15 Bodacious Celebs Rocking Yoga Attire

In today’s day and age of social media, when the paparazzi hound celebs and follow their every move, it’s easier than ever to keep up to date with the goings-on in the celebrity world. Celebs are scrutinized, judged, and marvelled at. Just by merely stepping out in an item of clothing they can start fashion trends. Sure, people love to ogle at hot celebs in bikinis, wearing skimpy attire. But one type of clothing we never get tired of seeing our favorite celebs in is yoga attire.

Firstly, yoga attire doesn’t necessarily have to be worn when practicing yoga. Many celebs wear such items of clothing because it's comfortable. They may throw on a comfy top or some tight-fitting yoga pants when nipping out, lounging about, or partaking in another sport. Yoga attire is very much the in thing right now, and long may that continue to be the case. We, the adoring public, will never tire of seeing these bodacious celebs rocking yoga attire, and luckily for us, it seems like celebs won’t stop wearing such outfits either. They tend to accentuate a woman’s assets, and people can’t stop ogling. It sounds rather crude, but the male gaze can’t help but be drawn to certain things, and yoga attire is definitely in part to blame. But then again, bodacious celebs want to show off their hot physiques, and wearing sultry yoga attire offers them the perfect way to do that. So, without much further ado, here are pics of 15 bodacious celebs who totally rock yoga attire.

15 Kim Kardashian

via: celebuzz.com

You just knew that Kim Kardashian was going to feature on this list. Actually, any member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan could have been included, aside from Rob, of course! But for the sake of some variation, let’s just stick to the most famous socialite of them all.

Kim Kardashian’s not only beautiful, but she’s got a drop-dead gorgeous figure. A lot of people may deem her body to be too fake, but there’s no denying that she’s an absolute stunner. Kim’s got big assets, but there’s one that sticks out, and I mean really sticks out. She’s bootylicious alright. Kim’s renowned for, among many other things of course, having a ginormous behind. She knows it, regularly flaunts it, and there’s no better way for her to do that than by wearing tight-fitting yoga pants. She loves yoga attire because it’s formfitting, and she possesses one hell of a form. I reckon yoga attire takes up a decent amount of her wardrobe space– one of her wardrobes, that is.

14 Minka Kelly

via: spotmebro.com

It’s amazing to think that Minka Kelly is 34 years old! She’s been around in the industry for a hell of a long time, since 1994 in fact, and over the years we’ve seen her blossom into a fine actress. She’s definitely a Hollywood A-lister, and is undoubtedly one of the hottest actresses around. People flock to the movie theatres when she’s doing her thing on screen, and plenty keep updated with her goings by following this sultry beauty on social media. Those who do get a real treat. When that notification pops up, letting you know that Minka’s posted another image, you can bet your bottom dollar it’s going to be a pic worth seeing. We especially love pics of Minka in yoga attire. She obviously has a thing for yoga attire because it fits her physique splendidly. She’s got natural curves in all the right places, including that booty, which she clearly spends a lot of time working on, toning, and sculpting to perfection.

13 Jen Selter

via: instagram.com

Yikes, it’s as though that thing is trying to escape! No wonder Jen wears tight, stretchy yoga pants! If she tried to do that in a pair of jeans, they probably wouldn't even fit!

See a bit of a recurring theme here? Kim Kardashian has arguably the biggest celebrity booty out there. Minka’s is pretty curvy too, and Jen’s is just ridiculous– certainly from this viewpoint anyway. And they all love yoga attire, especially those yoga pants. It accentuates their booties, is stretchy, breathable, and must be very comfortable. Instagram queen, Jen Selter, looks comfortable alright. It’s her preferred type of clothing when she goes to the gym, and puts her toned and muscular legs and that behind through a strenuous workout. Jen knows what she possesses and she probably slapped on a pair of yoga pants because she knew they would be killer on her. Just can’t get over that angle, that pic! This is why we love yoga attire!

12 Rihanna

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Rihanna can partake in all of those raunchy videos and pose for sultry shoots because she’s got the looks and the body. Attaining a body like hers doesn’t just happen by accident. Despite her hectic schedule, she finds time to work on her physique, do some exercise, and when she does, out comes the yoga attire. Here’s a pic of Rihanna looking pretty zen-like. She looks really chilled out, as if she’s about to do a little workout. Perhaps she’s actually about to do some yoga? The preying paparazzi probably jumped at the chance to photograph her wearing this outfit. I mean, how drop-dead gorgeous does she look in her yoga attire? Those black yoga pants started flying off the shelves when this pic was published; it’s just the Rihanna effect.

11 Sofia Vergara

via: univision.com

Columbian beauty, Sofia Vergara, has always been regarded as being one of the hottest actresses around, and over the past decade or so, she’s become one of the best actresses too. People just lap up Latin American beauties, and Sofia Vergara’s certainly that alright. Despite being in her mid-40s, she’s still got the looks and the sultry physique that made her so famous. Whenever she steps out and about, she turns heads, whether she’s on the red carpet, or is just going to have a little workout session. No wonder– just look at her in her yoga attire. I can confirm that she was on her way to do a bit of yoga in this pic. She visited an LA Yoga studio with her Modern Family co-star Julie Bowen, and they had a pretty fun-filled session judging by the numerous snaps posted by the two on their Instagram pages.

10 Cara Delevingne

via: blacksheephtx.com

25-year-old Cara Delevingne rose to fame as a fashion model. She was regarded as one of the best and most famous models on the planet, although now she’s quit the modelling profession and has transitioned into acting. She hasn’t done too badly either, and people just love seeing her on the big screen, although her acting career’s still in its infancy. Cara’s achieved so much at a relatively young age, despite facing plenty of trials and tribulations. Her family life was far from roses, and she’s been open about her battle with depression. One thing that’s helped her through her depression is yoga. She initially took medication, but now it’s yoga that’s helping her heal: “For me, yoga’s the only way I can really feel things and check how I am. Because there is always pain somewhere, even if it’s completely irrational pain, and it’s always good to find it and get it out.” So, she’s not someone who rocks yoga attire simply because she’s bodacious and it accentuates her figure. She wears such attire to actually do yoga, an activity that’s helped her move further along the path to healing.

9 Jennifer Lawrence

via: peekworthy.com

At the age of 27, it would seem that Jennifer Lawrence has already conquered the world of Hollywood. She’s one of the highest paid actresses in the industry, has a tremendous fan following, and is one of the world’s most influential women. She has done all of this by the age of 27! Oh, and she’s also one of the hottest actresses out there. This pic isn’t from a sultry shoot or anything like that. It’s just a candid shot of Jennifer out and about, having a chilled-out day, perhaps going to do some exercise. It might be a candid shot, but Jennifer’s still able to look absolutely fabulous, and that’s definitely thanks to those tight-fitting pants. The Hunger Games star does actually do a bit of yoga. It’s part of her fitness regimen, and she attends classes; hopefully for the other gym goers’ sakes, she places her mat at the back of the class, otherwise a fair few people are going to get distracted!

8 Jennifer Lopez

via: dailymail.co.uk

Jennifer Lopez is another A-list celeb who’s really into her health and fitness. It certainly shows; you don’t look that fabulous when you’re in your late 40's by chance! This is a pic of her stepping out of her car, going to a fitness class in LA. She definitely dressed to impress for that class, whether on purpose or not. She really is looking fabulous. Most people would kill to have a figure like J-Lo’s when they get to her age, but for J-Lo, it’s just what she does. She is always looking fabulous. It's just part and parcel of her life as a superstar. If you look fabulous, you need to wear fabulous clothing to show off your physique, and J-Lo does this by wearing yoga attire. That entire outfit’s pretty snazzy, but again, those eyes are drawn to down below to those yoga pants, which show off the bottom half of her physique splendidly.

7 Vanessa Hudgens

via: spotmebro.com

A lot of stars don’t just wear yoga attire because of the look, but because they deem it to be comfortable and fashionable. Many actually wear such attire for its primary purpose: doing yoga. Quite a few celebs out there regularly partake in yoga. Vanessa Hudgens is one of those celebs. You can see in this pic, that she’s rocking the full yoga look, complete with her mat and those shades. She does CorePower Yoga classes, and absolutely loves it. Apparently, when she can find time in between her busy schedule, Vanessa attends these classes many times a week. She’s a fitness junkie alright, and also attends many other classes, including cycle classes. Vanessa considers all of this to be therapeutic. We don’t know about the mind, but body-wise, it’s certainly working.

6 Eva Mendes

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Okay, so Eva Mendes obviously knows she looks absolutely fabulous in yoga attire. She’s a bodacious celeb who rocks yoga attire alright. She knows it and she’s flaunting it. She’s posing for the camera in a foxy, provocative way, which is a look that only Eva can pull off. Eva’s also showcasing her stunning physique, which is being kept under wraps by her yoga attire. While it may be kept under wraps, it still shows off her curves. The reason Eva looks so amazing? Because she’s another star who regularly practices yoga. She’s heavily into the whole health and fitness way of life, and practices yoga, Ashtanga yoga to be more specific. She also hits the yoga mat after she’s done some filming to help loosen up those tight muscles after a strenuous schedule. Judging from her sultry physique and that foxy smile spread across her face, it seems as if it’s had the desired effect.

5 Hayden Panettiere

via: pinterest.co.uk

This is a really candid pic of Hayden. She obviously hasn’t gone in for a shoot, and has given the makeup chair a miss, but she still looks hot. Hayden’s got natural beauty, and it shows in this pic, as does her fashion sense and her gorgeous physique. Hayden’s a diminutive figure and possesses a svelte physique, and that’s because she takes care of herself. She’s wearing that yoga attire for comfort during a workout. She’s got her game face on and seems as though she’s gearing up for a hardcore outdoors workout session. Someone just had to take this pic.

Being fit and healthy runs in her family. She is with one of world’s greatest ever boxers, after all. I doubt Hayden joins in with her long-time partner when he’s doing his boxing training, but Wladimir might just join in with one of her yoga sessions. Imagine seeing those two in your local park doing a bit of yoga? That would be a surprise on your daily stroll.

4 Kaley Cuoco

via: entertain-o-rama.com

Kaley Cuoco’s probably one of the hottest actresses in the world right now. Well, I say now, but Kaley’s been killing it as the lovable Penny on The Big Bang Theory for a hell of a long time. She rose to become one of the most-loved actresses in sitcom history, and still holds that title. People really have become obsessed with Kaley during her role as Penny. Her popularity’s skyrocketed, and consequently, she’s one of the most photographed people in the industry. She knows that when she’s out and about, she’s going to get her picture snapped. So, she ensures she’s looking stunning pretty much around the clock. Even in this pic, she seems a bit put off by the paparazzi, but still looks amazing as she’s going to her yoga class dressed in her sultry yoga attire, mat in hand.

3 Eva Longoria

via: relaxandrelease.co.uk

You think of yoga attire and you think of those tight-fitting pants and tight tops fitting snuggly around the body. Most celebs wear that type of clothing. But yoga attire certainly isn’t limited to that. It comprises a whole lot of outfits, and worn by the right woman, it can really look splendid. The clothing worn during yoga is meant to be comfortable and breathable. Eva Longoria looks comfortable in this pic alright. It’s an image of her doing some yoga poses, in what seems to be a beautiful location. There’s no better way to clear the mind than to go out into the open, do some yoga under the sun and do some meditation. It helps chill the body and mind, and that’s precisely why Eva does is. She looks very relaxed in this pic. She’s not really wearing this outfit for fashion, she’s wearing it for yoga, and still looks mightily attractive.

2 Jessica Alba

via: pininsta.com

Jessica Alba is one bodacious celeb we’ve seen a hell of a lot of over the years. She’s stunningly beautiful, and has a hot physique. Seeing her bikini body or her wearing skimpy attire has become a pretty common thing, not that anyone’s complaining. Jessica in yoga attire is also something we’ve grown accustomed to seeing. This is a pic of her off for a fitness session, dressed in that customary tight-fitting yoga attire. Those lean muscular pins look splendid in those yoga pants, as do her washboard abs and other assets. She’s got it and is flaunting it, alright, and why wouldn’t she if she’s got a body like that.

Jessica’s a proper yoga nut. She uses yoga to keep herself looking trim and in terrific shape, and judging by the way she looks in this pic, it’s certainly had the desired effect.

1 Jennifer Aniston

via: pinterest.co.uk

As she’s gotten older, Jennifer Aniston has taken to getting out the yoga mat more and more. She’s become something of a yoga guru herself over the years, and it’s just one of the reasons why she looks so splendid as she’s approaching her 50's. Yoga can also be credited for her longevity in the acting industry, and for her maintaining a clear state of mind. Most people in the industry would say that when they speak to Jennifer, she’s incredibly chilled out and is always very relaxed. Jennifer attributes this to yoga. You can tell from this pic that she’s a yoga pro. At her age, being able to do that is some feat. That flexibility, seeing her in such a pose, demonstrates how fit she is, but it also shows how amazing she looks in yoga attire. She truly does look radiant, and it’s one awesome pic.

Sources: doyouyoga.com, dailymail.co.uk

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