15 Celeb Cheaters Who Completely Ruined Their Reputations & Careers

Good job, douchebags!

Hollywood will never be without its scandals and controversies, and the most common of these are stories of extramarital affairs and cheating. Not only did these public figures downgrade by choosing low-class people to cheat on, but they downgraded their public image and career by exposing themselves as grade A douchebags. The cheating scandals in Hollywood top the list of sleaze and narcissism, and there are so many examples to count: Arnold and his maid, Ben Affleck and the nanny...we could go on and on. Since we already had one list about this, we are going to reinvigorate your hate for cheaters with even more instances of celebs trying to get away with infidelity.

Perhaps the worst thing is that a lot of these celebs figured that they could just get away with it. They supposed that since they had so much public power or influence, that it would be okay. They were handsome and rich, so it was okay for them to love on other people, right? Wrong! Cheating and infidelity is not okay - ever, and even if you are rich, famous, and beautiful, it doesn’t mean that you have a right to be unfaithful to your spouse or partner. People are supposed to get married for love, not to propel their career or just out of boredom. Unfortunately, far too many celebrities don’t seem to understand this important concept.

15 Miranda Lambert

The story of the Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert breakup was a huge deal in Hollywood. Some sources claimed that the pressures and stress of being in the public spotlight left their marriage in shambles. Others say that there were intense arguments about whether or not to have kids, and still others hint that infidelity was the main culprit for the divorce. There is a bit of gossip about Miranda Lambert, and that she broke her husband Blake Shelton’s heart by admitting that she had an extramarital affair with a music exec. Now, there is also suspicions and allegations that Blake was cheating on Miranda, too, but for now we will focus on Miranda’s supposed infidelities. In August of 2016, Blake spoke out and said that Miranda definitely cheated, and that he turned to the newly divorced Gwen Stefani for support. Blake and Gwen were co-judges on The Voice, after all.

14 Anthony Weiner

New York politician Anthony Weiner is forever labeled a total douchebag. He was exposed for sending sexual tweets to one of his female Twitter followers, and then it was revealed that he had also ben sending sexts and explicit messages to her as well, along with five other women. It was later revealed that the main recipient of Anthony’s tweets and messages was 22-year-old Sydney Leathers. Obviously, Anthony resigned from public office, and his wife, Huma, seriously wanted to divorce his ass. It wasn’t over though. In 2016, another Anthony Weiner story was unleashed, this one stating that the former politician had sexted a 15-year-old girl. Sydney Leathers claimed that Anthony was an “egomaniac”, was always fishing for compliments, and had “bizarre” behaviors. She also said that she suspects that he is still sexting with other women, too. Even so, Sydney Leathers is an attention-seeking adult entertainer, so who knows if she can be trusted.

13 David Boreanaz

Actor David Boreanaz is best known for his role on TV series such as Bones and Angel. Well, that, and his extramarital affair. He cheated on his wife, former Playboy Playmate Jaime Bergman, with the owner of a nightclub, Rachel Uchitel. And get this: David tried to make his infidelity sound like it was actually a good challenge for his marriage. In an interview, David said that all of the drama and the incident itself helped him and his wife, Jaime, bond more, and it strengthened them in the long run. Sure, buddy, you keep telling yourself that. Then, another woman, Kristina Hagan, slammed David and said that he had sent sexual text messages to her (the two had met on the set of Bones). Hagan also claimed that David made sexual advances towards her, without her initiating anything. Finally, during these affairs, Jaime was pregnant with David’s daughter, Bella. It just keeps getting better!

12 Nick Young

Via Lakers Pulse

If you weren’t aware, Nick Young is a professional basketball player for the Los Angeles Lakers. As seems to be protocol for professional athletes, Nick ended up in a cheating scandal. He was engaged to singer Iggy Azalea when he was exposed as a cheater, and he cheated with some random girl in Memphis, Tennessee. How did all of this come about? Well, Nick actually brought it all upon himself. He was taped (without his knowing) by a teammate, and Nick can be heard in the video bragging about how he has been cheating on his fiancee, Iggy. He explained how he, as a 30-year-old man, engaged in sexual affairs with a 19-year-old woman. And then when his friend asked if he got with Amber Heard, Nick said no, but only because Iggy and Amber are friends. Ouch! Iggy is beautiful, talented, and successful. She really doesn’t need this trash partner tying her down.

11 Ashton Kutcher

Back in 2011, there was this huge story about how Ashton Kutcher cheated on his wife, Demi Moore, with two girls he met while in a hot tub at an upscale hotel. On September 24, 2011, Ashton and Demi should have been celebrating six years of marriage together, but instead, Ashton was at a swanky hotel in San Diego and was partying without his wife. One of the women he had an affair with was a 22-year-old woman named Sara Leal (the other woman was her friend). Actor Scott Eastwood then chimed in and said that one of those “hot tub women” was his own girlfriend! So not only did Ashton cheat on his wife, but he pulled a woman away from her own romantic relationship. As many people remember, this was the sharp and steady decline of Ashton Kutcher’s career and marriage. After an unsuccessful stint on Two and a Half Men, it was over.

10 Robin Thicke

Okay, so the whole deal here (supposedly), is that Robin Thicke cheated on his wife Paula Patton with a woman that Paula was also seeing. Yes, that is what the gossip magazines were reporting. And then Robin threatened to take these publications to court for slandering his name. So what is really going on here? Well, Robin claims that the real reason why he and Paula were spending so much time apart was because he was being selfish and arrogant, and they just needed a bit of a break (and by a bit, we mean 4 months). That sounds like a much bigger issue that a guy being annoying to his wife. However, a 21-year-old woman, Lana Scolaro, stepped forward and claimed that she was the one who was responsible for those cheating rumors. Oh snap! Lana even said that Robin was the one to initiate the meeting, and he pushed her to have sex with him.

9 Sean Diddy Combs

Forget about the whole romantic debacle of Diddy and Jennifer Lopez. The two broke up and J-Lo was really distraught about it and sang about it and shook her booty about it. Now, let’s focus on Diddy and his other romantic problems. The performer has a three-tiered pyramid of baby mama drama. He ended up cheating on his pregnant wife, Kim Porter, to get back with an ex-girlfriend, Sarah Chapman. Plus, Diddy already had another child - a daughter Chance - from his first baby mama, Misa Hylton-Brim. Okay, let’s break this down for you. In 1993, Diddy was with his high school girlfriend, Misa, and she gave birth to their child, Justin. He was then getting involved with Kim, and he continued to be her on-again, off-again lover until 2007. They had three kids together, and while Kim was preggo, Diddy got with Sarah, and she had his daughter, Chance. Got it?

8 Blake Shelton

Rumor has it that the real reason that Blake and Miranda split up was because Blake was having an extramarital affair with Cady Groves. For his part, Blake said that Cady was obsessed with him and kept making advances, but he had to repeatedly turn her down. As for Cady, she has been open to talking to reporters and publications, probably to just gain more public recognition and boost her own ego and career. In case you don’t know who she is, Cady is a 27-year-old country singer from Oklahoma who hasn’t quite broken out into the mainstream radio waves yet. There is a lot of speculation around this scandal, but we’re pretty sure there’s a cheater here.

7 Eddie Cibrian

Eddie Cibrian has always been a bit of a douchebag, hasn’t he? Anyway, he was with model Brandi Glanville, which was already a downgrade because Brandi is just...too much. Too much makeup, too much cosmetic surgery, too much drama. Heck, the woman is even “famous” for her role on The Real Housewives TV series. If a woman has participated in that Bravo TV series, then you want to steer clear at all costs, and yet Eddie got together with her anyway. Maybe he was trying to “upgrade” by cheating on Brandi for LeAnn Rimes, but hello Eddie - cheating is not a way to improve your situation. The whole fiasco left him looking like such a jerk, and then both Brandi and LeAnn were at each other’s throats over the whole thing. If you ask us, we certainly would not want to be caught up in a cheating scandal with Brandi. That girl is way too hype.

6 Scott Disick

We all already know that Kourtney Kardashian made a huge mistake when she got together with Scott Disick. How many times did her sisters, Kim and Khloe, warn her that Scott was a major douchebag? Too many to count, and even if you try to steer clear of the Kardashians at all costs, then even you have probably heard snippets of the whole Scott Disick cheating fiasco. The story goes that Scott cheated on Kourtney for his ex-girlfriend, Chloe Bartoli. So, who is this Chloe? She is actually a mainstay in Los Angeles, and works as a stylist for celeb clients. Once pictures were revealed that showed Chloe and Disick getting cozy and cuddly, Kourtney prompted broke up with him (the two were together for nearly a decade). Chloe kept saying she and Scott were “just friends”, but we all know how that goes. Leaving Scott was Kourtney’s way of finally upgrading, for sure.

5 Billy Crudup

When Claire Danes spoke out about her affair with Billy Crudup, she used the excuse that “the heart wants what it wants.” Well, that didn’t leave a good taste in a lot of people’s mouths. The story is that Claire was the one that Billy cheated with in an affair that left his partner, Mary-Louise Parker, jilted. By the way, Mary-Louise was just 2 months away from giving birth to her and Billy’s child, and Billy went ahead and got with Claire anyway. Interestingly enough, Billy’s acting career seemed to suffer from the cheating scandal, while Claire went on to snag more high-ranking acting roles. She won numerous awards for her role in the TV series Homeland. As for Mary-Louise, she is probably the most respected of the bunch. She has been busy with projects such as Heisenberg, When We Rise, and Chronically Metropolitan. As for Billy Crudup...who knows?

4 Ethan Hawke

Just to preface this, actor Ethan Hawke was quoted as saying that “sexual fidelity is not something that you can hang your whole marriage on.” Um, what? It really isn’t a surprise, then, to hear that Ethan cheated on his wife, Uma Thurman, with a model from Canada - Jen Perzow. Let us remind you that Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman had been married for nine long years, and it seemed that they had a very healthy marriage, even under the scrutiny of Hollywood. Yet somehow, Ethan found himself thinking he was an expert on marriage, and spoke out in an interview about how the whole union works. He likened getting upset about your spouse cheating on you to freaking out because your hair is turning grey. Um, no Ethan. An extramarital affair cannot and will not be compared to a person’s hair turning grey. A change in hair color is natural, but cheating on your wife is not.

3 Dustin Johnson

Via FOX Sports

The deal on Dustin Johnson refers to not only cheating, but drug and substance abuse as well, yay! Not really. Anyway, Dustin is a professional golfer (for the 90% of the population who doesn’t follow golf), and he was engaged to Paulina Gretzky. You know, the super hot daughter of hockey legend Wayne Gretzky. So putting the drug use aside, Dustin was accused of cheating on Paulina with two married women, who were actually the wives of a couple of his own colleagues. Can you say douchebag? Oh! And Paulina was actually pregnant with Dustin’s child, too. The story just keeps getting better - er, worse. When the news of Dustin’s drug use was exposed, the Professional Golf Association “advised” him to take a leave of absence so that he could deal with those personal problems. “Personal problems,” indeed! So much for a promising young golfer who was set to marry a gorgeous woman.

2 Diane Kruger

The story of Diane Kruger’s cheating scandal is pretty darn confusing and convoluted. Basically the story goes like this: Diane was dating Joshua Jackson, whom she had worked with on the movie Sky. One night, Diane was spotted hanging out with Norman Reedus, and she was allegedly grinding on his lap at some bar. Now, Diane did not deny these claims, and neither did Norman, but they did not exactly confirm them, either. And of course there were “sources close to the actors” who said that the grinding and anything else did not take place, even if others say that it did. So essentially, we have a he-said, she-said type of thing going on, what fun! Besides all of that Diane and Joshua continued to be together...well, until they weren’t. While with Joshua, Diane had said that she didn’t believe in marriage, and after dating for a decade, they broke up.

1 Usher

Not only did Usher cheat, but he denied it for years. In fact, it wasn’t until he spoke to Oprah (of all people), that he finally admitted to seeing another woman while he was with his wife. He cheated on his spouse, Tameka Raymond, with Tameka’s own bridesmaid. How messed up is that? Of course, the cheating scandal ended up dismantling his relationship with Tameka, and the two broke up. To make matters even more skewed, Usher said that he basically married Tameka because he had already gotten her knocked up. So he felt that he was pretty much obligated to tie the knot with her, even though he wasn’t head over heels in love with her. And then Usher referenced his upbringing, saying that he didn’t have a father figure in his life, which is why he is such a horrible lover. So now you might better understand Usher’s songs of heartbreak. Maybe.

Sources: Daily Mail, Hip Hop Wired, Lainey Gossip

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15 Celeb Cheaters Who Completely Ruined Their Reputations & Careers