15 Binge-Worthy TV Shows For Single Guys (No GF Needed Here)

Single dudes like TV just as much as everyone else. While one often thinks of a single guy being someone who is out partying all the time or spending a lot of time on dates, the reality is, quite often, he is actually sitting around on the couch with a large pepperoni pizza while watching some viral video. Being single isn't as glamorous as people think sometimes.

So what are the best shows for the single guy? We put together a list of shows that pretty much every dude would like married or otherwise. What makes a lot of these shows more perfect for the single guy is that most of them are liked more by guys then by women, but not all of them of course. Some of them are filled with action, some with violence, some have a crude sense of humor,  some show people partying constantly, while others are filled with hot chicks. Most of these shows are still on television now, but we included a few must-see classics as well.

So if you are a single guy, we heartily recommend that you check out these shows, and if you are in a relationship and are watching these shows, then you are a very lucky man, or maybe she is getting ready to dump you, and then you can be single all over again! Here are the best 15 shows for single guys.

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15  Game Of Thrones

I know, one might not think Game of Thrones would be on the list, you might think that it's a show that is followed much more closely by women than men, and the guys that do watch it might tend to be of the nerdy variety. Well if you think that you would be wrong, first of all, there are a lot of ridiculously hot women on the shows, and many of those end up taking their clothes off at one point or another. This in itself makes it worth watching, but there is also a lot of manly drama, fabulous fight scenes, strong male characters, and constant power struggles, all of which are things that guys are totally drawn to, of course. And did I mention that there are a lot of naked women on it?

14 American Dad

American Dad is a product of Seth MacFarlane, the guy who is also responsible for Family Guy and The Cleveland Show. Pretty much everything that MacFarlane does is guaranteed to be something that a guy is going to like. In fact, if you don't like MacFarlane even just a tiny bit, you are probably either a woman or you need to turn in your man card. The show focuses on a conservative father who works for the CIA, his hippie daughter, and some other characters including the family's pet goldfish and an alien who lives with them who is a master of disguise. Put all of this together and you have something that a single guy is going to want to veg out and watch. Plus it is a cartoon!

13 It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

There are really just two kinds of people in the world, those who think It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is the best show ever, and those who are incredibly dumb. This show truly has it all and is one of the funniest shows ever on TV. Guys tend to like it a bit more than women do, purely for the simple reason that all the characters are just so awful, not just to the world around them, but to each other as well. The show is not only funny, it's hilarious in a totally ridiculous way. It has been on forever, so if you are a single dude, pick up a rum ham, sit down on the couch, and binge watch all of the different seasons, it might not change your life for the better, but your life will be changed nonetheless.

12 South Park

The only show that might possibly be funnier than It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is South Park. The show has been on for years and is now the third most long-running show in history, trailing only Sesame Street and The Simpsons. This show is totally genius, but yet there are still a lot of people that think it's sort of infantile and is a show about fart jokes and things like that. Well sure, it's a cartoon with some fart jokes, but this show is actually just about the smartest thing on television. It's amazing that it has been on for so long and still produces quality television. This is the kind of show that single dudes just love  South Park and beer is the most perfect combination for a night in.

11 Breaking Bad

This is one of the shows on this list that is not on the air anymore, but how could there be a list of shows for single guys that didn't have Breaking Bad on it? This is simply one of the best shows that was ever on television. It had an amazing cast, and even though the themes of drug dealing and how a normal man turned bad are dark ones indeed, the show also always kept up a good sense of humor. The violence and dark themes are sometimes too much for certain ladies to handle, and although this show is watched by people across all genders and demographics, there is no doubt that this show is watched mostly by dudes — and single dudes at that — or guys that wait for their lady to go to bed.

10 Sons Of Anarchy

Sons of Anarchy is another show that is no longer on the air but still deserves to be included in this listThis is possibly the most violent show on television, or if it isn't the most violent, it at least has the most deaths. There were all sorts of hot chicks on this show, too, so if you are into violence, drama, motorcycles, hot chicks, revenge, and redemption, you will like this show. Basically, show seem to have everything that single guys are intrigued by and let's face it, when you're sitting on the couch alone watching some tube, sometimes you want something that is really manly to make you feel okay. Sons of Anarchy is that show.

9 Californication

Yet another of the all-time classics for single dudes is Californication.  The show is about a troubled writer played by David Duchovny. He is a successful novelist who is suffering from writers block who moves to California, drinks and and does drugs way too much,  and has numerous relationships with women, most of whom are totally hot, as well as crazy. This is exactly the kind of man a single guy wants to watch. First of all, there is a ton of partying and hot chicks involved, as well as the fact that the main character has all sorts of problems. This allows the single guy watching tube to both be envious of the guy's lifestyle while feeling he made the right moves by staying in solo and watching the tube.

8 Family Guy

This is another show my Seth MacFarlane, and as I have stated elsewhere in this article, if he is the one in charge of making it, dudes are totally going to like it. Although there are female characters on this show, there is no doubt it really is about cool male characters on the show like Brian the dog, Stewie, Peter, and of course Quagmire. This is a show you can watch with your fellow single buddies, with your girlfriend if she's super cool, or alone after your girl heads to bed. Well no matter how you slice it, if you are single or you are the type of guy that likes to pretend to be, Family Guy is an awesome show.

7  The Walking Dead

Is there anything more manly than The Walking Dead?  This show is based on a comic book series and is focused on life during a zombie apocalypse. A bunch of people led by police officer Rick Grimes and a group including his family and some other survivors are always on the run from deadly zombies. When you think about it, what would a single dude be possibly more into than a show featuring zombies? There is almost no other group of people more likely to be into them. In fact, it's almost true without a doubt that the more one is into zombies, the more likely they are going to be single. Don't shoot the messenger.

6 Modern Family

Some shows are the kind of thing that you can watch with your girlfriend or significant other and pretend that you are really into it because it's so funny and smart, but in reality, you're just sitting there getting turned on by just how hot all of the different actresses are on the show. One of these is Modern Family which is, in theory, watched by all sorts of people because it's such a fun show, but in reality, if you are a single guy, the reason you're tuning in is to watch Sophia Vergara and Ariel Winter. You can pretend you're into it because of the plot and the jokes, but hey, we all know the truth. You're single for a reason.

5 Daredevil

So if you are a single dude, it's very likely that you might be more than a little bit into comics, in fact, without going into details, I would say most dedicated single guys are into such things. Daredevil is a Netflix show based on the comic of the same name. The show has been very successful, in large part because of the vast majority of single guys that check out the show. Let's face it, shall we? There simply is not a whole bunch of dudes in relationships that are totally into comics or into shows that are about comics. This kind of thing is simply meant for people that are total nerds, which usually means you are single, unless you are one of the rare nerds that know how to pair up and find yourself a fellow nerdy gal.

4 Jersey Shore

This is yet another show that is not on the air anymore, but still needs to be listed under shows that single guys should check out. Let's be honest for a second, shall we? What is more appealing to your average single guy than a scenario that involves getting totally hammered every night, partying all the time, and hooking up with chicks while not being thought of as a loser. Because honestly, who's a bigger loser than dudes like The Situation, Vinnie, Pauly D, and Ronnie? One the reasons why they were even picked to be on the show is because they're hilarious losers. But as a single guy, what might look like a loser to one person might look like a hero to another. Jersey Shore is all about that, and you're a single guy, we promise you'll crack up.

3 Survivor

This one doesn't need a whole lot of explanation. Survivor, in my opinion, is the best so-called reality show of all time. If you're a single guy, there are a couple of things that might make you want to watch this show over and over again because it has a lot of very positive traits that one can't deny. One of those is the fact that the winner of this show is often a master manipulator, which, if you are single in this day and age, you are probably not all that good at and you probably need some tips. The other reason that you might want to watch this show as a single dude, is that there are often really hot chicks on Survivor, although, it can be a bummer when they get kicked off.

2 Dexter

What kind of show is more for single dudes than Dexter, which was a show that revolved around a killer that just murdered people that (kind of) deserved it? I guess deciding who "deserves" to be killed is the kind of thing that someone with way too much time on their hands does, which as you might know, is pretty much a good description of a single guy. Not that I'm saying that most single guys are serial killers, but I guess what I am saying is that most serial killers are actually single guys. Take that however you want it, but I think that it's fair to say if you are a woman and dating a single guy that loves the show Dexter then you might want to check yourself before you wreck yourself. We're kidding!

1 Archer

Archer has a lot of different things going for it that single guys like. It's a sitcom about a spy named Sterling Archer, who is supposedly the world's greatest secret agent, and like many other shows on this list, it's also animated. What kind of single guy doesn't like a show about a spy that isn't a cartoon? Lets face it, if you didn't like those kinds of things, then you probably would have found a girlfriend a long time ago. But hey, we aren't here to judge you, not even a little bit. What we are here to do is celebrate you for who you are, which is a single dude sitting around his pad and watching TV. Because one of these days, you're not going to be single anymore and get stuck watching The Big Bang Theory. Here's hoping you'll find someone that likes some of the shows on this list!

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