15 Break Up Confessions That'll Make Anyone Swear Off Relationships (Forever)

Anyone who has ever loved someone will know just how much it hurts when that relationship ends and you have to say goodbye to not only your love, but often your best friend. What follows is a series of emotions, including sadness and a constant stream of tears, anger and the cursing of your ex (I don’t mean this literally, but apparently that has been done too), and sometimes numbness.

We all process breakups differently, but I think the one thing we can all agree on is that it’s not fun, and this is a sort of pain that you wouldn’t want to wish on your worst enemy. No one can understand exactly how you feel, because all relationships and all breakups are different, but some of the common reactions range from eating so much that your stomach gets constantly rounder, to having to deal with the social media aspect of a breakup and struggling to delete all the photos and videos (essentially the memories). Below are 15 confessions from people who are suffering from an awful breakup, and they are so gut-wrenching, and also creepy, that they will give you serious pause before getting involved in another relationship!

15 It’s So Hard To Delete Them

I hate Facebook relationship statuses because when you break up with someone it’s like a second blow when you have to go and change the status, and things like this actually make modern breakups so much harder.

We have an online library of photos, which often include the person we were dating, and it’s so difficult to have to then go about deleting these images and removing these memories. No one will ever say that this task is easy, and the person in this confession revealed that it’s actually one of the hardest things to do, and at the moment he is just not ready to say goodbye and remove his ex-girlfriend from his life forever. I think that’s perfectly normal because when you delete everything it’s also a realization that it’s over for good.

14 He Sees Her Everywhere

It’s not just emotional people who wear their hearts on their sleeves that feel affected by breakups, but even those who are emotionally closed off. The person behind this confession claims to be one of those people. Apparently he is usually not very emotional and likes to keep his feelings to himself, however, his recent breakup has really affected him. In his words, it’s “killing” him.

The problem is not only that is he thinking about the good times all the time, but he also can’t get his ex-girlfriend out of his head. And it’s more than that, everything seems to be reminding him of her because he is seeing her all the time (I assume he means that when he "sees" her he is remembering something about her).

13 Seeing Him Move On Is Heartbreaking

Perhaps one of the worst things about a breakup is when you see your ex move on, and you feel as though you’ve been replaced. No one wants to be alone and see their ex with someone who makes them happy, and it’s even worse if there has not been a lot of time that passed between the breakup and the new relationship. And this is something that the person behind this confession is experiencing because they were with someone for seven years, and they grew up with that person so they knew a lot about them, and now their ex-boyfriend has a new girlfriend.

And he didn’t seem to wait very long because according to this person it was only seven months before he became involved with someone new. Unsurprisingly, this person claims to have been devastated by his actions.

12 Tinder Definitely Isn’t Helping

A common piece of relationship advice after a breakup is that you need to find another person to get over your ex, which in my opinion is awful advice because what you really need is to be alone. You need to take time to reflect on yourself and your life, and to figure out what makes you happy, and how you can be happy without your ex.

That said, that doesn’t mean that speaking to other people doesn’t serve as a welcome distraction, and being complimented does boost your confidence. However, you’re not likely to find someone who you can really speak to and have a deep and meaningful conversation with (which could potentially alter your way of thinking), by trolling Tinder. And this person has found that out the hard way.

11 The Healing Takes Time, A Long Time

No one ever said that surviving a break up was easy, but that’s exactly it, you survive. The person behind this confession notes that although they have been making a lot of self-progress following their breakup. They truly believed that they were finally over their ex, however, for some reason they now feel as though they are back at the start.

That’s the problem with breakups, you feel as though you’re doing so well, and then something triggers you and you find yourself missing your ex and feel as though you’re right back at square one. You have to feel for this person because their confession is so relatable, but for anyone who is afraid of getting hurt again, you can see why this would make you want to swear off relationships forever, right?!

10 It’s Like You Lost Your Best Friend

When you’re with someone for a long time they aren’t just your lover but also your friend, and in some really great relationships this person becomes your best friend and your confidant. You tend to stop going out as much and spend more time with your lover, so they get to know you really well. So, when you break up it’s not just a romantic partner that you lose, but something deeper, and it’s often that friendship that people miss the most.

The person behind this confession has been really struggling with that, because it’s apparently been six months since they split up with their girlfriend. And they admit to not only losing someone they thought was the love of their life, but also their “BFF” which is why they miss her so much.

9 The Feeling As Though History Is Repeating Itself

When you constantly get involved in new relationships with new people but the outcome is familiar, then you will no doubt start to feel disheartened and maybe want to swear off relationships forever. And it seems as though this is the point that the person behind this confession has reached in their life, because according to her, she has had so many heartbreaks over the past few years that she is almost numb to them now.

I think anyone who has ever suffered from a breakup will agree that the feeling of absolute numbness can be the worst feeling of them all. Still, despite feeling as though she’s never going to find someone who she will be with forever, she hasn’t given up on the hopes that one day, the good guy she’s been dreaming of will be there for her.

8 Sometimes Comfort Food Is The Solution

Remember Khloe Kardashian’s revenge body? Well, she’s not the only person who has decided to get really hot after a breakup to feel good about themselves, and in doing so, stick it to their ex. But sometimes, it takes a lot of comfort eating before you get to this point, and it can be hard to get out of bed at times, at least according to this person.

Apparently, they are taking this breakup so badly that they have put on 20 pounds in a short amount of time, and even though they can see how their stomach has gotten more round, one of their only comforts at present is a bed and great food. The reason for this is a combination of not only a bad breakup, but also depression and a lack of support, which must be incredibly hard.

7 It’s Not Just Them You Miss

When you end a relationship with someone it’s not often just them that you’re cutting ties with, because depending on the length of the relationship, you have probably become attached to other people, or animals, in that person’s life.

Maybe they had the best parents or grandparents and now you’ve had to lose that connection too, maybe you shared mutual friends and now you’re left alone because you don’t want to hang out in the same social circles as your ex, or maybe, like in this person’s case, you fell in love with your ex's pet. Honestly, it can be so hard to say goodbye to someone, but it’s even worse when you had a connection with their dog, who you are now never going to see again!

6 It’s The Emptiness That’s The Hardest

Most people in their mid-twenties have experienced more than one breakup and know the pain all too well, but just because it’s not the first time doesn’t mean that breakups get easier. The thing about the end of a relationship is you never know when it’s coming, and you never quite know how you’re going to feel about it.

What we do know is that this woman has been through a breakup before, but this time around it’s harder than it’s ever been. Maybe the relationship was more serious, maybe they parted for an awful reason, or maybe she just loved deeper than she had in the past, but whatever the reason she’s now left feeling heartbroken and empty. And I think anyone who has ever felt this way can relate that it’s the numbness that is the hardest part.

5 She Decided To Put A Curse On Him

If you never want to be the victim of a curse following a bad breakup, then this confession is enough to swear you off dating, because imagine being with someone who is so unhinged that they decide to plot your demise. The woman behind this confession decided to do that by reportedly headed to a witch, who she paid to put a curse on her ex-boyfriend.

You have to be extremely bitter about a breakup if you’re willing to go to such extreme measures as this, and whether it was coincidence or the curse was to blame, the outcome of this confession is truly horrific and I’m not sure how she is able to live with this on her conscience. According to this woman, her ex passed away just 24 hours later.

4 The Constant Wishing To Forget

If you rounded up a bunch of people who are fresh out of a breakup and asked them if they’d like to take a magic pill that makes them forget that they had ever met the person, they’d probably say yes. That’s because when you’re processing a breakup it’s so hard to not reflect on all the wonderful things about that person, and they seem to keep playing out in your mind. It also seems to be incredibly easy to forget all the awful times and you’re left focusing only on the good. The person behind this confession knows this all too well.

All they want is to be able to forget about their ex, and they’ve reached the point where they are so desperate for a distraction or just some anonymous human to speak to, that they’ve taken to Whisper in the hopes of achieving this.

3 When The Realization Hits It Comes Crashing Down

We all process breakups differently and while some people may seem completely unaffected straight after the split and end up enjoying the single life and partying it up, or finding comfort in the arms of someone else, others lay in bed all day and eat ice cream, or binge-watch romance movies on Netflix.

But however you end up processing a breakup, the same outcome usually happens in the end, because at some point the realization is going to hit you that it’s over, and then all those feelings that you were hoping not to feel will come flooding in. Well, at least if you’re this guy, who has revealed that he is so lonely because he has only just realized that his relationship is over for good.

2 Is The First Cut The Deepest?

Nothing hurts like a breakup, the pain is unbearable after you find love, and then lose it for the first time. This happened to me when I was sixteen, when for some odd reason, I broke up with the boy who I loved and then proceeded to cry my eyes out for days on end. However, in some way, I feel as though you grow from the first time you get your heart broken, because it teaches you something about yourself, and it teaches you how to love (and there are so many different levels of love).

The person behind this confession is experiencing all of that for the first time, and they feel as though that pain will never stop. The good news is it does, and they will go on to find someone who they care about even more, and then probably break up with them, too. But one day, if you’re lucky, you find someone who will make all these breakups worthwhile.

1 Sometimes There Is No Loyalty

This confession will undoubtedly make you swear off relationships altogether, because not only are you losing your former spouse, but all your friends turn out to be shallow and awful, too! This man split from his wife, and then instead of just cutting ties and trying to start all over again, he decided to get his revenge, and he did it in the most hurtful way he could think of: He slept his ex-wife's best friends.

You really have to feel for this woman, because not only did her marriage fall apart, but her ex-husband also took away all of her friends since they betrayed her by engaging in a relationship with him. And there is nothing worse than losing the trust of people who you thought were on your side.

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