15 Bridesmaids Confess How They Almost Ruined The Wedding

A person’s wedding day is a very special event that some people spend their entire lives dreaming about. Besides something like the birth of your child, nothing can really surpass the intensity of a wedding celebration; it’s literally the biggest party you’ll have in your life. Since it’s the biggest function people throw, there’s understandably a lot that goes into to throwing something of this magnitude. There is the dress and the tux and everything everyone else is going to wear. There is the venue, the music, and the selection of people who are invited to come. There are seating arrangements, food options, and, of course, that monstrous cake. There are just so many ins and outs to make a wedding go off without a hitch that it seems impossible, but that’s why there are bridesmaids.

Most brides wise up to the massive amount of work it takes to plan a party as big as their own wedding and that’s why some opt for an event planner to do the work for them. For the others who can’t afford such a thing, they have members in the wedding party who are there to take care of problems before they become too big to handle. The bride has enough to worry about so the responsibility of handling things falls to the maid of honor and the bridesmaids. The majority of weddings manage to make it through the day without so much as an issue but that’s not always the case, especially if you have a bridesmaid who has it out for you.

15 A Wild Disaster

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Truth be told, the wedding in this story almost made it through the entire day without an issue – almost. Although the event seemed like it came from a fairytale, one of the bridesmaids was able to mess up the whole thing with very little effort. It began with the woman in question helping herself to one too many drinks while the reception was underway. Then, things really started spinning when a male member of the wedding party asked the young lady to dance, unaware of her current state. The young woman said yes and the two began flailing about. As you might have guessed, this wild dancing did not go over well and the bridesmaid ended up sticking her foot into the speakers and other miscellaneous equipment the DJ had been using for the wedding. All of the lights went out and the music stopped abruptly. Sadly, that was a wrap for the evening and yet the bride had enough humor about her to laugh about the situation. She said that everything was OK, but then again, she only remained in contact with the bridesmaid for a year after the wedding before she never spoke to her again.

14 Just A Slice Of Cake

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We know that a wedding is the biggest party in people’s lives, and by far usually the most expensive. Since it takes so much time, effort, and money to orchestrate such an event, you would hope that the people attending would at least have enough courtesy to not dig into the food before it was time to do so. If for some medical reason you HAVE to eat something to stay on your feet, go talk to a caterer or perhaps the chef to see if you can get something beforehand. The worst thing that you could do would be what the bridesmaid in this story did to her bride, and to her cake. Apparently, she found the beautiful cake waiting early on in the event and decided that the wedding was boring. Wanted to stir up some drama, she cut the first piece for herself. The very first piece of wedding cake. This didn’t seem to ruin the bride’s big day after she later confessed but it might have ruined ours. It was the very first piece, after all.

13 Proving A Point

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There are just some people in the world whose whole mission in life is to point out every time you’re wrong. They’re the “I told you so” group and this bridesmaid is one of the pack leaders. In true bridezilla fashion, the bride in this story continuously threatened the bridal party that nothing had better go wrong at her wedding, or else. Yes, that is pretty extreme, especially if the threats were repetitive, but that doesn’t give the bridesmaid the excuse to do what she did in an act of revenge. To teach the bride a lesson, the maid in question took it upon herself to show just how easy it is for things to go wrong, and to not get upset if they did. While it is a good lesson to let certain issues roll off your back instead of affecting your life in a negative manner, saying as much and then being the cause of bad things happening on her wedding day are two different things. She told the makeup artist the wrong hotel so that she was over an hour late, among other frustrating things.

12 A Horrible Cold

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The incident that happened here wasn’t really malicious, as it was just a bout of extremely bad timing. The bad thing about being sick with a cold or the flu is that there is nothing you can do to predict it or to make it go away at the drop of a hat. That problem happened to this bridesmaid, who just so happened to be the maid of honor at her sister’s wedding. She had gotten sick a day or two beforehand and try as she might, she wasn’t able to beat and it accompanied her to her sister’s big day. Thinking ahead, the maid of honor managed to stash a few cough drops in her bouquet without throwing off the whole look altogether. Fast forward to the middle of the heart-warming ceremony and the woman starts to feel a tickle in her throat warning her of the fit that was sure to follow soon after. She popped a trusty cough drop into her mouth and promptly began to choke on it in front of everyone at the wedding. She managed to get it unstuck but not before gagging and waving wildly in front of the whole group.

11 Just One Stain Away

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Unless the bride is an untraditional one, you can almost always expect for her to be wearing white. Since that’s almost always the case, one might think that the party would take extra care around such a special dress. Believe it or not, but there are many stories where the wedding was ruined because of a stray glass of wine on white satin. This story is pretty much the same except it didn’t ruin the day. For those who aren’t aware, you can get a custom lipstick shade created for you and they put it in a tiny tube along with a tiny brush. The bride in this story had such a tube of lipstick when she asked one of her bridesmaids to touch up her lips before she walked down the aisle. The bridesmaid obliged yet accidentally dropped the tube down the front of the bride’s white dress, leaving a giant pink stain. Thinking very quickly, the sister of the troublemaker ran to the store nearby to fetch a bottle of stain remover, which saved the day.

10 A Crush On The Groom Gone Wrong

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It really does seem like we are all back in high school when people start trying to take boyfriends from each other. Some people have grown up and moved on from the adolescent drama but there are still some, like this bridesmaid, who really didn’t grow up at all. About a month before the day of the wedding one of the bridesmaids developed a crush on the groom. She believed that his smiles were meant for her and that he laughed at her jokes because he was into her. She claims that even the texts they sent back and forth were full of flirty language when the messages were all about the wedding that was being planned. A week before the wedding she confronted him and told him she knew he had feelings for her too. He apologized and told her that she must have been mistaken since he was, in fact, in love with his soon-to-be bride. Getting upset, the bridesmaid even tried to make the bride late for her own event thinking that the groom would believe that she got cold feet and he would then want to be with her, the bridesmaid, instead. This didn’t work and the two got married right on schedule, and the ill-wishing bridesmaid was never heard from again after that.

9 Cutting It Close

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We’ve already mentioned something about bridezillas, but none could possibly have been as bad as the one in this story. Amongst a slew of other things, she went as far as to tell her bridal party that they had to get their hair cut to a certain length so that they could look just how she wanted them too. Even though that is absolutely extreme, if you agree to be her bridesmaid, you’re sort of signing an “I’ll do what you want” contract until she says “I do.” If you didn’t want to hop through insane hoops to make her happy then leave the job to someone else and don’t try to sabotage the day because YOU’RE unhappy. After cutting her hair to the required length for the wedding, this bridesmaid thought to take things further when she went back to the salon later to get another, shorter, haircut. This didn’t ruin the wedding day but it certainly ticked off the bride. Since there are probably plenty of pictures of the short-haired moment, it’ll be a memory the bride has forever.

8 The Jealousy Of A Best Friend

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If two female best friends grow up together, they’ve probably thought of their dream weddings and shared the dream of their special day with each other. That’s what happened with the two ladies in this story except one friend decided to go off and steal all the wonderful ideas from the other. The one woman was engaged first, and the two had spent months creating the perfect day. Then the friend became engaged and the first friend’s wedding had to be called off for some unexpected reasons. Even though the friend who was supposed to have this glorious wedding was having one of the worst times of her life, she still showed up to support her best friend on her big day. Much to her surprise, however, she was greeted with the sight of what should have been her own wedding, just with her friend as the bride. Her friend, the woman who was supposed to be her maid of honor, had gone behind her back and stolen all of her ideas. The venue, the decorations, even the cake and menu options were copied! The wedding might have been called off but this prevented her from being able to have her dream wedding in the future, ruining it forever.

7 Ready For The End

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Being in a wedding party is definitely gruelling work but being in a bridal party where there is only one other bridesmaid has to be a nightmare. This bridesmaid was one of the only two and she had reached a point in the night where she had just had enough. While the woman in question didn’t ruin the day per se, she certainly made sure that it was cut short and didn’t last into the night. The moment when she was too tired to deal with people any longer, she walked throughout the crowds of guests and politely told them all that the reception was over even though it was intended to continue for another two hours. Not wanting to offend the bride, the guests began to leave in droves. The crowds cleared out quick and the bride never knew why everyone left in such a rush. At least this happened at the end of the night and not at the beginning.

6 Getting Even

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The bridesmaid here is one that wanted to be in the bridal party just so that she could enact some revenge. When the other woman, who was the bride this time, was a bridesmaid at the first woman’s wedding, she got so drunk that she started a fistfight with one of the bride’s cousins. The bride at the time said all was fine on the surface but deep down she vowed she would get her revenge. Two years later, it was the friend’s turn to get married and the former bride became the bridesmaid. Then she got so drunk that she passed out on the dance floor all in the name of revenge. Starting a fistfight is certainly more impressive than getting too drunk and passing out, but it sounds like the bridesmaid gave it an honest attempt. Perhaps sabotage isn’t her strong suit.

5 An Unexpected Flood

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Most people know that it isn’t a good idea to hang anything off the prongs of a ceiling sprinkler but the women here apparently weren't privy to that information since they thought it was a good idea to hang their dresses off the sprinklers in the hotel room. Of course, the sprinklers busted, releasing water into the room all over the dresses, veil, shoes, and all of the flowers. The guests from the twelve-story hotel were evacuated much to the bride’s humiliation. Thankfully, the families of the bride and groom came together and cleaned the outfits, saved the bouquets, and eventually the day from total disaster. The whole party had to spend the night in the hotel conference room and they were stuck with a huge bill for the damages but at least the entire event wasn’t a bust and they have one hell of a story to tell now.

4 The Price Of Not Checking Ahead

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When it is the maid of honor’s responsibility to check into the venue for things like running water, she should really make it a priority to actually look into it before the wedding takes place. The darling couple in this romantic fairy tale wanted to be married in a national park amongst the natural beauty. The wedding was supposed to be a whole weekend sort of thing with both parties staying at a rustic lodge situated on-site. Seeing as the lodge offered fun things to do like hiking and canoeing, the maid of honor thought that it would be a good location and had suggested it to the bride. After a long morning of being out in the sun, it was time for everyone to go back to their cabins to get ready for the spectacular show of love. Everyone soon realized that there was no source of clean running water for miles around. The bride and her bridesmaids were able to make it to town to shower before their hair appointments but the rest of the wedding guests simply weren’t that lucky. Most of them made a joke of it, however, and ended up washing up as best as they could in the lake. Sounds clean.

3 A Murderous Bridesmaid

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A girl can do a lot of things to ruin a wedding but trying to kill someone in the wedding party pretty much takes the cake. This bridesmaid starts this story the same way most bad ending stories go: with too many drinks. She apparently chugged an entire bottle to herself, which made her completely wasted within twenty minutes. At this point, she began to get loud and demands for more to drink. Surprisingly, she managed to get her hands on another bottle and began to drink that as well before it was finally wrestled away from her. Needing something else to occupy her time, the awful bridesmaid grabbed the set of car keys from the best man and brother of the groom’s pocket. Somehow, she got to his car and behind the wheel as the man desperately clung to his own vehicle. She started to drive off, nearly running over and killing him in the process. He did manage to pull up the emergency brake before he and others dragged her out. Police arrived at the scene moments later and that was a wrap. Not too surprisingly, that was the ninth time that woman had been arrested. Next time she should just be left off the list of invited guests.

2 Showing Her True Colors

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The woman in this story didn’t ruin the big wedding, but she certainly did hurt the other bridesmaid’s feelings. This bride had three bridesmaids, with one of them, her best friend, technically being her maid of honor. After she found the perfect wedding dress, the bride mentioned that she didn’t really care too much what the bridesmaids’ dresses looked like, as long as they were happy with the end result. Taking charge in this situation, the maid of honor found a dress that was both pretty and flattering. The second bridesmaid said she liked the dress as did the third – at least that’s what the bride had thought. However, right before the wedding, the bride received an email that clearly wasn’t intended for her. It was from the sourpuss to the other ladies in waiting. It said that she hated the dress, the bride’s style, as well as her organization and planning process. She didn’t know that it was the maid of honor that had chosen the dress and that the other woman had liked it as well. After finding out, she apologized again and again but that still didn’t stop her from changing out of the outfit before breakfast on the day of the wedding.

1 Plot Twist After Twist

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Unfortunately, this bridesmaid committed the ultimate crime and ruined her friend’s wedding. The only decent part of the story is that the lady who caused all the trouble in the beginning had to meet karma at the end. After a bunch of flirting and plotting, the fiancée in this tale left the bride for the maid of honor on their wedding day. Some months later, the mother of the groom had the nerve to ask the shunned ex-bride to be a part of the wedding party. Of course, like any sane human, the woman refused but later heard a story that gave her some satisfaction. The fiancée that had left her left the woman he was then supposed to marry for one of HER bridesmaids because he had gotten her pregnant. In all of the scummy grooms out there, this one seems to be the worst of them all.

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