15 Botched Patients We Would Still Go Home With

We all know that plastic surgery can, and will, go wrong. While we believe that there are certainly ways to prevent a botched surgery, like not getting it done in the first place, there are some doctors out there that are dedicated to fixing the problems that others create. The TV show Botched shows us two of those doctors.

Botched is an American reality series that first premiered on E! back in the summer of 2014. With its first episode being viewed by over a million people, I think it’s safe to say that people found it either disgusting or entertaining or some combination of the two. The doctors this series follows are Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif. Terry Dubrow is a plastic surgeon and television personality who studied medicine at both Yale as well as UCLA’s School of Medicine. He is also known for accompanying his wife on the TV show The Real Housewives of Orange County. Paul Nassif is also a skilled surgeon who studied at both the University of Health Sciences Chicago and UCLA’s School of Medicine, the same as Dubrow.

Together, these doctors right the wrongs when it comes to awful plastic surgery. I have compiled a list of the ones we would go home with. Some of these people made it onto this list because they’re hot, at least after meeting with Terry and Paul, but others made it here because they seem like they’d be cool to hangout with. These are 15 Botched Patients We Would Still Go Home With, would you?

15 The Blow-Up Doll - Katella Dash

Upon hearing that someone had a lot of surgery to resemble a blow-up doll, chances are you’d be turned off in a heartbeat. Even though that would be the case with most people, I implore you to check out the hottie in this picture. This is a model named Katella Dash. Her whole life goal is to resemble her favorite thing, a blow-up doll, and she’d pay anything to achieve the look. In fact, she’s already spent over $100,000 on procedures. When she walked into her consultation with the good doctors, she told them that she wanted to increase her breast size from 38H to 38MMM; in addition to that she wanted to further plump her lips and adjust her nose, again. Due to the excessive surgery she had already put her body through, both Terry and Paul denied her request to do anything further.

14 Former Playboy Model - Shauna Sand

Those of you who are regular readers of Playboy should be familiar with the name Shauna Sand. Shauna is not only an American actress, making appearances in over a dozen different shows and movies throughout her career, but she’s also appeared in Playboy. She asked for the help of the doctors of Botched to remove the keloid scarring she had on her breasts from a previous breast augmentation. Being in her line of work, Shauna was very self-conscious of any mark that didn’t belong and she wanted it removed. She received the surprise of her life, however, when Terry and Paul told her that she would have to wait at least nine months to have surgery since she was pregnant. Unfortunately, she miscarried later on but she’s still a babe in my book.

13 The Money Maker - Brian Zembic

The only reason I would bring home a man with boobs would be if it were this man with boobs. Brian Zembic was a highly unique case on Botched because he landed on the show because of a bet he made with a friend. He and his friend had a bet that, in exchange for $100,000, he would get a set of female breasts that he had to wear around for a certain amount of time. Seeing this as an awesome opportunity to gamble, Brian accepted the terms and set things up with a surgeon friend. The friend then bet him a free set of lady jugs if the gambler beat him in a game of backgammon. Sure, enough, Brian won the game as well as a free set of boobs. Of course, since he wore the implants around long enough, he won the money too which means when we hangout he’s paying for dinner and telling one epic story.

12 A Human Barbie - Sarah Burge

Sarah Burge may have found herself in hot water with people all over the world after she gifted plastic surgery vouchers to her then ten-year-old kid but that doesn’t stop her from being herself. She wasn’t always into plastic surgery, only after an extremely abusive relationship ended with her face being unrecognizable, but after the first problem was fixed, she just started to find another after another, all of which needed work. Sarah has had plastic surgery procedures all over her body, she says “from my head to the tips of my toes.” Then, when she’s completed the procedures on her body, she just starts from the top again. Her plastic surgery obsession has even been instilled on her young daughter whom she brings with her on consultations. Even though most people don’t like the overly plastic look, Sarah doesn’t really look half bad.

11 The PTSD Patient - Lauren

Poor Lauren, although she is beautiful, has gone through some pretty traumatic experiences. I’m talking about her first session of rhinoplasty, which she was awake for. If you didn’t know, when you get a nose job, the doctor first breaks your nose. They shatter the bones in your face so that they can reshape it into the form you both went over in your initial consultation. Since this is an actual surgery, one that you would probably like to forget, its would be a good thing if the doctor that was operating did the right thing when giving you anesthesia. Instead of putting Lauren under, the “doctor” that worked on her put her under a Twilight sleep which is where the patient can see and hear everything because they’re still awake. So Lauren experienced the entire procedure which ended up leaving the tip of her nose disfigured. Thankfully, Paul and Terry were able to fix it, making her stunning once again.

10 The Adult Film Star - Kimber James

Kimber James works in porn, loves it, and is absolutely gorgeous. When she made the transition to become a woman, she made sure to cover all the bases and got a new rack along with some new lady bits. Although it may be a difficult surgery to change male anatomy to female, Kimber’s junk was left so that she couldn’t perform with the camera facing her at certain angles, it just didn’t look right. When she came onto the show Botched, it was to reconstruct her labia so that she could get more work as well as get paid more for the work she was already doing. The doctors managed to makes things work, and while I haven’t personally went to see, I’m sure there’s quite a difference.

9 The Purple Lady - Bunny

This lady might look like a cartoon character, but that’s the goal for our number one contender, not this woman. This lady goes by “Bunny” and she is a professional cosplayer. Contrary to what parents would want for their children, Bunny went ahead and got her first surgery at the age of 18. She didn’t get Botox or lip injections either, she decided to go big with 850 cc breast implants. Not long after, Bunny wanted to increase the size and went under the knife again this time to swap out the 850s for ones that were 2,000 cc. It seems rather strange and extremely obsessive that she feels the need to go larger than that but she showed up in front of Paul and Terry begging them to do just that. Of course, like any good doctor would, they turned her away saying she’s already made them too big for anyone’s frame.

8 The Baywatch Star - Nicole Eggert

Opposite of The Purple Bunny is Nicole Eggert who went onto the show Botched to decrease her breast size instead of increase it. If you feel like you’ve seen this woman before you might have. This hot babe was one of Baywatch’s finest which is the reason why she made it on this list. Nicole went to Paul and Terry asking for a reduction from her bodacious bosom to a more manageable B cup. Before they consented to doing the operation, they informed her that there was almost always scarring when doing a breast reduction surgery. Even though there were going to be scars and she was nervous about going under the knife again, this stunning 40-year-old did it and loved the results.

7 The Body Mod-er - Aiyla Lothamer

I would bring this chick home just because she seems really cool to hangout with. Not only is she covered in tattoos but she is known for the body mods she gets, including a heart shaped mold underneath the skin of her chest. That’s actually what she goes to see the doctors on Botched for, to get the heart removed. It might just be a small procedure, especially compared to some of the other people’s surgical procedures you’ve seen today but it was still significant enough to make its way onto the show. All and all, Aiyla seems like a really awesome girl. She’s covered in tattoos and she’s not afraid to change her body the way she sees fit. Plus, she identifies as an alien on her Twitter account which seems pretty cool too.

6 The Former Teen Mom - Farrah Abraham

Say what you want about Farrah Abraham but after she got her lips fixed, she became hot again. Farrah became a thing when she appeared on the MTV show, 16 & Pregnant, because she was a young girl pregnant, hence the title of the show. People loved to hate her less than pleasant attitude and she further became a nuisance to some when she landed a spot on the show Teen Mom. Regardless of what people thought of her, she went on to try her hand in the adult film world and fell in love with the attention. When she got her lips enhanced in a procedure gone wrong, she ended up with a very swollen pout. However, she has since recovered and is back to being beautiful all the while pissing the world off at the same time.

5 Mr. One Peck - Albert

I have to say that Albert doesn’t look half bad post-op, and that’s why he’s here. Albert is a bodybuilder who takes his craft very seriously. However, he was unfortunately born with Poland Syndrome which is a rare birth defect that doesn’t allow the muscle in the chest to grow, leaving him looking rather lopsided. After seeing how this condition affected his ability to train and compete, Albert began to look for other options when it came to replacing the missing muscle. After suggestions from family, he decided to go down to Mexico to get a pec implant for $3,000. Even though he thought he had found a solution to his problem, he awoke from surgery deathly ill because his body was rejecting the new addition. After he had it removed and fixed by Botched, he almost looks brand new.

4 Botched Chest Babe - Darlene

The rest of the ladies in this piece landed here because of their sheer beauty, sometimes both before and after surgery. Darlene here ended up on Botched after she had an awful doctor give her an even worse boob job. The size and shape were fine except for the fact that both her nipples drooped toward the floor like she had aged thirty years over the course of the surgery. Like anyone would suspect, this botched surgery left Darlene feeling less than confident about herself so she asked Paul and Terry to lend a helping hand, and they did. She now walks around with a nice set of tatas instead of the old lady sag bags she was toting around before.

3 Miss India - Tania Mehra

If you watch beauty queen competitions, you might have seen Tania Mehra, otherwise known as Miss India. This former beauty queen was already beautiful but chose to go under the knife after the relentless suggestions of her then boyfriend. So, even though she didn’t want to change her look, she did and it became a decision she soon came to regret. The doctor that had performed her rhinoplasty surgery left her with a nose that resembled a pig’s snout. Of course, being a former beauty queen meant that she couldn’t simply live with the pig nose she now sported, so she went on Botched. Now, post-op, she looks as beautiful as ever. Yet more proof that Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow definitely know what they’re doing.

2 Mrs. Paul Nassif - Canada Girl

This girl may be hot but she is a certain percentage of crazy too. Even though Paul Nassif has been divorced for awhile and when he was married, it wasn’t to this Canadian girl, people still refer to this blonde as “Mrs. Paul Nassif.” She is called that, and her episode is called “Meet The Future Mrs. Paul Nassif” because she used her supposedly botched boob job to get on the show and closer to Paul Nassif. As her parts in the episode show you, she’s pretty much obsessed with the American doctor. Who goes on a surgery show just to try to get closer to someone they like? That’s crazy! But she did it, which I find quite admirable in a romantic psycho sort of way.

1 The True Cartoon - Pixee Fox

You might fantasize about becoming one of your favorite cartoon characters, but people very rarely act on these thoughts and ideas, unless you’re Pixee Fox. Pixee Fox is a model that has had a ton of plastic surgery to make her body fit into the ideal she has pictured in her head. She’s another person who has had surgery on just about every body part that exists. When she went to Terry and Paul on Botched to further “enhance” her already daring physique, they told her she was out of her mind and that any more plastic surgery might just kill her. While that seems like a steep price to pay to you or me, Pixee just says she’s going to find a doctor somewhere else that will help her out. More power to ya, sister.

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