15 Bravo Hotties Who Are So Trashy That They're Hot

The Bravo network has become the epitome of reality television shows. While shows like The Real Housewives of Atlanta isn’t the first to hit the small screen on Bravo, it has certainly been labeled as the most popular. Lots of these shows draw in millions of viewers each week, yet viewers complain that a small number of the women on shows like the Housewives franchise, if any, are even wives.

Still, most of the women, whether they are single, married, divorced, or looking for love, have clearly brought a level of entertainment that is desired for whatever series they star in; which is why they keep coming back for more episodes. Interestingly enough, many of these women, such as Porsha Williams (formerly Stewart), didn’t necessarily start out as the most dramatic women around. It seems like after they realized certain things could get them more camera time, they amped up on the drama that make any viewer want to grab popcorn as they press rewind to see it again, and downsized on the clothes.

Still, it’s clear that while many of the women in this position are judged, it is also very obvious that they have become fan favorites; some of them having the most followers on Instagram and others snagging spots in the Real Housewives awards that Bravo hosts. So while they might be put in the trashy category at times, it's often those habits that make them pretty hot too. Check out our list of Bravo hotties who are so trashy that they’re hot.

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15 Porsha Williams

Via: BravoTV

This star of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Atlanta has officially been given the title of the Queen of Thotland on the hit reality series. But she wasn’t always that way. Fans probably remember when William first joined the show in the fifth season, she was a wholesome girl married to former NFL star Kordell Stewart. There was even a controversial scene in which she said she needed his permission to go inside of a strip club with the girls. But now that she is single and one of half of Frick and Frack with Phaedra Parks, she is a completely different girl. Forget the strip club, Williams will twerk and dance on you herself. She often wears barely-there clothing and has no problem frolicking around Atlanta in low-cut tops and dresses. While this is certainly a change from the Williams we got to know back in 2012, it’s great to see Williams getting to know herself.

14 Kristen Doute

Via: BravoTV

Kristen Doute of Vanderpump Rules has tried to move on from her past promiscuous lifestyle and relationship with Jax on the show, but it hasn’t seemed to escape her just yet. While she’s moved on with her boo, Carter, and even revived her friendship with Stassi and Katie, her issues with Jax Taylor are still going strong now that Lisa Vanderpump has hired his new girlfriend, Brittany, to work at SUR. Jax is definitely one to blame for Kristen’s tumbling reputation as he spread a vicious rumor about her among their friends at the restaurant. Let’s just say he claimed that Kristen and his girlfriend Brittany got way too close. Still, despite her disagreements, she seems to have been able to be the bigger person and even credited Brittany for Jax becoming a more mature person. Still, her drama with Tom and Ariana doesn't seem to be dwindling down anytime soon for her.

13 Kyle Richards

She might seem like the more responsible and mature sibling when compared to her sister and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-star Kim Richards, but still, Kyle Richards likes to have a good time without a doubt. One of her most memorable moments was when she danced on top of the table at a bar. And we can’t forget the time she got a hilarious lap dance from a guy described as a “fat Jewish man.” If anyone is wondering, his real name is Josh Ostrovsky and he definitely brought out another side of Kyle that we don’t often see. While her co-stars have no problem stirring up drama on their own, Kyle is also known for dropping the F-bomb in the most awkward yet hilarious scenarios, from the time she needed to emphasize that she thought her co-star Camille was a liar ("You're such a f*cking liar, Camille!") to the countless times she was yelling at her own sister, Kim.

12 LaLa Kent

Via: BravoTV

The reality star certainly isn’t making a good name for herself on Vanderpump Rules. One of her most intense moments was when it came out that the guy she was dating (and keeping hidden) was married to another woman. Conveniently enough, he never made any appearances on the show. She tried to keep him a secret and would only add subtle mentions of him on social media. But of course with technology these days it didn’t take long for his identity to be revealed. She also became known for the tons of plastic surgery she has received. But there might be hope for her after all because she recently said she wants to stop getting the surgeries. Interestingly enough, she’s only 25. “I will say, this last time I feel like I overdid it. I want to stop with the lips, I want to stop with the fillers… you know? Enough is enough!” she told Bravo’s The Lookbook.

11 Kim Zolciak

Via: In Touch Weekly

When we first met Kim Zolciak on the first season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, she was definitely fulfilling the stereotype of a woman on reality television. Interestingly enough, when the show premiered back in 2008, reality TV certainly wasn’t as popular as it is now. So she almost set the precedent for appearances as well. She was also dating a man who was married as she raised her then-young daughters. She was outed for being the other woman as her boyfriend Big Papa often purchased her luxury cars and took care of her on the series. But she left that lifestyle behind and ended up marrying former Atlanta Falcons player Kroy Biermann. The two got married and now have their own spinoff. She has since left The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Interestingly enough, that was around the time she was transforming into a real housewife. Word is we’ll be seeing her on the show again.

10 Lauren Wirkus

Via: GotCeleb

This star got her start on Bravo’s new reality series Summer House. And she has without a doubt made a name for herself. Whether it’s a good reputation or a bad one depends on who you ask. She became the topic of conversation after she started dating co-star Carl, who appeared to be two-timing her at one point. He couldn’t make a cast trip because of an alleged wedding. He told Lauren he was going with his mom, but ended up sending a photo to housemate Stephanie, of him and another girl. But Lauren and Carl still had moments that have lots of girls giving her the side eye (crazy how double standards work these days). There was that time they were seen pretty much hooking up... okay that was more than one time. But the most talked about time is when they broke Carl’s bed. Yeah, we could’ve lived without seeing that.

9 Ashley Wirkus

Via: BravoTV

She tries not to laugh at her twin sister’s mishaps, but Ashley has had quite a few of her own on Summer House that have been deemed as cringeworthy. She’s a newlywed so she might not be as open about her hookups with Lauren, even if they’re with her own husband. But it’s safe to say that she and Wirkus are still not only twins but BFFs. This was the last summer Ashley and Lauren had together before Ashley settled down on the West Coast in California. And like any girl, she wants it to be one that they’ll be talking about for years. So she doesn’t hold back when making the summer a memorable one. While she stays under the radar quite a bit compared to her sister, Ashley has definitely become a fan favorite as the sensible and responsible yet very fun twin sister who knows how to let loose.

8 Erika Jayne

Via: Distilled

Oh, Erika. Where do we begin? Erika is definitely the combination of hot and trashy, and it's a persona that she uses to her advantage. The singer's first appearance on ABC’s Dancing With the Stars is perfect proof of that. She constantly bragged about being rich and even went as far as offering to give her luxury car to her dance coach if they won the entire competition. This type of behavior is the exact reason why Erika joined the cast of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills last season. Her performance on Dancing With the Stars almost seemed like she channeled her inner Britney Spears. Like Britney back in her Oops! I Did it Again days. Still, her skills at a dancer at her age (I promise that wasn’t a sneaky diss) show that she still has what it takes to be a star. And while her statements about her wealth can get annoying, she’s almost like the friend we all need to remind us that it’s okay to have fun.

7 Scheana Shay

The Vanderpump Rules star has made statements on more than one occasion. But in the most recent season of the show, drama followed her around as always. She definitely let loose as her group of friends were getting ready for Katie's wedding. One of her favorite moments seemed to be when she revealed she was one of the long lost actresses in the Coyote Ugly movie. Well... almost. She did go dance on top of the bar at the Coyote Ugly Saloon bar and couldn’t help but sing songs like Can’t Fight The Moonlight by singer LeAnn Rimes. She rocked skin tight leggings, boots that went up to her thigh, topped with a tank top. Shay, who was a server at Sur, posted a photo of herself with two other dancers and wrote, “Enough said… LOL. #CoyoteUgly” This was only one of Shay’s girls just wanna have fun moments.

6 Brandi Glanville

Via: BravoTV

She has tried on more than one occasion to be the most classy co-star on Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. However, on shows like that, it doesn’t pay to be classy, and Glanville quickly realized that. She has had a few moments that show her revealing way more than we want to see. She went as far as self-injecting herself to calm her down during a flight she was not ready for. Oh and she tried to get all of the girls together to learn how to improve their sexual skills. I don’t know if it could get more trashy than what she had in mind. Glanville also never hesitated to go without a bra, whether it was the right occasion or not. And she’s never afraid to show her trashy language when she cusses someone out in a heartbeat. Still, all of these things is what makes Glanville a fan favorite.

5 Stassi Schroeder

Via: Coucou Jolie

This Vanderpump Rules veteran is always good at letting everyone around her know who’s the boss: her, of course. Stassi Schroeder’s most talked about moments consist of her “violent metaphors” when she talks drilling a machine gun into someone’s head, using a fork and knife to “graze over” someone’s body, saying she wants to use daggers to chop someone’s face and hide them in the wall, and of course saying she wanted to stab Jax “like forty times” before she beheaded him and dragged him through West LA. And that’s just a handful of them. But while this might be a bit trashy, I have to say it’s kind of addicting to want to know what Stassi will come up with to describe how she wants to harm someone. One of my favorites is when she asks, “You really are gonna bang my ex-boyfriend? And mess up my beach day and my tan?” Absolutely love her!

4 Joanna Krupa

Via: BravoTV

There are more than enough NSFW moments of this Bravo The Real Housewives of Miami star to go around. Joanna Krupa is known as being the fun girl in the cast and even went on to star in shows like Top Model and Dancing With The Stars. From posting nude photos on Instagram (which she does… A LOT), to slightly covering up in bikini snapshots, Krupa is almost the definition of a trashy reality star. In fact, it’s basically what she wears on a regular that put her on this list. One of her most talked about outfits was a completely sheer outfit to PETA’s 35th anniversary in Hollywood. If she would’ve made any sudden movements, she would have been completely exposed. Still, I don’t know how many headlines that would’ve snagged since we’re kind of used to seeing Krupa in that light. But at least she’s confident enough in her physique to show it off!

3 Teresa Giudice

Via: Huffington Post

Most have said that it doesn’t get too much more trashy than spending time in jail for fraud charges like mortgage, bankruptcy, and tax evasion. But Teresa Giudice of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of New Jersey has clearly proven that she’s more than a convict. She has released a cookbook and was still very involved in her four daughters’ lives when she was away in jail in Connecticut. She was sentenced to 15 months but served less than a year. Her husband, Joe Giudice, was convicted of similar charges but was handed more than three years. Word is he might get deported back to his native country of Italy after his sentence is complete. Even though her run-in with the law could be enough to classify her as trashy, another moment that was talked about a lot before her legal troubles hit headlines was the time she flipped over a table during an argument. I gotta admit, strength like that is pretty hot. And Teresa has managed to keep it tamed since then.

2 Phaedra Parks

Via: BravoTV

If she ever saw this, Phaedra Parks would probably be livid to be on this list because of the trashy part. But as one of the stars of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, all of her moments haven’t been squeaky clean. She has tried to uphold a certain level of etiquette and class and while she’s done a pretty good job of it, there are moments that she has gone too far with her co-stars (like saying Kenya Moore had scrambled eggs because she couldn’t have children), and even sneak dissed her ex-best friend’s husband and said he gets an allowance from her, pointing out the well-known fact that he makes less money than her. And there’ s the time she wore a mesh bikini that showed her “donkey booty” off in front of everyone. She has been known to go back-and-forth with her co-stars and also hit below the belt. At the same time, she has managed to keep a southern belle image going. The ability to do both is almost scary.

1 Mercedes "MJ" Javid

Via: BravoTV

She definitely holds it down for the curvy girls on Bravo’s Shahs of Sunset! I don’t know if I would go as far as saying she is trashy, but she certainly is comfortable with loving and living in the skin she’s in; and loves to show it off to fans and even critics. She tried to make sure her now fiancé Tommy Height only had eyes for her when he went in for a sperm test. She went as far as posing topless for him to provide a little inspiration. But that wasn’t the first time she had a seductive photoshoot and it probably won’t be the last. Remember when she had a similar risqué shoot for her now ex-boyfriend Charlie? While she seems to love to strip down in front of the camera, and sometimes even leave the elegance behind, Mercedes has become a favorite on the reality show.

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