As we grow up, we want nothing more than to reach the Sweet Sixteen age. It's the doorway to adulthood, we learn to drive, we can stay up later and so on. And 6teen embodied all of that and more, making it the perfect for tweens and teenagers. Originally aired

in Canada way back in November 7th 2004 on the channel Teletoon, 6teen had a total of 93 episodes over the course of four seasons. However, when Cartoon Network, and later Nickelodeon, picked up the series at separate times, twenty four of the episodes were pulled from the original line up and some of the dialogue was also changed. The reason for this was because the two networks were aiming this show at a younger age group and felt the twenty four episodes and dialogue would be too risqué.

Whether censored or uncensored though this was a great, relatable old cartoon.

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