15 Body Paint Cosplays That Will Leave You Speechless

One way of knowing whether someone is a true fan of a character in the movies or in comics or not, is checking whether or not they own any object or item of clothing that has something to do with them. It is common for people to dress up as their favorite superheroes or villains on Halloween or at costume parties, with the best-dressed individuals being those that pull off a complete and unmistakable look of their choice of characters. Comic book conventions host some of the most creative and most daring cosplayers, who invest a lot of time and money into transforming into their favorite characters.

Body paint cosplayers are even more daring fans than the other, since these appear in public wearing nothing but paint. Of course, going out to an event or posing for pictures naked is so uncool, but you would be surprised to see just how professionally done body paint covers the body just as clothes do. Models or daring cosplayers spend hours without clothing, in front of professional painters, who apply several coats of paint on their bodies as they bring out the desired outcome.

The painters who worked on these women have truly succeeded in transforming them into the characters that they desired to portray. The amount of work that has gone into these finished works of art is commendable, and the professionals behind it have definitely earned bragging rights. Although all of these cosplayers look amazing, who truly stands out for you?


15 Dark Phoenix

The Dark Phoenix is usually associated with Jean Grey, one of the most powerful mutants that the X-Men had the privilege of calling their own. Jean's mutant powers of telepathy began to manifest when she was just 10 years old - an episode that prompted her parents to take her to Professor Charles Xavier for treatment. Professor X discovered her amazing potential and helped her to control her powers through erecting psychic shields in her mind, which would prevent her from using her powers of telepathy until she was mature enough to handle them. Jean fell in love and married Scott Summers, despite having a strong attraction to Wolverine. The body paint on this beautiful cosplayer is so on-point that if you were not keen enough, you would think that she was wearing a body suit. The only thing that this beautiful lady is wearing is a sash and some paint.

14 Wonder Woman

Via World of Superheroes

Arguably, Wonder Woman is the most powerful woman in DC, and it also seems like she would have no worthy challenger in the Marvel Universe. Wonder Woman, who is Diana, princess of the Amazons, is an unconquerable warrior, whose training in modern and traditional armed and unarmed combat make her one of the best superheroes today. Her appearance in the movie Batman Vs Superman was breathtaking; a performance that left us wanting more of her. Thankfully, we will get an opportunity to see her in her own movie, Wonder Woman set for release on June 2, this year in the United States. In addition to her expert fighting skills, superhuman strength, durability, and ability to fly. Her weapons of choice are her Lasso of Truth, her shield, her indestructible bracelets, and her sword. This cosplayer looks amazing in her Wonder Woman costume, with the only difference between her and Diana being that her costume is purely made of paint.

13 Rogue



This beautiful cosplayer is wearing Rogue's costume. The only difference between this lady and Rogue is that her costume is made of paint whereas Rogue's is made of cloth. Body paint cosplay is catching on fast, and the professionals do it so well that it appears as if the cosplayers are wearing clothes. This work of art will leave every observer speechless, owing to how good and creative it appears. Rogue is one of the most powerful X-Men we have, a mutant who has the power to absorb and remove the powers, physical strength, or even memories of anyone she lays her hands on. Although Rogue once considered her powers to be a curse, she has gained full control of her abilities and she uses them for good. I wonder what would happen to a man if this cosplayer was to touch him while wearing the suit she is currently in?

12 Deadpool

Via Mulpix

Apart from the foul language, the movie Deadpool was one of the best movies that hit the big screens in 2016. Deadpool has since become one of the most popular superheroes today, thanks to his amazing fighting skills, and of course, to Ryan Reynolds, who is truly the best actor for the role. Deadpool has a disfigured face, which forces him to wear a mask that covers his whole face, not to mention a costume that covers his whole body. He is also mentally unstable and possesses superhuman physical prowess and healing. One of the reasons Deadpool is so popular is his talkative nature, whereby he also speaks directly to the audience and brings so much humor. This cosplayer's illustration of Deadpool is perfect, from the color of the suit, the belt, and even the weapons. The only huge difference between her and the real Deadpool is that she is wearing nothing at all, except the red and black paint.

11 Miss America

Via DeviantArt

When most people hear about Miss America, they first think about the models who win the Miss America beauty pageant. Although this beautiful woman would have no problem winning such a competition, she is wearing Marvel's Miss America's costume. This title of Miss America has had multiple characters filling its shoes, with Madeline Joyce Frank being the first one. Miss America's powers are similar to what other superheroes in the Marvel universe have, making her one of the best women crime fighters. Her powers include flight, superhuman strength, enhanced stamina, and x-ray vision. Although she looks a bit different from the Miss America in the marvel comics, this cosplayer looks a lot like a real life superhero, owing to her beautiful figure and costume. Professionals must have done this body paint, because someone would need a bit of convincing to believe that this is not a regular costume.

10 D.Va

Via siepierski - DeviantArt

If you love playing video games, then you know that this cosplayer has done an amazing job bringing this Overwatch video game character to life. Although the name D.Va is actually her call sign, this beauty from South Korea goes by the name Hana Song. Blizzard Entertainment owns Overwatch; a first-person shooter video game, together with the media it comes with. When D.Va is suited in her mech, she possesses twin fusion cannons, which do not require reloading. The cannons do some serious damage to the enemy, but they slow her down. Other advantages that come with picking D.Va include her boosters, her defense matrix, her ability to eject from her suit at will, and her mech suit's "self destruct" capability, which can deal considerable damage upon explosion. The body paint on this cosplayer is outstanding, coupled with the additional gadgets to complete the look. Such attention to detail and going the extra mile with the props is what makes this cosplayer worthy of a standing ovation.

9 Harley Quinn

Via Blastr

Harley Quinn is one of the bad girls in the DC universe, owing to her relationship with the Joker and the damage that the two of them cause. Harley used to be a psychiatrist working at Arkham Asylum, where she met the Joker and, instead of helping him change into a normal person, he changed her into the villain we know today. Although we ought to hate Harley for the crimes she has committed over the years, the movie Suicide Squad totally changed our perception of her. Since together with other criminals she fought against evil, we forgave her for all the wrongs she had ever committed and we now love and adore her. Although she is still crazy, she is one of the hottest villains in DC, especially when she is wearing her more revealing costumes. This cosplayer has sure pulled off Harley's look and costume, despite her's being body paint.


8 Captain America


Captain America is possibly the only Avenger who truly understands how it feels to transition from a weakling who everybody looks down on to becoming one of the most powerful human beings on the planet. Captain America's story can inspire anyone who has ever seen himself or herself as nothing, to give them hope that they can be better if only they were to be courageous. Captain America deserves to be called the captain, because no other human being can match up to his physical condition, his enhanced mental faculties, his mastery of hand-to-hand combat and martial arts, and his expertise in marksmanship and the use of various weapons. On the other hand, this Captain America might not have the history or the powers that the real Captain America has, but she sure is breathtaking. She is wearing nothing but the colors of the American flag; body paint cosplay done by professionals.

7 Iron Man

Arguably, Iron Man is the most popular Marvel character today, owing to his amazing suits, J.A.R.V.I.S, all his amazing technology, his unique humor, and the fact that he can take down any villain regardless of size or strength. Since little children want to grow up to be Iron Man, computer geeks would love to get their hands on J.A.R.V.I.S, and men admire his great wealth, it is easy to see why he is so popular. This cosplayer looks beautiful in her Iron Man body paint costume, and she made the right move to hold and not wear the helmet, because we love her face. It is easy to tell that she is not wearing any of Iron Man's suits, because they are bulky and made of metal, an aspect that body paint would have a challenge depicting. However, she is everything we would ever want in a female Iron Man.

6 Psylocke


Psylocke used to be a supporting character for Captain Britain, her twin brother. In a number of instances, she even substituted her brother, before becoming the superhero we know her to be today. Psylocke is a member of the X-Men and a mutant who originally possessed precognitive powers and then developed telepathic powers. At some point, her mind was placed in a Japanese female ninja's body, an event that led her to develop outstanding martial arts skills and a bit of the ninja's personality. In addition to the above powers, Psylocke has developed telekinesis, making her a mutant that no villain wants to mess with. This beautiful cosplayer is wearing what we would expect Psylocke to wear and has brought out her look almost flawlessly. However, you would not need to look hard to notice that she is wearing nothing but body paint and a red sash. This portrayal of Psylocke is breathtaking, to say the least.

5 Ultron

If you are a fan of Marvel, then you must have watched the film Avengers: Age of Ultron, which hit the big screens in 2015. Apart from being one of the best action movies that year, we got to see Ultron, one of the toughest villains that the Avengers have faced in a while. Even in the comics, Ultron is an enemy to the Avengers, a foe who is too tough for a single superhero to take down. Ultron's artificial intelligence, superhuman strength, durability, speed, flight, and ability to emit energy blasts make him extremely dangerous. Since his body is made out of adamantium and it is quite bulky, pulling off a body paint cosplay costume would be a daunting task. However, the professional painters who painted this cosplayer did a wonderful job. Although this lady is trying to pull off Ultron's fierce look, we are too busy admiring her and the paint job to be afraid.

4 Union Jack


Union Jack is a superhero in the Marvel Universe who first appeared in the seventh issue of The Invaders comic, which was released in July 1967. Throughout the history of this character, Union Jack has had three alter egos; Lord James Falsworth, Brian Falsworth, and Joseph Chapman. The name and the appearance of his costume suggest that this superhero hails from Europe and is possibly the UK equivalent of Captain America. Marvel UK often publishes this character. This superhero's powers and abilities include expertise in hand-to-hand combat, enhanced human condition, skilled use of the dagger and the handgun, and the ability to project magical lightning bolts. This lady, on the other hand, seems like the perfect female version of the Union Jack, since she looks amazing and has all the colors right. Although this lady is wearing more material compared to most other body paint cosplayers on this list, she is still leaving us speechless.

3 Spider-Girl

Via Flipboard

Although everyone is eagerly anticipating the Spider-Man: Homecoming movie, which is scheduled for release in the United States on July 7, this year, there is so much about Spider-Man that most fans do not know. Most Marvel fans who only watch the movies have never heard of Spider-Girl, they are only familiar with Spider-Man. Spider-Girl is a crime-fighting superheroine who is Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson's daughter. Spider-Girl first hit the comics in February 1998 in, What If (vol. 2) #105, but has since had her own comic book, which is the longest-running female-led superhero book published by Marvel. Since Spider-Man is Spider-Girl's father, she has learned a lot from him, because so much about them, including their costumes and powers, are similar. This cosplayer is wearing what we can imagine is supposed to be Spider-Girl's costume, only a bit too revealing. The painters who pulled off this job are amazing and deserve a trophy for this work.

2 Mystique

Via Imgur

Mystique is one of the hottest characters out there, with a costume so revealing that most people are convinced that Jennifer Lawrence, who plays this character in the movies, actually acts nude. Although in more recent appearances in the X-Men movies, Lawrence has worn a blue bodysuit, in X-Men: First Class, she wore nothing, but body paint. Her previous paint costume took hours to put on, with some reliable sources claiming that it actually took seven hours for six professionals to put on the paint. As agonizing as it must have been, her performance in X-Men: First Class was amazing in every way, and she has continued to improve on it with every movie. This cosplayer is wearing body paint in her portrayal of Mystique and probably experienced some of what Jennifer Lawrence had to go through. The fact that this cosplayer's body is just as hot as Mystique's makes her depiction of the character look perfect.

1 Ms. Marvel

Via RagTag Riot

Everything about this image is perfect. The cosplayer is beautiful, she has Ms. Marvel's colors and stunning costume just right, and her pose is simply breathtaking. Just like all the other beautiful ladies on this list, Ms. Marvel here is wearing nothing but a sash and black and gold paint. The body paint on her is nothing short of perfect, since you would have to pay attention to details in order to see that she is not wearing any clothes. This cosplayer looks hotter than some versions of Ms. Marvel, which is why Marvel should investigate whether she can act, in order to feature her in one of their movies. In the comics, Ms. Marvel used to be Captain Marvel's counterpart. The bearers of the titles of Captain Marvel and Ms. Marvel are people who gain powers through genetics or Kree technology, meaning that, unlike most superheroes who are represented by the same character throughout their histories, these ones change with time.


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