15 Bland Celebs Who Could Use A Bit Of Enhancing

Hollywood is obsessed with good looks and beauty. If you don’t have the right look for the part, then they’re on to the next fresh face. Tons of celebrities have gone through great measures to preserve their beauty and enhance their looks. And for many it’s done wonders for their careers. Of course, they need to be careful and know when to stop. As we've seen, it's a slippery slope between looking fabulous and looking like a literal Barbie doll. And no one wants to look like that.

While undergoing certain procedures does tend to help stars maintain their beauty status, there are a few who prefer to keep things au natural. In doing so, some think it may have had a negative impact on their career or perception by the public. These fifteen celebs have all been deemed ‘bland’ and ‘plain’ by the media. Though they’re undeniably all beautiful, some fans feel these stars could improve their looks even more by opting for a bit of cosmetic enhancement. As they say, there’s always room to improve. Do you agree that these stars could use a bit of enhancing?

15 Jennifer Lawrence: Too Much Of A Plain Jane

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Jennifer Lawrence is a bit of a wildcard. Most men will agree that she’s beautiful, and she’s by now means unattractive. But she doesn’t wield a traditional sort of beauty.

Many say that you either love or hate her looks. Critics of the actress say that her face is a bit plain. She doesn’t have the pout lips or wide eyes of other actresses. Some have even dared to call her hefty or stick-like when her weight doesn’t match up to Hollywood standards. Harsh!

However, J-Law hasn’t let the haters stop her body-positive message. The star has often said you should never change for anyone but yourself, even if Hollywood tells you otherwise. “I'm never going to starve myself for a part … I don't want little girls to be like, 'Oh, I want to look like Katniss, so I'm going to skip dinner,” she once said.

14 Kristen Bell: The Voice Behind The Character

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Many fans think the actress’ short frame might be working against her, though there’s nothing she can do about her height aside from wearing heels. But others say that Kristen is a bit too plain in the face. Maybe lip fillers would fix that. Others decree that the celeb’s figure is too stick-like, and would benefit from some artificial "curves".

Kristen is known to laugh off the haters, so we doubt she’d take anyone’s enhancement suggestions too seriously. Veronica Mars looks great just the way she is!

13 Anne Hathaway: She's Miserable With Her Looks

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Anne Hathaway first got her start appealing to the younger crowd in family-friendly flicks like Ella Enchanted and Princess Diaries. But some feel that age has already caught up to her.

She’s certainly a lovely looking woman, but Anne has had difficulty maintaining the same success she had when she was a fresh-faced 20-something. Yes, she did win an Oscar for her stunning performance in Les Miserables, but that wasn’t based on her good looks. After all, Anne did shave her head for the scene. But since then her roles have been few and far between.

Critics of the actress have said they wished she had more curves or more bust to work with. Sources have even said Anne has considered cosmetic enhancements before. Do you think this brunette beauty is too bland for Hollywood’s standards?

12 Rachel McAdams: Forever Just The Girl-Next-Door

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But fans have noticed that the celeb’s career has slowed down in recent years, and she hasn’t been booking lead roles in what feels like forever. Critics reason that this has to do with the fact that she can’t shake playing the same type of character over and over again. Her Plain Jane look isn’t jaw-dropping enough to make her a versatile actress, according to the haters, that is.

Perhaps a bit of cosmetic enhancement would serve her career well. But then again, we think Rachel is gorgeous as she is now, so maybe she should just ignore her haters after all.

11 Lea Michele: She’ll Always Be Rachel Berry To Us

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Lea Michele was adorable as Rachel Berry on Glee. But the actress has struggled to say goodbye to her on-screen persona since the hit show wrapped up filming. Many fans struggled to see Lea apart from her iconic character, which is why she’s had a hard time booking lead gigs since leaving TV. Many believe that the celeb’s plain looks might be contributing to her stagnant career.

Particularly, haters tend to call out Lea for her notable nose, rudely saying she should get a nose job if she wants to continue to have a place in Hollywood! The star has actually admitted that she was told she should get her schnozzle fixed when she was first trying to get a breakthrough, but Lea boldly refused to change herself- and it totally helped her score the role of Rachel! Maybe she shouldn’t go under the knife after all.

10 Amber Heard: A Blonde In A Sea Of Blondes

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Amber Heard is one of many pretty blondes who made this list. And, like them, she has a face that is a bit forgettable. The beauty has starred in films like The Diary Rum, Aquaman, and Justice League, and she was famously married to Johnny Depp that led to a turbulent domestic abuse-filled divorce. Yet, many fans still say that they know they’ve seen Amber in films, but they can never pinpoint exactly which ones… or her name for that matter.

Some so-called fans have gone so far as to call the celeb out on social media, saying she should go under the knife to be more memorable. That’s pretty freakin’ offensive, and many would agree Amber looks fantastic the way she is. But perhaps a mini-makeover would help this actress stay in the audience’s mind for a bit longer.

9 Mila Kunis: She's Lost Her Sultry Appeal

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Mila Kunis was once a sex symbol in Hollywood. But since becoming a mom, the star has revamped her sultry image for a more wholesome one. Well, if you can call Bad Moms Christmas a wholesome movie. But critics allege that the star’s age is catching up to her, and her declining movie career is proof that she isn’t up to Hollywood’s standards any longer. So does that mean she should begin Botox and facial fillers?

The mom-of-two would probably answer ‘no.’ Mila has admitted that she loves being laid-back and casual (especially with her kids) and doesn’t miss getting all glammed up like she used to. The actress has admitted that she’s gone to great lengths to alter her appearance before, like prepping for her role in Black Swan. But she doesn’t seem interested in altering her appearance, whether cosmetic or otherwise, in the future.

8 Cameron Diaz: Time Hasn't Been On Her Side

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Cameron Diaz was once the most in-demand actresses in Hollywood. There was a time when she was appearing in every rom-com and most teenage boys had posters of her in their rooms.

But time hasn’t been kind to the actress. Critics of the star say that her face looks weathered and weary, proving that she’s no longer a bubbly 20-year-old rising star. On top of that, with curves being the new “it” body, some so-called fans claim the blonde would look better with a bit more junk in the trunk or the front. Body-shamers online even tell Cameron to gain some weight to improve her looks, which is so rude.

It’s true that a bit of Botox or facial fillers may help calm the wrinkles on her face, but everyone gets them. We think Cam is as hot as she was when she first waltzed into Hollywood!

7 Emma Stone: Ginger Isn’t Everyone’s Type

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Emma Stone is one of those actresses whose looks are unconventional. She’s a cutie-pie for sure, but she’s not every man’s definition of his “dream girl.” With her ginger hair, porcelain skin, and boyish frame, she strays from the traditional ideas of beauty- though she totally makes up for her it with her sense of humor!

Her critics online say that she’d look better if she enhanced her chest or butt a bit… it sounds like they want to make her into a Kardashian! Others have said that simply plumping up her pout would make her more on par with Angelina Jolie.

Though we don’t think Emma is a dead ringer for Angie at all, we do think she’s naturally gorgeous. She’d probably still look fabulous even if she went under the knife. But the girl was able to snag an Oscar without making any unnatural improvements, so we’d say she’s doing just fine.

6 Jennifer Aniston: Always Compared To Angie

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Jennifer Aniston has and always will be a stunner. Heck, she was able to snag Brad Pitt as her first husband. But the actress has never been revered as a sex symbol or total hottie, like Brad’s second wife Angelina Jolie.

Jen has some pretty girl-next-door looks that don’t make her a total 10 (according to some fans, that is). But they’ve also made her one of the most in-demand female celebs for the past decade, and that’s a pretty big deal. However, most fans think that if the celeb were to add some curves to her lips or body, then she’d be on a totally different level. Now that she’s getting on in age, other think she should consider Botox or facial fillers.

As it turns out, Jennifer isn’t totally against surgery. The celeb even underwent a nose job during the early 2000s. Do you think she should get work done again?

5 Elizabeth Banks: Just Another Pretty Blonde

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It took a long time for Elizabeth Banks to become a household name, and perhaps her bland looks have something to do with it. Like all the celebs on this list, Elizabeth is by no means unattractive. But she doesn’t have the same eye-catching looks as other A-listers in Hollywood. Instead, she’s just another blonde actress who has faded into the background.

Perhaps a bit of cosmetic surgery would enhance her looks and make her stand apart from the crowd. But Elizabeth has always spoken about her desire to age gracefully, so maybe that’s out of the question. The star also emphasizes how much work she puts into looking the way she does. “I’m grateful for my career, but there’s a level of dissatisfaction that keeps me going,” Liz once said. Maybe the ridiculous standards of Hollywood are finally getting to her!

4 Naya Rivera: She’s Almost A Kardashian

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Naya Rivera played the sexy role of Santana on Glee. But she wasn’t able to bring the same sex appeal to the other roles she snagged after the hit teen drama came to a close. Fans can’t decide whether they love or hate the brunette star’s beauty.

Some have even begun calling her a Kardashian-wannabe to describe her distinctive look. Naya has the same long, dark hair, deep eyes, and plump pout that the Kardashian-Jenner girls sport. Is she their long lost sister? The biggest difference fans point out is that the actress doesn’t have the same hourglass curves that the Kardashians are infamous for.

Maybe a little trip under the knife would solve that problem (and her dwindling career). Should Naya attempt to look more Kardashian-esque, or is that never a good idea?

3 Kate Middleton: The Duchess Who Could Do More

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She may be royalty, but Kate Middleton surely doesn’t have the looks of a Hollywood bombshell. Of course, the Duchess is absolutely gorgeous, but she has more of a girl-next-door look than sex symbol status.

With that being said, we’re sure Kensington Palace would much prefer her to be known as the former rather than the latter. We bet it’s highly unlikely that Kate would ever turn to surgery to improve her looks. But it hasn’t stopped fans online from commenting what they think would make the celeb more attractive.

Fans have suggested she undergo everything from chest implants to a liposuction (even though she’s already so tiny!). The most common procedure critics think Kate should consider is Botox or facial fillers to fight the signs of aging. Hey, at least Kate still looks better than most of the population.

2 Anna Kendrick: She Plays The College Girl For A Reason

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For the most part, Anna Kendrick is known for playing the same type of roles. She plays a cool, slightly awkward college or high school student who, in the end, makes a ton of true friends and has some awesome adventures.

Anna’s looks fit that sort of part to a T. She’s a beautiful gal, but she boasts wholesome features that make her look like tons of college girls across the US. It’s her awesome sense of humor and killer acting skills that have set her apart from the other brunettes trying to make it in the industry.

Some fans would love to see the celeb enhance her look, and go for a bit more a sultry vibe. If Anna were to enhance her assets on top, it could help her score steamier roles. But then again, the actress seems totally satisfied with the direction her career is going!

1 Nicole Richie: The Reality TV Wash-Up

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Nicole Richie has always struggled to own her natural beauty. In the early 2000s, the reality star partied it up with Paris Hilton and always showed up to the red carpet with heinous hair and makeup. On top of that, the celeb has quietly battled an eating disorder for most of her adult life, which has left her body looking waifish and unhealthy. Needless to say, Nicole isn’t most men’s celebrity crush.

Haters have always said the celeb would look better with a bit more pounds on the scale. Some have even suggested she get boob or butt implants to help add curves. However, the fashion designer is seemingly confident in her petite frame and has never even bothered responding to the haters. Some sources allege that Nicole has begun undergoing Botox in recent years, so maybe she agrees that a little cosmetic enhancement would do her good.

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