15 Boring Looking Celebs That Were Really Hot In A Role

When we think of rich and famous celebrities, we tend to think of them as drop dead gorgeous. Maybe this is because anyone that has been so successful and known by so many couldn’t possibly look boring. We all know in truth though that not every celebrity makes people do a double take. Some of the most well known celebrities have a very boring and plain appearance. But that doesn’t mean that they can’t ramp it up and turn it on when the role calls for the wow factor. There have been far more cases where celebrities made themselves way down for a role, but in some instances, celebs were absolutely transformed into a whole different person!

That’s not to say that boring means ugly by any means. It is very clear that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and there is certainly someone for everyone. But the following 15 celebrities are proof that what we think of as “hot” can come and go on a whim for a lot of people. These celebs are typically known for their boring look day to day and in most of their roles. But look closely at these photos that prove that at least once, they turned it on and got the wow factor on screen!


15 Sarah Jessica Parker - Honeymoon in Vegas

Sarah Jessica Parker is not known as one of Hollywood’s true beauties. She is a fantastic actress and has played some very well known roles, proving her worth as a leading lady in the business. She had to be as glamorous as possible for her role as Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City, but this is not a role that most would consider to be her hottest. It was 1992's Honeymoon in Vegas where she was her absolute best! Showing off her young and sexy body along with the overall desirability of the character in the movie makes this one time early in her career where she was seen as super sexy! Even though you have to endure Nicolas Cage’s character in the film, it’s still worth checking out.

14 Claire Danes - The Mod Squad


No one could remotely call Claire Danes ugly. She’s a beauty all right, but she isn’t someone that you think of as turning a lot of heads most of the time. Looking at Danes most of the time, she’s a little Plain Jane. But that is by no means always the case. There have been a few roles where she is known for her sex appeal, some more than others. The Mod Squad is one such role where Danes got to be seen as super hot! She plays a hero with a bad girl streak that is extremely appealing. While the film was a critical and box office flop (compared to the production budget), it still remains as one of Claire Danes' hottest roles, where she proved that she could be physically off the charts awesome!

13 Elisabeth Moss - El Camino

Not exactly known to play a lot of hot roles, Elisabeth Moss is an amazing actress that has played characters that are often physically more “behind the scenes.” She has had some publicity photos in recent years though, that show that she can bring the hotness! But to find movie proof of this, the lesser known 2008 film El Camino allows us to see her looking pretty great! The movie is a drama and while it is not really intended to make her out to be a bombshell, it shows us all that Moss has the beauty in her and can look really good! I think we will see Elisabeth showing off her sexiness in future projects and this may remake our impression of her. Time will surely tell.

12 Hilary Swank - The Black Dahlia


Hilary Swank is another actress not known to be super hot. She is an awesome actress and has done a whole lot of different and very important roles, but most of these roles have not established her for her beauty. Usually, we see her as a physically and mentally strong character. But in The Black Dahlia, Swank cranked up the hot factor and showed us all that she does in fact have a sexy side! She proved that she could be a bombshell by showing off her curves and making herself up to be a sexual icon for the film. She has gone on to show us that she can be very sexy over the years, but if you need proof of the hotness, look no further than in The Black Dahlia.

11 Jenna Fischer - Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story

Jenna Fischer is another seemingly soft spoken and background beauty in Hollywood. She is known largely for her role as Pam on the hit sitcom The Office on NBC, but she has appeared in a great number of films as well. Fischer is usually a somewhat frumpy, girl next door type, but there are a few occasions where she showed off her hotness. In the comedy spoof film Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story, Fischer is the love interest and has some scenes where we all had to do a little double take. Sure, it’s a comedy but that doesn’t mean Fischer can’t still look extra hot. She’s done a few other roles that have us raising an eyebrow too, so make sure you don’t count her out on the sexy meter.

10 Jennifer Lawrence - Multiple X-Men Movies


Some people look at Jennifer Lawrence and see instant sex appeal. Most people look at her in several of her roles (including the tomboy-ish Katniss Everdeen) as being cute. We have all seen her in enough roles to know that she can turn it on and make herself look very desirable, but on a day-to-day basis, Lawrence does not really get dolled-up a lot. But let’s all just wait a second and remember her role in three different X-Men movies as Mystique (or Raven Darkholme if you prefer) which made us all appreciate the magnitude of her hotness! You could also say that she kicked it up a notch in American Hustle too, making us all keenly aware that the boring look is not the only trick up her sleeve!

9 Will Ferrell - Talladega Nights: The Legend of Ricky Bobby

It is probably safe to say that no one has ever equated Will Ferrell with “hot.” He’s not an ugly guy, but he’s kind of just a regular Joe when it comes to looks. This is something that Ferrell has used to his advantage in most of the characters he has played. Even though it is clearly a comedy, looking at Ferrell in Talladega Nights: The Legend of Ricky Bobby, he is portraying a self-absorbed NASCAR driver. In the film, he is well groomed, healthy and the character is probably the best he has looked in a role, largely out of necessity for the part. Most people tend to agree that this is the best he has looked in a movie. (He certainly looks better than he did as Mugatu in Zoolander.)


8 Kristen Wiig - Friends with Kids


Kristen Wiig is another actress that is neither ugly, nor drop dead gorgeous. She has played a lot of roles and is on top of the world in Hollywood these days. Wiig has also done a lot to establish herself as attractive, but is still very silly and comedic. Still, people have a hard time separating her from some of her goofier characters on Saturday Night Live, making the achievement of hotness kind of a challenge. But in her role in the film Friends with Kids, Wiig made us all a little more interested. Her hot factor definitely went up in her role as Missy, who plays a very sexual character. Pulling off this character was something different for her and it helped show that she really can bring some hotness and not just silliness.

7 Nicolas Cage - Gone in 60 Seconds

Stress can do a lot to a guy...just ask Nicolas Cage! With some IRS trouble several years back, he’s been clawing his way back up the ladder. This has forced Cage to do a lot of acting in just about whatever crossed his path! No, he hasn’t been too choosy in recent years, but we can sure give him a lot of credit for keeping a strong work ethic. With all that stress, coupled with a pretty average look and a receding hairline, there’s not a lot that makes him stand out. But in the 2000 film, Gone in 60 Seconds, he was a cool car thief with a take-charge attitude. It didn’t hurt that Angelina Jolie co-starred as his love interest, only helping to increase his stock. This role is hands down the best Cage ever looked in a role.

6 Emily Blunt - The Devil Wears Prada


The lovely Emily Blunt is just that...lovely. This British actress has done a lot of projects and has often shown us that she can be funny as well as dramatic. Her usual appearance in films, coupled with her very proper British accent makes Emily quite a lovely young lady. But lovely can often be boring. People don’t think of Emily as a Hollywood hottie. But in her supporting role as Emily in the 2006 film The Devil Wears Prada (one of her earliest film roles), she showed us an ultra sexy, well dressed hottie! Maybe it’s the high fashion that was used in the film, or the fact that she was a complete snob, or a combination of both mixed with the accent, but her hotness was spot on in this film.

5 Lara Flynn Boyle - Men in Black 2

There are a few different possible films that could be used to show Lara Flynn Boyle in her prime as a hottie...but not a whole lot. Boyle is ordinarily not an actress that is used for her sex appeal. She’s a great actress and has had some great roles. We probably all know her best as the deputy district attorney in the television series The Practice. But if you want an example of how she can turn it on and be extra hot, take a look at her role as Serleena in Men in Black II. She plays an evil alien, disguised as a super hot human female. The role won her a Razzie Award for Worst Supporting Actress (I never said it was her best work), but it showed her as being able to show off the goods and turn up the wow factor physically.

4 Jack Black - Airborne


Jack Black is a kind of wild, goofy guy in most of his films. He is overweight and certainly not considered to be a Hollywood hunk. When we think of Jack Black, we forget that he did a lot of small roles in a variety of films before he ever got the chance to be a top billed actor. In those earlier projects, he looked a lot different than the Jack we see today. In the film Airborne from 1993, Jack plays a smaller role, but has to portray one of the local “cool kids.” In the role, he is more fit and folks would see a really good looking guy! He’s never been the kind of guy that’s going to have a poster in a teen magazine, but this role gives us a totally different looking Jack Black!

3 Tori Spelling - Scream 2

Many people have claimed that it was because of her enormously famous father Aaron Spelling, that Tori Spelling had the acting career that she has had. Whether this is the truth or not is debatable, but she is generally not as hot as some of the roles she has played. She has always had a nice figure, but Tori is just not known for having the overall wow factor. But that certainly doesn’t mean that there has not been a time where Tori was able to establish herself as a true hottie. Her iconic role in Scream 2 is where she was her hottest. Arguably, she did some hot stuff in Scary Movie 2 as well, but we will always remember Miss Spelling in the shower scene of Scream 2.

2 Jason Segel - 11:14


Jason Segel isn’t a bad looking guy. But he is the kind of guy that all of us guys feel have an attainable look. Jason probably wouldn’t argue this either. What makes him who he is, is his huge personality and attitude. But if you go way back to his early career, you’ll find him in a smaller role in the movie 11:14, where he plays a paramedic. He’s somewhat thinner in this role, with some facial hair. Many ladies claim that this small part is the hottest he has been in a role (not that he hasn’t been the desire of them in other movies). This was well before he shot to the fame he has today in a movie that many have not seen. You be the judge.

1 Taryn Manning - Jack and Jill vs. the World

Taryn Manning is now known primarily for the role of Tiffany “Pennsatucky” Doggett in the Netflix smash hit Orange is the New Black. She is not exactly designed to be sexually desirable in this role. In fact, watching her portray the character, it is almost impossible to imagine her as super hot. But when you realize how she looks in real life and see other roles she has played, you realize that she has the ability to turn on the hot. In the 2008 film Jack and Jill vs. the World, Manning showed us that she can hang in there with the best of them when it comes to the wow factor. She’s got it in this movie that didn’t get much attention at all. Comparing her as Jill to Pennsatucky is like comparing oil and water!

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