15 Bombshell Stars You Didn't Realize Were So Short

Big things come in little packages. We see them strutting down the red carpet or standing next to their man of the moment, usually in very high stiletto heels, and we don't realize how short they are.

Big things come in little packages. We see them strutting down the red carpet or standing next to their man of the moment, usually in very high stiletto heels, and we don't realize how short they are. We are focusing on other assets, if you know what we mean. Some are former Disney stars. Some are reality stars. They sing. They dance. They act. And they tease their fans on and off social media with shots that display that cleavage and those legs. Don't forget that booty. Lots of booty. Many may be former child stars, but trust us, they are all grown up and ready, willing and able to tease their fans with pictures that are almost "X' rated. But, hey, for young female stars nude is the new normal, after all. All the bombshells on this list are petite, short, compact, but perfectly built (read stacked) and oh, so happy to share their assets with their fans. Here are 15 pictures that prove petite bombshells love to tease. And tease. And tease.

15 Ariana Grande - 5 Feet 1 Inch

With legs that seem to go on forever, you would be forgiven for overlooking this talented former Nickelodeon star is so tiny. Ariana Grande may be a total diva, with a list of demands that out strips the President, but she is an undeniably, hot, talented package. She does a nice range of "jail bait" school uniform shots and channels the bad little girl vibe to perfection. And remember those "nude" pictures of her that were accidentally leaked on the Internet that she said weren't her, even when a guy was convicted of hacking her account. Well, with Ariana, the truth is all relative. Do we care if she is a diva out of control? No, not one little bit. Our favorite Ariana tease has to be those naughty school girl outfits. Even sucking on a pacifier...

14 Ariel Winter - 5 Feet 1 Inch

We've had some unconvincing stories about hot and sexy hacked photos that, quite frankly we have reason to question. But never mind. The Modern Family star gives fans plenty to salivate over. The good news is that she is 18 and legal. More good news comes with her 32 D, and 38-28-34 status, hot looks in Daisy Dukes and neat line of scorching hot, cleavage-baring bikinis. And then there's that twerk video and those blue bikini cleavage shots she took on vacation in Cabo, Mexico. Come to think of it, with Ariel, there just isn't any bad news. And that includes the skin tight pink dress, complete with all sorts of top, bottom and side b**b that she wore for her very lavish high school graduation party. What a tease she is.

13 Mila Kunis - 5 Feet 4 Inches

She's not beyond tantalizing her fans with, according to tmrzoo, "varying degrees of nudity" including between the sheets, body paint and posing in a way that just barely hides those naughty bits. And, it goes without saying, she is a near perfect 34-25-32 size, just about 5 feet 4 inches tall and just getting hotter and hotter. The runaway success of her 2016 film Bad Moms cemented Mila Kunis' status as a go-to hot young thing with a feel for a comic turn. Our favorite? Just has to be those between the sheets Esquire shots. The Ukrainian beauty came to the U.S. with her parents when she was only 7-years-old. From Russia with love and s*x appeal. Bad moms are more fun, we like to think.

12 Selena Gomez - 5 Feet 5 Inches

Our tallest petite bombshell is former Disney star and current Queen of Instagram Selena Gomez. Her style is quietly and simply sexy without bombshell fanfare. Oh, the last couple of years have seen Justin Bieber come and go, rumors of rehab ebb and flow, and the falling out with her former BFFs prominently on display. Like Vanessa Hudgens, Selena made the transition from child star to adult star in 2012's Spring Breakers. Since sacking her parents as her managers, she has (much to the delight of her fans) become more and more daring in her displays of nudity, with careful posing just about saving her from an X-rating. There is still something of an innocent little girl in her poses, but it is just clear she is growing up and fast.

11 Eva Longoria - 5 Feet 2 Inches

A spot of bondage for our favorite Desperate Housewife. Eva Longoria doesn't so much age as get hotter and hotter and more sultry. The 5 feet 2 inch Latina bombshell has it all: Looks, talent and s*x appeal. Never mind rumors of leaked nude pictures, those clad in leather, draped in bondage ones are sometimes too hot to handle. But our all time favorite has to be Eva and the bananas. We aren't going to explain (for obvious reasons). Use your imagination. Or, go ahead, and Google it and see for yourself. She's not so busy acting these days as she is enjoying life with her filthy rich media mogul hubby. She's rich, thin and oh so happy. And still a tease. Let's get back to those bondage shots...

10 Vanessa Hudgens - 5 Feet 1 Inch

Back when she was at Disney and a really fun sequence of nude photos were leaked, she was in big trouble with the studio that gave the world Mickey Mouse. Walt Disney was probably flipping over in his grave. The studio executives locked her away in the studio until they could figure out how to say sorry in a way that saved face and satisfied her up in arms fans. Stars of High School Musical don't do that kind of thing. Oh, yes they do. You should read what the Mousketeers used to get up to, all before they were even close to 18 years old. But by the time 2012 came and she made raunchy, coming-of-age film Spring Breakers, she was all grown up, on and off the screen. These days, there's a kind of risque, edgy come hither vibe going on.

9 Jessica Simpson - 5 Feet 3 Inches

Well, if 38-25-35 (Double D) Jessica Simpson doesn't personify Daisy Duke, who does? Her tease channels that busty blonde Southern girl who goes to church every time the doors are open and pretends to be virginal, but ain't. Well, she claimed she abstained until she married, but...  Who knows? She first married Nick Lachey in 2002 and saw fit to trash his equipment and lovemaking ability. Like, she went totally public with it. If she waited until she was married, just who was she comparing him to? She is called an "actress/ singer", but much of her money comes from her shoe and clothing line. You can bet there's a Daisy Duke vibe in that sexy range. And lots of animal print.

8 Kim Kardashian - 5 Feet 3 Inches

When she was a little girl, coming up in affluent Beverley Hills, Kim Kardashian proclaimed that some day she was going to be rich and famous. And she did it, thanks to booty and cleavage, a beautiful face and that reality show. Plus Momager and a cross-dressing dad who became a she. In fact, Kim single-handedly made "big booty" women hot. Let's not mention those 34D assets she loves to display in those bathroom selfies. Kim's teasing style is clinging, stretchy sexy with a touch of rich Euro Trash thrown in. She also has done nude, save for body paint. That desert shoot where a tanned Kim only wore white paint in all the right places is iconic. Another thing she pioneered: The nude selfie. Plus a bit of Photoshop thrown in to smooth over the bumps and sags.

7 Hilary Duff - 5 Feet 1 Inch

Back in 2001 she was the star of Disney's Lizzie McGuire and her first mega-hit album Metamorphosis came out a couple of years later. She was always keen to pursue her singing career, but has said that Lizzie kind of got in the way. In fact, she has said it took over her life. Back then she was underage, dating adult rock musicians and very blonde. Now, an older and wiser (and legal) divorced Hilary Duff is channeling a very adult sexy vibe. With near perfect 34-27-34 measurement, she exudes a grown up, classy-sexy vibe. She got flack in 2016 when she and her boyfriend showed up at a Halloween party dressed (perfectly decently) as a Pilgrim and Native American. The flack? Her white guy boyfriend dressing like a circus Indian. Hey, that's about as scandalous as Hil gets. Pity.

6 Lea Michelle - 5 Feet 3 Inches

For years, Lea Michele starred as Rachel opposite to Cory Monteith's Finn in TV's high school musical Glee. And they were in love on and off camera. Then Monteith tragically died in 2013. His death hit Lea and the whole cast very hard and, even into 2017, she is posting pictures of her and Monteith to honor his memory and their time together. She stayed on the show for two more years and lately can be seen alongside Jamie Lee Curtis in Scream Queens. She seems to have moved on a bit, as on New Years' Day 2017 she posed naked on a rooftop. How do we know? She posted it on Instagram. Very classy. And very sexy vibe. Quietly hot. And knowing it.

5 L'il Kim - 4 Feet 11 Inches

She doesn't tease as much as she gets in your face with raunchy sexy. Don't call her 'Short Stuff' unless you want a fight. You don't survive and thrive in the male-dominated rapping world without being serious about taking care of some business. Remember back in 2005 when she was sentenced to jail time for perjury after a shoot out? At only 4 feet and 11 inches, she is our second shortest bombshell. But you can't miss the cleavage her 36-26-34 body packs. And those go-0n-forever legs. It's hard to believe the rapper's  debut album Hardcore was over 20 years ago. Maybe why all those rumors of plastic surgery and those unrecognizable selfies keep melting the Internet. Stay hardcore Kim.

4 Snooki - 4 Feet 8 Inches

MTV's Jersey Shore's Snooki is a smoking hot, 32 C plus, classy-trashy kind of Jersey girl for whom big hair and bling are very normal. And don't forget the animal print. Oh yes, lots of animal print. She's the kind of girl who might say she had broken her v*gina. Please don't ask us how. We can only imagine. In the Shores Babes universe, she is a queen, an icon, sitting atop a worldwide empire where Shores reality reaches even Poland. We kid you not. If you're looking for subtle, look elsewhere. She was last seen getting a spray tan before snapping some pretty raunchy Instagram snaps. Cue the big hair and the bling bikini. Gold stilettos, check.

3 Serayah McNeill - 5 Feet 3 Inches

Serayah McNeill is new to the limelight. The curvy barely 20-something Empire star has shot to fame fast playing sultry singer Tiana Brown, on the edgy hit show. She was a singer first. And a singer who has performed with and is BFF with Taylor Swift. But don't hold that against her (much). One look at those forever legs and you might be forgiven for being surprised at how petite the star/model/singer is. Her tantalizing style is classy, sultry sexy with a touch of wild woman and street cred thrown in for good measure. Lots of booty exposing shots on Instagram, which her 1 million plus followers love. By the way, Empire was her first major acting role and she has confessed to having nervous moments. Personally, we think she looks totally in control.

2 Kourtney Kardashian - 5 Feet

Another Kardashian to make the list, Kourtney is the yo-yo daughter. When she's fit and hot, she just about beats her sisters hands down. But she is the shortest. Or most petite, if you prefer. Millions follow her on social media. And of course, like her sisters, a lot of the pictures she posts are modeling or drinking or holding up something that advertisers pay her big bucks to plug via her Instagram or Twitter accounts. Like her sister Kim, she has been accused of being a little liberal in her use of Photoshop. But, hey, it's the results that count. Her vibe is old fashion sexy and sultry glamour. Kim may do better booty pictures, but our Kourtney looks pretty good in booty shorts, or just a long t-shirt with nothing else on.

1 Ashley Tisdale - 5 Feet 3 Inches

Our little Ashley all grown up and edgy, without a hint of the little Disney girl next door and High School Musical. She's teased us lately with those nearly nude shots in Allure magazine. But she suffers the same hangover from cute-child-star to adult that all the Disney kids grow up to hate. And, unlike Miley Cyrus, Ashley Tisdale has done it with some style and grace and class. And like a lot of former Disney stars, she has worked very hard to remind us all that she is now officially a 20-something and a woman who is no longer a young girl. The fact is hard to miss with some of her less-clothed shots for magazinesHaving said that, she might just regret having been the voice of Cinderella in a recent animated version of the tale.

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15 Bombshell Stars You Didn't Realize Were So Short