15 Cartoon Characters Perfectly Reimagined As People

There are all manner of cartoons out there in the world. We have Disney cartoons, Nickelodeon cartoons, Dic cartoons, Warner Brothers cartoons, 20th Century Fox cartoons and much much more. All of these companies have produced some iconic cartoons throughout there years. Many of those characters just so happen to not be human.

Given that, ever since the very first animal cartoon character was brought to life on screen people have wondered just how these characters would look if they had been human. That's easy to do with Jessica Rabbit (she is already a human...who marries a rabbit) but what about Roger Rabbit? What would he look like? At least their relationship would be more acceptable if he was human.

So, below are several well-known cartoon characters whom people have loved for some time. They are reimagined as human beings instead of their original animal or alien or monster versions. From Pinky and Brain to Woody Woodpecker, and from Lola and Bugs Bunny to the Ninja Turtles, here are some pretty amazing human renditions of some of our favorite cartoons.


15 Pinky And Brain

I have to start here by saying that it looks like Brain has been up for far too long. Or has been staring at a computer screen for far too long. There is no good reason for his eyes to be so bloody red (that happens to me if I write at my computer for too many hours at a time). Another point to note is that Pinky's nose if exceptionally red. I have to wonder if the reason he's so nutty is because of something he's putting up there. This human version of Pinky and Brain really make them look like coke fiends to some extent. Which I guess kind of makes sense considering how dense Pinky is and how paranoid and lustful of domination Brain is. I never really thought of these characters in that way before, but when putting them in human context...it really makes a lot of sense.

14 Brian Griffin


This is just hilarious. Brian Griffin has always been a pretty classy dog. Dating flutists, reading the classics, drinking expensive cocktails. Brian has always been a man of taste. So, I find it hilarious and very interesting how this artist has created a human version of Brian that looks just like an albino version of Tony Montana from Scarface. Don't get me wrong, I think it's pretty awesome. I think Brian should have had a whole episode dedicated to this look. Hell, he could have gotten away with being the villain for a change and gone a whole season looking like this. I think it would be great. I might actually go out of my way to watch Family Guy then. But I think we will just be able to enjoy this artist's picture here and imagine what the show could be like with this Brian in it.

13 SpongeBob Squarepants

This is a pretty relaxed human version of SpongeBob I have to admit. I mean, the cartoon sponge version of SpongeBob Squarepants is so incredibly crazy and out there that this cool-looking, human version looks almost out of place. He's hardly smiling. His eyes are slightly wincing...he does have a giant snail on his shoulder though, so I guess that's a little nutty. The one thing that will always get me, though, in a picture of SpongeBob done up to look like a human...how does he live if he's human? How could he be on the ocean floor in a pineapple? Wouldn't he drown pretty quickly? Does that mean that he basically swam down to a pineapple to kill himself? I guess this human version is just about as nutty then as the original sponge version after all.

12 Bender


So, the interesting thing here is that it's not very hard to find a human version of Bender. If you've ever watched through the entirety of Futurama then you've seen the episode where Bender is human. Not for very long, but he gets to enjoy the life of Homer Simpson for a while. With all eight fingers pounding back all sorts of nasty food, beer, and women. You might even say that he went on a bit of a... bender. It's interesting to see just how similar Bender and Homer are. I know that Matt Groening had his hands in both The Simpsons and Futurama but I didn't expect them to be so similar. I have a theory that Bender is just the future version of Homer. Either his brain or his DNA or some part of him was loaded into the robot known as Bender.

11 Scar

Scar is probably one of the greatest cartoon villains of all time. Voiced by Jeremy Irons, I would never expect a human version of Scar to look like this. But this picture is pretty badass, I have to admit. I will say that I think this must have been Scar when he was much younger. This version of Scar doesn't quite look like or match the age I think the original lion version was meant to be. I find it interesting that the artist still decides there's a need to slip a tail into the background as if we might forget that Scar was originally a lion. I understand that desire to keep some reference to his original character, but I think him sitting with a mouse in hand, about to eat it, signature scar on his face, is enough to let everyone know just who this character is.

10 Optimus Prime And Megatron


This is a pretty badass picture. What's kind of funny (and depressing at the same time) is that everything is destroyed around the two of these guys, but they're sitting together for a change as if they had called a truce. Aside from the interesting notion that they're both suddenly ok with each other, the human versions of these guys look pretty awesome. It would be interesting to see an episode of Transformers where they find human versions of them in an alternate reality, working together. I love that Megatron has such a massive cannon at his side to match the tank turret he has in his vehicle form. I also love that Optimus Prime's helmet matches that of the robot head of his transformer self. This is a fantastic human rendition of these two iconic robots.

9 Bugs And Lola Bunny

Many of you may recall the box office smash Space Jam back in the 90's. It was a groundbreaking film for sports fans and Warner Brothers fans alike. Bugs Bunny and Michael Jordon running the court side by side. It was pretty wonderful even in spite of the pretty lame soundtrack. Now, if anyone here is like me, you probably had at least a little bit of a crush on Lola Bunny. And you probably had a crush on the first girl on the schoolyard who either acted like Lola or wanted to play the role of Lola when "playing Space Jam" on the court in the schoolyard. Anyway, I'll stop reliving my strange childhood. Both Bugs and Lola are made to look pretty smokin' here. Bugs is made to look high-class and almost mafia-like. Lola looks like a rebel cheerleader who can run circles around both the cheerleaders and the players.


8 Winnie The Pooh And Gang


This is pretty hilarious. I love that some of them still wear animal ear headbands, just to show which character is which. I personally think that if they had done a good enough job, the artist wouldn't need to worry about adding the ears if they detailed the human versions of the characters well enough. But I think they still did a pretty good job. Certainly better than I could do. For a while, though I did think that Winnie was also squished together with Tigger. Winnie is striped like Tigger should be. And the only way you can tell Tigger apart is the fiery hair and the tiger ears. I think Rabbit, Eeyore, and Piglet could easily be told apart from everyone else without the ears thanks to their coloring and body language. Not everyone else is so easy though.

7 Pink Panther

There is something just incredibly awesome about this human version of the Pink Panther. To be fair, there has long been a human version in television and film. But this is obviously a human version done of the cartoon version of the Pink Panther (who was himself an actual panther who was pink). But there are homages paid to the original Pink Panther in this picture. The film reels and the diamond and the very classy suit are all pieces that tie back to the original. Then, of course, the pink haze and eyes of this human rendition of the panther are in clear reference to the actual cartoon panther character. This is a great mix of classic film, tv, and animation. And any reference aside, this is actually just a very well done picture.

6 The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


Oh, come on. No one can be upset about this human version of the Ninja Turtles. Sure, their names might be a little strange given that they're all women, but I'm not really concerned with that. I think this is the perfect human rendition of the Ninja Turtles that exists out there. I never thought that the turtles could be seen as smoking hot. It seems I was just lacking imagination. All they had to be was human and female and as long as you color code and arm them properly, the turtles are definitely hot. Of course, you might have to change the name because they would then be teenage human ninja women. It doesn't quite have the same ring, but I'm willing to deal with it. And I'm sure most people looking this over would be willing too.

5 The Animaniacs

Yakko, Wakko, and Dot are among some of the craziest cartoon characters to have existed. I'm not really sure what they were meant to be in their original forms. Their creator stated once that they are "Cartoonus characterus" in species. Which I guess means that they weren't necessarily a specific animal nor a specific creature...other than being cartoons. They are, by the way, the Warner Brothers (and sister). So, that's always been an interesting thing about these characters. We know so much about the Warner Brothers (we think), but these characters gave them some rather crazy faces. The human versions of Yakko, Wakko and Dot are all pretty accurate in comparison with their original Cartoonus characterus versions.

4 Felix The Cat


I'm not sure how many of you recall watching Felix The Cat back in the 90's, but I think it was a pretty great show. Anything could happen in it. Felix had this little bag and in it, entire worlds could be created or recreated and he could pull any object or find himself in any degree of trouble. I don't know how he could have ever been in any real trouble, but shows obviously find their way to building conflict of some sort. Anyway, I love this picture because it uses the crazy print of Felix's bag for background and both the feline and human versions of Felix are in the picture. The thing that I think is great about the human version is that instead of a handbag, he has a fanny pack with the same print as the classic bag. I think the fanny pack really reminds everyone that this was a 90's cartoon.

3 Pepe Le Pew And Penelope

Now, here is something that is wonderful for Pepe le Pew. Now that both he and Penelope are human, everything is made much easier for him to woo her. After all, it was, I think always a bit awkward for this skunk to wander around and prey on a local cat. No wonder Penelope was always so bloody awkward around Pepe. I'm sure it had nothing to do with the smell and had mostly to do with the cross-breeding of species that Penelope just wasn't interested in. Either way, a human version of the two of them leaves an opening for Pepe to really try and woo without things being too awkward or nasty. And it seems that Penelope actually doesn't mind Pepe when they're both the same species. Who would've thought!? She should probably get him to change his hairdo though...

2 Donald Duck


What I love about this human version of Donald Duck is that he immediately seems annoyed; classic Donald Duck. I'm pretty sure this is the only character in the whole piece who can say so much without using words. This is a pretty awesome rendition of Donald though. His hair reminds me a lot of the feathers that would have covered the original duck version of Donald. It's also a great touch that artist made the character's lips sort of look like a duck's bill. I dare say that the human version of Donald Duck would have to be a lot more careful about the things he says or does though because humans aren't quite as resilient as cartoon ducks who can really take an ass-kicking.

1 Woody Woodpecker

Alright, so this is not a purposeful human rendition of Woody Woodpecker but it's a pretty damn good one. Kellyanne Conway (who I'm sure you all are aware of) is the current counselor to the president. Which kind of says a lot about her without saying much at all. She's one of the main reasons why the phrase "alternative facts" exists, which is a very stupid phrase by the way. Basically, the only thing that Woody and Kellyanne have in common is their fashion sense. And to be fair to Woody, it's not like he had a choice. That's just the color of his plumage. Kellyanne has a choice, styles herself after Woody, and still ends up looking even more ridiculous than a cartoon bird who just can't stop laughing. Of course, I could be wrong. There could be some sort of alternative truth about this.


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