15 Big-Time Actors Who Surprisingly Don't Like Each Other

One of the most difficult tasks a director faces is choosing the right actors for their upcoming movie. What makes this task so challenging is that actors aren't always going to get along off set, and this can lead to a terrible onset chemistry. Hollywood is filled with celebrities who have different views, temperaments, and personalities, making it especially hard to choose a cast that isn't going to let their emotions get the best of them. On the bright side, however, there are tons of actors who get along exceptionally well and go on to deliver terrific movies. So much so, that they are often casted in many other movies together.

If there is one thing an actor can do, however, it's fake it 'till they make it, so putting on a happy face and smiling at their fellow actor despite their genuine dislike for the person can be relatively easy to master.

Although it may come as a shock to many people, there are some actors who have worked alongside actors they could not stand — for their entire career — without so much as mentioning it to their directors or media outlets. That is, until their contract ended and they were finally free to speak their mind.

15 Ryan Reynolds & Wesley Snipes

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Ryan Reynolds has always comported himself in an upright manner, which is why it is surprising to find out that he managed to get under costar Wesley Snipes' skin, while filming 2004's Blade: Trinity. However, the mutual dislike these actors shared for each other could not be contained for long, and soon the tabloids heard word of their offset rivalry. According to sources, the root cause of the feud was due to Snipes' ego and unbearable attitude, but that story doesn't fly with Snipes whatsoever.

According to Snipes, the third Blade movie lacked a multicultural and talented cast, which is why he often had his double take his place behind the camera. Snipes, who later went on to sue Blade writer and director, David Goyer, was reported to have physically attacked Goyer and repeatedly referred to Reynolds as, "The Cracker."

14 Anne Hathaway & James Franco

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If you watched the 2011 Oscars, you surely cringed as Anne Hathaway and James Franco absolutely massacred the meaning of chemistry, and you weren't the only one. In fact, Franco and Hathaway's performance was so agonizing to watch that they received a boatload of bad ratings from critics all over the world. So much so, that the media began to speculate whether or not their lack of chemistry had to do with a mutual dislike for one another.

While most people seemed to put the blame on Franco, due to his closed-eye and awkward persona, others believed that Hathaway could have been a bit more engaging. Nevertheless, it isn't surprising that both actors lost touch after their sour Oscar performance. Despite their sudden falling out, Franco insists that there is no bad blood between them, but most people speculate that Hathaway is still holding a grudge.

13 Nicole Kidman & Julia Roberts

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Nicole Kidman and Julia Roberts are two of the most renown actresses in the world. The difference being, however, that Roberts is often referred to as America's Sweetheart and Kidman is well, not. With this in mind, it isn't hard to see how Kidman and Roberts managed to grind each other's gears while on the set of The Secret In Their Eyes.

Now, I know what you're thinking, how could Roberts possibly muster up enough anger to  hate any human being on this planet, right? Well, according to sources, Roberts' hate stems from Kidman's holier than though personality and insufferable attitude towards their movie's crew. While both actresses went on to deliver exceptional performances, they are definitely not looking forward to ever working together again.

12 Robert Downey Jr. & Terrence Howard

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There are some feuds that last a few hours and some that last a lifetime, but the feud between Robert Downey Jr. and Terrence Howard is said to have comfortably rested in-between these two extremes. Although the feud has long since been put to rest, it did have some extremely heated moments, so much so, that some speculate that it was buried to end the ongoing questions from the press.

The feud began shortly after Downey was cast as Tony Stark in Iron Man, a role that Terrence felt he had helped Downey achieve. To add fuel to the fire, Terrence was quoted saying," It turns out that the person that I helped become Iron Man, when it was time to re-up for the second one, took the money that was supposed to go to me and pushed me out.”

11 Selma Blair & Charlie Sheen

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When Selma Blair accepted a role on Charlie Sheen's show Anger Management, she must have been aware of the dangers her choice ensued. Nevertheless, she decided to work alongside the reputable actor even thought the odds weren't in her favour. And so when she and Sheen's relationship turned from lustful to hateful in the span of a couple seasons, the actress was forced off of the show without the chance to defend her position.

After being kicked off of the show, Blair decided to hire a team of lawyers and file a retaliation lawsuit against the show's production company, Lionsgate Entertainment. The actress felt as though she was treated unjustly and should have been compensated for the entirety of the episodes she has signed on for. Amidst the lawsuit, it's safe to say that things got rather ugly between the two A-list celebrities.

10 Shia LaBeouf & Alec Baldwin

There are a handful of actors that directors do not like to work with, and Shia LaBeouf is one of them. Despite being a great actor, it has been stated that LaBeouf's larger than life personality is exceptionally difficult to work with, causing him to be grouped with celebrities like Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes. During the making of Orphans, it was said that LaBeouf insulted Alec Baldwin in front of the entire filming set, which was the root cause to their never-ending feud.

In fact, Baldwin was so disturbed by the incident, that he eventually decided to quit the show instead of trying to have LaBeouf fired from the production. However, the director and stage manager decided to keep Baldwin and let go LaBeouf due to his bad attitude. Afterwards, both actors were quoted saying unpleasantries about the other, which only helped to continue their long-term feud.

9 Lea Michele & Naya Rivera

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If you've watched Glee before you are no doubt up to date about the feud between Lea Michele and Naya Rivera's onscreen characters. What you might not be up to date with, however, is how that feud has managed to translate itself into everyday life. As a matter of fact, one of Glee's own writers was once quoted saying that both actresses were like the opposite sides of a coin, which is why it isn't surprising to find out that their personalities clash.

According to the beautiful Rivera, Lea Michele and herself could not separate their onscreen life with their offscreen one, causing many confrontations to arise. The feud, which is believed to have started when Rivera's character was thrown into the spotlight, is still very much alive today.

8 Blake Lively & Leighton Meester

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While there might not be a known reason for the feud between Leighton Meester and Blake Lively, it is undeniable that both young women are no longer on speaking terms. Both actresses, who starred on the hit TV series Gossip Girl for over 6 years, seemed to have had a falling out during the last two seasons of the series. However, neither women would comment over the cause or even existence of the feud, choosing to avoid further complications by refusing to gossip. Instead, the actresses simply stated that they were both busy and simply had a falling out.

Most of their fans had difficulty swallowing this coverup story, but without sufficient proof they decided to let things slide. That is until the feud was confirmed at this year's Golden Globes, when both actresses made it a point to avoid each other throughout the entire ceremony.

7 George Clooney & Russell Crowe

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If there's one person who likes to stir the pot it's Russell Crowe. Despite Crowe's neither here nor there acting and music career, he sure seems to have a high set of standards when it comes to selling out, which he seems to think is exactly what George Clooney has been doing for the last decade. The two actors, who had no reason to be on a bad note, quickly engaged in a feud after Crowe was quoted saying that Clooney was a, "Frank Sinatra wannabe and a sellout."

After hearing Crowe's quote, Clooney immediately confronted the actor, who then sent him his bands album along with a note stating that he was misquoted. However, Clooney seems to think otherwise, as Crowe has been quoted spewing false facts and hatful comments about many people in Clooney's entourage before.

6 Lucy Liu & Bill Murray

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Have you ever wondered why Bill Murray was replaced by Bernie Mac in Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle? Well if you have then you should probably know that it is because Lucy Liu was non-replaceable. Although it is said that Bosley loves all of his angels equally, this couldn't be further from the truth. In fact Murray, who played Bosley, was constantly getting into fights with Liu while on set, so much so, that things eventually got physical.

During one particular scene, it is reported that Murray interrupted Liu's performance to tell her, "You can't act," which infuriated her to the point that she began throwing punches at the renown actor. Afterwards, the actors kept it civil on set but couldn't have been any happier to see each other go once the movie was over and done with.

5 America Ferrera & Lindsay Lohan

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It's no secret that Lindsay Lohan is a very difficult actress to work with, especially since she is notorious for not showing up to set. So when Lohan was asked to guest star in TV series Ugly Betty for the entirety of 6 episodes, it's safe to say that America Ferrera, the lead actress, was a little bit nervous over the director's casting choice. In fact, it was reported that Lohan's attitude and overall personality was borderline nightmarish — to the point that the director cut Lohan's on-screen time down to 4 episodes.

While Lohan was not reported saying anything bad about Ferrera, it was painfully obvious that Ferrera could not stand Lohan, who was ironically playing her high school nemesis. In fact, Lohan speculates that Ferrera was the reason behind her being booted off the TV series earlier than expected, and she wouldn't be wrong to assume so.

4 Sarah Jessica Parker & Kim Cattrall

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This may come as a surprise to some of you, but Sex and the City stars Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall haven't always gotten along as amicably as they do on the show. Now, imagine working alongside someone you cannot stand for over 6 years, if you can sympathize, it's probably because you've have to do the same at your own job.

Now, Cattrall has made it quite clear that her feud is something of the past, and the falling out she had with costar Parker was purely due to receiving a sizeable difference in salary. However, it has been said that Cattrall and Parker's catfight was present from the start of production. Parker, who has the reputation for being extremely difficult to work with, seems happy to blame the feud on HBO's unjust payment system.

3 Jim Carrey & Tommy Lee Jones

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If there is one actor who is known for his high levels of energy and eccentricity, it's Jim Carrey, and while he may be loved by many, not everyone is going to think he's a peach. In fact, Carrey's own costar, Tommy Lee Jones, was so infuriated by Carrey's comportment that he often exchanged very cruel words with him. Despite Jones' and Carrey's amazing chemistry on the set of Batman Forever, their offset chemistry was far from stellar, so much so, that Jones couldn't wait to get as far away from Carrey as possible after filming hours. According to Carrey, Jones would tell him things like, "I hate you. I really don't like you... I cannot sanction your buffoonery."

Although Jones has made his dislike for Carrey painfully obvious, this hasn't stopped Carrey from treating his once-upon-a-time costar with respect, a trait that many of us have come to admire and love about the Canadian comedian.

2 Sylvester Stallone & Bruce Willis

If there is one way to show the world that you aren't fond of your co-star, it's negatively posting about them on Twitter. While doing this may seem quite petty, it didn't stop Sylvester Stallone from attacking Bruce Willis online and calling him, "greedy and lazy". Although their feud did come to an end after a year's worth of bickering, some still say that Stallone is quick to insult Willis when away from the prying eyes and ears of the public.

Stallone and Willis started bumping heads while on the set of The Expendables, so much so, that Willis was eventually replaced by Harrison Ford. Stallone, embarrassed by his Twitter rant, eventually apologized to Willis for his outburst, and the two actors decided to burry the hatchet...while in public at least.

1 Harrison Ford & Josh Hartnett

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It is every young actor's dream to get the chance to work alongside an A-list actor like Harrison Ford, but in Josh Hartnett's case, it was much more like a nightmare. Despite being thrilled at the opportunity, the much younger Hartnett couldn't help but feel intimidated when he found out he would be costarring with Ford in Hollywood Homicide, a fear that Ford Immediately sniffed out. "Over the course of the film we had our ups and downs, Harrison has this dry sense of humour and he's very sarcastic. He's an intimidating guy. He tested me to the limit, so I hated him for a while." Hartnett had to say about the casting fiasco.

Ford, however, had a different view on their relationship altogether, one that he thought resembled their characters' onscreen relationship. "These two characters are not buddies. They are guys who work together but who don't understand each other at all. I thought that was pretty much reflected in our relationship and I didn't try to disturb it." Says Ford.

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