20 Celeb Blondes On Snapchat Who Are Too Much To Handle

What do you mean you're not following these ladies on Snapchat?! Take a look at some of these'll see you've been missing out!

Snapchat is a wonderful thing. It allows us to get a lot of insight into the lives of people we would never normally see much of at all. We get to glimpse what they’re up to every hour of the day. If we’re lucky, we get to see the snaps they take which end up getting deleted because they reveal a little too much. It’s our portal to be around someone we admire, even if we can’t ever be around them.

Some snappers just post boring things from time to time – clean, vanilla, dull shots of their day or whatever food they happen to be eating. We’re not about following that kind of account. We want drama, fun, and an account of their whole day, whether they’re lounging around in bed or doing a lingerie shoot. It helps that we like to follow celebrities, who are more likely to share those intimate moments for all of their adoring fans.

Everyone has a type, whether they realize it or not, and we have a type to share with you today. If you like blondes, prepare to be blown away, because we have the full spectrum on offer here. These are the ladies that you are going to want to follow right away, and we’ve even given you their handles because we’re just too good to you. These 20 blonde celebrities are blowing up Snapchat with posts that are often too much to handle, and we mean that in a very good way.

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20 Christina Aguilera – xtina

Christina is a woman who always knows how to make herself look good, and she has been killing it in the music industry since most of the women on this list were little kids. She started pretty young herself, though, so there’s definitely a lot of life left in her yet. She’s known for her curves, her style, and her wicked vibes, which come through even when she’s posting an innocent-looking selfie. She’s also pretty much a queen of cleavage, enjoying low cut dresses and tops for the entirety of her career. You’ll have a blast finding out what this pop legend is up to – it’s probably a lot more than you would expect. Even when she’s just going out partying, there’s a lot to take in and it’s all good.

19 Kate Compton – thekatecompton

Kate Compton is a bit of a triple threat. She’s a model, who has seen some great success in particular with lingerie and swimwear. She’s a businesswoman, who has launched her own product line to great fanfare amongst her dedicated followers. She is also a singer, with music up on SoundCloud for you to get stuck into. This California girl has it all going on, and by the looks of her snaps, she’s also a fun-loving party girl who enjoys nothing more than bringing us along on a night out. We’re just surprised we didn’t stumble on her sooner, because she has been killing this game for a long time. If skin-tight leather trousers and a crop top don’t convince you, hang out for the selfies wearing her photoshoot outfits.

18 Amy Jane Brand – amyjanebrand

Australian model Amy Jane Brand has gained herself a serious social media following, and Snapchat is no exception. You won’t have to wonder why people tune in to watch this beauty pouting and trying out all of the different filters once you get a look for yourself. She is simply stunning, and she doesn’t mind showing you just how stunning. She actually prefers not to wear clothes at all, so when she does wear them, they tend to be of the small and tight kind. Which is absolutely fine with us, by the way. We’re not judging – if she wants to run around without clothes on all day long, we aren’t going to judge her. After all, she’s not exactly likely to get frostbite in Australia, so it seems safe enough.

17 Krisondra Daighneault – scittlesmcnugs

Well, damn, here’s a girl that we would love to see hanging out on any beach in the world, sandy or not. She is getting a name for herself in the modelling world, and part of that means building a big social media following. She’s well-known on both Instagram and Snapchat, largely for the amount of hot photos she posts. We wouldn’t recommend checking out her posts on any social network while you are at work, for obvious reasons. Besides, they are better off enjoyed in the privacy of your own time. Better make sure that your girlfriend isn’t around either, now that we think of it. Her posts are so smoking that they might just get you into trouble with either your woman or your boss. It’s probably worth the risk, though!

16 Crystal Hefner – crystalhefner

With a last name like that, Mrs Hefner ought to need no introduction. You know that if a woman manages to attract the attention of old Hugh enough to get him to slip a rock onto her finger, that means it must be serious. After all, he can have his pick of all of the ladies lounging around his manor or posing on the pages of his magazine. But this is the one he chose to make his wife. Expect a lot of bikini selfies, since Crystal really doesn’t have much else to do than hang around the pool topping up her tan and updating her Snapchat account. It’s not like you are going to get a lot of insight or learn something new from watching her feed, but then again, that’s not what you’re there for anyway.

15 Ashley Benson – benzo33

If you don’t know who Ashley Benson is, then we just don’t know where you’ve been for all of this time. The Pretty Little Liars star is definitely just about as pretty as they come, and she shares a lot on her Snapchat. Although the days when she would share behind the scenes tours of Rosewood may be over, you can still look forward to sneak peeks of whatever she might be working on next. Mostly, she just likes to show off her hanging out with her friends, some of whom are just as hot as she is. With that perfect pout and gorgeous eyes staring back at us every time we turn on our phones, what’s not to like? She updates regularly, so there will always be something to see.

14 Sara Jean Underwood – sjunderwood

Did you guess that she works as a model? Sara Jean Underwood also works as a TV host and you will probably be seeing plenty more of her as time goes on. And by more of her, we mean the good kind, especially if you are following her on Snapchat. She is always showing off her latest bikini or lingerie shoot, as well as taking you behind the scenes of her glamourous lifestyle. You may well have seen her on TV already, or in a few magazines of the gentleman’s persuasion. That’s right, the photos are out there, and they show probably almost everything you want to see. Happy hunting. You can thank us later – we’ll wait here for you to come back and read the rest of the list.

13 Rosie Huntingdon-Whiteley – rosiehw

This English supermodel requires very little introduction, if any. Rosie Huntingdon-Whiteley has been stunning us for years with her seemingly perfect face and body. Even motherhood hasn’t been enough to slow her down. She shares selfies for the most part, but they are all so beautiful it’s hard to argue with them. You would take selfies all day if you looked this good, too. Keep an eye out for hints of action behind the scenes of her photoshoots, which can often see her dripping in the most expensive designer gowns or wearing very little at all. She has the kind of face that you can’t stop staring at for days, so having her on your phone might be a little bit dangerous – it’s a good job that snaps disappear so quickly, or you might get stuck there forever.

12 Lindsay Pelas - lindsaypelas

Swimsuit model and fitness superstar Lindsay Pelas describes herself as genetically gifted. That’s her way of saying that, even though you wouldn’t expect it when you first see her, everything about her is natural. She has a pair of very large assets which you will enjoy seeing in great detail on her Snapchat stories. Thanks to her fitness regime, she also has a very toned body which she does love to show off in full. She’s often sponsored by various fitness companies, and it’s easy to see why they are falling over themselves to have her promote their brand. You can’t go wrong with following this one. You’ll soon be dreaming of sitting by the pool all day with a protein shake yourself – and Lindsay on your arm, of course.

11 Antje Utgaard – antje20

Here’s a girl who really doesn’t seem to wear much except bikinis. In fact, looking through her feed, we’re hard-pressed to find any other scrap of clothing. How does that work? Is she secretly a mermaid? Well, no, she’s more of a swimsuit model, to be fair. She has been compared to Kate Upton in terms of her body and her position in the industry, which makes her a pretty good bet to follow in our books. Actually, we’re going to go out on a limb and say that her assets are actually a little better than Kate’s. Yes, we went there. If you want to argue with us, go ahead and check out her snaps first. We bet you’ll be coming back with your tail between your legs to admit that we were right.

10 Tina Louise – miss.tinalouse

This enterprising model goes by the moniker Miss Tina Louise, which is what you will find her under pretty much everywhere. She actually has a pretty interesting story. She was just going about her normal life in Victoria, Australia until she was 21, and didn’t do any modelling at all. Then she was discovered and pretty much overnight made the cover of Maxim. She’s been a swimsuit model ever since and has made the cover of a fair few issues. It’s tough to find a photo of her that is actually safe for work, since she spends all of her time in the tiniest little bikinis you could possibly imagine. Which is no mean feat as far as battling the forces of gravity go. Get a backstage pass to her shoots with her Snapchat feed.

9 Belle Lucia – belle-kitten

After working repeatedly with popular Australian photographer Bonnie Cee, Belle Lucia came to the attention of quite a few people. She now has a huge social media following of her own, and it’s easy to see why so many people want all of the glimpses into her life that they can get. She may be accused of oversharing with dozens of snaps and posts a day, but every single one of them is worth a look. She has lips that you wouldn’t expect outside of a fantasy cartoon, and the curves of her body look like the perfect illustration of a woman that you might draw with a large chest, slim waist, and toned thighs. Just try and believe that she’s real. When you’ve seen her posts, you will be a dedicated fan for life.

8 Rita Ora – officialritaora

Rita Ora isn’t the shy and retiring type, and the singer tends to share everything with her fans on Snapchat. After a gruelling show when she relaxes in lingerie to cool down, on her way to an interview or photoshoot with her hair and make-up done, or even sitting around the house in a towel – she shows us everything. You will soon get used to picking up your phone first thing every morning to get a glimpse of whatever snaps she may have posted while you were asleep. If you’re a fan already, this account is fantastic, but even if you’re not, you soon will be once you see the kind of images and videos she uploads. If the screenshots on Google searches aren’t enough to tempt you, we don’t know what would be.

7 Mara Marini - popgloss

If you’re thinking that you might recognize this cutie, then you’re right. She appeared as Brandi Maxxx in Parks and Recreation, and since then has appeared in a wide range of shows to further grow her following. Here are a few things that you can expect to see if you follow her on Snapchat: bikinis, swimming pools, outrageously tiny dogs, and huge floats. She does seem to spend all of her time poolside when she’s not working, which is a lifestyle we’re pretty envious of. Another thing we’re envious of is her pet, who spends a lot of time very close to his mistress and literally walking all over her. We wouldn’t mind hopping onto that giant yellow duck and floating around with her, that’s something we can say for sure.

6 Poppy Delevingne - popdelevingne

Why should you take a look at Poppy Delevingne’s feed? Well, being related to one of the most famous models in the world has left her with a fair few good genes in her own right, and she’s also making her way in the world of modelling. She also happens to have a lot of famous friends, such as Georgia May Jagger who she was hanging out with for this snap. Other than sharing a lot of images of herself with the gorgeous beauties who walk the catwalk, she also shares behind the scenes moments as she works with her body. Then there’s the endless photos on vacation after vacation by the pool or on the beach. We want to go with her next time! We’ll be sure to send you a snap so you can see.

5 Miley Cyrus – mileycyrus

Does this really need any explanation? Miley is a fan of doing whatever she wants, whenever she wants. She may have gone somewhat quiet in terms of controversy for the moment, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t updating her Snapchat on the regular. Meanwhile, you can get that as soon as she decides to release another album or do some other kind of project, she will be up to no good right away to get that publicity wheel rolling. She is always prancing around in outfits that you wouldn’t think would cover up a Barbie doll sufficiently, so we’re all about getting those behind the scenes glimpses of whatever she is wearing next. She may not be a natural blonde, but then again, neither are half the girls on this list.

4 Lady Gaga – ladygaga

Gaga is pretty much the queen of everything, and she doesn’t disappoint on her Snapchat either. She posts a lot of selfies which cover all kinds of self-expression. She loves sharing selfies without make-up or with a very subtle look, as well as showing us how she puts her wigs on and gets dressed up for her more outlandish outfits and characters. She is always on the go, what with her music career and her fledgling turn in acting, so we can’t ever wait to see what she is getting up to next. There’s a lot of realness here along with a lot of monster glamour, so you’re getting the best of both worlds in one shiny package. Disclaimer: although she does prefer to be a blonde, we can’t guarantee what her wig colour might be on any day of the week!

3 Miss Petzak – misspetzak

What’s her actual name? We haven’t been able to pull our eyes away from her picture for long enough to find out, but Miss Petzak is definitely worth adding on Snapchat. She’s based in LA and has built up quite the following across social media networks. You’ll most likely agree that she is worth a follow too, once you have seen the kind of thing that she posts. She has a very distinctive figure, with a lot of curves on both sides, and you will be enjoying a lot of selfies that show off her tight abs as well as the rest of her body. She likes to hang out by pools without a swimsuit, which we are fine with too. After all, it’s important to make sure that you get an even tan during the summer, isn’t it? You wouldn’t want to have an unsightly white line ruining the shot.

2 Amber Rose – reallyamberrose

Amber Rose is pretty much famous for having a hot body and dating rappers, so when her credentials look like that, you know she has to be worth a follow. Not only is she very proud of walking around without any clothes on whenever she feels like it, she also gets involved in a fair amount of drama with people like Kanye West. It’s always fun to watch, and while much of the talk may go down on Twitter, you will get an inside scoop with Snapchat as well. She has one of those bodies that would look good even in a paper bag, but to be honest, we’d much rather see her without one. She is definitely a must-follow for those of you who love tattooed girls, girls with attitude, and women who aren’t afraid to stand up and be themselves.

1 Suki Waterhouse - sukiwaterhouse

If you like your blondes a little bit sweeter, try following Suki Waterhouse. She may look like she’s barely out of her teen years, but that’s just because she’s an actress who tends to play younger ages on screen. She’s actually 25 already, and her feed is full of the sweetest selfies you have ever seen. She loves to take us behind the scenes while she is getting ready for roles, appearances, and shoots, as she also models quite a bit. That means that she is very comfortable in her own body, unlike other actresses who may want to keep everything under wraps out of anxiety over the way that they look. She’s one of the more wholesome celebrities to follow, and has a lot of fun to offer as well.

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