Could Game of Thrones Really End These 15 Strange Ways?

True to form, Game of Thrones fans have cooked up a whole crockpot of crazy ideas for how the series will end.

Game of Thrones is easily one of the most popular television shows in history. Fans have been speculating about the series’ ending for a long time, and now that the show is in its penultimate season, the speculation has been ramped up to an unreal degree. What’s more, the show is now following its own plot, having passed the books' plotline in season 6 -- so, even if the book series was completed (and at this point, let’s be real -- George R.R. Martin isn't going to finish it), that still wouldn’t mean we’d know how the show will end. It’s its own thing now, so basically, anything could happen. It’s true that George R.R. Martin did tell showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss how his series will end, but that’s no guarantee that they’re going to follow the books, especially now that it seems unlikely Martin will finish the series. And even if he does finish it, he may decide to change the ending. So, basically, Benioff and Weiss can do whatever they want.

True to form, Game of Thrones fans have cooked up a whole crockpot of crazy ideas for how the series will end. A careful exploration into the deep recesses of the internet (aka Reddit, Tumblr, and TV Tropes) will show just how wild fans are getting with their theories. But since the internet is a scary place and since you probably don’t have hours to devote to wading through Reddit, we decided to compile a list for you of the most bizarre fan theories out there today.

15 Everyone Will Get Greyscale to Survive the White Walkers

We were first introduced to greyscale in season 2 when we saw the effects of it on Stannis Baratheon’s only child and heir, Shireen. Though the show didn't go into much detail about the disease until season 5 (conveniently, when Jorah was infected), we know from the books that greyscale is an often deadly disease that affects the brain and eventually turns its victims into stone.

One theory says that Jorah and Sam will use their knowledge of greyscale’s cure to give greyscale to the Northern army, which will supposedly render them immune to the white walkers... though why greyscale would be immune to the white walkers, we don’t know. As the theory goes, once the war is won, maesters would cure the army. This is a stupid idea for a lot of reasons, one of the biggest being that there’s no evidence greyscale would withstand a white walker attack. Furthermore, generations of maesters at the Citadel weren’t able to cure greyscale--why would new maesters be any different?

14 Varys Blackfyre

When Dany questioned Varys’s loyalty earlier this season, it got a lot of us wondering: did Varys give her an honest answer? Or was he merely trying to save his skin? What truly motivates Varys?

Some believe that his intentions are not as selfless as he would have Daenerys believe. An old and popular theory states that Varys is not just anybody but is descended from the Blackfyres. Years ago, King Aegon IV had two sons: a legitimate son named Daeron and an illegitimate son named Daemon. Aegon wielded a powerful blade named Blackfyre, and he gifted it to his illegitimate son, Daemon. Blackfyre was the blade that all of Aegon the Conqueror’s successors wielded, and by giving it to Daemon, Aegon IV was essentially naming Daemon his heir. Daemon took the surname Blackfyre and refused to give it to his half-brother, arguing that he was their father’s rightful heir. So far, there have been four Blackfyre Rebellions--thwarted attempts to take the iron throne and put a Blackfyre on it as they believe Aegon IV intended. There are some who believe that Varys is a secret Blackfyre working in his family’s own self-interest.

13 Qyburn is Varys’s Agent

One interesting theory that has emerged claims that Cersei’s Master of Whispers and the former Master of Whispers are both in league with one another. Now, granted, there’s not a lot of groundwork for it, but it’s just so crazy it might be true. Essentially, the theory recalls Qyburn’s use of Varys’s little birds. The children were quick to trust Qyburn, which is interesting given that they would've been taught to be loyal only to Varys. Furthermore, in season 6, Varys says that men are fickle, but little birds can always be trusted. Is it possible he’s talking about the little birds in King’s Landing?

Another point to this theory states that by using wildfire to destroy the Sept of Baelor, Cersei has actually terrified the masses and is more likely to divide them than earn their love. Is it possible Varys instructed Qyburn to do this so that Daenerys could sweep in and earn the love of the people?

12 The Whole Series is Ghost’s Dream

That’s right, folks--some people think that the entire A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones series is a dream. And not just anyone’s dream, but the dream of Ghost the direwolf. Not Bran, not Summer... Ghost. So even things that Ghost hasn’t seen--which is basically everything that didn’t take place at the Wall--are part of an elaborate dream he has where people brutally rape, torture, and murder the family that takes care of him, his brothers and sisters, and even his own master. Hey, we never said these theories were developed by smart people.

How or why this theory came into being, we don’t know, but apparently, one fan felt strongly enough about it that when he got the chance to meet Kit Harington, he told him about it. Harington, as you can imagine, was less than impressed.

11 The Series Ends With George R.R. Martin

There’s one crack theory that the series will end the way it began--with George R.R. Martin telling a story... but it won’t be in the way you might think.

One cute theory says that the series will end with Sam writing the Chronicle of the Wars Following the Death of King Robert I that Archmaester Ebrose talked about writing early in season 7. Sam, as you may remember, suggested something a bit more poetic--perhaps, A Song of Ice and Fire? Theorists posit that the series will close with Sam writing the events of the series in a poetic story. Cool, right? We see that. We like that ending.

Some fans have taken it a step further by saying that Sam should be played by the real storyteller of A Song of Ice and Fire--author George R.R. Martin. Not only would GRRM probably never consent to appear on the show, but do any of us really want to see Sam become a sad old man who can’t even finish a book series? Yeah, we didn’t think so.

10 A Blue-Eyed Giant Named Macumber

Way back in season one, when hope was high and life worth living, Bran was bound to his bed while Old Nan told him a story. Little did we know then, but this would be Bran’s beginning as the Three-Eyed Raven. When Robb comes to Bran’s room, he finds Old Nan telling Bran stories; after sending the old woman away, Robb says that Old Nan used to tell him that the reason the sky is blue is that we live inside the eye of a blue-eyed giant named Macumber. Later, Oberyn Martell repeated this tale, implying that the tale of Macumber is told all over the seven kingdoms, from the northernmost to the southernmost.

Many Game of Thrones fans believe that the reason the tale is told so often is that it’s true. They believe that at the end of the series, it will be revealed that the world of Game of Thrones has taken place inside the eye of a giant named Macumber, indicating that we really are just small and insignificant in the eyes of the gods. Whatever.

9 King Gendry

As much as this theory strains credulity, we gotta say, we don’t hate it. Way back in season one, Cersei admitted to Catelyn that she had had another son once--a son with black hair. This unnamed son died when he was very small, and Cersei reportedly never went to visit his body. Fans originally suspected that she was only making up a son to gain Catelyn’s sympathy and trust, but later in the season, both Robert and Cersei acknowledged their lost little boy.

There’s a theory that Gendry is actually Robert and Cersei’s trueborn son. Fans cite the fact that Gendry said his mother had “yellow hair” as evidence, and the fact that Gendry doesn’t remember much of her indicates he may have been separated from her at a young age. If this is true, then that would make Gendry Robert’s rightful heir and King of the Seven Kingdoms. Again, it’s pretty bizarre and couldn’t possibly be true, but we’d much rather see Gendry on the throne than anyone else vying for it right now.

8 The Iron Throne Will Be Melted Down

The iron throne has been the subject of much debate since the beginning of the series. Forged from allegedly thousands of swords (though in actuality, there are less than two hundred) that were surrendered to Aegon the Conqueror and his sisters. Over the course of the show, dozens of characters have tried to sit upon the iron throne, and fans have been asking who will sit on it at the end of the series when all is said and done. One theory suggests that no one will because there will be no iron throne.

Some have suggested that, in dire need of weapons, the army of the living will melt down the iron throne, reclaim the swords, and use them to defeat the white walkers. The swords are not Valyrian steel, so how exactly will they defeat the white walkers? Easy: they’ll be melted in Drogon’s dragonfire. Sure. Okay.

7 The White Walkers Will Win

As the odds look ever bleaker for Jon Snow, more and more people are latching onto this theory. Because George R.R. Martin and Benioff and Weiss are grimdark edgelords, as are many of their fans, there’s a popular theory that the white walkers are going to take over the world (or at least Westeros) and kill everyone we know and love, possibly also turning them into wights. Variants of this theory claim that the white walkers are actually the good guys who are just trying to take back their world or that the white walkers are a sinister form of Noah’s flood sent to punish mankind for being evil and only the truly good will survive. Or perhaps, no one is truly good, and all men must die.

Granted, George R.R. Martin did say the series would have a “bittersweet” ending, and white walkers taking over the world isn’t exactly bittersweet--then again, I guess that depends on your definition of bittersweet.

6 Tyrion Lannister is a Secret Targaryen

This is one of the oldest and easily most obnoxious theories out there. If you haven’t heard it before, kudos for living under a rock.

Basically, the theory goes that Tyrion Lannister is not Tywin Lannister’s son, but is, in fact, the bastard child of Mad King Aerys. Several characters in the book series refer to the fact that Aerys openly lusted after Joanna Lannister, Tywin’s wife. Some believed it was only a public way to humiliate Tywin, but others believed Aerys took advantage of his status as king to force Joanna into his bed. Some fans believe that Tyrion was the result of Aerys raping Joanna and that the reason Tyrion is a dwarf is the evil circumstances surrounding his conception... because that’s totally how that works.

5 The Great Northern Conspiracy

There are two parts to the Great Northern Conspiracy, and one of them has basically already happened. The first part argues that all of the Northern lords who submitted to the Boltons were actually lying in wait for the moment they could declare their true loyalty to House Stark and crown Ned Stark’s heir King in the North. Whether this is Bran, Rickon, Jon Snow, or even Sansa Stark, the North remembers. As we can see from season 6, half of this conspiracy has already come to fruition, with the Northern lords declaring their loyalty for House Stark and naming Jon their King in the North.

The other half of this conspiracy (and the one that’s not as popular as the first half) says that the Northerners won’t stop at the King in the North and will seek to put a Stark on the iron throne itself.

4 Bran’s Dream

Fans who read the books will know that the planned seventh and final book in George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series is supposed to be called A Dream of Spring. Dreams are a central part of the series, especially Bran’s storyline. Bran’s dreams about the three-eyed raven encouraged him to go beyond the Wall and seek out Brynden Rivers, the original three-eyed raven. Now, that title has passed to Bran.

Some fans believe that Bran is not actually the three-eyed raven but that the three-eyed raven is a figment of his imagination. They believe that everything that has happened in the series is an elaborate dream that Bran has while in his coma after Jaime Lannister pushed him out a window. It’s crazy, right?! Can you imagine if everything we saw was just a fever dream and none of our faves were dead?

3 Bran Will Fix Everything

One of the questions Bran keeps asking is why he was chosen to be the three-eyed raven. Of all the people in Westeros, why was a crippled lordling from the North chosen to follow in Brynden Rivers’ footsteps? And what will Bran do with his new knowledge after the war?

Some have suggested that Bran’s gifts will be more than visions and warging. Especially hopeful (or are they just deluded?) fans have even gone so far to theorize that Bran will have the ability to go back in time. Evidence for this theory includes a scene from the books where Bran sees his father through the heart tree and calls his name, and Ned seems to hear him. Fans believe that this is foreshadowing that Bran will use his powers to go back in time and fix everything. Much as we’d like to go back to a world where all the Starks are happy and alive, we can’t imagine this working out.

2 Bran is the Lord of Light

There’s another theory that Bran will use his powers to time-travel, but this one’s even crazier than the fix-it theory. In fact, it’s an extension of the fix-it theory.

Basically, there are those who believe that Bran knew the war against the white walkers would be devastating, and he wanted to make sure that the realms of men (especially his family) would stand a fighting chance against the army of the dead. With Jon dead at the Wall and no one in power to lead the army of the living against the army of the dead, Bran decided to take matters into his own hands. He traveled hundreds of years back in time and used his knowledge of the future to build a religion based on worshipping fire. His new title? The Lord of Light. Some believe that Bran is R’hllor himself, teaching fire worship and even reviving the dead so that someday, Jon Snow would be able to lead an army against the Night King and save mankind once and for all.

1 A Truce with the White Walkers

Ever since learning about the white walkers, Jon Snow has been on a journey to defeat them and save humanity--but what if the way to save humanity is not to defeat the enemy?

It has long been suggested that the white walkers are not as evil as we’ve been led to believe--because I guess killing people and arranging their bodies in a cult symbol is totally normal behavior. Some people believe that rather than trying to kill all of them, Jon is going to try a different approach: making peace with the Night King. How exactly Jon plans to achieve this when the Night King and his army of wights have it out for the men and constantly attack, kill, and transform them, no one seems to know, but some people out there are deluded enough to believe that Jon is actually going to resolve the war between the living and the dead with a simple truce.

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Could Game of Thrones Really End These 15 Strange Ways?