15 Bizarre Tinder Facts Users Are Probably Not Even Aware Of

Before you swipe right on your next promising Tinder match, you might want to check out our list. Actually anyone who has ever swiped in any direction on Tinder needs to check out the creepy goings on in this app. Tinder pulls out every trick in the app developers book to reel you in and hook you into their game - and yes, despite it being a dating app, it really functions more like a game. These addictive tactics are what keeps millions of users around the world coming back for more. That and the promise of some carefree, no strings attached relationships.

But what could those casual encounters cost you? Could Tinder ruin your life? Think we're being a bit dramatic? After reading our list you might not be too sure. Look, we're not saying to stop using Tinder. It's a global success for a reason guys. But it pays to be aware of how Tinder works - you could even use the knowledge in this list to get yourself a few more matches! Intrigued? Read on and fight out all the details. From how Tinder could be changing the way you think about relationships to the creepy way its software creeps on your every interaction in the app ...

15 Tinder Is Watching Your Every Move

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Every heart you break, every swipe you make, Tinder will be watching you. Ok so that makes the app sound super creepy right? The truth isn’t too far from that, to be honest. Tinder’s all-seeing algorithm is watching you. All. The. Time. Swipe right too much and Tinder will think you’re spamming the app. Get fussy and swipe left too much and Tinder will show you less matches. Where’s the fun in that? But that’s just Tinder creepiness level 1. Things get more creepy when the app starts to monitor your conversations. It uses that information to recommend similar people in future. Literally everything you do in the app is monitored and used …

14 We’re All Sharing Way Too Much…

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So now you know all your actions are monitored, brace yourself for your next creepy Tinder reveal. All those intimate conversations you’re having, yep THOSE conversations. All the clumsy chat up lines, small talk and the moments where things heat up a little. Tinder stores every single character. They use it to improve your experience of the app, but what if that database got hacked? Do you want your chats shared with the world. Maybe take a breath next time you start to get a little bit TOO flirty on the app. Some things are better said in person anyway.

13 Tinder Prefers Attractive People

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Ok so, let’s be honest. Tinder is possibly the shallowest of dating apps. You judge someone on their appearance and decide if you want to hook up. There’s no way of avoiding the issue of attractiveness. But did you know those people you’re swiping through have been ranked in order of attractiveness by Tinder themselves? Yep, that algorithm is back again. It sure is a creepy bunch of code isn’t it? That algorithm decides how good looking a girl or guy is and brings them to the front of your queue. Though, attractiveness is rated a bunch of different ways - next time you’re swiping, see if you agree with Tinder’s ratings.

12 Tinder Rates You On Your Attractiveness

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Some of you may have already made this leap in logic, but for those who may have missed it, here we go. Tinder is also rating YOU on your attractiveness. As if modern life weren’t hard enough. Constant scrutiny from social media users, super fit celebs encouraging us to get our beach bods ready is pressure enough. But having our attractiveness rated by some computer code? Hell to the no! If that hasn’t put you off and you’re keen to get on the app, apparently individual attractiveness is scored by a number of ways. These include how many people swipe right - duh! And, how long we interact with other users.

11 Tinder Could Break Your Self Esteem

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Now we know that not only are a bunch of frisky strangers judging us on our looks, but the Tinder app itself is deciding whether we’re hot or not. So this next creepy fact is really rather depressing. Attractiveness - or unattractiveness becomes an infinite loop of woe. People swipe left on you, you appear in less people’s picks, interact less with other Tinder users and, in return, get less swipes. All this could add up to a serious blow to your self-esteem. If you think you could be negatively affected by these kind of results, it may be best to give Tinder a miss.

10 Fake It Til You Make It

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Tinder is rife with fakers. Whether it’s the girl who takes 50 selfies to find the perfect profile picture or the guy posing with a wild animal to look tough, they are almost as fake as the spambots. At least the spambots are up front about their intentions - once they’ve lured you in. If you spy your Tinder crush roaming in the wild - and by wild, we mean the frozen yogurt aisle in WalMart, they may not match up to expectations. Dating apps are a breeding ground for lies, distraction and fake profiles. Ok, so a perfectly posed selfie isn’t a crime - but how much are you willing to overlook if your date doesn’t match up to expectation?

9 Too Much Swiping Is A Problem

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If you’re getting a serious kick out of all those matches you’ve made, you may be in the midst of an app addiction. It’s ok. We’ve all been there. For some of us its Tinder, others are hooked on Candy Crush. Whatever floats your boat man - no judging here. Keep a few things in mind though. Getting a quick boost because someone thinks you’re attractive is great, but unless some of these interactions happen in real life, you could get lost in a virtual world. Mental health experts say that compulsive use of dating apps can result in you favoring quick hookups over long-term relationships.

8 Tinder Is Swamped With Fembots

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Any Austin Powers fans in the house? Just us? Ok … well that tired pop culture reference aside, the fembots or spambots are out in force on Tinder. Profile pics of fantastic looking women are often just fake profiles representing robot prostitutes. Sometimes the fake profiles are for human prostitutes - either way it’s not what most guys are looking for on Tinder. Message one of these girls and you’ll get sent a link taking you away from Tinder - usually to a site offering adult services. If you message a girl and get sent a link to an escort site, you’ve messaged a spambot. Frustrating, but keep on swiping guys, there are real girls looking for love too!

7 Celebrities Have A Secret Tinder Section

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You may have read about all the celebrities that are self-confessed Tinder users. Hilary Duff, Zac Efron, Katy Perry and even Britney Spears have had a profile on the app over the years. But has anyone ever spotted their profiles among their swipes? Probably not. The reason? There’s a secret part of Tinder regular users can’t access. Reserved for celebrities, models, and millionaires, this section is called Tinder Select. Tinder deny it exists, but think of it like a VIP Chipotle burrito card. An invite to join select is elusive, rare, but oh so tasty when you dive in.

6 Your Tinder Profile Could Mess With Your Life

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Think we’re being dramatic? Check the current headlines. High profile people are being fired from their jobs for things they said on social media over 5 years ago. Remember way back at the top of the list where we mentioned that Tinder hold your data forever. Keep that in mind when you’re riffing those borderline comments with your new hottie. There’s also the stigma attached to Tinder users. Tinder comes packaged with assumptions. Maybe it labels you as a player or someone who’s only down for a casual fling? What if you meet the perfect girl away from Tinder and one of her friends finds you in her matches? Would you want your work colleagues to know you’re on the app? You never know how it could come back to haunt you.

5 Tinder Is Making Women Miserable

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There are many things on Tinder that could make women miserable. Dodgy unrequested pics - guys, you know what we’re talking about here. Or perhaps the cheesy chat up lines, or maybe even the Tinder creep you just can’t shake? All perfectly good reasons for finding the app a bleak experience. But according to a UK newspaper, the Daily Mail, Tinder’s casual men are making women miserable. Cheeky chaps are swiping right - hoping for a match - to give their egos a boost. They’ve no intention of meeting up. Jeez, guys. Swipe right, meet those gorgeous ladies and give them something to smile about, huh?

4 Unwanted Inbox Pics

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So we just briefly mentioned unrequested pics. We’re talking about the kind of pics guys send thinking women really want to see, but really it’s the LAST thing women want to receive unexpectedly in their inbox. You know what we’re saying, right? It’s super-exciting to get a match, then your phone pings saying you’ve got a message and WHAM. An image you really weren’t ready for. It’s not just women receiving unsolicited images though. Men can be victims too. Spambots, guys keen to show off their masculinity and escort workers are all guilty of over-sharing on the app. There’s nothing to stop anyone sending an unseemly and upsetting image and it’s a shock, every single time.

3 It’s Party Time For Trolls and Cyber Creeps

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Ok, so this could be applied to just about any app where you can interact anonymously. But there’s something about the relationship aspect to the app that puts you - or your child, niece or nephew in a very vulnerable position. We all hope that people tell the truth and are ultimately good people. But, in reality, on Tinder all you have to go on is a photograph. Which may not be real. Think you’re chatting to Tiffany, 23, from Arkansas? What if that’s really Jim, 45, from RIGHT OUTSIDE YOUR HOUSE. Eeek! But, being serious for a second. If you’re meeting up, be sensible and keep safe.

2 Tinder Charged Older People More To Use The App

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Age discrimination is a nasty business. Guys generally want to date younger women, companies want to hire younger, vibrant and energetic people. But did anyone really expect age discrimination to affect them at the tender age of 28? Hell, no! Save that BS until we’re at least 35, please. So Tinder really shocked us when, in 2015, they released their premium version of the app. Fair enough, everyone has to make a buck, right? But if you were over 28 you were charged over three times as much as people under 28. Bleak. Worse still for UK users, they were used as paying guinea pigs for the service so Tinder could get the price right before rolling out the premium service in the United States.

1 Men Use Tinder Like It's A Game

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Guys, this isn’t World of Warcraft, it’s Tinder. While it might be fun swiping right and left and ogling beautiful women in your neighbourhood via an app, there are real emotions at stake here. According to a study by Queen Mary University, London, men swipe right on every profile just to see who swiped right for them. This casual approach is leaving women devastated when their matches don’t message them. But with the app partially designed to give the same ego-boosting rewards that a game delivers, is it any wonder men are trying to get as many matches as possible? After all, one of those matches could lead to you hooking up with the girl of your dreams.

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