15 Celeb Duos Who Would Refuse To Work Again With The Other If Asked

Sometimes, the chemistry is there on screen. But behind it, volatile and combustible is the best way to describe the way two actors get along with each other. While celebrities may appear to co-exist after the editors cut together what they need, the love they show to the audience on camera is often anything but, and the talent is just barely professional enough to keep productions moving. These actors simply don't get along, and every minute together is excruciating.

Of course, it's not always this bad. Sometimes, actors just don't see eye to eye. Personally, there's no real hatred but their methods are different, and friction becomes a real thing as creative minds try to come together and make one unified production.

Alternatively, there are some productions that go fairly smoothly. It's only after shows are released and schedules change, recognition gets handed out, and jealousy rears its ugly head that things become heated. Some actors or celebs can't handle someone getting credit or moving forward as someone else gets left behind.

Whatever the case, whether it be the process of working with someone or having to deal with them later, there are all sorts of famous duos who will never do so again. Some of these people downright hate each other. The fun part is trying to figure out who's to blame. In some cases, it seems pretty obvious. In others, things aren't so black and white. Here are 15 duos who've worked together before but will likely never work together again.

15 Tyrese And "The Rock" Dwayne Johnson

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The situation between these two may have existed for some time, but publicly, it's gotten pretty ugly in the last few weeks. Tyrese was probably one of the people that The Rock was referring to when he made public comments about the unprofessionalism on the set of the Fast and Furious films. But, when Johnson got his own spin-off movie, Tyrese went nuts on social media because, apparently, it was going to affect shooting another sequel.

Since that time, Tyrese has sent out post after post trying to publicly knock The Rock and, in the process, is just starting to look like a jealous fool. The Rock is one of the biggest names in Hollywood right now, while Tyrese is lucky to still have a role in these movies. He's fighting an uphill battle and making it so The Rock won't ever consider working with him or throwing him any sort of bone in the future.

14 Tom Hardy And Charlize Theron

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Mad Max: Fury Road might be it for these two. A huge box-office success and a critically-acclaimed smash, it's going to take a lot of money to likely get either of these actors on the same set with one another again. Both Theron and her co-stars admit that she and Tom Hardy had a relationship that was anything but smooth.

Most have chalked it off to work in the heat, seeing nothing but sand for six months and filming on a moving truck for most of the entire production. But, there are reports that these two had yelling matches, and their personalities simply clashed throughout the entire process. There are rumors that they want to shoot another film so we'll see if these guys can figure out a way to make it work.

13 Shia LaBeouf And Alec Baldwin

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After these two actors were supposed to work on Broadway in a show called Orphans, things got a bit crazy, and LaBeouf got fired from the production. Baldwin was behind the firing as he couldn't handle working with LaBeouf who would show up on set and send Baldwin videos of himself reciting entire scenes from memory. When LaBeouf claimed that Baldwin was holding him back, Baldwin offered to leave the show but the director fired Shia instead.

LaBeouf actually admitted that he started following Baldwin home and stalking his former co-worker after he was fired. Apparently, the two have made up, but who are we kidding? Baldwin would never want to subject himself to that kind of idiocy again. There's no way we'll see either of these guys in the same project unless none of their scenes are together.

12 Bill Murray And Lucy Liu

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They worked together on the set of Charlie's Angels but they likely won't ever work together again. Bill Murray, at the best of times, is a unique individual. He's probably not the type of personality everyone can handle and has had longstanding grudges with actors before. Meanwhile, Liu has a reputation for being a bit difficult to work with.

Well, when Murray calls you out in front of others for your lack of acting skills, you can imagine a person, who is already tricky to deal with, get a bit offended. She was and started trying to knock Murray silly. Murray was released from the sequel because he was unwilling to come back and work with her again. He was replaced by the late Bernie Mac.

11 Kiefer Sutherland And Freddie Prinze Jr.

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There's not much chance that these two will work together for a couple reasons. One, Prinze Jr. is all but retired from acting. Two, Sutherland is rumored to be the reason why Prinze Jr. retired.

While Sutherland seems to land himself role after role on TV these days, there was a time when he was a nightmare to deal with. Prinze Jr. called him the most unprofessional actor he's ever worked with and says he'd gladly say that to his face. They worked on the show 24 together, and when Prinze Jr. left, he went to work for the WWE as a writer. You know it's bad when you can handle a bunch of wrestlers instead of one little 5'4" actor. We're not sure if Sutherland is any easier to work with now but he's still employed.

10 Shannen Doherty And Alyssa Milano

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Shannen Doherty hasn't made a lot of friends in Hollywood since she began acting as a teen, but Milano definitely knows she'll never work with Doherty again (at least not on set). The two co-starred in the show Charmed and, much like she did with Beverly Hills, 90210, Doherty caused all sorts of drama and didn't stick around to see the end of the show. She left after only the third season.

Unfortunately, or fortunately (depending on how you look at things), their relationship changed when Doherty was diagnosed with cancer. While the two probably aren't best buddies, Milano says she does reach out to Doherty on a regular basis to offer support and well wishes. No amount of famous feuding on set is as important as the health of someone else. Sometimes, it takes something tragic to make you realize what's important.

9 Charlie Sheen And Selma Blair

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To say that Charlie Sheen's life and acting career have gone downhill would be an understatement. Part of the reason he's been blacklisted by a number of studios is his reputation for being almost impossible to work with. Just ask Selma Blair who co-starred with him in Anger Management. 

Blair threatened to sue Sheen and Lionsgate for wrongful termination after she was written off the show. She said it was because she called him a slacker, which he probably was. After everything was settled, Sheen said in an interview to US Weekly that he'd rather smash the heads of Blair and Jenny McCarthy together and kick them to the curb. They deserve each other, he claimed. Ironically, that's probably what a lot of people think about Charlie Sheen.

8 Mariah Carey And Nicki Minaj

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If you saw them working together on American Idol, you knew something was off. Once you saw the behind-the-scenes footage of them yelling at each other during the auditions, you knew they hated each other, and it would be the last season Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj would ever be on the show together.

Both are known as massive divas and both must have believed they were bigger than the show. Neither was right as they were both canned and replaced before the show eventually came to a close. It's probably the worst judge casting in the history of television. And while heat between judges can often mean ratings, this was so bad it made people turn the show off. These two still hate each other, though.

7 Bruce Willis And Kevin Smith

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It's sad when actors don't get along but it's especially sad when someone gets a chance to work with one of their idols and is completely let down by the experience. That's what happened to Kevin Smith (famous director and comic book geek) when he got the opportunity to work with Bruce Willis on the movie Cop Out.

Smith directed the film and took a huge pay cut to work with Willis only to find him zero help, unwilling to work collaboratively, and checked out of the experience. Smith says it was because Willis was intimidated by Tracy Morgan's ad-lib skills. He said Willis was only in it for the money. The chances that these two would meet up again are pretty slim but you never know, seeing as Willis hasn't been a huge star in a while and might see things from a different perspective now.

6 LL Cool J And Jamie Foxx

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They worked together on Any Given Sunday and LL Cool J had a scene with Jamie Foxx that got carried away. The fight ended with LL Cool J apparently knocking out Foxx, but in reality, it was more like LL overacting the scene in an attempt to make it more realistic. He must have been good because the cops were called and charges were filed.

Years later, he said Foxx just didn't understand what was going on. Since their on-set fight, the two have actually made up and worked together on a couple records. That said, our guess is that if you asked them to do a sequel or another movie that had a scripted fight scene, one or both would probably pass on the opportunity. Something tells us that Jamie Foxx isn't sure he can trust LL to know the difference between the script and real life.

5 James Franco And Tyrese Gibson


Tyrese has the distinction of making it on our list twice, which tells us that he's complaining when he's actually the real problem or he's just unlucky. He worked with James Franco on a film called Annapolis, and by the time they were done, Tyrese said he'd wish he could blow up Franco's house. Does anyone else notice how over-the-top Tyrese can get?

In their boxing scenes, Tyrese had to constantly tell Franco to lighten up while Franco refused to break character and often hit him for real. Tyrese flat out said that he never wanted to work with Franco again and that he's confident Franco feels the same, even though Franco has come out since the incident and has taken responsibility. Maybe that was Franco's way of telling him he was being a jerk. Gibson should be thankful it wasn't The Rock teeing off on him.

4 Robert Downey Jr. And Terrence Howard

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It has become difficult to tell from interviews over the years how heated the relationship is between these two. But as the years go by, it seems more and more like that the story gets a little longer and more detailed, not painting a pretty picture of why Howard was removed from the Iron Man film franchise.

Howard was paid around $4.5 million for the first film. After the scenes for his character were cut dramatically for the second film, he was offered much less than originally contracted for and declined the role. As time has gone by, Howard seems to now hold Downey Jr. responsible, suggesting he grabbed that money when he demanded more to play Tony Stark and that it shoved Howard out of the sequels. There seems to be some bitterness there and a reunion is unlikely.

3 David O. Russell And George Clooney

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When David O. Russell and George Clooney worked together on the set of Three Kings, things were not happy. Clooney didn't like how O. Russell constantly talked down to and berated the other actors and crew members, and when the director kicked an extra, that was all Clooney could handle.

Clooney stepped in, and Russell headbutted Clooney who then attacked Russell, and Clooney thought he might try to end Russell right there and then. They made it through the rest of the production but Clooney said there was no possible way he'd ever accept another project Russell was working on. They still don't like each other, and if they came face to face, both suggested it wouldn't be pretty. Clooney is a pretty big deal now so even though this was early in his film career, it didn't seem to slow down his rise to the top of Hollywood.

2 Harrison Ford And Josh Hartnett

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He's coming back now, but for a while, people didn't see much of Josh Hartnett. It could be thanks to the work he did with Harrison Ford in Hollywood Homicide. Ford is known to be a grumpy kind of actor. Not often does he get along with the rest of the cast and seems to prefer being on his own than working well with others. That's definitely what happened here as Hartnett claims they would often just sit in a car for an hour saying nothing when they were supposed to be filming a scene.

This is one of those stories where you feel like Hartnett's side is a bit more accurate but because Ford rarely talks to anyone about anything, we may never know what his take on the relationship was. For many reasons, these guys will probably not work together.

1 Reese Witherspoon And Vince Vaughn

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You would think that the set of a holiday film would be a happy and joyous place. Not so much when it comes to Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn and the set of the movie Four Christmases. These two allegedly had such different styles when it came to how they wanted to perform their scenes. It was like two children constantly nattering at each other.

Neither has really come out since and said they wouldn't work with the other. But pretty much everyone knows after seeing how it went the first time that these two actors are like oil and water; they just don't mix. Vaughn likes to ad-lib and Witherspoon was always over-prepared. Interesting dynamic, to say the least. There probably won't be another holiday classic coming from these two anytime soon.

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