15 Cast Photos Hogwarts Would Not Approve Of

We have one question: what would Dumbledore say if he saw these!?

Even at a magical school like Hogwarts, geared to teach young wizards and witches how to excel in the supernatural arts, there were rules that were meant to be followed. One of the reasons that it was easy to fall in love with J.K Rowling’s characters is that they were so wholesome and the young actors chosen to play them did a great job bringing them to life. At Hogwarts, the teachers were always respected because not doing so meant having to explain yourself to Dumbledore – which no one really wanted to do. Of course, Harry, Hermione, and Ron often went against the advice of their teachers, but the context was adventure, not just their desire to misbehave.

But school only lasts for so long and with the final movie now six years (yes, it’s been that long) behind us, the cast of the film have all moved on. They are all grown up now and are taking on the world in their own ways – but do you think that Dumbledore would be proud of their choices? Would he take exception to some of their latest work? What would he think of the skimpy outfits, some of them have been wearing? Here are 15 cast photos we think Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry would find unacceptable…

15 Bonnie Has All The “Wright” Stuff

14 The Problem With Being The Most Famous Boy Wizard

13 Emma Watson Showing Off Her Legs

12 Posing For Hef Would Definitely Be Against The Rules

But it was her Playboy photo shoot in the March 2017 edition that really got her noticed and for good reason – she’s grown up to be smoking hot! But posing nude seems very naughty for a Harry Potter girl – we wonder what JK Rowling had to say about this?

11 Helena Bonham Carter Wasn’t Drinking Pumpkin Juice

10 We Know Dumbledore Would Disapprove Of Jamie Waylett’s Life Choices

This British actor is known for his role as the Hogwarts bully, Vincent Crabbe, but his passion for crime and reckless behavior seemed to have ruined his career forever. Jamie was arrested in October 2011 for his part in the 2011 England riots after this photo, showing him carrying a Molotov cocktail, surfaced. He was charged with violent disorder and looting and when police raided his home they also found a stash of cannabis plants. In 2012 he was sentenced to two years in prison for his various crimes. Since then there’s been almost no word from him so hopefully, he’s cleaned up his act.

9 Verne Troyer Has Finally Admitted He Has A Problem

But he’s finally admitted that he has a problem and in April 2017 he announced to his fans on Facebook that he was undergoing treatment for alcohol addiction so hopefully behavior such as this will soon be a thing of the past for Verne.

8 Is This Really Luna Lovegood?

7 Robert Pattinson Started Out So Well And Then…

6 What Would Dumbledore Say If He Saw Ron Like This?

5 Emma Watson Is All Grown Up

Emma has come a long since her days at Hogwarts and her career looks set to continue to skyrocket. It’s hard to believe that before she landed her breakout role, which made her a household name almost overnight, her only previous acting experience was in school plays. Critics were so impressed with her performance in Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone that they said she “stole the show” and Watson was nominated for five awards for her portrayal of Hermione and won the Young Artist Award for Leading Young Actress.

4 Sorry Ladies, Matthew Lewis Is Taken

3 Devon Murray Should Have Got Detention For These Pics

2 Would Hogwarts Frown On Daniel's Nude Scene?

Daniel began to branch out to stage acting at the age of 17 and one of the first productions he starred in was Peter Shaffer's play Equus where he played the lead role of Alan Strang – a stable boy obsessed with horses. The role generated huge media interest because of the nude scene – something we’re sure Hogwarts would not approve of!

1 Is That A Cigarette Natalia Tena?

You may not know this, but Natalia is also a musician and the lead singer and accordionist of a band called Molotov Jukebox who released their debut album Carnival Flower in spring of 2014. She’s also been cast to play Sara Morten in CBS' upcoming drama Wisdom Of The Crowd which is set to air in October this year, so watch out for that.

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15 Cast Photos Hogwarts Would Not Approve Of