15 Blind Date Confessions That Will Give You Nightmares

Nowadays, online dating has become the hot new thing with multiple online free dating sites as well as multiple huge dating apps to choose from. The bad thing is that you have a lot of weirdos that get on there and kind of just ruin the whole experience for many. We've all been there: an extremely awkward first date with a stranger that we've never met before, whether it be a random hookup through a friend, or someone that we thought was cute on a dating app. Unfortunately, there are some situations when those first blind dates go horribly wrong and we get a little bit more than we bargained for... and not in a good way at all. There are people that claim to be who they actually are, and others that surprised us quite a bit. There's a reason why first impressions mean everything and this is truer than ever when it comes to blind dates. Of course, some of these blind date stories are worse than others. However, these blind date confessions are here to make you cringe in disbelief that people would not only actually do these things on a blind date, but also that they actually happened. We can't help but feel unfortunate for the poor souls who have had to endure these people during those dates. These fifteen blind confessions will literally give you nightmares.

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15 Car Stolen

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First dates are always fun when you get with someone who you think is going to be a good match for you, until they decide to do something extremely stupid. This girl who went on a blind date with a gentleman actually ended up having her car stolen by the guy, only to have it later returned, thus resulting in a very much-needed punch to his face. No, there were no charges filed and everyone was okay afterwards, but seriously? Who does that? Needless to say, the poor girl didn't get any sleep at all until she got home much later that morning at 6 a.m. She will probably think twice about going on another blind date.

14 Dating Someone Dangerous

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There are some blind dates in which we fear our blind date is actually going to harm us. Well, with this lady and the man she went on a blind date with, that was exactly the situation. She claims that he was acting rather strange the whole time and she had a deep gut fear that he was actually going to end up hurting her. Things even went as far as her pulling strands of her hair out while they were in the car to leave behind as evidence, just in case she did end up getting harmed. Well, it turned out to be fine and he actually didn't turn out to be a criminal, but sometimes you just never know people's intentions!

13 Doing Improv With Your Date

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This one girl ended up going out with a lad who seemed rather normal for the most part, but of course there's always that weird twist that we all know is coming. It turns out that he was extremely into improv. When he found out that his date had taken an improv class in college, even though she was not great at it, he wanted to play an improv game with her for a whole 30 minutes, in which she ended up playing multiple roles, including his mother. That might not necessarily be creepy, but it definitely is weird. Generally, if you get weird vibes off of a person during a first date, it's a sign to get out of there.

12 Date That Swings Both Ways

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Blind dates sometimes have some unexpected turns. A girl's roommate ended up setting her up with a friend of hers and they ended up going to go see a movie. However, after the movie had ended and the pair went to go grab a drink, things started to feel a little bit off. That's when things got even more weird; he had mentioned that he had also been out on a date with her roommate's friend, who just so happens to be a guy. It wasn't too long after that when he started flirting with another man next to their table, telling him he had absolutely beautiful eyes. There really wasn't much of a second date after that, and she didn't feel right about wanting to go out for a second date.

11 The Machete Collector

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After a girl recently moved to a new town, one of her friends had insisted on setting her up with a cute guy who she was familiar with and was actually from Austria. Well, it turns out the date started off wonderfully. He was extremely sweet, genuine, and she just absolutely loved his accent. Things took a turn for the worst, however, when he ended up inviting her back to his place to show off his bizarre collection of machetes. He then started waving them around, and that's when she just couldn't take anymore and just bolted out of there. This is definitely one of the more creepy dating encounters. Sometimes the cute ones are always the crazy ones, and you don't find out until later.

10 Four Is Best

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Sometimes you will meet someone on a blind date that is into stuff that isn't really your thing. While sometimes you hear about blind date stories that end up being really wild and exciting, this is not one of those stories. This story is about a guy who went on a blind date with a random girl, and as everything was going smoothly, he tried to convince her to have a foursome with her twin sister and his older brother. Of course, it didn't end up happening, and there was never a second date. Being so forward can definitely be too much for many people out there, especially on a blind date with some stranger whom you've never met.

9 The Med Student

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to date someone who happens to be in the medical field? Well, this one girl who ended up going on a date with a guy who happened to be in the field of human anatomy got her answer, and that was enough for her. After going on an extremely pleasant date, things got more weird after he invited her back to his med school lab. It got pretty creepy too, because in this lab were multiple cadavers all in different stages of dissection just casually laying around for med students to work on and study. If you are not studying in this field, it can be extremely creepy to see so many dead bodies. This guy's obsession with cadaver dissection was oddly morbid. After a first date like this, there definitely won't be a second.

8 Need A Nurse

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Sometimes it's best not to tell our blind date our profession, and in this case, that holds true. This girl, who just so happens to be a nurse, ended up going out on a date with a gentleman only to have him show her a cyst he had on his skin. Weird, right? Well, he even told her that his mom actually ended up giving him an enema, and he continued to delve in to extremely personal medical details that she probably didn't want to know on a first date. I guess some people just get way too comfortable on the first date and end up creeping other people out. In this case, she probably shouldn't have informed him that she's a nurse.

7 Looking Creepy

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Have you ever gone out on a blind date with someone who just looked super creepy? Well, after going out on a blind date with someone, one girl continued to just push through the date despite how creepy her date looked. Weirdly enough, they ended up taking a trip to a haunted house on their first date, and he actually was offered a job at the haunted house because of how creepy he looked. This was of course a little unsettling for the girl, and the guy of course never ended up getting a second date with her.

6 Keeping It In The Family

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It's not often that you accidentally end up on a date with a family member. Let me explain: one girl got set up on a blind date and ended up putting a lot of effort into her outfit, her hair, and her makeup. Well, it just so happens that she discovered that her blind date was her actual cousin. While this might not necessarily be creepy, I'm sure they will always have a good laugh reminiscing about this. I mean, what are the chances of getting set up with a family member?

5 In My Basement

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Sometimes dates end up being dangerous situations. A young girl had met a man on Tinder and ended up going on a great date. Of course, he had everything going for him: he had his own house, a really good job, and he was handsome. But the weird thing was that throughout the dinner date, he kept mentioning how he had this really cool shop down in his basement of his house, and it's also where he did a lot of his hobbies. The date went smoothly and he invited her back to his house, and he kept insisting that he wanted to show her something down in his basement. Obviously, she was extremely creeped out by this, and was convinced she would have been his victim, so she declined and that was the end of that.

4 "I Talk To Animals"

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Don't get me wrong, there are as many crazy girls as there are crazy guys. This one unfortunate fellow happened to go out on a date with this lovely girl, who just happened to be an animal lover. Well, during the blind date, he discovered that not only did she have a huge amount of pets, but she also tried to convince the guy that she could talk to animals. In her spare time, she would crawl around the house and bark and howl to try to experience what it was like to be an animal. Needless to say, you can guarantee he bailed out of there pretty quickly. It's sad to say, but there are just so many crazy people out there.

3 Diapers

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One guy who went on a blind date ended up getting more than he bargained for. Although dinner went smoothly,  as the night went on, his date started to get extremely comfortable with him. She then revealed to him that she really enjoyed wearing adult diapers and just walking around the house in them because they were extremely comfortable, and it reminded her of the good old days when she would toddle around in diapers as a baby. Of course, at first he didn't believe her, but as she went on and on about it, he could tell she was serious. No one is surprised that there was never a second date.

2 The Photographer

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Have you ever known or ended up dating someone who was a photographer? Most of us would probably not mind being with or dating a photographer, but when this one girl ended up going out with a guy who apparently was a professional photographer, she had a different view on the whole ordeal. She was a little creeped out by the fact that this self-proclaimed photographer brought his camera with him on the blind date, and throughout the entire day, he kept taking random pictures of her. He also tried to sneak a few when she wasn't looking. She ended up confronting him about it near the end of the day, and he told her it was for his private collection and that he took pictures of every girl he went on a blind date with. Yup, that was the end of that.

1 My Mom Came With Me

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After this girl's best friend had begged her to go on a blind date with one of her cute guy friends, she finally agreed. She had seen pictures of him and he was quite handsome, and they apparently had a lot in common. Pretty awesome, right? Well, upon meeting up on the first date, she saw that he brought his mother with him. Not only did she pay for the entire dinner, but her date literally would not stop talking to his mom the whole time while ignoring his blind date. Of course, she was weirded out. She didn't even make it thirty minutes into the date before bailing.

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