15 Canadian Dream Girls You Should Be Following on Instagram

Oh Canada... a land of extreme weather conditions, some of the worst drivers in the world, and the birthplace of Ryan Reynolds. When Canada is brought up in discussion, it’s usually to do with their free health care system, strong diversity, outrageous renting prices, or how darn cold it is three quarters of the year. However, Canada has a secret to tell: it’s FULL of beautiful women! With the rise of social media, especially Instagram, the world has been blessed with the discovery of these beauties. Whether your niche is blond or brunette, fit or curvy, booty or boobs, Canada has it all. In fact, many Instagram models seen with millions of followers are indeed Canadian by birth.

These women are fitness models, actresses, industry models - all with growing social media followings. These girls have clearly found the secret to maintaining a proper social media presence. As their follower numbers keep growing so do their sponsorships, endorsements, and careers. Making thousands each year, travelling to exotic places, and partying their perfectly toned butts off is all part of the job. Their posts leave little to the imagination, so we’re sure filling up your feeds with their Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook posts shouldn’t be a problem. Enjoy our list of 15 of the most beautiful women to follow on social media who hail from the “Great White North.”

15 Corin Jamie Lee Clark

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This dark haired beauty hails from Vancouver, B.C. where she models part time and works as a waitress. Her curvaceous body caught the attention of one Dan Bilzerian back in 2014 when he was dining at the English Bay Cactus Club in Vancouver (where Corin worked). Corin’s connection to the millionaire playboy earned her a reasonable following of 137K on her Instagram and when the followers came flowing in - so did modelling projects. Ms. Clark may look like a dream come true for modelling but due to her wee size of only 5'4" no agency represents her. Clearly a big loss for them. Nonetheless, Corin still models for local brands and photographers and can even be seen promoting Rockstar Energy every now and then.

14 Madison Skye

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Madison Skye is a barber, published model, and tattoo fanatic hailing from Canada's largest city, Toronto. The 9 time cover model also doubles as one of the hottest barbers around at Toronto's Town Barber... and something tells us she gets enough clients with her pretty face, killer body, and alluring style. One wouldn't think you would need a second job with a 315,000 following on Instagram - but to each their own. Many of her photos involve plumes of smoke and veer on a more edgy niche... not that we're complaining. Oh and her body art is something else! Madison keeps it fresh by constantly updating her look, alternating between colourful hair choices, dark sultry make-up and different wardrobe styles. This is definitely one Canadian beauty to look out for.

13 Samantha Ravndahl

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This Vancouver cutie earned her rise to fame due to her extreme talent as a make-up artist. Her original fan base belonged to her YouTube account which now stands a roughly 650,000 subscribers. Ravndahl then moved to the world of Instagram which earned her a whopping 2.5 million followers on that platform. Samantha transitioned her photos from the generic make-up shots to more a model-esque style in late 2015. Samantha now has the dream job as she flies across the world to promote different events, products, and places. Not only does the girl have a picture perfect face and curvaceous body but she even has the talent to back it up... just check out her recent Halloween look. Ravndahl is worth a follow for anyone interested in awesome makeup styles that break away from the norm.

12 Jocelyn Wedow

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Jocelyn Wedow is a Toronto-based blonde bombshell with a love for the Toronto Blue Jays. Jocelyn's Instagram is hot and rising with her sexy and cute modelling portfolio. Having a remarkable body that's both incredibly fit and curvy certainly helped lead her to success. The brown eyed, blonde haired beauty is seen representing brands such as Adidas Women, Victoria's Secret Pink, and Victoria's Secret Swim. Wedow's modelling career is managed by Rouge Management so there's sure to be more to come and we can't wait to see where she goes next. When she's not modelling, Jocelyn seems to enjoy a boatload of Blue Jays games so if you're in the Toronto area you might want to keep a look out. Oh and boys, she's single! (Not that you have much of a chance!)

11 Lauren Nelson

It's easy to miss work when it's so much fun ⭐️💕 #tbt #summer16

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Lauren is a blonde cutie we found courtesy of her friendship to Corin Jamie Lee Clark. Hailing from White Rock, B.C., Nelson is a 21-year-old jaw-dropper who attends the University of Victoria (UVIC) when she's not modelling or promoting in Vancouver. Nelson goes by "itsyunglo" on Instagram and her following is slowly rising due to one major asset... her butt. Undoubtably a booty queen, Lauren is signed with Concierge Club where she promotes brands like RockStar Energy and Bacardi, to name a few. Lauren has yet to be put in front of the camera (even though I'm sure there are tons of photographers dying for the chance) but trust us, her Instagram page won't leave the average booty-lover disappointed cause this girl has curves that kill!

10 Khloe 

If you had to describe Khloe in three words, those words would be "curves that kill." The former ballerina hails from Toronto and adds nothing but beauty to the Canadian cold. Khloe's modelling niche involves mostly swimwear, workout apparel and lingerie - modelling for a few clothing brands in between. However, Khloe is definitely more than just a pretty face. Her advocacy for autism helped raise $2,500 in this year's Autism Speaks marathon covering a total of 31km for her brother. Khloe's brother, James, was diagnosed with Autism 13 years ago and it was her family's troubles in getting a diagnosis and funding for treatment that has fuelled Khloe's activism. You can follow Khloe along with her whopping 1.4 million fans on her Instagram page.

9 Alyssa Lynch

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This beauty hails from Vancouver, Canada and has connections to Miss Corin Jamie Lee Clark - they were roommates! Alyssa found her claim to fame as an actress starring as Tiffani Thiessen in the Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story. Since then, Lynch gained a massive following of 152,000 followers when she met her current boyfriend, Jordan Wright, who is a popular photographer in L.A. - even photographing the likes of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. Ms. Lynch makes for the perfect muse for her boyfriend and co-operates a blog called, The Fynch. Other than her killer good looks and great acting chops, the girl's got a pretty good voice too, even making it as a finalist in a small Vancouver singing competition, Variety's Got Talent: 2013.

8 Ashley Resch

Via Just Breezies

Straying from the trend of Vancouver beauties on this list comes Ashley Resch from Calgary, Alberta. Ashely has made an impressive brand out of herself, modelling for the likes of The Chive, Whiskey Weekend, For Guys Magazine and many more. In between her modelling sessions, Resch creates vlogs which she shares via her YouTube channel and Instagram page. These vlogs include things like lists of Ashley's favourite products, a "cake face" make-up routine, and behind the scenes videos from her shoots. Ashley's hope is to "show young women and girls that sexuality, beauty & confidence comes from any aspect that you feel empowered by regardless of who approves or disapproves." Looks like she's doing just that while giving us great content to view along the way!

7 Donnah Pham 

Via trapnstuff.com

Donnah Pham grew up in Winnipeg, Manitoba and started her modelling career back in 2010 doing local shoots for photographers around the city. The 5'1" petite model got her foot in the industry through focusing on more "boudoir" styled shoots which landed her a serious following of 596,000 Instagram followers (we wonder why). In between representing brands like Super Street, modelling for popular photographers and hosting parties at various nightclubs, Pham also sells prints of herself online and distributes them herself via her online store. When she's not modelling or selling her brand, Donnah is mom to a six-year-old son, who she loves dearly. How she's able to balance motherhood and looking this hot is a mystery. I think it's safe to say this beauty is one registered, MILF!

6 Oksana Rykova

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Her name may be Russian but this gorgeous brunette grew up in Montreal, Quebec. Gaining attention for her killer body, Oksana Rykova gained a large following of 400,000 supporters on Instagram. Rykova's killer looks combined with a 5'10" stance and dedication to fitness made her a perfect model gaining the attention of agencies such as Brand Model and Talent and UMT. Unlike most Instagram beauties, Oksana also decided to market herself towards the fitness niche - creating her own branded name. Now Oksana sells fitness guides and plans, workout routines, and transformation guides on her fitness website oksyfit.com. Oksana has been featured on The Chive, Bro My God and other social platforms, but make sure to follow her own Instagram to keep up with this show stopper!

5 Jamie Genevieve

Via live.everywalk.com

Jamie Genevieve is another Canadian beauty mastermind with a pretty face to match her excellent business sense! The make-up artist has over 250,000 YouTube subscribers who watch her make-up tutorials, fashion choices, and favourite products. When she's not filming her tutorials, Jamie has found a way to make money in the travelling niche. This lucky brunette gets to travel to exotic and some not so exotic (but equally beautiful) places whilst being sponsored to promote companies and products (can anyone say "dream job"?). Recently, Jamie went on a trip with fellow YouTube sensation Samantha Ravndahl to Bora Bora where they captured many amazing photographs of crystal blue water and white sandy beaches - which they shared via Instagram of course. What a dream team!

4 Emily Rose Maddison Marsh 

Via twitter

This blond bombshell hails from Vancouver, B.C. but now travels where her jobs permits, which is pretty much all over the world. Much more than just a pretty face, Emily is an up and coming actress appearing in small films and television shows such as The Perfect Pickup, Rush, Supernatural. However, Emily's biggest break will come in with the 2017 releases of Power Ranges in which she plays the Pink Ranger, Rebecca. When she's not picking up killer roles as an actress, Emily models for various agencies in Montreal, Vancouver, Miami and L.A. She's a proud Canadian and often visits home when she can; always posting photos of her favourite places in Vancouver on her Instagram page. Be sure to check Emily Maddison out before she blows up!

3 Keilih Stafford 

Via listal.com

The majority of Canada lives on its Eastern seaboard, particularly in southern Ontario, so it's no surprise to find a stunner like Keilih (yes, it's pronounced "Kay-Lee") Stafford living in the outskirts of Toronto. This brown eyed, blonde haired piece of perfection has been featured on The Chive multiples times as its "It Girl" - no wonder why. With her slim frame and blonde locks she has a look that's difficult not to notice. As a professional, Stafford is a wedding planner in the Greater Toronto Area, but due to her success on Instagram, Keilih has become a model as well. Keilih represents many popular brands such as Vici Dolls, Kittenish and Deck'd, and many more. Make sure to give her page a follow and join the nearly 60,000 people who've already done so!

2 Billie Rae Grant 

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Vancouver has a booming film and fashion industry which is why so many hot Canadian beauties are surfacing from the west coast city. Such is the case with actress and model Billie Rae Grant. Her name might not paint a picture of "the girl next door" at first glance, but her cute face, killer thighs and perfect booty sure do! Billie often models for various boudoir photographers, luxury car lines and lingerie companies and was recently featured in a Dallas Smith music video. Billie has also found fame due to her friendship with YouTube gamer RiceGum, who gave her a few shout outs in his videos aiding to her 23,000-strong Instagram following. Look out for Billie in an upcoming 2Chainz and TyDollaSign music video which she recently finished shooting!

1 Holly Mellard

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Holly is the perfect mixture of sweet and dangerous with killer hips, a perfect butt and a sweet face. Her modelling niche is (lucky for us) nude, figurative and boudoir so it's no wonder her Instagram page is hot and rising. Dubbed the "Canadian Megan Fox" by The Chive, this girl  has made waves in her hometown of Vancouver, B.C. Modelling for Just Breezies and Arsenic Magazine earned her a reasonable Instagram following and caught the eyes of popular photographers like JaseGraphics, The Manuc, and many more. In between her time being a total bombshell, Holly is also lucky to be able to travel the world. Recently she was sponsored by MasterCard for an expedition to Hawaii where she explored Waikiki beach along with Play Del Carmen in Mexico, and the list goes on! What a lucky girl!

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