15 Celeb Daughters Who Are As Stunning As Their Moms

There is no denying that celebrities tend to be considered some of the best-looking and most talked about people in society. Which means that when they have kids, they tend to grow up to be famous in their own right.

Many of them also tend to inherit the good looks of their famous mothers and fathers. While some aren't so lucky, you're definitely going to be feeling like the lucky one when you look at the 15 hottest daughters that have ever come from a celebrity mom.

Several of these women are following in the footsteps of their mother and are some of the best models in the business. Others on our list may not be as in the public spotlight, but that doesn't mean we didn't track down some memorable and rare photos that help highlight their good looks.

There are even some sister combinations on our list, helping make the argument for what might be the hottest family in all of Hollywood. We've included fun quotes when appropriate, including Melanie Griffith's stance on her daughter's role in 50 Shades of Grey and reveal which celebrity mother-daughter team made a memorable cameo and guest-spot on the series Friends.

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15 Lisa Marie Presley & Riley Keough 

Lisa Marie Presley is always going to be known as the daughter of Elvis, but she is also an accomplished singer-songwriter in her own right. So at least her daughter, Riley Keough, who has broken into the world of acting at least knows her mother knows a thing or two about growing up with a famous parent.

Keough's biggest role may be in the upcoming film Logan Lucky that also stars Channing Tatum, Adam Driver, and Daniel Craig.

While it doesn't look like Riley has as much interest in picking up a microphone, we're sure that stare of hers has you mesmerized.

14 Jerry Hall & Georgia May Jagger

We're sure that Mick Jagger has no idea how many women he has taken to bed over the years. But we definitely know that he spent decades knocking boots with famed model Jerry Hall and with her, had 4 children; one of whom you're staring at now.

Georgia May Jagger is an aspiring model who has worked with a variety of high-profile brands including Volcom and Mulberry. And while Georgia has close to 1 million followers on Instagram, in an interview she divulged her thoughts as to why Instagram isn't cool anymore

"My whole theory is that [Instagram] shouldn’t be that important. My little brother’s age group, which is like 18, thinks it’s really uncool. Older people tend to think that Instagram’s more important because maybe they’re the ones that come to it later. And then younger people—younger than me—think it’s really uncool to have an Instagram, would never have one."

Whether or not you agree with her, we're sure you love the photo we've included of her.

13 Goldie Hawn & Kate Hudson

There aren't many famous mother-daughter combinations in Hollywood more than Kate Hudson and Goldie Hawn. Both have been accomplished actresses for decades. But there may be some people out there who don't know about the connection. And even if you did, are you really going to be hating on getting to stare at a photo of Kate Hudson?

We're going to guess not! While Hudson's best role may have been back in 2000 when she won an Academy Award for Almost Famous, she did work on the critically successful 2016 film Deepwater Horizon which scored 84% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Her mother's recent picture, Snatched, was significantly less successful scoring a rating of 35%.

12 Kim Basinger & Ireland Baldwin

Ireland Baldwin has some great genes when you consider her mother is Kim Basinger. Along with being one of the sexiest actresses of all-time - including playing the role of a Bond girl - Basinger was also an accomplished model. It seems that while acting may not be one of her passions, Ireland has definitely followed in her mother's footsteps in the modelling world.

In 2017 Baldwin has appeared in various fashion magazines and the above photo appears to be for some type of promotion for we're guessing that brand of water. We're not too sure, we were just captivated by Baldwin in a swimsuit. Something that we are sure we are not alone in.

11 Yolanda Hadid & Gigi Hadid

Yolanda Hadid spent over a decade as one of the most recognizable models in the business. When she elected to stop, she stated one of her ambitions was to start a family. Something she succeeded in. And while you may not get a look at her son, Anwar, you can understand that both of her daughters Gigi and Bella are well deserving of a spot on our list.

Gigi may be the more 'exciting' prospects of the two women, having been named International Model of the Year back in 2016 according to the British Fashion Council. Gigi has had several opportunities to gain exposure in the public eye, including hosting the American Music Awards. Granted it also helps that she has also been a part of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. No matter where Gigi shows her face, we're sure she'll be looking gorgeous.

10 Christie Brinkley & Sailor Brinkley Cook

Christie Brinkley is one of the most recognizable names in the world of modeling. When she first appeared in Sports Illustrated, it was way back in 1979 and it was clear the world had found one of their next superstars.

She returned to the sandy shores at the age of 63 this past year for another photo shoot with the company. But she brought with her, her two daughters which included the 18-year-old Sailor Brinkley Cook.

But while you may think Sailor looks hot, the online community thinks her sister Alexa is even more ravishing. We'll let you be the judge, but it didn't stop Sailor from shouting back at online haters

"Everyone needs to stop putting me and my siblings and me and my mother in competition. I believe comparison will kill you. Comparison to others is toxic and unhealthy... As long as I am happy healthy and kind to others why should i care if i am not as 'pretty' as someone else ? Let alone not as "pretty" as my own blood relatives?"

9 Andie McDowell & Rainey Qualley

Rainey Qualley may look like a model in the above photo, but it's actually the musical world that was her calling. Though her mother, Andie MacDowell, is not only a former actress but also has modeling experience so perhaps she passed along some tips.

"I think people kind of have a preconceived idea of who you are, what your life has been like, and I don’t know if that’s necessarily detrimental or positive. I think it probably depends on, the person’s perspective.

I mean, I think in some ways people kind of hold you to a different standard or assume that anything that you attain was just handed to you. But I don’t know… I’m happy to be in the circumstance I’m in and I’ve worked hard and written all this music," said Qualley when talking about the pressures of being the daughter of someone famous.

8 Kris Jenner & Kim Kardashian

You may be tired of hearing the name, Kardashian. But you probably aren't too tired of getting to stare at photos of Kim Kardashian. She might not have the most exciting personality, but she has managed to turn an adventure on her back into a huge business empire.

It did help that her family was already reasonably famous. Though you'd probably much rather spend your time staring at photos of Kim, then photos of her mother Kris. With two kids already, and allegedly a third on the way through the use of a surrogate, it's clear that the next generation of Kardashians - at least from Kim - is well on its way.

7 Cheryl Ladd & Jordan Ladd

One of the biggest "shoes to fill" so to speak in Hollywood history came when Farrah Fawcett was replaced on the series Charlie's Angels. The woman who had to step into her seductive clothes was Cheryl Ladd. And while Ladd was attractive enough, we're sure that taking the above photo into consideration, it's clear that her daughter would be a great fit on a modern version of the show!

Jordan has appeared in several films but appears to find her niche in the horror genre, including appearing in Cabin Fever and Grace. Jordan, now aged 42, also has 2 more films that are scheduled to come out in 2017 but neither seem to be big project films.

6 Yolanda Hadid & Bella Hadid

Yolanda Hadid is one of the most successful models of all-time. But along with being a tremendous mother to Gigi, Anwar and Bella, Yolanda has also struggled with Lyme disease; something she has battled heroically.

“You didn’t choose this path for yourself, nor did you choose to victimize yourself. Instead, you continued to raise me, my brother and sister in the best way possible, wrote a book to help all of those suffering around the world, and slowly but surely found your happiness again," said Bella in a tribute to her mother.

Bella's modeling career is well underway and we are sure she is making her mother incredibly proud.

5 Christie Brinkley & Alexa Ray Joel

Above you got an up-close look at Christie Brinkley's youngest daughter, Sailor. You also got to read about how Sailor is tired of being compared to her sister Alexis, who the internet thought was more attractive. There is no arguing that comparing people's bodies is definitely unfair, but we're sure you're happy that you got the opportunity to check out both daughters.

“Mom is like my little pocket of sunshine. I always say she’s the ‘sun to my moon.’ Mom was so unconditionally loving and encouraging about it all. We were picking out swimwear together in the fittings before the shoot, and she was showing me how to pose to angle my body in a way that accentuates the curves,” said Alexis when asked about how it was working with Christie.

4 Reese Witherspoon & Ava Phillippe

Reese Witherspoon is one of the best looking actresses in Hollywood. She's also incredibly talented, as shown in projects such as her Academy Award winning performance in Walk the Line. Reese is keeping herself plenty busy, recently starring in Big Little Lies. As well as this, it's rumored that she and Jennifer Aniston are actively looking to work on an upcoming television series together.

But as beautiful as Reese is, plenty of eyes are starting to be drawn to her daughter Ava Phillippe.

When talking about their resemblance, Reese stated

"I do see the resemblance. She’s a beautiful person inside and out. She’s just a good soul. I’m not sure what she thinks. I’m just ‘Mom’ to her. We’re happy to share this wonderful experience. I really have a rich, personal relationship with my daughter. I have a really great career, and it’s nice to be able to share it with my kids.”

3 Melanie Griffith & Dakota Johnson 

The above photo definitely shows off some skin for Dakota Johnson. But if you're a fan of Dakota Johnson, you're probably a fan of the 50 Shades of Grey franchise. Which means you're definitely familiar with seeing a heck of a lot more of Dakota than we could ever show in a list like this!

Dakota's mother is the acclaimed actress Melanie Griffith who in 1988 was nominated for an Academy Award. When talking about if she was going to watch her daughter in the Fifty Shades franchise, Melanie responded

“She would be very uncomfortable if I saw it, and I would be very uncomfortable if I saw it. So we would never be able to talk about it, so why would I see it? Would you want to see your child having sex like that? Just regular sex, I couldn’t even do that, but the ‘room of pain’ sex? I definitely couldn’t do that!”

2 Vanessa Williams & Jillian Hervey

Jillian's mother Vanessa was crowned Miss America. Impressive in its own right, but Vanessa was also the first ever African-American to accomplish the task. However, her reign didn't last long when it became revealed that Penthouse was going to publish photos of her in her birthday suit that were taken prior to her rise to fame.

Vanessa rebounded strongly with an accomplished singing career that also transformed to a respectable acting career. You can hope that level of resiliency will also be shown by her daughter Jillian.

At the moment, Jillian is part of the group Lion Babe, but who knows what the future has in store!

1 Susan Sarandon & Eva Amurri

Eva Amurri may never have an acting career that will be as successful as her mother, Susan Sarandon's has been. But the two did get to share a screen when they both guest-starred on an episode of Friends. The episode was "The One With Joey's New Brain" and Sarandon was required to lay the smackdown on Eva!

The two teamed up again for the independent film Mothers and Daughters which was released in 2016. You can imagine both experiences were things that neither Susan nor Ava took for granted.

Eva's career seems to be slowing down as of late, but she does have 2 children to help keep her busy. She has been married since 2011.

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