and them getting together would make them the power couple of the music business, but secondly because they’re BFFs, and that always makes for an awesome story when such close pals get together. It also means that there’s more chance of things working out too, not going their separate ways after a couple of years which tends to be the norm in the celeb world.

Both Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran are at the top of their game at the moment. Ed in particular is just producing hit after hit, and through the roller coaster ride that’s been his career, he’s always had Taylor there in his corner for support. They’d make an awesome, really cute couple, but right now they’re just each other’s BFFs.

9 Tom Cruise – Laura Prepon

Orange is the New Black actress, Laura Prepon, and Hollywood megastar Tom Cruise have categorically denied that they’ve been seeing each other, but there have been plenty of things that have sparked speculation.

Laura’s currently engaged and is expecting her first child, and that’s meant – thankfully for her sake – the rumors of her hooking up with Tom Cruise have died down. But it was all anyone was talking about in the celeb world in 2014.

The two share the same beliefs, they're Scientologists, and just seem like they’d be a perfect match. But it’s as if these rumors came from nowhere and both were actually pretty amazed when they surfaced. The tabloids were saying they’d been secretly involved with each other for months, but then spokespeople from both parties revealed that they’d never even actually met! It’s false data, but still made for some juicy gossip, and would’ve made for even more if they actually hooked up.

8 Arnold Schwarzenegger - Vanessa Williams

This may not actually come as a surprise, as this is one duo on this list that could very well have been hooking up in the past. That’s because knowing what we now know about dear old Arnie, it wouldn’t shock if this came out to be true.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was always a highly driven individual. Be it in bodybuilding, acting, or his political endeavors, Arnie always wanted to be the best. But he had fun – a lot of fun along the way, actually. It’s been confirmed that Arnie was unfaithful when he was married, has had numerous affairs over the years, and he likes to put it about a bit, so he could very well have gotten with his co-star from the 1996 film, Eraser, Vanessa Williams. They looked great onscreen together and were responsible for making the film a success, so it would’ve been some major news had it actually happened.

7 Bradley Cooper – Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence is referred to as Bradley Cooper’s work wife. They’ve sizzled together onscreen for a number of movies, including Silver Linings Playbook, Serena, American Hustle, and Joy and share an amazing onscreen chemistry that’s unlike any other. They’re both terrific actors, and do have a real connection, hence why those rumors started and hence why we’d love them to be true. They’ve also shared a number of cute moments together offscreen too, really sweet red carpet moments, which inevitably prompted people to start talking about them being together in real life.

There’s no question that they’d make a really awesome couple. But unfortunately – for us, and for them in a way if you think of the possibilities – they’re both just not into each other in that kind of way. Bradley’s even said that once filming’s finished and the media appearances are done and dusted, they don’t even stay in touch, so for now we’ll have to be content seeing them sizzle together onscreen and only onscreen.

6 Idris Elba – Madonna

Madonna’s been in the industry for a hell of a long time, and throughout those years of her in the limelight, there’s always been media speculation about who she’s dating, likewise for actor Idris Elba.

Madonna’s a raunchy character, and Idris himself has been around a bit, too. Both have been in a string of relationships over the years, so it wouldn’t surprise anyone if they had in fact gotten together and had a hook-up. But it’d just be so weird, which is in a way why we’d want it to happen. They don’t seem compatible, but because we know what they’re both like, it’s safe to assume there wouldn’t be too much quiet time when they’re around!

These rumors surfaced last year when Madonna was spotted kissing Idris at a party in London. She also attended his first professional kickboxing fight, and friends have said that they’re actually really into each other, but both have denied the rumors - just friends it is.

5 Nicole Scherzinger – Chris Brown

Nicole Scherzinger was in a high profile, on-again off-again relationship with Formula One speedster Lewis Hamilton for a number of years. We all thought that they’d make it work and eventually get hitched and cement their relationship, but it just didn’t happen and they went their separate ways. We were all rooting for them, partly because Nicole’s a much-loved celebrity figure, but one guy who’s not, is Chris Brown. Sure, the guy releases awesome music, but due to what’s gone on in his personal life and what he’s done in past relationships, it can be said that he’s just not a very nice guy. But no one can deny that if they did get together, they’d make a superstar couple, and it’ll be some major gossip because from an entertainment point of view, it’s fair to say it won’t be all sunshine and roses.

The two have been spotted getting close to each other in the past but insist they’re just old pals.

4 Keri Hilson – Missy Elliott

You know those incredulous rumors I spoke about in the intro – this is one of those rumors. They started surfacing around 2011, all this lesbian gossip talk, and Keri just had to come out…not as gay – just thought I’d make you all sweat for a bit there! – but to address the rumors and try and put an end to them. She took to Twitter to say they haven’t even really met before, let alone dated. She tweeted: “Lies!! How do those ppl sleep at night? I love & respect Missy & her work, but we’ve never worked & I’ve prolly seen her 5 times in my life!”

Missy Elliott then chimed in: “Girl, it amazes me how we never worked together, and barely know each other, but they make up a full out lie.”

But with Keri’s R&B style and Missy’s rapping, you can’t help but think that they’d make a perfect hook-up, in more ways than one.

3 Nicki Minaj – Drake

Nicki Minaj is another singer who’s been linked with a lot of people over the years, but one guy who’s at the top of this list of alleged hook-ups, is Drake.

Drake’s also been in the limelight for quite some time, but his career’s really taken off in recent years. He’s been killing it, is the hottest star in the industry at the moment, and along with Nicki Minaj, they'd make... let’s say an interesting couple. In addition to being great artists, they’ve also had their fair share of controversial moments over the years, so if they got together they could wow with their music and piss people off together at the same time.

2010 is the year these rumors first started. Nicki got Drake on stage at one of her concerts and they shared a smooch at the end of it. Drake has also said he wants to marry Nicki – that’s certainly one way to fuel dating rumors.

2 Rey Mysterio – Jennifer Aniston

This is another one of those ridiculous dating rumors, but one that we hoped was true just because it is so out there and ludicrous.

Rey Mysterio is a legend in the wrestling industry and he’s still going strong. He’s one of the most-loved performers of all time in the ring and has amassed a massive fan following over the years. He’s also – despite having some troubles here and there – thought to be wrestling’s resident nice guy, has been happily married to his childhood sweetheart since 1996, and is just considered to be an all-round good guy.

Both Jennifer Aniston and Rey Mysterio denied the rumors, and rather than getting angry, the masked luchador actually found the whole situation quite comical: “I have no idea what that was about or what it came from. Maybe somebody wanted to get my name out there and started the rumor. Anyway, I thought it was funny. I even showed it to my wife – best coming from me, no?” He even has a copy of that article in his house; it’s safe to assume that Jennifer does not.

1 Scott Disick- Kendall Jenner

There are always rumors circulating around the Kardashian-Jenner family, who’s dating who, who’s cheating with who, who’s hooking up and so on. They’ve lived the majority of their lives in front of the cameras, so people now feel the need to know every little aspect of their personal lives – their family certainly don’t want you to and make a concerted effort to keep certain things under wraps. But that just increases the level of speculation.

There’s been all sorts of rumors why Kourtney and Scott broke up, and one of those is because he was cheating on her with her younger sister, Kendall. They have been seen together quite a few times out and about, and have been linked romantically for years, but she is the aunt of his kids! But even so, now Kourtney’s split from him, apparently for good, as the loving sister you’d also keep your distance, but they’ve continued to spend time together. It’d be awful for the family if it were true – utterly scandalous – but it’d make for one hell of a story at the same time and would make for some interesting TV, as it would inevitably play out on their realty show, which is why it’d be awesome if it were true.

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