15 British Babes Who Need To Come Across The Pond

Americans find British girls incredibly hot, that's just a fact. And with women like these walking down the streets of cities like London, it's no mystery as to why this is the case. British babes are insanely hot, and these are just a few of their finest exports. The United Kingdom has one of the largest populations in the world for such a small island, and that means that these girls are crowded into a small space, not spread out across a huge land mass like America. There's something about these British girls that just turns guys across the pond on, and it's hard to pin down exactly what that quality is.

I think one of the main reasons they are so attractive is simply because they're different. Guys are attracted to exotic, fresh new faces that behave differently from the women they're familiar with. British girls are intriguing and interesting creatures to North American guys, and a girl probably seems 10 times hotter than she normally would be simply because of the fact that she's British.

Another reason British girls seem so hot is because of their accent. There's something undeniably sexy about a girl with a British accent. Again, it's hard to pin down exactly why this is, but most guys would agree that this is one of the hottest accents out there. That's probably why there is such an obsession with British actors in Hollywood. A recent poll of over 10,000 people in various countries confirmed that the British accent is considered the sexiest in the world.


15 Cheryl Cole

We just had to start off this list with the one, the only, Cheryl Cole. She's definitely one of the hottest British babes alive today, and it's not hard to see why. She has the classic British look; a drop dead gorgeous brunette with amazingly alluring eyes. But this "lass" is much more than just a pretty face, and she has had an amazing life with quite a story to tell. She had an immensely successful singing career, being a part of the girl band Girls Aloud, before moving on to a successful solo singing career. Now she's done a lot of promotional work and is known as a fashionista in the United Kingdom. She's also a shrewd businesswoman, with a net worth well into the millions. We wish this hot British babe would make her way across the pond, and share some of those gorgeous good looks with North America. Unfortunately, her previous attempts at North American fame didn't amount to much.

14 Rebecca Fox


We move on to a girl that not many of you will have heard of, but let's be clear: After you've seen a little more of this angelic British goddess, you're going to remember her name as clear as day. We guarantee it. Those who have heard of her probably know her for being the girlfriend of a reality television star in Britain named Gaz Beadle. He appeared on the hit reality television show Geordie Shore. She's famous for her alternative look and her heavily tattooed body (which is totally hot by the way), and she's also a professional body piercer herself. She has also rubbed shoulders with none other than Kanye West himself, as she was a featured model in his season 3 "Yeezy" show. She's also an up-and-coming DJ, and we can't wait until she shows a little more of herself in North America, sooner rather than later!

13 Mellisa Clarke

One girl that pretty much sums up what it means to be both British and a total babe is Mellisa Clarke. Where do I even start with this petite seductress from across the pond? Standing at just 5 foot 6, she packs a whole lot of sexy in a tiny, tight little body. She's a model that has appeared in countless British magazines, most geared towards the gentlemen of the United Kingdom. These magazines include Front Magazine, ZOO, Bizarre, Maxim, Nuts, and FHM. She actually won the Page 3 idol award, an award which she was surprised to win because she says she doesn't look like a typical model. But I think that's exactly why she won, she doesn't look like a typical model and it's refreshing to see such a unique face in the world of modeling today. Although she's pretty well-known, she says she's just known in her small town as "that Front model." Come to America, Mellisa. We'll make you famous.

12 India Reynolds


Following in the same style of Melissa Clarke is the unbelievably beautiful India Reynolds. She's modeled for all of the same magazines as Melissa Clarke, but she's also a Playboy model. She released her very own calendar, which is just pictures of her in very sexy poses. If you want to see her all year long, I'd suggest picking up a copy. Just like Melissa Clarke, she stands at five foot six and packs plenty of curvaceous sexiness into her little frame. But depending which angle you're looking at her from, she might not seem so "little." That's because her bust size is a whopping 32DD. She has admitted she has a major girl crush on singer Rihanna. If she really wants to hook up with Rihanna, she better make her way across the pond... And maybe she'll meet some American guys while she's here! But she has a thing for taller guys... Just a heads up.

11 Nicole Neal

What list of hot British babes would be complete without a hot blonde like Nicole Neal? With her golden, gorgeous hair and her bright, beautiful blue eyes, she looks as if she belongs in Sweden rather than the United Kingdom. But rest assured, this hot babe is 100% British, born and bred. She has appeared on British gentleman's magazines like Loaded and FHM, to name but a few. She was born in England but actually spent a great deal of time in San Fernando, California. So this is one British babe who has already been across the pond. But now she's living back in London, England - so now we want her to come back to North America and bring all that beauty with her! She's also a talented dancer, appearing in many ballets, but she's best known for her glamour modeling, where she shows off every inch of that hot body that has become totally toned from years and years of dancing.

10 Lacey Banghard


Of all the British babes out there, Lacey Banghard has probably caught the attention of A LOT of American guys. Lacey Banghard (yes, that's her real name) is famous for a number of different things, and she has become something of a household name in Britain. She's a product of the multiculturalism that is common on British soil, being born to a Caucasian mother and an Indian father. And the result of this mix of genes was one of the hottest glamour models ever to grace the pages of British gentleman's magazines. The magazines include Nuts and the famous Page 3 of  The Sun. She later became somewhat of a reality television star when she appeared on the reality television show called Celebrity Big Brother. She was unfortunately evicted from the Big Brother house, but don't worry Lacey - we're more than happy to take you in if you make the journey across the pond!

9 Emma Watson

One of the hottest girls to ever come out of Britain is of course the very talented Emma Watson. Unlike a lot of the other pretty faces on this list, Emma Watson relies on a whole lot more than just her looks, and has become an incredibly successful actress. Who could forget her performances as Hermione in the Harry Potter films? And that's not all she has to offer the film world - she's also set to appear in the upcoming Disney reboot of the classic film Beauty and the Beast. She is not afraid to show off her body either. She caught a lot of flak from leading feminists in Britain for doing a sexy picture where part of her breasts were exposed. Apparently they thought she was depicting women as sex objects, which is complete crap. She's done a lot of hard work for feminists over the years, and I mean seriously, how can you get mad at Hermione? She's already done a lot of work in the United States, but we wish she would spend a little more time over here!


8 Rosie Huntington-Whiteley


Now this is a face you won't easily forget. Rosie Huntington-Whitely is clearly blessed with incredible good looks, and she's built an entire career around it. If Britain were to choose a woman that proved their land has the hottest girls in the world, Rosie Huntington-Whitely would probably be the babe they would choose.  Like Emma Watson, she has already made waves in the US. This girl is a total double threat, dominating both the fashion industry and the film industry. She worked heavily with Victoria's Secret, even becoming one of their angels, and we all know that only the hottest girls get chosen as angels. In addition, she was also chosen as the face of the legendary fashion house Burberry for one of their fragrance lines. In terms of acting, she played the leading lady role in Transformers: Dark Side Of The Moon. Her second and most recent role was in Mad Max: Fury Road, as one of Immortan Joe's brides. She's currently engaged to none other than Jason Statham. Sorry guys.

7 Daisy Watts

One of the hottest girls from Britain that's probably completely unknown across the pond is the absolutely gorgeous Daisy Watts. Like a lot of the other girls on this list, she's appeared heavily in quite a few British gentleman's magazines, most notably ZOO magazine. This 5 foot 6 angelic goddess has some very pleasing features on her incredibly curvy body, but it's perhaps her cute little smile that melts the most hearts and gets guys completely hooked. She also had the honor of appearing in ZOO magazine's "Britain's Best Bums" edition, an honor that was whole-heartedly deserved. If there's one girl on this list who we think would benefit from a trip across the pond, it's Daisy Watts. At only 26 years of age, she still has a lot of time left to make the most of her amazing good looks, and what better place to do it than the US of A? We seriously need more girls like Daisy over here.

6 Rachel Williams


Rachel Williams is yet another girl in the same vein as Melissa Clarke, India Reynolds, Lacey Banghard, Nicole Neal, and Rebecca Fox. She's one of the sexiest and most alluring glamour models in all of England, and she's appeared on countless magazines such as the immensely popular ZOO magazine. This amazingly hot British babe from Liverpool, England rose to fame after videos of her boobs flying up and down in slow motion started to circulate across the internet. Countless gifs were made, and suddenly everyone knew who Rachel Williams was. Speaking of boobs, she needs to get those amazing gifts across the pond and into America, where I'm sure they would be much appreciated. Her hobbies, other than modeling, include watching Netflix and snacking on treats constantly. So that's how her boobs got so big... It all makes sense now! This girl seems to have a lot of fun during her photoshoots, and that's what makes her so intriguing.

5 Lucy Pinder

You'd be hard-pressed to find a girl as eye-catching as Lucy Pinder in the entire world, let alone Britain. Like a lot of the other girls on this list, she's appeared in countless men's magazines in Britain, such as Nuts, Loaded, FHM, and Daily Star. She's not a tall model, standing at just five foot five, but it's not her height that made her famous. What really got her on a lot of people's radar were those amazing boobs, which one Australian men's magazine called "the best breasts in the world." If you're wondering, they are size 32G, and are 100% real. But this girl is a lot more than just a pretty face (and a nice set of boobs). She's appeared on countless television shows, many where she appears as a host, whereas her other appearances were on reality television shows like Celebrity Big Brother. Unfortunately, she was voted out. Come across the pond, Lucy, and you'll never be voted out of anything.

4 Keeley Hazell


Keeley Hazell is another British babe that will have you questioning what exactly they put in the food to make girls' boobs so big. She rose to fame much in the same way as Lucy Pinder, using her God given features for enormous profit that grew bigger than even her breasts. She's appeared all over the pages of well-known British magazines such as Nuts and ZOO, and has had a successful career as a glamour model since she was just 17 years old. She's also appeared on the pages of both FHM and Maxim magazine. She's not satisfied with just modeling, however, and she was used by Playstation to promote various racing games. She has recently retired from modeling to pursue a career in acting in Los Angeles, where she has appeared in both Cash Back and Horrible Bosses 2, in which she played Rex's assistant. Although she's already made her way across the pond, we urge her to stay here and not give up on her acting career!

3 Emma Frain

Emma Frain has the gorgeous face and seductive body that you're probably starting to expect from British women as you scroll through this list. Standing at 5 foot 9, she is the proud owner of two incredible, all-natural 32F breasts. This 29-year-old goddess has graced the pages of British men's magazines such as, you guessed it, ZOO and many others. She actually had dreams of becoming a professional dancer when she was younger, but had to turn to modeling when she unfortunately injured her hamstring. Although it was a huge blow for her as a young woman, many of us will no doubt be glad that she was able to turn to modeling and offer us all glimpses at her incredibly hot body. This girl has as much brains as she does sexiness, and she has a degree in sports medicine. She's also a firm believer in the benefits of pole dancing when it comes to staying fit. She looks set to stay in her home land of England, but we hope that will change someday soon.

2 Emma Glover


The second Emma on our list is just as hot as the first, and she's yet another example of how women in Britain are absolutely killing it when it comes to gorgeousness and beauty. Emma Glover will be the first to brag to you about how awesome her boobs are, as they're not just a great size at 30G, her nipples are "perfectly symmetrical," according Glover herself. She's wanted to be a model ever since she was a little girl, and she actually got her wish. Not many people can say that they became what they dreamed about as a young kid, but Emma Glover is one of them. She describes her life as a model on her Twitter page in a hilarious way, saying: “I’m a model. I spend much of my time in my underwear with other girls in their underwear. It’s a good life.” Emma Glover seems to be unwilling to leave England, as she has a family to take care of. But we hope that she'll make the trek over the pond sometime soon.

1 Rosie Jones

Rosie Jones is definitely the kind of girl you'd want to give you a guided tour of Britain. Alternatively, it would probably be even nicer to be the one to give her a guided tour around America, if she was so inclined to come across the pond. This girl, like many of the others in this list, has appeared in countless so-called "lads mags" that are so popular in Britain. She's also set a number of records, including being voted the "No. 1 Sexiest Babe" in Nuts magazine twice, once in 2010 and again in 2011 due to popular vote. She's also one of the most skilled women in the world at taking off her bra. No, really! She actually set a world record for the most bras taken off and put on in a single minute, which is 7 in case you were wondering (or wanted to try to beat her record). She's currently in the Guinness Book of World Records because of this impressive feat.



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