15 "Big" Models Who Will Make You Forget About Your GF

If anyone hasn't noticed, the mainstream world is changing, and it's changing fast; hell, it's already changed 10 times over. Take a look at magazines, tabloids, movies--the glorification, the expectation, and the complete domination of the size "0" has all but gone by the wayside. Nowadays it seems as though curves (to an extent) are celebrated more than ever. The acknowledgement and realization that attitudes have changed from being stick thin to having curvier, more ample features resonates more and more everyday.

This acceptance has made its way to the runway. There was a time where models people thought of were the likes of Gisele, Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford and other thin yet beautiful angels of the runway. Today? While still adored, society seems to not just want, but crave and highlight models who have that mix of realism, beauty, and curves. Plus-Size modelling has exploded and there's a plethora of names that are not just hot, but are making just as much if not more noise than their thinner contemporaries.

It's gotten so big that people may notice that curvier girls are in more demand than ever. I'd be willing to bet these curvaceous plus-size models will make anyone that reads this go off to la la land and escape their relationship and embark on a fantasy with a bigger, curvier girlfriend. Take a look for yourselves!

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15 Barbie Ferreira

This 21-year-old model is one of the youngest models blazing a trail for plus-size models everywhere. She's a beacon for body-positivity, posting a photo of her stretch marks on her Instagram; something that everyday people can relate to. Her post turned out to be a message towards agencies that she claimed tried to craft idealized versions of what a "thick" girl showed via Photoshopping and suggestions of using Spanx. Ferreira's stance on her frame and others like her has earned her over 420,000 followers. She represents a confident, attractive, and yes, hot successful woman who knows what she stands for. Ladies and gentlemen, it's hard to get any hotter than that. Barbie, like many other plus-size models, have endured body shaming comments online. Despite all the haters, Barbie shines and is a hotter woman than most online trolls could ever dream of being with.

14 Hunter McGrady

Talk about a woman making all kinds of noise RIGHT NOW. Hunter McGrady has blown the F up, and it's not just because of her frame, it's because she used to be a skinnier woman who now embraces and has accepted her curvier, more natural figure. McGrady's car accident curves caused waves when she landed a gig as a rookie for Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Issue. McGrady's splash on to the magazine's coveted spread was felt throughout the modelling world due to her becoming SI's curviest model yet. McGrady's naturally wide hips have been a deterrent to getting her modelling gigs in the past, even when she was a smaller size. Hunter posted an Instagram message highlighting how she used to workout and starve herself in hopes of achieving an unrealistic size. She claimed that ever since she was 18 she's realized that her body was never meant to be thin. Now? She's one of the hottest models out there, embracing her size 14-16 curvaceous body.

“It’s a moment — not just for me, but for women in history — to be in this issue. Finally, we’re being heard,” said McGrady from the Sport's Illustrated 2017 Swimsuit Issue.

13 Saffi Karina

Via Twitter.com

This beautiful woman was actually dropped from her modelling agency due to being a size 10. She took the denouncement on the chin and went ahead to launch The Curve Project over in London. She actually holds workshops via this organization to help plus size ladies break into the modelling industry. It doesn't take a genius to observe that not only is Saffi hot, she's gorgeous. However the agency that dumped her didn't think she was a good "fit" due to her hips being too wide.

In an interview with the Evening Standard (as revealed through Daily Mail), the model stated, "...I had only been working for a couple of years, and really loving it, when they dropped me. But I have 41-inch hips - they are pure bone, there is nothing I can do about them, they aren’t going anywhere. I had to work with what I’ve got..."  Yes Saffi, please, continue to work with what you've got!

12 Jennie Runk

Jennie Runk was discovered by Mary Clarke of Mother Model Management in the early 2000s while she was working at a PetSmart. She was only 13 years old. Runk decided to gain weight in order to become a plus size model. She's stayed between size 10 and 12. Runk has been featured in plenty of magazines and ad campaigns. Her most notable spread was for being featured in H&M's swimwear ad campaign. Runk's appearance made headlines because H&M is known for its smaller sized fashion style. It sent a very strong message and Jennie has been looked at as one of the lead plus size models of her generation. She's not afraid to speak her mind about what it is to be a plus size model either.

"People assume plus equates to fat, which in turn equates to ugly. This is completely absurd because many women who are considered plus-sized are actually in line with the American average," she said via her Facebook page.

11 Marquita Pring

Wow. Holy sh*t. *Takes a deep breath.* Marquita managed to take the world by storm by landing the cover of Vogue Italy and walking the runway for Jean Paul Gaultier, a juggernaut fashion designer in Paris. Pring has been in numerous campaigns that have shown off her curves. She's been quoted as preferring to be "curvy and plus size" and her drop dead looks have earned her a lot of devotees (almost 85,000 followers on Instagram!). Pring co-founded ALDA which promotes confidence in curvier women. She's been in the game for well over a decade and is a huge example of positive change for the plus size modelling sector of the industry. Did I forget to mention that Marquita Pring is incredibly hot? Look at this photo, look on her Instagram and tell me you wouldn't want to check her out? Yeah, okay. That's what I thought!

10 Ashley Graham

The brightest star on this list is without a shadow of a doubt Ashley Graham. Graham is blazing trails, becoming the first plus-size model to accomplish a lot of "firsts." Let's go down the list. Ashley, who has a whopping 4.1 million followers on her Instagram, was the first plus size model to be featured in a Sports Illustrated's swimsuit ad. She was placed on the cover of major fashion magazines including ELLE Quebec. She also designed her own lingerie collection; talk about domination! Ashley has definitely changed the game for many aspiring plus size models and when looking at this woman, let's just say that there's many that would definitely do whatever it takes to score a date with the beautiful superstar. Ashley Graham is still single and has no problems making headlines for simply wearing a form fitting dress or stepping out in public to do a regular errand.

9 Robyn Lawley

Via SpeakersCorner.Me

Got damn! Robyn Lawley is one of the hottest models in the game today. This Australian beauty is one of the three plus size models to grace the cover of Vogue Italia's notable Curvy Issue cover. She's also the second plus size model to be on the cover of ELLE France. Lawley is also the first plus size model to be on the cover of Australia's Cosmopolitan Magazine, and the first plus size model to be shot for Australia's GQ and Vogue magazines. Robyn continued to earn ridiculous amounts of notoriety when she became the first plus-sized model to be featured in a Ralph Lauren campaign and was also the first plus sized model to be featured in a Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue back in 2015. That's A LOT of firsts y'all, and for good reason! Robyn's popularity is a beacon for tall, plus size women everywhere!

8 Tara Lynn

Via Dailyvenusdiva

Tara Lynn is now considered a seasoned model. Why? Because she's been killin' it in the plus size model game for years. She first made noise when she was featured in a plus size shoot for V and Elle. Lynn has also appeared in ELLE Spain, modelled for Lucky Brand Jeans, and was also featured in Glamour Magazine. Tara's ELLE appearance turned plenty of heads when "The Body" appeared with her photo, taking note that Lynn's frame acts as a great form for women to aspire to achieve instead of the typical yet elusive size "0." Lynn revealed that she, like other plus size models, have endured body shaming and bullying throughout their lives. Fortunately, Lynn managed to overcome the haterade and proceeded to become one of true (and hottest) faces of the plus size model movement. Would you? You're damn right you would!

7 Nadia Aboulhosn

Nadia, Nadia, Nadia; God damn! Nadia happens to be gifted in all the right places. If you can't really see why that's true, then perhaps you need some eye drops or some glasses. Nadia started out as a blogger but was eventually able to make it a full-time gig. Her first big modelling gig was for the curvy section of Seventeen Magazine. Nadia has been so successful blogging that she's been able to earn money by advertising and promoting clothing via her modelling career. She's been featured in Complex Magazine, Vogue Italia, Teen Vogue, America Apparel, and more. The late twenty-something has made a career of being body-positive and serving as a role model for aspiring plus size models around the world; having over 500,000 Instagram followers doesn't hurt either. Finally, Nadia also designs clothes for boohoo.com. This blazin' model is only getting starting, aiming to reinvent the modelling industry as we know it!

6 Katie Knowles

Via HuffingtonPost

Katie Knowles is not just a beautiful plus size model. She's an absolute inspiration! She was a law student based out of Newcastle but eventually, against all odds, became a model. It turns out Knowles had a rare spinal condition called spinal stenosis where the spine narrows and the discs degenerate. Knowles was told by doctors that she'd never walk again. She went through extensive physiotherapy and managed to prove all of the doubters. She began modelling in a wheelchair and the rest is history. She's an ambassador for Models of Diversity and is signed to Headline Models. Knowles uses her disability as an advantage, embracing what others would say is a hindrance. Katie cleverly calls her crutches "glamsticks" and says that her disability isn't a deterrent, and makes her work harder than ever before. When you're able to rock it and look better than most while you're in a wheelchair you KNOW that woman has to be pretty damn hot.

5 Dandridge

Via Pinterest.com

Dandridge isn't THAT known, but despite all of that, she's pretty damn hawt. One can tell just by looking at her photos that she puts out a sultry, confident vibe that most ladies aspire to have. The Pasadena, California native started out with Domino Dollhouse, a fashion line that focused specifically on plus-sized clothing. Domino reached out to them and the rest is history. Anyone that knows of this hottie has probably seen her on campaigns for Zelie For She, Tumblr, or of course, Instagram. In an interview with wearyourvoicemag.com, Dandridge stated, "People make fun of the whole 'Instagram model' thing, but thanks to social media I get work. Don’t let people’s negative attitudes about it discourage you — all of the gigs I have gotten have been through social media!"

Dandridge has certainly made a name for herself in this social media fuelled world and is definitely one of the hottest models around.

4 Philomena Kwao

Via Lavishmagonline

Philomena has everything someone single and ready to mingle desires; curves, sophistication, and straight up beauty. Ms. Kwao is not only making strides as a plus size model, she's making it known that the idea of a beautiful black woman doesn't just reside with Beyoncé and Rihanna; darker skinned black women are just as hot and just as desirable, and if people haven't realized that by now, then they're surely missing out on the fun. In an interview with ELLE magazine Kwao revealed her feelings regarding plus size models with darker tones in the modelling industry,

"I think that the plus-size industry has been great with size diversity, but it hasn't really been great for skin tone diversity...I still feel segregation along skin tone."

Fortunately with hotties like Philomena around, we all look forward to models like her making positive strides.

3 Candice Huffine

Via Pinterest.com

Candice Huffine has been breaking size barriers since the early 2000s. She's been in beauty pageants and whatnot since she was a little girl. Candice was a cheerleader in high school and an audience member recommended she visit modelling agencies in New York; Huffine was rejected by all but one. That one agency specialized in representing larger models. At age 16 Huffine walked away with a plus size modelling contract after not knowing what a plus size model was. By the time Candice was 18 she was modelling for the plus size specialized women's clothing chain Lane Bryant. Candice continued to flourish in 2011 when she posed alongside other notable plus size models in Tara Lynn and Robyn Lawley in a photo shoot for Vogue Italia by famed fashion photographer Steven Meisel. Candice's career exploded after the Vogue Italia appearance; she's been featured in magazines such as Harper's Bazaar, W., Vogue (USA, the same issue that feature Kim Kardashian and Kanye West on the cover), and eventually landed the famed Pirelli Calendar, which has featured models like Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, and Cindy Crawford.

2 Victoria Lee

Via Thickfablife.com

This beautiful hottie (birth name Precious Lee) was born and raised in Atlanta. She was discovered by Factor women, which use to be Elite Models. She went on to be featured in a bikini ad for Sports Illustrated alongside other models and has also posed for Lane Bryant. Lee is into hot yoga, and loves to dance, especially when she's in her room. Lee is proud to show off her curves and make no mistake about it, we all love and appreciate it. In an interview with Motto (from the Editors of Time Magazine) Victoria shed light on the versatility of being a plus size woman in the modelling industry.

"I’ve always felt that models don’t all have to look a certain way, especially in the plus-size industry, which is supposed to promote diversity—but I guess it just goes to show that there are still beauty ideals, even in plus-size modelling."

1 Denise Bidot

Via Nydailynews

Good lawd almighty. Denise Bidot is a pure example of powers combining to make something even better and yes, hotter. Denise, like other models on this list, have made their marks and have shown why they're just as hot as their smaller counterparts. It's a different world and their presence is felt more than ever. Bidot has the distinction of being the first plus size model to walk multiple runways during New York's Fashion Week along with walking runways in London and Copenhagen. Bidot's success continues attract people to her personal brand.  The Puerto Rican-Kuwaiti blended model is starring in a documentary titled Straight/Curve which releases in June of this year. Denise started a lifestyle movement named "There Is No Wrong Way To Be A Woman" in hopes of inspiring every woman to be their own unique individual. By all accounts, it looks like Denise isn't slowing down anytime soon.

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