15 Celeb Friends Who Are “Eskimo Brothers”

Who dated who dated who? As much as many of us try to stay out of celebrity dating and love triangles, it’s nearly impossible not to catch on. If you are on the internet at all, you’ll see headlines about who has broken up and who is back together. But what doesn’t usually cross your mind is who has been with the same woman, like all those men who have dated Taylor Swift. The thing is, most of her exes remain sworn enemies. However, it doesn’t always have to be that way.

There’s this term known as “Eskimo brothers” where two men get with the same women and have hardly any hard feelings toward each other. For the most part, they actually become friends because of it or at least don’t lose their friendship. You see, you likely don’t want to know where the term came from. As you can imagine, this happens a lot in Hollywood. These men use the bond they used to have with the girl and project it onto each other in a totally platonic way. They obviously have something in common if they have been with the same girl. Likely, they were attracted to the same things in her.

This happens all the time in small towns, but did you know it also happened in Hollywood? To prove my point, take a look at these fifteen celebrity friends who have been with the same women, and are therefore Eskimo brothers.


15 Gigi Hadid Has Been With Both Zayn Malik And Joe Jonas

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Gigi Hadid is a fairly recent popular model who has done nothing other than rise to fame with her sister Bella Hadid. Both her and her sister are absolutely gorgeous. After all, they are models, and make their living doing just that. A few years back, Gigi Hadid was in a public relationship with Joe Jonas. To this day, they seem to remain friends, but were forced to separate due to scheduling conflicts. They just didn’t have time for each other.

Today, Gigi is with Zayn Malik, another former boy band member. The two men have never been close, per se, but they have very similar styles, and they looked good together at the Louis Vuitton fashion show in Paris. Gigi remains friends with both of them (and is dating Zayn), but you can be assured that as long as Joe isn’t jealous of Zayn, the two could easily become best buds.

14 Sienna Miller And Miranda Kerr Were Both With Leonard DiCaprio And Orlando Bloom

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What if two men are double Eskimo brothers? How does that happen? Here we have two men, Orlando Bloom and Leonardo DiCaprio. The two heartbreakers have had their fair share of Hollywood sleepovers. But did you know the two share, not one, but two exes? Both Miranda Kerr and Sienna Miller have dated the two men. You may already know that the two are the best of buddies. They are seen together on a regular basis. The funny thing is that Orlando Bloom was once married to Miranda Kerr (who he has a kid with), and the year they got divorced (2013), Leonardo was seen dating her!

If that wasn’t enough, before Orlando married Miranda, he dated Sienna Miller, who dated Leonardo the same year! The two seemed to have moved on from all of this and are now closer than ever. They were spotted just this year out shirtless with Tobey Maguire. Orlando still co-parents with Miranda, but hopefully they’ve left sharing girlfriends in the past and have become the best Eskimo brothers there are.

13 Kim Kardashian Has Been With Nick Cannon And Nick Lachey

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There are very rude stories and sayings going on where the Kardashian girls are concerned. Some say they will get with just about anyone. But have you ever heard anything bad about 98 Degrees member Nick Lachey? He’s the nicest guy! Not only is he the nicest guy, but he also shares more than a first name with Nick Cannon.

The two have a history with Kim Kardashian, the most famous Kardashian-Jenner of them all. One thing that they also share is their hard feelings toward her. Lachey truly believes he was used to get Kim famous. He thinks that he was her ladder to fame. And Nick Cannon says that she lied to him about the existence of a certain private tape from her past. It’s easy to see how the two former teen heartthrobs could enjoy a drink together. Kim has a bad reputation and the two of these dudes have nothing but good things said about them.

12 Kristen Stewart Has Been With Robert Pattinson And Rupert Sanders

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Robert Pattinson and Rupert Sanders seem like they have little to do with each other, and the truth is, I’m not sure how close they are. But boy do they know each other. The whole world was involved in the love triangle that existed between the two of them and Kristen Stewart. It all started on the set of Twilight when Robert and Kristen got into a relationship. For years, they seemed so happy together. That is, until she cheated on him with Rupert Sanders, who was directing Snow White and the Huntsman. From there, word eventually got out and the internet exploded with the scandal. She even publicly apologized to him via People magazine.

But now none of that matters because Kristen is no longer dating men. She is actually dating the gorgeous model Stella Maxwell, who both men would probably have a crush on. The two can often be seen sharing a nice dinner or taking a walk in the park.

11 Rihanna Has Been With Chris Brown And Drake

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Here we have two talented music artists who both dated the even more popular artist Rihanna. We all know that one of those was the abusive Chris Brown who has been hated by much of the world after he abused the singer so violently. That was over quickly and can never happen again, or else the world will put up a fuss. However, a sweeter and very inconsistent relationship started long ago between Rihanna and rapper Drake. The two allegedly began dating in 2009, and then they broke up. Then they were back together…and then they broke up. It’s all very messy.

But it gets even messier in 2012 when Drake and Chris Brown met at a club Rihanna was at. Words were exchanged and so were punches. Now we’re here in 2017, and although Chris Brown is forever out of the picture, Drake is always there… always watching Rihanna. He even professed his love for her live on television in 2016! As for the men? They used to be besties, but can that relationship ever be repaired?

10 Selena Gomez Has Been With Nick Jonas And Justin Bieber

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Here are two more teen idols who once fought for Selena Gomez’s attention. We all know that Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber have always been best friends forever and that they had the sweetest romantic relationship for years. But years before Justin and Selena even met, Selena dated another Disney starred named Nick Jonas. You know him, right? The youngest Jonas?

Unlike many celeb exes, Justin Bieber and Nick Jonas are both great friends with Selena Gomez. For about a decade now, Justin has been hanging out with the Jonas brothers regularly, particularly Nick. To prove that there are no hard feelings, they posted a photo just last year on Instagram of them hanging out. It was actually a throwback, but wouldn’t that mean that they are even better friends? Nick Jonas was thinking about Justin Bieber! I wonder if they text each other or get together to talk about Selena when she’s not around.

9 Jennifer Aniston Has Been With Brad Pitt And Justin Theroux

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Considering Jennifer Aniston was once one of the hottest stars in Hollywood and will forever be relevant, you can bet that she’s been with many of the hottest men. Her most famous relationship was of course with Brad Pitt. They were inseparable (married for five years) until he left her for his soon-to-be wife Angelina Jolie. She was hurt big time, but all is well now, as Aniston has met and married Justin Theroux and the two seem very happy together. It looks like Pitt is the one who lost this time, as he is the one with relationship problems.

However, the relationship between the men has been rather awkward. For starters, in 2016, it is said that Justin posted a photo on Instagram that insinuated that he insulted Brad. He denied this, but can you deny the tenseness at that restaurant the two were at in 2017, at the same time? They wouldn’t even speak to each other as Aniston ate peacefully with Justin.


8 Minka Kelly Has Been With Chris Evans And Derek Jeter

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Chris Evans and Derek Jeter may not be BFFs, but they do have one thing in common. They’ve both been with Minka Kelly. For years, Minka Kelly was an on-again-off-again girlfriend to Chris Evans. They first started dating in 2007, and their latest date was in 2015. During all of this drama, Minka dated Derek Jeter, the New York Yankee. The reason they split was because Jeter didn’t like how famous Minka was getting. He despised the attention.

While the two men haven’t been photographed together, Chris Evans has been recorded speaking out against the Yankees, saying that the Yankees hat he wore as Captain America “burned his head.” Why? Well, he’s been seen wearing Boston Red Sox hats as Chris Evans. This is a disgrace to Jeter, but it’s only a game, isn’t it? Friends can like different sports teams, right? They can if they’re Eskimo bros who got duped by the same woman!

7 Jennifer Lopez Has Been With P. Diddy And Drake

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Jennifer Lopez has been around… Hollywood. She has been owning the stage and reality TV for decades now. But did you know that two rappers have had the same history with her? First up was Sean Combs, a.k.a. P. Diddy. They started dating in 1999 when neither of them were well known, and she was working on her first album. They ended up splitting due to his infidelity.

Fast forward six years later, and we see a friendship between Jen and Drake blossom into something more as the two work on a “collaboration.” Drake and J-Lo seemed extremely close and cozy on Instagram. It wasn’t until this spring that they were confirmed to have not been together any longer when she started dating NBA star Alex Rodriguez. What’s funny is that Drake and Diddy have had a past too. The two have often been inseparable. But just like Chris Brown, Diddy also punched Drake in the face. It was about stealing music beats rather than girls, however.

6 Lindsay Lohan Has Been With Zac Efron And James Franco

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This friendship is more like a bromance. You realize this when James Franco makes a joke (publicly) about Zac Efron dating co-star Dave Franco (James’ brother). He even gave an inappropriate nickname to this story, which we can't repeat here. The thing is that Zac Efron and Dave Franco actually are really good friends. But if James doesn’t like him, there’s a good reason.

It starts with how James Franco denies getting with Lindsay Lohan after she made a list of people she has been with. Though, when he denied this, he did so with a satirical short story called "Bungalow 89." He allegedly based it on the story of how they met, and boy is it detailed. As for Zac Efron and Lindsay Lohan, well, just as with James Franco, Lindsay Lohan put Zac Efron on the public list of men she’s slept with. Zac Efron didn’t deny this, but he also didn’t confirm it. He made absolutely no comment whatsoever. Is that a no then?

5 Carrie Underwood Has Been With Tony Romo And Chace Crawford

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Carrie Underwood has long been America’s sweetheart, ever since she won American Idol in 2005. Her love story is a little bit tricky. You may know that she is now married to Mike Fisher and has been since 2010. The two seem very happy, but back in 2007, it seems she was in an unhappy relationship with Tony Romo, NFL quarterback. The two weren’t together long but it seems she thought that football was more important than anything else in the world to him. That was never going to work. The funny thing is that another guy that Carrie dated, Chace Crawford, has an awkward role in this. Tony ended up marrying Chace’s sister! So they aren’t only Eskimo brothers, but real brothers-in-law too!

Sources say that Carrie broke Chace’s heart as he truly loved her but she never wanted a serious relationship with him. Do you think that the double brothers still chat about Carrie over Christmas dinner?

4 Kate Hudson And Sheryl Crow Have Both Been With Lance Armstrong And Owen Wilson

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We have another double Eskimo brother situation on our hands here. Well, it starts when seven-times Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong steals Owen Wilson’s girl… twice! Perhaps he never “stole” anyone, as it seems the two are always on good terms. Owen and Lance are said to be really nice guys. However, Lance has dated two of Owen’s former lovers. The first being singer Sheryl Crow (who Owen dated in 2002). Then in 2008, Lance began dating Owen’s fresh ex Kate Hudson. The reason Hudson broke up with Owen was due to his lack of commitment. I guess she thought Armstrong was a better bet. This made sense considering the reason Crow broke up with him was because he wanted kids with her.

Today, Kate is dating Danny Fujikawa, who owns a record company. As for Sheryl, her status is unknown. The boys, on the other hand, seem to have grown close these past few years.

3 Lily Collins Has Been With Taylor Lautner And Jamie Campbell Bower

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What makes Eskimo brother relationships even more awkward? When you star in the same movie! The big bad wolf Taylor Lautner played Jacob in the Twilight movies. He starred alongside Jamie Campbell Bower who played Caius, an ancient, civilized vampire. The two seemed rather close on the set, despite the two having dated the same woman. Taylor was first, but isn’t being last better in this case?

Lily Collins and Taylor met while filming Abduction, whereas Lily and Jamie met while filming Mortal Instruments, which was released two years later. However, the Twilight movie that Jamie was a part of was filmed between the two. So maybe the bad blood just hadn’t been shed yet. The way I see it, they’re just really good Eskimo brothers with no hard feelings toward each other. Other teen crooners that have dated Lily include Zac Efron and Nick Jonas (two men who have been friends for years).

2 Ellie Goulding Has Been With Ed Sheeran And Niall Horan

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We all know that drama has gone down between One Direction and Ed Sheeran. Although Harry Styles and Ed Sheeran could never put aside their differences, especially where Taylor Swift is involved, it seems that Niall Horan and Ed Sheeran have. The funny thing is that Ellie Goulding dated them both, and boy were there nasty rumors about her cheating on Ed. You see, ironically, Ellie and Taylor Swift were also friends who were in similar situations, dating a 1D member and Ed Sheeran. To make things even more awkward, Calvin Harris, Ellie Goulding’s ex, is now also Taylor Swift’s ex.

But back to Ed and Niall. The two did get into a few fights, but most recently, they’ve been spotted drinking together at a pub and having the best time. They admitted that they put aside their differences and are now really good friends. As for Goulding, it doesn’t seem like she talks to either of them anymore.

1 The Original Eskimo Brothers: Cleopatra Was With Julius Caesar And Marc Antony

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Can you believe that the idea of dating the same woman and remaining friends began thousands of years ago? We all know the story of this triangle, but have you ever really put it all together and turned it into a modern problem? It started when Julius Caesar fell in love with Cleopatra and believed they could be great allies. It was also seen as a union between Rome and Egypt. The two fell in love and got married. All was well for them until Julius was stabbed to death. But before then, a steamy romance began between Cleopatra and a very wealthy man named Marc Antony. He was such a good friend to Julius that he hunted any man who had done him wrong, including the assassin that killed him.

He bonded with Cleopatra over their mutual love for his friend and her lover, in an attempt to avenge his death. In the end, she married him, and they set out to avenge the third member of their love party together.


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