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15 Biggest Celebs Who Will Be Forgotten Soon

15 Biggest Celebs Who Will Be Forgotten Soon

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Where would we be without movie stars, Internet stars and pop stars who provide us with endless entertainment? They are known and admired around the world. They are the biggest earners, and everyone wants to live their celebrity lifestyle. But while they seem like enduring forces, they too are fallible. They are human. Despite leaving behind relics from films to albums, not everything can go on to become a classic. And so, eventually many of the biggest celebrities that we know today will fade entirely from consciousness, into the deep, dark abyss, just like the rest of us.

The truth is that so much of the people in pop culture today are easily replaced by the next big thing. Some of the people on this list may not even be remembered in as little as five or ten years time. Hollywood is a cruel, cruel world, isn’t it? With that in mind, here are 15 of the biggest celebrities that won’t be remembered for long.

15. Kanye West


It has been said that Kanye West is so innovative because he managed to change the genre of rap via his own experimentation. While some of his earlier records may have been “critically acclaimed,” Neil McCormick of The Telegraph said of West’s most recent album that “The Life of Pablo is sabotaged by its own grandiosity” and “In his narcissistic, embattled psyche, West feels like he is taking on the world, when he is only really taking on his own reflection.” West seems to be frequently “sabotaged by his own grandiosity” and it could really continue to threaten his music in the future, with future albums being too disjointed, incomplete or even rushed. While West may be one contender on this list that may live on, he is also one contender whose legacy is questionable.

14. Beyonce


For a woman who claims to care about gender equality, as someone who wrote a piece about women not making up 50% of the workforce, the fact that Lemonade only had 10% of women writers (6 out of 55), which included Beyonce herself, can we really call Beyonce’s album a “feminist masterpiece”? That would be inaccurate. Only 11% were producers. Let’s take a look at the lyrics. She says, “You can watch my fat ass twist boy/As I bounce to the next d*ck boy.” That is not female empowerment, either: that is a woman that appears to be catering to the male gaze. We are not here to say whether Beyonce is or isn’t a feminist, but we are here to say that her image is a manufactured one, used to sell. She is nothing more than a woman capitalizing on the feminist movement, her words ringing as hollow as Kim Kardashian’s nude selfies in the name of “empowerment.” If we strip Beyonce of this feminist image, there isn’t much left that isn’t all that different from every other disposable pop song out there today…

13. One Direction


Boy band One Direction probably seems kind of irrelevant to the majority of readers out there, but did you know they were the second highest paid celebrities of 2016, making them the “top-earning boy band of all time?” Like it or not, but they are super popular right now, which is why we have to include them on this list. However, along with the likes of Justin Bieber, One Direction will also not be remembered or listened to by future generations. While the band may generate a small cult following in the future by the teens who grow up and reminisce about their One Direction days, beyond that, the direction they are headed is not good. They are already showing signs of cracking with their current hiatus, so perhaps they are already on their way there…

12. Internet Celebrities



Internet celebrities or social media stars are ubiquitous today. We have the Instagram models of the world with the likes of Jen Selter making herself famous with her belfies and enviable bod, and we have the many YouTube stars who make their living by reviewing video games or by filming their every move for our own entertainment. But just like all of the reality TV stars out there, these Internet celebrities exist in a finite world whose very existence is very vulnerable to the viewer’s interest. Like the rest of us, these stars and their families will get old; they will lose their appeal. Their very own audiences will grow up. Internet celebrities are largely famous because they are a personality but, again, they will not be able to stay relevant forever. We do not envy them.

11. Every Reality TV Star, Ever


Think about the biggest reality TV stars at the moment: all of the housewives, Julie Chen, Rob Mariano, Chris Harrison. Not only will none of these cheap stars be remembered in 50 years time, but we would predict that they won’t even be remembered in as little as 20 years. Just think about all of the Big Brother contestants that you barely remember months after the show aired. Why are these people so forgettable? It likely has something to do with the fact that they are more like replaceable “types” (the jock, the airhead, etc.) rather than actual people. On shows like The Bachelor where a clear “winner” is involved, we already know the outcome of the show, so it defeats the purpose of re-watching the show. That’s why there are all of those “15 Reality TV Stars You Forgot Existed” or “15 Reality TV Stars You Didn’t Know Died” articles all over the Internet – because after we’ve sucked out all of the life (and the entertainment value) of these shows, that’s it.

10. Talentless Eye Candy Actresses



Eye candy actresses: they sell a lot of movies with their good looks. Jessica Alba and Megan Fox fall into the category, by which we mean females who primarily get roles based on their looks and as a means to serve as eye candy in a film. In most cases, this implies that the movie is not going to be particularly great given that the film had to rely on said eye candy to amp up the appeal in the first place. Jessica Alba did it in Fantastic Four while Megan Fox did it in basically every movie she’s ever been in. Unfortunately for these actresses, they obviously can’t rely on their attractiveness forever, which means their careers naturally come with a shelf life. For both Alba and Fox, their careers are almost expired. Alba is an interesting one here because she has managed to turn her fame into a business venture, where she now has an estimated income of $340 billion. In any case, what we mean to say is that these women, who aren’t particularly good actresses, are going to see their acting credits falter right alongside their looks.

9. Miley Cyrus


Miley Cyrus is another one of the biggest pop stars in the world right now but not one that is likely to be remembered, despite her number of albums reaching the number one spot on the U.S. Billboard 200 and the number of albums she’s sold. In fact, you could really substitute Cyrus for any pop star from Rihanna to Katy Perry, and none of them will be remembered. Is anyone really going to be listening to Wrecking Ball, for example, in 50 years time? Definitely not. Just like all other billboard hits out there, they all have a shelf life that makes them quickly dated and easily replaced by the next catchy tune. You can only listen to those songs so many times before you never want to hear them again. Ever. Why is that? It must be some kind of psychological phenomena. Cyrus’ latest album, Miley Cyrus and Her Dead Pets, predicts it all.

8. The Friends Cast (including Jen Aniston)



Friends is still one of the most popular television shows today despite having ended 12 years ago. In fact, it is now a classic and it will persist for a long time, still. But outside of caffeinated Central Perk, no one will remember mega-star Jennifer Aniston or any of her friends, like Courteney Cox or David Schwimmer or Lisa Kudrow or Matthew Perry. With the exception of Aniston, most of these former TV stars haven’t done much since then, at least not anything particularly smart (with a few exceptions such as Kudrow’s The Comeback) or at the forefront of popular culture. Even Aniston, who is a megastar, has failed to generate many box-office successes and even when she has, she was outshined by her male co-stars. Her rom-coms are formulaic and lack smart dialogue, among other problems and are never worth re-watching. While we don’t want Aniston to stray from the familiar rom-com trope, it would be interesting to see her take part in a film that changes up the rom-com in order for it to be able to reach cult-classic status.

7. Angelina Jolie


Similar to others on this list, much of her famousness has to do with herself and her life – growing up in the spotlight as the daughter of John Voight, her rebellious teenage years that were widely covered by the media, adopting a gaggle of babies and then her marriage to and subsequent divorce from Brad Pitt. Couple all of this with her stunning good looks and you have created a media’s dream. But has Angelina Jolie really ever done a good movie? Sure, she won an Oscar for 2000’s Girl, Interrupted, but is that movie likely to become a classic? We don’t see it. Aside from Changeling, her other movies aren’t that good either, or particularly memorable. We believe that no one is going to be watching any Jolie films in 50 years time and she is just another celeb that will fade away, probably somewhere by the sea….

6. Adam Sandler


Adam Sandler is known for his roles in Grown Ups 1 and 2 and Big Daddy. Right away, it is evident that Sandler doesn’t have a legacy to stand on. Some might argue his career is already over given the fact that he has outgrown his own material, he seems reluctant to change or to experiment with new roles and the fact that he refuses to speak to the press in order to promote his movies. In any case, Adam Sandler movies, for the most part, are the reality TV of movies: trash, basically, in the sense that once you are done with it, you throw it away and never see it again. While a slapstick comedian’s career is always going to be shorter than others, the future still doesn’t look bright for Sandler unless he makes drastic changes now. We’re guessing that this is no laughing matter for Sandler.

5. Ryan Reynolds

shutterstock_82076209 (1)

Good old Ryan Reynolds. He seems like a nice man. Boring, but nice enough. He’s received a lot of media attention as of late and has even experienced a surge in his movie career, all thanks to Deadpool, a huge blockbuster hit that earned the title of being the “highest-grossing R-rated film of all time.” While Reynolds was praised for the film, the movie itself was mediocre and not something that is likely to become a classic. It lacks cultural impact and any sort of technological breakthroughs, some of the things that are necessary for a film to be able to gain classic status. Before Deadpool, Reynolds was in a bunch of forgettable films, including several rom-coms, which always have a shelf-shelf in this day and age. In the end, we predict that Reynolds will be just as forgettable as his wife, Blake Lively.

4. Taylor Swift


We apologize to all the Swifties of the world. She may be the biggest pop star in the world who rolled in the most dough in 2016, but will she survive into the future decades? We think not and here is why. First of all, part of her appeal is the fact that people can relate to her due to her songs about her relationships and the “haters,” etc. As she continues to get older, she may become less relatable and less popular. At the same time, Taylor Swift’s music only really appeals to a certain audience (mainly young women) whose tastes are going to evolve over time, too.

Now, on to her legacy. Do we think people will be listening to Taylor Swift in 50 years time? We highly doubt it. As much as we love Swift, her talent isn’t on the same level as someone like The Beatles, at least musically. Who even goes back to listen to Teardrops on my Guitar, a song that is only ten years old? We argue that Taylor Swift’s success is partly due to who she is as a person, the marketing hype and less about her actual raw talents, the former of which will wane over the years.

3. Ben Affleck


The number of good movies Ben Affleck has actually been in, aside from a select few, is astoundingly low. Gigli and Daredevil are just some of the terrible messes he got himself into, which almost destroyed his career for good. Oh, Gigli. Poor, poor Affleck. Plus, Argo should not have won an Oscar – that much is universally acknowledged. Even if it had been deserving of such an award, it is not a movie that will become a classic. Even when he went on to star in the biggest blockbuster of the year, Batman v Superman, the movie tanked, meaning that no one will be rewatching it in the years to come either. Alright, it is possible that people will be watching Goodwill Hunting, but again, it is universally acknowledged that Matt Damon was responsible for that and Affleck was just along for the ride. Sorry, Affleck, like the rest of us, you are just going to fade away… The only person that will remember you is the nanny. You’ll be gone, boy.

2. Donald Trump


If only Donald Trump was forgettable. If only America could just erase his entire run from their consciousness. Oh, no. He will be remembered for years, bringing shame to the country for decades to come. Giving Trump potential access to nuclear weapons? America will be remembered as that country that was almost run by a bigot, racist and potential sex offender, among other very deeply concerning things. Perhaps it’s time for America to evaluate its political system. Maybe money shouldn’t be able to buy everything. And to think that he made it all the way to the presidential front-runner. This may just change politics forever. In the words of Trump himself, “One of they key problems today is that politics is such a disgrace. Good people don’t go into government.”

1. The Kardashians


This one probably won’t come as a surprise. They may be one of the most talked about reality TV stars at the moment, but a large part of that is due to their reality TV show, which has to come to an inevitable end at some point since the show is currently in its 12th season. The Kardashians won’t be able to keep up the momentum for long, especially as their looks recede and their opportunities to pose nude shrivel alongside their relevancy. What will the legacy of the Kardashians be? It is probably an accurate assumption to say that no one will be rewatching episodes of Keeping Up With The Kardashians in 50 years time. Their reality TV show is something to be consumed in the here and now. Reality TV is too easily disposable, just like Kim Kardashian’s hair extensions. People have said that Kim Kardashian is the modern day Marilyn Monroe, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. For one, she has yet to star in more than 25 movies that went on to become classics. The Kardashians may be ever-present in our lives today, but it won’t always be that way…

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