20 Brunettes On Snapchat We Just Can't Handle

Snapchat is a fantastic place to lose hours of your day, just tapping through all of the great new updates which the users you follow put up. It’s even easier to lose that time when you follow some of these celebrities, who often give us reason to pause. It’s a good thing that the screenshot option is always there, as there are some images which just don’t deserve to be lost to the sands of time.

When you have a phone packed with images and videos from these beauties, you might find yourself wondering why bother with real life at all. That’s just how amazing their updates can be. Often times, they’re simply too much for us to handle. But they don’t stop there – they keep on giving us more. That’s why they are some of the most followed users on Snapchat. Their popularity spills over onto other mediums, and these girls are the kind of Instagram users that you can expect to count their followers in the millions, not the thousands.

We know you need more eye candy to pass your time (aside from browsing through our articles, of course), so here’s a collection of accounts that you will definitely want to follow. Grab their usernames and put them into Snapchat in order to start following them – with images like the ones you will see here, it’ll be a no-brainer as to why you might want to. These brunettes are the best of the bunch by a long way!


20 Demi Lovato – ddlovato

Everyone needs a little bit of Demi Lovato in their lives. If you don’t like her music, that doesn’t matter. You don’t even have to like her personality, as that doesn’t matter too much if you turn the sound down. You just have to have an appreciation for the finer things in life, as she is certainly one of them. She often shares candid shots and videos with her friends, as well as those all-important selfies when she is looking particularly good. She likes to show off the outfits and costumes that she wears on stage and in promotional photoshoots as well, so look out for those. You’ll be dreaming of relaxing by the pool with her posse of friends in no time at all after you start following her. Look out for those bikini shots in particular.

19 Brittney Palmer – brittneypalmer1


This professional model has a lot of followers in her army of fans, and she is always ready with a great new update. It’s pretty hard to find a shot of her that is safe for work, so believe us when we say that a bikini is actually one of the least hot things she is known to pose in! Her work as a UFC Octagon girl has gained her millions of followers, and she is definitely living the high life. She’s a working model with a lot of shoots booked week in and week out, so it’s always fun to go behind the scenes with bikini and lingerie brands as well. While she shares some of these on her Instagram, you have to get her snaps to see everything.

18 Shay Mitchell – officialshaym

She may have finished playing Emily Fields in hit teen show Pretty Little Liars (don’t lie – we know you watched it just to keep an eye on those four hot girls), but Shay is still around and has plenty to share. Her personal style tends to be darker and a bit more vampy than that of her character, and she really knows how to pull off a dark lip with dark eyes. She’s also not afraid to go for risqué dresses that show off her body to the max. She enjoys sharing selfies and still hangs out with other members of the cast occasionally, which means a bonus two-for-one if you’re following her. Keep an eye on her snaps to see lots of selfies, behind the scenes moments on whatever she films next, and evening outings that you’ll wish you were there for.

17 Sarah Stage - sarah_stage


Ever wondered what a super fit model would look like with a kid? Sarah Stage will answer your question. She has made raising a child while staying in perfect shape look more than easy. She was even actively modelling whilst still nursing her first two-month-old child. She has since become pregnant with her second child, and even at six months pregnant she still had a chiselled six-pack. Expect plenty of bikini and lingerie selfies as well as heartwarming moments with her kids. This bronzed beauty is always on the move, and your eyes will boggle at some of her behind the scenes shots too. When you have a body this amazing, it would frankly be a crying shame to hide it under too many layers of clothing, so it’s a good job that she often doesn’t.

16 Ariana Grande – moonlightbae

If there’s anyone who loves a Snapchat filter, it has to be Ariana Grande. This cutie loves to try out all of the different filters, particularly the ones with a sweet vibe, so that she can share new selfies. She likes to share snaps when she is lounging around in bed or just hanging out, as well as taking you behind the scenes while she records new music or goes on tour. She tends to have a few famous friends come to help her out once in a while, too. There’s not much we could say about following Ariana Grande that won’t convince you if checking out her photos doesn’t do the job. Sometimes it’s just nice to have a celebrity blowing you a kiss when you check everyone’s snaps before bed.

15 Elizabeth Anne – elizabethanne.p


You may well have seen a certain video of Elizabeth Anne playing tennis. It’s pretty likely, because it went viral due to the nature of her body. At least, due to her chest, is what we’re saying. She happens to have a very large one – almost cartoonishly large. Again, since this is her best asset and she loves to show it off, it’s hard to find an image which is safe for work. That means a lot of fun waiting for you every time that she updates her snaps. She’s not that great at tennis, but honestly, we don’t blame her. It would be pretty hard to achieve almost anything with a weight that large hanging on your every move, so we just have to applaud her for even trying.

14 Rihanna – rihanna

Rihanna has a lot to answer for. She’s one of the celebrities who is most likely to break the internet, usually through whatever costume she might be wearing for the latest festival. She’s never afraid to flash her body, and she shares a lot of her life on Snapchat. There’s everything going on behind the scenes, as she gets ready to go out with friends or on stage, chats with her entourage, parties in some of the most exclusive locations in the world, or simply shares selfies with filters. Her friends often include other stars from the worlds of music, acting, and sports, which is another reason to keep watching. She is always entertaining and never fails to disappoint. Her behaviour might not match the shiny, innocent image she used to have, but it’s a lot more genuine, and we love it.


13 Amanda Cerny – amandacerny


There aren’t many people who have taken over the internet quite as successfully as Amanda Cerny. She got her start as a model for Playboy magazine, but that was only the beginning. Having a hot body helped her to conquer both Instagram and Facebook, and of course Snapchat wasn’t long to follow. Her millions of followers ensure that her work spreads far, and you may well have seen some of her comedy Vines made before the social network shut down. She now creates funny videos to share on her various platforms, which means you’ll get a laugh as well as an eyeful with her snaps. She has a rocking body and isn’t afraid to take us behind the scenes as she shoots for a lingerie brand or simply relaxes by the pool.

12 Kylie Jenner – kylizzlemynizzl

One of the queens of social media, Kylie is fast becoming the most-followed woman on the planet. As she has grown from an awkward teen into a model with a range of businesses on the go, she has also become a real social media darling. You absolutely have to follow her Snapchat if you want to be in the loop with all of the gossip and the drama that tends to surround her. Not only that, but she is constantly sharing selfies of her perfectly made-up face, stunning outfits, and hot group of friends and family. Other Jenners and Kardashians often feature, so you often get a lot more than you bargained for. She’s been known to share shots on the risky side, too, so make sure you check back often before they get deleted.

11 Denise Schaefer – deniseschaefer


There are working models, and then there are models that work hard. Denise Schaefer is definitely one of them. She hails from Lima in Peru, but was destined not to stay there for long – how could anyone ever keep a beauty like this hidden away? She rapidly made a big splash in the modelling scene in New York, and since then has been an international star with magazines and brands falling over themselves to shoot with her. She now resides in Cali and shares plenty of shots from her work, which often includes teeny tiny bikinis and not a lot else. Given that she travels a lot for work, those images often include stunning backdrops and the kind of locations you would kill to travel to. Live vicariously through her shares.

10 Zendaya – Zendaya_96

Zendaya is one of those stars who came out of nowhere to take Hollywood by storm. You may have seen her in Spider Man: Homecoming playing a teen, but she’s actually 21 in real life and therefore any of your fantasies about her are totally legal. She’s very real on her Snapchat and tends to share both the best and the worst moments in life. That means you’ll see her with bed hair and clean skin, as well as heavily made up and preened to perfection ready for a red carpet appearance. Either way, there are plenty of great shots to tune in to, and many of them are worthy of a screengrab. It’s pretty refreshing to see someone being more honest about what their life is actually like, rather than only giving us the most polished version.

9 Tianna Gregory – tiannag2


Finding a safe for work image of Tianna Gregory is hard work. This model was originally from South Lake Tahoe but moved to LA when her modelling career started to take off with streetwear brands. Her main attribute is her behind, which is pretty large even by Kardashian standards – but definitely in a good way. She shows it off as much as possible with bikinis, lingerie, and short shorts. She has even shared images of herself training in just a vest and thong to keep her fitness levels up. She’s a soccer player as well as a model, which gives her a bit of an extra dimension for sports fans. The shots that get banned from Instagram show up on her snaps, so you’re getting the best of the best from the app.

8 Selena Gomez – selenagomez

There’s a lot going on with Selena Gomez that you might not realise unless you’re following her. She spent a long time only hitting real headlines whenever something surfaced about her and Justin Bieber, but she has become a serious hottie in her own right. Follow her on Snapchat for a lot of candid content, including selfies and videos that you might just want to screenshot. While she was known as a teen sensation, she is definitely growing up, and the red lips and nails are all just a part of that. It seems like her PR team have decided that an image change was needed to make her read a little older, and she has taken that on board, much to our delight. Plus if you’re actually a fan, the hotness is just a bonus.

7 Abigail Ratchford – abiratchford


There are two very large reasons why Abigail Ratchford might be in possession of multiple millions of followers. Well, we say two – there’s actually a third, as well. All three of these reasons get featured on her snaps a lot, both in video form and photo form. We’ll leave it up to your imagination as to what those reasons might be, although you can also head on over to her Instagram to see them in the least amount of covering possible on the social network. She loves going candid in her snaps, and lounging around in bed in her underwear seems to be her favourite time to do it. You may recognize her from her work with men’s magazines such as Esquire and Maxim. When she’s not writhing around in bed, she’s normally to be found poolside with string bikinis (or doing her best Britney Spears impression).

6 Kendall Jenner – kendalljenner

Unless you have been living under a pretty sizeable rock for a long while, Kendall Jenner should need no introduction. While her older sisters are often better known for flashing the flesh, Kendall is definitely coming into her own too. As a runway model, she has tended to assume a more elegant public persona, and isn’t as outspoken as the rest of her family. Of course, that changes when it comes to her own social media channels, where she is the queen of her domain. Follow her on Snapchat for plenty of racy snaps, including this one from a promotional campaign with Magnum ice creams. Let’s not pretend that she didn’t know what she was doing when she took this selfie. We all get the reference, and it’s probably giving you bad thoughts already.

5 Helen Owen – helenowen


If you like your models to be a little more on the athletic side, like a Victoria’s Secret Angel, then you will love following Helen Owen on Snapchat. She is a fit and toned model who loves to lounge in a bikini by the pool or on the beach. We’re not kidding – it seems like this is where she spends pretty much all of her time. She’s a working model so you will see a lot of shots behind the scenes, as well as getting glimpses of her professional work. She’s got such a great smile that really feels infectious, and since most of those smiles come along with swimwear, you will definitely be grinning along with her. She doesn’t go for the risqué shots as much as others on this list, but that doesn’t mean that she is shy either.

4 Gigi Hadid – itsgigihadid

As one of the most desirable women and famous supermodels in the world, Gigi Hadid has a lot to live up to. The good news for her is that she is just effortlessly gorgeous. She impresses us no matter what she does, so a simple bedtime selfie does the job. She actually shares pretty much her whole life on Snapchat, so you can see everything that she is getting up to from a behind the scenes viewpoint. This includes hanging out with her famous friends, such as the other Victoria’s Secret model. Whenever they get together for a show, it’s a whole load of bonus snaps that you will enjoy for a very long time. Just remember to screenshot them before they disappear forever (and then hide them so your girlfriend doesn’t spot them on your phone).

3 Arianny Celeste – ariannyceleste


What is it with UFC ring girls being pretty much goddesses on earth? Arianny Celeste is one of our favourite people to follow on just about any social media platform going. She has multiple achievements to her name, such as posing nude in Playboy and winning ring girl awards. That kind of action led to her getting noticed on a grand scale, and she now has so many followers that you will be merely a drop in the ocean. That’s fine, though, because she spends a lot of time near the ocean – both the metaphorical kind and the watery kind. Which gives her a lot of opportunities to share her swimsuit shots with you. She loves to be in front of the camera, and that means a lot of hot selfies that you’ll enjoy profusely.

2 Troian Bellisario – gaia17

Another Pretty Little Liars alumni, Troian Bellisario might have one of the most difficult to read names on this list but she’s also a bit of a surprise package. While her character on the show was uptight and prim, in real life, that isn’t the case at all. In fact, Troian likes to let loose and often shows up on Snapchat in hot little outfits that really showcase her body. She’s a self-professed former eating disorder sufferer, so the fact that she now has a healthy body and looks great is fantastic. She also has a lot of hot friends who often come over to join the party – she’s a real sharing type and is always hanging out with other people when she snaps. That means plenty of extra value from each post.

1 Ana Cheri – anacheri


She’s straddling the line between fitness model and beauty model, and Ana Cheri does it incredibly well. She has a stunning body, which definitely helps when supplement companies come calling to sponsor her. She is pretty much always in a bikini or lacy lingerie look, all of which means you get to see a lot of shots that you will very much enjoy. She has a real fun-loving vibe about her that makes her all the more enjoyable to follow. You may well have seen her working with a number of big brands in the past. Follow her Instagram for the polished and finished shots, but stick to her Snapchat for the behind the scenes juiciness. By the way, if you do follow her, you will be joining more than 10 million others. You can join her fan club to get more intimate shots on her private Snapchat.


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