15 Celeb Co-Stars That Are Very Close

There are constantly stories being circulated regarding the goings-on in the celeb world by the gossip-hungry press. Such writers, journalists and the paparazzi are constantly baying for juicy bits of info that they can assemble into a news-worthy story. There’s a reason why they do so. That’s because there’s demand for such stories, people just lap it up. There’s nothing juicier when it comes to gossip in the celeb world than info about who’s dating who. We’re bombarded with dating rumors all the time. So-and-so’s been spotted out and about with this person, so there must be something going on there. This guy’s been pictured cozying up to this girl, so they must be more than friends. A couple of friends have been photographed having lunch together, laughing and joking, smiling at each other. They have to be seeing each other. The rumor mill just keeps on whirring.

In the celeb world, due to busy schedules and celebrity status, it can be hard to meet somebody. Just like in any other professions, celebs tend to meet and date celebs, those they’re around, perhaps those they’ve had the pleasure – or displeasure in some cases – of meeting on set. Over the years there have been many instances of celebrity co-stars hooking up. Sometimes these relationships have worked out, others have been brief romances, and some have ended in disaster. We know a lot about these relationships. But like we mentioned previously, in the celeb world, the rumor mill is constantly whirring. There’s always speculation about whether or not celebs have gotten together; they may have been spotted getting friendly with each other, but are they more than just friends? For this article we’re looking at celebrity co-stars that people think have gotten together. There have been rumors floating about that these celebs, who were at one point co-stars, were more than just co-stars. These are 15 celeb co-stars who at a certain time, were thought to be more than that.

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15 Jessica Alba - Michelle Rodriguez

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These rumors didn’t gather any momentum. But nevertheless, they’re rumors that a lot of people are bound to have found awfully titillating. Jessica Alba is regarded as being one of the best-looking actresses on the planet. She’s been cast in a number of steamy roles over the years and has done plenty of raunchy shoots, so we’ve seen a lot of her. Michelle Rodriguez isn’t far behind on the beauty scale. She’s more of a tomboy, but still very beautiful. She’s been cast in such roles and she’s made them her own. Michelle and Jessica starred together and became quite pally on the sets of Machete, and briefly, due to Jessica’s cameo appearance in the sequel, Machete Kills. They gave a number of interviews with each other, and there were, let’s say, some touchy-feely moments. Jessica is happily married. But judging by what we know of her, it’s fair to assume that she wouldn’t say no to some experimentation. Michelle is openly bi. Who wouldn’t have the hots for Jessica? That’s why the rumors began. Michelle has said she “finds chicks intriguing.” Well, there’s plenty of intrigue regarding her relationships.

14 Louis Tomlinson – Harry Styles

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Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles both achieved a massive amount of fame as members of the boy band, One Direction. Before the band disbanded, it was one of the biggest boy bands on the planet, one of the most successful of all time. Its members were treated like rock stars, and some still are. Many have this stereotypical perception about those belonging to boy bands, which is that a lot of them are gay. Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles are certainly both ladies men. The British media never tire of reporting on their dating exploits. In 2017, rumors began to surface that Louis and Harry were secretly in a gay relationship. It got plenty of people talking, analyzing aspects of their relationship, and many began thinking it could be true. The rumors actually began due to fan fiction. Thus “Larry Stylinson” was created, which if you hadn’t realized, is a mashup of their two names.

13 Drew Barrymore – Cameron Diaz

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Drew Barrymore first achieved fame as a child actress. She’s said that she found fame incredibly hard to deal with, but as fans, we’ve seen her blossom as an actress on screen and in her personal life. There have been plenty of roles for which she’s notable for. One such role saw her team up with buddy Cameron Diaz in Charlie’s Angels. It’s fair to say that their friendship has outlasted a lot of Hollywood marriages. They’ve been friends for a heck of a long time, and have frequently been pictured getting really close with each other. So, when Drew came out as being bi, naturally the rumors started that the two were more than just co-stars and great friends. Many years after she came out, Cameron revealed that she’d had a relationship with a woman at some point in the past. That only served to add fuel to the fire.

12 Lindsay Lohan – James Franco

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Lindsay Lohan hasn’t had a great time of things in recent years. Actually, to say in recent years might be being a bit too kind. Lindsay has been struggling for a lot longer than that, and it’s resulted in some very public meltdowns, and ultimately in Hollywood casting her aside. She did get the odd role here and there, but for a period, there wasn’t anything major. So, Lindsay had to do something for some publicity. One of the things she did, was write down and reveal all the celebs she’d been with. One of the names on that list was actor James Franco. He wasn’t best pleased about being included on Lindsay’s so-called list, and there was a war of words between the two for a period. Why would Lindsay lie about getting with James Franco? Make your own minds up about that one, but many believed that the list was real, and still do. Oh, and for those of you wondering how they’re co-stars, they did feature in the movie The Holiday, although their appearances were uncredited.

11 Emma Watson – Daniel Radcliffe

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Here are another two major A-list celebs who we’ve seen grow up on screen. When it was announced that the Harry Potter books were being made into movies, everyone knew that the kids that were going to be cast in it were going to become massive stars. Their lives were never going to be the same again. Whether or not they were going to be good actors didn’t really matter; the movies were going to make them household names. That’s precisely what happened, and now adults, both Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson have taken their career to the next step – well, Emma has done so more than Daniel. They grew up on screen, grew up together on screen, spent most of their teenage years on set together. JK Rowling has admitted that Hermione and Harry – their characters – should have ended up together. Many think the actors did in real life, or at least dated for a brief period. With Harry Potter a distant memory, they’re still extremely close.

10 Anna Kendrick - Brittany Snow

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Anna Kendrick rose to prominence around a decade ago due to her role in The Twilight Saga. Since then, Pitch Perfect made her a superstar actress. She was always going to become a superstar, she has that persona, but it’s those films that gave her her big break. Since then she’s been appearing on talkshows, has been giving interviews left right and center, and it’s meant we’ve gotten to know plenty about Anna. She’s not only one of the hottest actresses around, she’s got a great personality which endears her to a lot of people. One way she reaches out to her fanbase is on Twitter. Anna has to be one of the funniest Tweeters around. She frequently posts pics and comments which have led people to believe that she could be more than co-stars with some of her acting friends. Because of these, and various other things, such as her saying she likes it more if a girl has a crush on her as opposed to a man, Anna is considered to be a gay icon. She’s admitted having a major girl crush on Blake Lively. But the co-star that people think she could be involved with is Brittany Snow. The two are seriously friendly with each other on and off the screen. Their chemistry in Pitch Perfect hasn’t gone unnoticed by fans. Their characters are pretty much in a relationship. Anna has said she wants to explore their relationship further in coming movies, and that could mean things getting rather romantic. Many think their relationship has spilled over into real life too.

9 Kristen Stewart – Blake Lively

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Blake Lively and Kristen Stewart are two actresses who are currently at the top of their game. They’ve paid their dues and now they’re able to sit back and revel in their success. But they still have to deal with the constant rumors that seem to plague them, whatever they do, whatever they’re working on. The fact that Kristen is currently in a committed relationship with model Stella Maxwell, and Blake Lively is married to Ryan Reynolds, doesn’t seem to matter. People want to believe that the two have shared some romantic moments in the past, so it’s hard to put the rumors to bed, providing they are just rumors, of course. They’ve appeared on magazine covers together, are frequently spotted out and about together, and were both in the Café Society film, and are basically the best of friends. Blake’s had some risqué moments in the past, and Kristen is openly bi, so it’s no wonder the rumors started and continued to gather momentum.

8 Michelle Rodriguez – Vin Diesel

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There are tons of people, fans, those in the film fraternity, and sections of the media, who think that Michelle Rodriguez and Vin Diesel are more than just co-stars – they’re pretty certain that they’re more than that. But nothing’s actually been proven – we don’t know, but we can certainly speculate. Michelle and Vin have starred together in the Fast and the Furious movies. They romance each other in those films and share some great on-screen chemistry. Over the years Vin has gained a reputation for being a bit of player, which is strange, considering he’s been with the same woman for around a decade. It’s probably his look and his movie roles that have landed him that stereotype. Michelle too, has dated a number of people, both guys and girls. So of course there were going to be rumors that the two had gotten together. In this case, it seems a real possibility that those rumors were a little bit more than that.

7 Sasha Alexander – Angie Harmon

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There are so many rumors floating about. Over the years, female celebs have become more and more open when it comes to discussing their romantic preferences. A lot have revealed that they’re bi, or have at least experimented at some point. People therefore expect that to be the case with every female celeb out there. They expect it, and probably kind of wish it too. Many find the prospect of two female actresses, such as Sasha Alexander and Angie Harmon, getting together and being more than friends and co-stars awfully interesting. But when it comes to these two, they really do seem to be more than that. Perhaps it’s all that fan fiction that’s getting into people’s heads, as Angie has alluded to. Both are aware of the tension on their show Rizzoli And Isles. But they created that, as there have been plenty of romantic moments. Apparently, they’ve been spotted kissing off set too. Based on what we know, there’s just got to be something going on there.

6 Kendall Jenner – Scott Disick

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This was, and still is in some circles, a serious scandal – or at least a scandal that was expected to have taken place. Reality TV is basically all about gossip. It is all about people living their glamorous lives, talking about rich people problems, and basically going around dating this person and that person. That’s where the juicy gossip lies in relationships. Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick’s relationship has been a major source of juicy gossip over the years. Are they together, broken up, or living together? Those were the questions that were constantly circulating in people’s minds when watching their reality TV show. To outsiders looking in, and to a lot of their own family, they really did have an odd relationship. At times, Scott seemed to be friendlier towards Kourtney’s sisters. There have been rumors about Scott and Khloe, but more so about Scott and Kendall. They’ve been spotted out and about together plenty of times, just the two of them. And there have been plenty of rumors that Scott tried to be with her. The question was actually put to the family by the show’s producer, and Kendall didn’t deny it. She just laughed it off, but didn’t deny it.

5 Kate Winslet - Leonardo DiCaprio

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It truly is amazing to think that Kate Winslet is 42 and that Leonardo DiCaprio is 43! They’ve seemingly been around forever, but just seem so young and still look like they did when they starred in the movie that was to make their careers, Titanic, which was over 20 years ago now. That movie was one of the greatest of all time, and it propelled the two actors to superstardom. That movie’s memorable for a lot of different reasons, mainly for being a tear-jerker, and for all aspects of the relationship between Kate and Leonardo’s characters. They really were amazing in that movie, which must have been seriously tough to shoot. That’s because they were quite young, in their early 20s, but had to shoot some seriously intimate scenes with each other. They had amazing chemistry, and this led people to believe that they were seeing each other off screen too. Think about it. Two young actors who are the stars of a massive film – it’s not inconceivable that something went on. They both must be sick of the speculation, though. They’ve been asked about it numerous times, even now considering they’re such good friends. Their answers never change. Nevertheless, they still seem to be more than just co-stars.

4 Courtney Cox – Jennifer Aniston

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These celeb co-stars are more than that, in that they’re both very good friends. Their characters were great buddies, and they’ve shared a strong relationship in real life too, one that has lasted to this day. Courtney Cox and Jennifer Aniston are incredibly close. They’re most certainly BFFs, because, as Courtney describes things, "We just have fun, we laugh, we're inseparable, and it's great." It sounds like the two gal pals have a ball together, which is the way friendship should be. But they seem to be more than that. Well, actually, they did become more than friends in 2007. Jennifer made an appearance on Courtney’s show, Dirt. Jen’s character was that of a gay editor, and she ended up sharing a kiss with Courtney. Even without that kiss, people were thinking they’re more than just co-stars though. Their friendship must have changed after that kiss and must have become deeper, and who knows, it may have led to more down the line.

3 Will Smith – Margot Robbie

via: mirror.co.uk

Just go through Will Smith’s and Margot Robbie’s respective filmographies. Of course, Will’s more experienced than Margot, and he has been involved in a lot of close scenes with his co-stars over the years. Margot Robbie basically became famous for her willingness to do what most other actresses wouldn’t dream of doing. To say that she’s been involved in risqué scenes would be an understatement of epic proportions. She’s already got that type of a reputation. It has led people to believe that perhaps she’s quite a wild person off screen too. The two shared screen time in the 2015 movie, Focus. It proved to be something of a hit, and the two shared some incredible chemistry. Will couldn’t stop praising Margot, and kept saying that he’d give anything to work with her again. If rumors are to be believed, he almost had to give up on his marriage. Apparently, Jada Pinkett-Smith wasn’t pleased with all their frolicking, and was close to giving Will his marching orders. These rumors came about after images were released showing the two goofing around on set. Some of the images were quite shocking. Was it incriminating evidence or just harmless fun? They must have surely known what was going to happen when people got a hold of those images.

2 Daisy Lowe - Louise Redknapp

via: dailymail.co.uk

Firstly, let us introduce these celebs to you as they may not be too familiar to a worldwide audience. They’re massive names in the UK, though. Daisy Lowe is a British fashion model. She grew up in a celebrity family, started off modelling at a young age, and has blossomed into one of the nation’s finest models.

Louise Redknapp is a former singer. But she’s probably better known for her career beyond music. Both Louise and Daisy have become a couple of big media personalities over the years. They’ve both done a ton of stuff, have explored various different ventures, and have been on several different TV shows. One show which they both did together was Strictly Come Dancing. They were both contestants on the 14th series, and that’s when they struck up a special friendship. On the first day of rehearsals, Daisy got a call telling her that her grandad had passed away. Louise provided her with a shoulder to cry on, and from that moment on, they’ve been the best of friends. But there have been strong rumors, especially during the latter half of last year, that they’re more than friends. When Louise split from her hubby of 19 years and moved out of their home, she was rumored to have moved in with Daisy. It was thought that perhaps Louise being into women was the reason for their split. Not only that, but the two are constantly singing each other’s praises when making TV appearances. All of this combined has led people to believe they’re enjoying a same-gender courtship.

1 Simon Helberg – Kaley Cuoco

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A lot of you might scoff when you read these names. But go through this entry, then think about it for a bit.

Kaley Cuoco is undoubtedly the biggest actress on TV at the moment. She’s also regarded to be one of Hollywood’s most hated actresses, and has gained a reputation for herself as being arrogant, selfish, etc. Another thing she’s become known for is flitting about from guy to guy. She’s got a pretty extensive dating list, and many believe she dates for popularity. Even so, everyone was shocked when she revealed that her and Johnny Galecki had been in a secret relationship. He just didn’t seem like her type. Johnny’s pretty similar to his on-screen persona, as is Simon Helberg, who plays Howard in the hit sitcom.

Both Kaley and Simon have been around from the show’s inception. He’s pretty similar to Johnny and they’re all very close. It’s led some people to speculate that the two may have been more than co-stars at some point. Kaley’s a wild girl, so who knows. Knowing what we know about Kaley, it’s possible.

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