15 Bouchard Family Photos You Wouldn’t Want Your Children To "Like"

A Junior Wimbledon Champion in 2012 as a teen followed up by a breakout year in 2013, Bouchard was quietly making headlines as a huge prospect for the future. Her potential was maximized sooner than expected; she had an incredible year in 2014, reaching the finals of Wimbledon, along with admirable finishes at the French and Australian Opens. It appeared as though the future came too early though, and Bouchard hasn’t been able to sustain anything close to that level of play since.

Instead, she's enhanced her image as a social media icon in the last couple of years. With a following of 1.5 million via Instagram, she’s dazzled followers with a plethora of photos, whether it’s in a smoking outfit, or a steamy Halloween costume. For some parents, they’d rather their children not see such photos – we’ll take a look at which specific ones in the article.

We’ll also feature other Bouchard family members. Twin sister Beatrice makes an appearance on this list along with the youngest of the three, Charlotte. Making the headlines lately, Mimi Bouchard, Eugenie’s cousin will also be showcased in this article featuring steamy family photos of the Bouchard girls. Enjoy the article folks and like always, be sure to share it with a friend. Let’s begin!

15 The New Kid On The Block

A new Bouchard family member is making the headlines as of late and she goes by the name of Mimi Bouchard. Born in Toronto, Ontario, Mimi is the cousin of Eugenie and she’s making the headlines overseas nowadays residing out of London. She’s a lifestyle blogger along with being a popular face on the Made in Chelsea program. Unlike her cousin, she really isn’t into the tennis life and thinks of herself as 'not the sportiest chick'.

She doesn’t have the same type of viral fame compared to cousin Eugenie, though she still has a notable fanbase of close to 150K followers via Instagram. She’s got some edgy posts on there – enough to make your children want to unsee such pics. Looking for love on the Made In Chelsea show, you can expect Bouchard to make things interesting as a cast member.

14 The Majorca Candids

Following her early exit from Majorca Open, Bouchard took to the beach and she wasn’t alone. Not only was boyfriend and former NHLer Jordan Caron on hand, but she was also followed by paparazzi, whether that was intentional or unintentional, we’ll truly never know.

Nonetheless, Bouchard dazzled onlookers with one of the skimpiest bikini bottoms you’ll ever see. The bikini had a banana shape to it and was certainly unconventional compared to a normal bikini ensemble. Bouchard was posing all over the place in the attire and the paparazzi had a field day with the photos. In terms of her 2017 summer, these pics stole the headlines, and that particularly includes her run on the court as the struggles only continued for the young tennis star.

13 Eugenie’s Recent Halloween Costume

Not too shocking, for the most part, this article is littered with pictures of Eugenie herself. When we think of some of the most smoking ensembles from her past, a lot of people generally think of those steamy Halloween costumes. Bouchard loves the holiday and one thing’s for sure, she hasn’t shied away from dressing up in the last couple of years. For the most part, she’s worn costumes you wouldn’t want your children seeing and that was especially applicable this past October.

Eugenie broke the internet via Instagram rocking a revealing Baywatch outfit. She flaunted the goods on social media sharing photos of both the front and back of the costume. With over 1.5 million followers on the platform, you can only imagine the stir such a picture caused. Nowadays, Bouchard’s making waves more so for her antics off the court than on it.

12 More Halloween

Another Halloween, another “Not So PG” costume worn by Eugenie, this time around, she was all about the cleavage, rocking a Kitty costume, though in truth, taking a look at the ensemble that’s the last thing you're likely thinking about. Given the cleavage of the costume, parents would not want their children seeing such an ensemble.

We now transition into a brief discussion regarding her current status on the court. 2017 was yet another disappointing year for Eugenie who failed to develop any kind of consistency. Injuries also once again hurt her consistency as well. Though, in a surprising twist, she was very good in doubles competition, partnering up with Belgium Kirsten Flipkens. The two had a great showing during the BGL Luxembourg Open reaching the doubles finals only to be defeated.

11 Sister Beatrice On Halloween

Speaking of Halloween, we now add Eugenie’s sister into the mix, the beautiful Beatrice Bouchard. Depending on one’s taste that is, you can make the argument that the Montreal native is the best looking of the bunch. She’s banked off of her sister’s fame quite nicely with a staggering following of near a quarter of a million via Instagram. It also helps that she’s quite the looker and this Halloween throwback picture above is an example of that.

She rocked the outfit this year, going as a correctional officer (in case you were wondering what the costume was). The photo received 15K likes which isn’t nearly enough, though the comments section was littered with statements from her followers loving the photo. Parents, on the other hand, likely didn’t feel the same way as one can argue the ensemble is a little too cleavage-friendly, but hey, it’s Halloween!

10 Eugenie In Short Shorts

The new kid on the block in 2014, Bouchard was making headlines not only in Canada for becoming the first Canadian to represent the country at Wimbledon, but she was also becoming a household name across the tennis community as the future of the sport. Bouchard took her game to new heights as a youngster in 2014 reaching the finals at Wimbledon along with superb semi-final finishes at the French and Australian Opens. 2015 seemed like it was going to her year, however, that was not the case and things would slowly begin to fall apart.

Sooner or later, she’d be making headlines for her outfit choices, as opposed to her actual on court game, something parents likely aren’t too fond of. This is a candid shot of Eugenie rocking some of the shortest short shorts you’ll ever see a tennis player wear.

9 Little Sister Charlotte

Oh yes, there is in fact a third sister and that’s Charlotte Bouchard. For those of you keeping track so far, we’ve featured Eugenie herself, sister Beatrice, whom many know of, cousin Mimi, who’s starting to reach higher levels of fame, and we now turn to the lesser known family member, the youngest sister Charlotte.

As she’s getting older, Charlotte seems to be following in the path of both sisters documenting her personal life via Instagram. She’s also got the followers count to warrant enough interest with already 75K followers. Beatrice resembles her twin sister but you can make the argument that Charlotte has a lot more similar features to Eugenie than her actual twin. Not only does the picture above show that, but her recent pics also indicate that she’s looking more and more like Eugenie as she gets older.

8 Mimi Bouchard With The Open Blazer

Mimi Bouchard hasn’t been all that shy when it comes to posting steamy photos, after all, she blogs about fashion and lifestyle, so you’d figure she’d be rocking some steamy ensembles. This is one of the many examples as she rocks a cleavage-friendly top. In her defense, most pics on the profile are meant for business and not pleasure as she showcases outfits for various brands, similar to what Beatrice does on her social media account.

Without a doubt, they’ve asked Eugenie for her input on such sponsorship gigs; Eugenie is a monster when it comes to endorsement deals and although her play has subsided, it hasn’t cost her one bit in terms of partnerships with companies as she’s still a huge sought after figure. Without a doubt, cousin Mimi is hoping to walk in similar footsteps in the world of fashion.

7 Eugenie’s SI Shoot

The 2017 Sports Illustrated Issue bolstered Eugenie’s status as a massive "symbol" in the world of pro sports. The pictures in the magazine were cringeworthy for parents of children who worship the tennis player, for a neutral however, you’d think she was a model and not an athlete looking at the pics from the spread. Not only did she rock some fantastic bikinis but for the most part, she was also uncovered in a variety of photos with nothing but her hands covering the goods. In terms of the steamiest photoshoot she’s ever taken part of, this one certainly takes the cake.

She wasn’t alone in the SI shoot however, as other tennis stars also took part and that included the likes of the great Serena Williams, who recently took time off to have a baby. And, the great Caroline Wozniacki also took part in the SI pictorial.

6 Beatrice In Lace

One thing the Bouchard family has done in the past, and that’s clear in this article, is take our breaths away with some of the steamiest Instagram posts. Although Eugenie normally gets all the credit (or blame depending on who you ask) for the steamy photos due to her global fame, twin sister Beatrice is certainly no slouch either.

Like cousin Mimi, Beatrice posts regularly representing various brands. One of the brands she happens to rep is a lace company, hence the smoking hot picture above. Representing Lace Canada, Beatrice showcases the revealing ensemble to perfection. She also scores some bonus points for her pose in the picture.

For what it’s worth Beatrice was born first, making her the oldest by just a couple of minutes. Though as Beatrice shrewdly indicated, Eugenie was blessed with the height advantage between the two.

5 Eugenie The Sponsorship Giant

We touched base on this earlier in the article and we’ll discuss it in depth for this entry. Eugenie is a giant when it comes to endorsement deals and here’s some of the deals she’s managed to obtain; three-year deal with Coca-Cola, contract to sponsor Pinty’s, deal with Rogers Communications, equipment deals with both Babolat and Nike and oh, a ten year deal with Aviva Canada.

We certainly aren’t bashing Bouchard for all of her endorsement success; it’s remarkable that at the age of 23, not only does she have these sponsors but they're some of the biggest sponsorship giants in the world. Though the bad, some would say, is that Eugenie is more focused on representing brands nowadays than her play on the court. Securing so many deals, did she lose sight of her game on the court?

4 Beatrice The Bikini Babe

Hide your eyes, children, as this is a smoking bikini picture of Beatrice Bouchard. Yes sister Eugenie gets all the credit for the bikini shots, of course given her SI spread, but more love needs to be shown to sister Beatrice for rocking the bikini gear to perfection. Her Instagram account is littered with such photos that’ll make you scroll down for hours until your eyes get red. Yup, they’re that good.

In the photo above she’s enjoying some vacation time away in Mexico; residing in the cold Montreal weather, getting away from time to time must be a priority for sister Beatrice. Eugenie knows a thing or two about that as well, as not only is she on tour for work, but she also loves to travel in general during her time off the court. The Bouchard sisters love to travel and few are complaining about it, except of course, for those parents...

3 Mimi Cooling Off

We all have those photos in where we’re desperately trying to look sober, though the camera never lies. This appears to be the case with Mimi who’s posing for the picture with a drink in hand; some would argue she’s drinking water, but maybe that water's following several drinks of a different variety. Once again, she’s looking stunning in the revealing top – this article proves that the Bouchard family is blessed with some fantastic genetics.

As we stated earlier, Mimi is shockingly single and looking for love on the show she’s set to take part in shortly. For now, you can track her down via Instagram. She’s usually representing various endorsements via her page and without a doubt, Eugenie’s proud of her cousin’s plethora of endorsement deals. Speaking of endorsing one’s self....

2 Beatrice’s “Not So PG” One-Piece

Beatrice certainly doesn’t need to show off cleavage in order to showcase her beauty, though she rocked a breathtaking one-piece swimsuit, enough to make a teen boy faint and a mother cringe. The gray swimsuit was truly mesmerizing, providing a revealing side look; she dawned a similar black one-piece suit in another Instagram post. We can only imagine the firestorm that would take place had sister Eugenie showcased such a bathing suit in front of her 1.5 million followers via social media.

Some would argue that even if Eugenie would rock the same one-piece, she would not pull it off in the same way that her sister Beatrice did. The older of the two, Beatrice is regarded as an absolute smokebomb and that won’t change anytime soon; like a fine wine, she’ll just get better with age.

1 Smoking Selfies

Speaking of fine wines that get better with age, Eugenie is hoping for that to be the case with her tennis career. As we stated, since 2014, she’s hit the ground in a bad way (no like seriously, she actually fell in the locker room due to a slippery surface and sued the USTA for her concussion). The worst part about the injury sustained in 2015 is the fact that it couldn’t have come at a worse time as she was finally gaining momentum. 2016 and 2017 saw the continuation of mixed results as Bouchard once again failed to muster up any type of consistent play.

The picture above is another smoking selfie, and we’ve got a lot of those from Eugenie recently. Set to turn 24 in February, tennis experts are hoping she can put her social media life on the backburner and place more focus on her on-court career.

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