15 Celeb-Fan Photos We Weren't Meant To See

Celebrities are under an unusual amount of pressure, something that no one really knows they will be able to handle until they deal with it themselves. It’s the kind of pressure that is unique for those in the public eye. They are being watched all the time. Outside the privacy of their own home, a celebrity never knows when they are going to be snapped by a paparazzi or approached by a fan.

But celebrities are also humans. This means that they can be imperfect, and have their “off” days. They don’t look good every single day, and in fact they may have days when they just don’t want anyone to see them at all. Unfortunately, that doesn’t stop people from coming up to them in the street when they are just trying to mind their own business.

The good news for us is that this often results in some pretty funny photographs. Some of them are the victims of poor timing, while others feature a celebrity who clearly just didn’t want to have their picture taken that day. Others make poor decisions when the spotlight is on them. Whatever the case may have been, these photographs serve to remind us that no one is perfect. Celebrities can end up looking their worst in a selfie – especially when they aren’t the ones in control of the lens.

These 15 shots show celeb-fan photos that the celebs themselves definitely wish we couldn’t see. But now they’re a matter of public record, it’s time to face the cringe.


15 Russell Brand’s Selfie Kiss

He’s not exactly best known for being conservative and chaste, so perhaps it’s no surprise that Russell Brand would be on this list for a shot like this. He has gone in for the selfie kiss: a practiced movement which involves kissing the cheek of the person next to you whilst still keeping your eyes right on the camera. It seems like the camera in question is off to the side of the one that actually took this shot. In the meantime, the fan he is with is looking in a different direction entirely, but also not at him. With their eyes both trained elsewhere, it appears as though these two have made a bit of a miscalculation. Instead of kissing her cheek, it looks like Russell has actually caught the side of her mouth. Neither of them look like they are too present in the situation, so it’s a bit of an awkward moment all around.

14 Rihanna Is Not Pleased


Normally when you get a photograph taken with someone, you’re supposed to smile and look right into the camera. Then again, normally when you get a photograph taken with someone, you have time to prepare for it beforehand. This picture looks like it was taken in a bar, probably at a sports event judging by what the fan is wearing. Rihanna is already clutching her drink and was probably on the way back to her VIP box or wherever she was hanging out. That’s when the fan snatched a photo with her, and she doesn’t look very happy about it. It’s hard to tell whether she is offering a quick thumbs-up with her confused expression, or whether she happens to have been moving her hand at the moment that the photograph was taken. Either way, it doesn’t look like she was best pleased with getting the snap taken right then, and she’s giving the camera a seriously dodgy look.

13 Luke Wilson Takes A Look

The fans who had this photograph taken with Luke Wilson got more than they bargained for when they checked the results afterwards. It’s clearly taken in a bar, and since the girls are both holding pints of beer, it’s probably not a very classy one. Luke is taking that up to the next level as he takes a good look down the shirt of the girl next to him. It seems odd since her friend is the one with the lower-cut top, but what do we know – maybe he’s already looked over there and seen all that he needed to! This is a classic shot of a celebrity turning out to be a bit of a pervert, which, sadly, makes them just like normal folks. We hope that they looked at the photo right away and gave him a bit of grief for this shot, like he deserved to get!

12 Katy Perry Isn’t Into It


This photo appears to have been taken at a meet and greet, where fans get to see their favourite stars up close and personal. The highlight, of course, is getting to take a photograph with the star that you can treasure for the rest of your life. Well, this fan really does seem happy to meet one of his idols, but the same can’t be said of Katy Perry. Instead, she looks a little bit dazed and startled, completely like she isn’t into the idea of this photo at all. She may have allowed the fan to put his hands on her waist while she places hers on his shoulders, but she’s clearly not willing to allow him to get any closer. She looks pretty uncomfortable, rather than offering the wide and dazzling smile that you would expect from a celebrity in this situation. It’s a bit awkward considering he probably paid for this privilege!

11 Justin Bieber Makes A Grab

Justin Bieber has made a lot of headlines over the years for the way that he acts around his fans. He has often been seen as very disrespectful, and has been criticized for not being kind to his fans. In this shot, he’s being really inappropriate by grabbing the chest of one of his female fans. Whether she encouraged it or not, and whether she enjoyed it or not, doesn’t really come into the discussion. It was wrong for him to abuse his position of power in this way. While he may be all smiles, he could easily have been arrested for this action – and if he was any “normal” boy, he probably would have been. Having star power is no excuse for acting in a way that isn’t acceptable in a normal society. It’s also no reason for him to set this awful example for his young fans, who would think that it’s fine to copy their idol.

10 Justin Bieber Gets A Grab Of His Own


Justin gets a taste of his own medicine in this shot, which shows him at a younger age with one of his female fans. It looks like he is walking down through fenced-off areas of fans, along with his retinue who are supposed to look after him. Out of the blue, one of the girls has jumped forward to wrap her arms around him and plant a kiss on his face, while her friend sticks her phone out in front to try to capture the moment. His face is a real picture – he is making it clear that he is not comfortable with the situation. He has even raised an arm to start pushing the girl away from him. To one side, his attendant is clearly trying to keep him moving and get him away from this situation, too. Add this to the overemotional faces of fans in the background, and this really looks like a crazy day.

9 Khloe Kardashian Gets A Surprise

Have you ever been in the kind of awkward situation where someone in front of you stops suddenly and you aren’t paying attention? What happens next is usually a full-on body tackle, as seen here in this shot of Khloe Kardashian and a fan. The fan was evidently following along behind her, rushing to try to get a photo with her on his phone. Khloe, for her part, was feeling bothered about the fact that the paparazzi were following her. She evidently turned to look at the camera which was using a bright flash, just at the same time as her fan did. The result? A collision that neither party wanted. Although, the fan probably now counts it amongst the highlights of his life. That grey hoodie probably sits in his house in pride of place and hasn’t been washed since the day he brushed up against Khloe K.


8 Nicolas Cage On A Plane


When you’re not at your best, it can be a real nightmare to have your picture taken. Examples of when you might not be at your best include when you’re on a flight, had to get up early in the morning on only a few hours’ sleep, you’re trying to doze off, and someone keeps bothering you. Feel sorry for Nic Cage, who was caught in this exact situation. He looks as if he’s half asleep, drunk, or on pills to help him cope with the anxiety of flying. He certainly doesn’t look like he wants to have his photograph taken. The happy fan who ended up sat next to him, on the other hand, looks bright and chirpy. We have to wonder how long she spent telling him about her favourite roles before he was subjected to this shot. From the looks of his expression, it might have been a very long time.

7 Gerard Butler Is Worse For Wear

Being one of the most handsome men on the screen also comes with certain pressures. Gerard Butler has built up quite a reputation since starring in 300 and displaying his abs to the world. Since then, we’ve come to learn that his conduct has not always been so attractive, even in public. In this fan photo, he looks like he is heavily drunk – and judging by the background, it could well have been taken in a bar. His face is red and swollen despite his clean-cut suit, and his eyes are half-closed. Even if this is an unfortunate case of getting caught mid-blink, he certainly doesn’t look at his best. This isn’t the kind of shot that you would want to keep for the family album. The fan doesn’t fare much better, with his skin catching the camera flash and ending up looking as pasty white as a ghost!

6 Britney Spears Just Feels Awkward


You can’t help but feel awkward for Britney Spears when you look at this photograph. It appears that her fan has paid for the opportunity to meet her and pose for a photo together, but Britney happens to be wearing one of her skimpy stage costumes. When it came time to pose with her fan, she wasn’t prepared to put her arm around him or give him a hug. Instead, she’s keeping her arms in close to her body, as if trying to hide and protect herself. The fan has a little blush on his cheeks from the excitement of meeting the star, but she clearly doesn’t feel as happy about the situation. She just wants to get the shot done and then get out of there. It’s not clear whether she was feeling awkward and self-conscious about her body that night, or whether this fan was a particular kind of creep. Either way, her body language says it all.

5 Miley Cyrus Makes Her Snaps Interesting

If there’s one thing that you can say about Miley Cyrus for sure, it’s that she has put a considerable amount of effort into making her career seem interesting. She is always trying to pull the next infamous stunt live on stage, or put together a music video that will break the internet. That’s why it’s no surprise that she has the same approach to taking photos with her fans. She is obviously trying very hard to make the photos as shocking as possible, which at this stage shouldn’t be too surprising for everyone else. The thing is, she’s trying a bit too hard. One photograph shows a fan apparently groping her, but if you look at the shot, you can see that he really does have his hands somewhere they shouldn’t be. The other shot sees her apparently going in for a kiss that is all tongues. It’s just a little bit too far to go for the sake of causing controversy.

4 Hugh Grant Isn’t Prepared


You know those days when you just want to get on with something? You’re in the airport and you are on your way to the boarding gate, and you feel tense, hoping that you get there in time and can find a good place to sit. You are just going full pelt through the airport when someone stops you. You don’t want to stop and chat, but if you’re Hugh Grant, you don’t have a lot of choice. After all, he has a public image to maintain, and that means smiling and talking to his fans instead of giving them the brush-off. In this case, the worker clearly coerced Hugh into taking a picture when Hugh really wanted to get on with what he was doing. He wasn’t prepared for this photo at all. He isn’t smiling or posing in any way, and just looks totally harassed. We don’t blame him.

3 Emma Watson At An Angle

There are certain angles that just aren’t flattering to anyone. This fan has clearly found that out with his selfie, which leaves him looking very odd indeed. We can also see right up his nose, which isn’t the normal way you would want to be seen. Emma is also falling victim to the weird way that he chose to hold his phone. You can see that he’s clearly holding it out in one hand, and the pair are then both leaning away from the camera in order to fit in better. It comes to something when someone as pretty as Emma Watson ends up looking bad in the photo! She still manages to pull it off better than most people would, but it’s not the shot that we would choose from a publicity point of view. The problem with celebrity-fan selfies is that the fans only get one chance to take the shot – and if it goes wrong, there’s no way they will be deleting it.

2 Robert Downey Jr. Is Way Too Busy For This


A lot of fans tend to take photographs with their favourite celebrities when that person is on the way somewhere or in the middle of doing something. They might be on the way to or from the airport, going shopping, or just getting out of a car to walk onto a TV or movie set. Here, it looks like Robert Downey Jr. has somewhere to be, and his mind is set on getting there as soon as possible. He really isn’t interested at all in taking a photo with this fan, who is clearly thrilled. Instead of looking up at the camera, he is keeping his eyes firmly ahead, fixed on where he is going. The flash of the camera is never kind to anyone, and in this case, it also highlights the heavy bags under Robert’s eyes. He is probably operating on a lack of sleep and just wants to get his job done for the night.

1 Tom Hanks In A Hardware Store

When you are famous around the globe, it can be hard to get even the most mundane of tasks done. Such is the burden that lies on the shoulders of Tom Hanks, a man so well-known that he literally can’t go for a walk in the park without being spotted. He is usually very good-humoured, and has built up a reputation for being one of the nicest men in Hollywood. That’s why he probably wouldn’t feel too happy about this photo getting out. It looks like he has been stopped by a couple of students while he was in a hardware store, and probably had something on his mind that he wanted to buy. Caught off-guard, and not warned that the photo was about to be taken, he is instead looking at something which is happening to the side of him. It’s a shame we can’t look to the side and see what it was!

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