15 Big Celebs Who Were Rejected After Finding Fame

As we've seen time and time again with a multitude of actors and actresses, fame is extremely fickle. One day, and actor can be on top of the world, desired and adored by millions around the world--on

As we've seen time and time again with a multitude of actors and actresses, fame is extremely fickle. One day, an actor can be on top of the world, desired and adored by millions around the world--only to have it ripped away thanks to one bad decision or one bad film. Sometimes fame is taken from a celebrity without us even noticing it, or without even knowing why, leading us to wonder, "Whatever happened to that actor?"

Sometimes Hollywood determines whether or not we should or shouldn't like a celebrity. Thanks to persuasive media, it's easy to be misled or misinformed about an actor or actress, resulting us in abandoning them all together. But more times than not, the media helps give us a clue as to who a celebrity really is, letting us determine whether or not they deserve our adoration. It's safe to say if an actor spurts out racial slurs, inappropriate rants or downright nonsense, they're likely to get shunned by the entertainment industry and turn to something else to pay the bills. Then there are the more sad cases of actors loosing all control thanks to addiction or traumatic experiences, making it nearly impossible for them to really succeed long term.

Below is a list of 15 of Hollywood's biggest celebs that Hollywood turned its back on-- or perhaps it was the other way around.

15 Dane Cook

At one time, Dane Cook was one of the most successful comedians around. With sold out shows, jokes that thousands of people could repeat back verbatim and high-grossing record sales, it was easy to assume that Dane would go down in history as one of the best comedians ever... however, that's not exactly how the story ended. While Dane was very popular among many audiences, other comedians didn't like him much-- actually, they basically hated the guy. In fact, it became public knowledge that Dane actually stole jokes, a rumor based mainly off respected comedian, Louis CK.

It wasn't until Dane started starring in big blockbuster hits that his fame took a serious nose-dive. Films like Employee of the Month and Good Luck Chuck did horribly in the box office, proving to many that maybe Dane wasn't really the "bee's knees" after all.  Over the last few years Dane hasn't been seen much. He was banned from the famous Laugh Factory in 2015 (a place he frequently headlined at over the years) due to his aggression toward management. Nowadays, Dane is forced to take bit parts here and there but are honestly not that memorable at all.

14 Bill Cosby

Back in the '80s, Bill Cosby was everyone's favorite sitcom dad from The Cosby Show. We loved watching his deadpan reactions to the things his children would do and say and loved what a wonderful dad he seemed to be. We couldn't get enough of Bill Cosby on his show, Kids Say the Darnedest Things, where he'd chat with some seriously hilarious kids. However, in the last couple years, Bill Cosby's likability has dramatically decreased...well, it has downright plummeted.

About fifty different women have recently come forward to speak on the sexual abuse they've endured by Bill Cosby over the years. Bill Cosby allegedly used Quaaludes to drug these women and r*ped and molested them. Cosby has admitted to some of the allegations, giving us reason to no longer feel the need to watch any Cosby Show reruns.

13 Lindsay Lohan

As many child stars do, Lindsay Lohan broke into Hollywood winning everyone's hearts with her sweet charming innocence and acting chops. We first really noticed Lindsay in the Disney's remake of The Parent Trap and Freaky Friday. But when Lindsay landed the star role in Tina Fey's hilarious comedy, Mean Girls, her fame hit an all new level. However, with this new level of fame came a lot of attention and temptation-- so much so, it ended up ending Lindsay's acting career.

Lindsay started partying hard and getting caught by the paparazzi looking like she was hit by a truck. She ended up going to jail after violating her probation after being caught with drugs and was pretty much a mess ever since. Lindsay did some films over the years-- or at least attempted to. It has become public knowledge that Lindsay is extremely hard to work with due to her attitude, instability and flakiness. It remains to be seen if Lindsay will ever really get her act together and be taken seriously again.

12 Mel Gibson

When it comes to being blacklisted in Hollywood, Mel Gibson is definitely at the top of that list. Mel Gibson had a pretty great career starring in Braveheart and other great blockbuster hits. However, somewhere down the road Mel Gibson took a wrong turn and started making strange career moves and saying unforgivable things. Mel Gibson's movie, Passion of the Christ was one of the most successful movies ever, yet things started to go downhill from there. Just over a decade ago, Mel Gibson made headlines after getting arrested for driving under the influence while he yelled anti-Semitic remarks. Mel was dropped from his agency shortly after tapes were discovered that caught the actor spouting out racial slurs and threatening his wife. While Mel still works on projects behind the camera now and then, only time will tell if the public will ever really be able to get back aboard the Mel Gibson train.

11 Kirk Cameron

If you were a teen growing up in the mid '80s, chances are you loved watching Kirk Cameron as Mike Seaver on the hit sitcom, Growing Pains. Since his stint on the sitcom, Kirk Cameron became a born again Evangelical Christian, and chose to work on primarily faith-based entertainment projects. Kirk Cameron's very conservative views and family values began to deter many people in Hollywood as well as his fans. Kirk loved talking about his views, and unapologetically expressed his disdain for homosexuality in an interview with CNN. Today, Kirk Cameron works on various faith-based productions and has expressed his support for President Donald Trump.

10 Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl at one time, had quite a promising career. She starred in various box office hits like 28 Dresses and fan favorite, Knocked Up; not to mention her long stint on the successful melodrama, Grey's Anatomy. However, over time, word of Katherine's bad attitude got out, and we learned that Katherine wasn't in fact as likable as her characters in her movies were. Katherine's mother, who also served as her manager, was apparently just as difficult to work with and got quite the bad reputation around Hollywood.

Katherine Heigl may have a nice smile, but it's no secret that her big mouth has gotten her into serious trouble-- and quite frankly ended her acting career. Katherine has openly admitted to not liking the movies she was in and has publicly criticized them. Way to burn bridges, Katherine.

9 Michael Richards

Michael Richards will forever be remembered for his hysterical role as Cosmo Kramer, the goofy oddball neighbor on the sitcom, Seinfeld. There's no question that Micheal absolutely nailed the role as Kramer and made television history with his physical comedy. However, in 2006 Michael managed to deter the majority of his fans and colleagues after his racist jokes during a stand-up bit. The n-word managed to slip off the comedian's tongue multiple times during his set, making that one of the last times Richard would ever grace the stage (understandably). Since the incident, Richards has apologized for his outburst and blamed it on his impatience with hecklers preventing him from working out his bits. Whatever the reason, Michael may as well have kissed a career after Seinfeld goodbye after that night.

8 Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes was one of those child stars we really rooted for from the first time she stepped foot on our favorite Nickelodeon sketch comedy, All That. Amanda actually went on to have a pretty promising acting career on the big screen in hilarious movies like She's the Man and Hairspray. But somewhere down the line, Amanda's wires got crossed, ultimately destroying any hopes of a real acting career.

After a DUI charge, hit and run allegations, and reckless driving, Amanda singlehandedly dug her own grave. Amanda's presence on social media became almost comical, posting outlandish pictures of herself and going on offensive, idiotic rants. All of Amanda's off color behavior led many close to her to believe she was mentally unstable and in need of professional help. Amanda Bynes hasn't been on-screen for a good seven years since her appearance in blockbuster, Easy A. Will we ever be charmed by Amanda's cutesy humor again? Only time will tell.

7 Paul Reubens

Paul Reubens is known to most as his alter-ego, Pee-Wee Herman, a silly character that both kids and adults were entertained by. In 1985, Pee-Wee's Big Adventure proved to be a hit in the box office, turning Reubens into a household name. However, Reubens became even more popular after his embarrassing arrest for indecent exposure in the mid '90s. Apparently Reubens was literally caught with his pants down in an adult-film theatre. Soon after, Reubens was charged for child p*rnography (charges that were lifted two years later).

As far as Reubens' career goes, it pretty much died along with his dignity back in 1992. Since then, Reuben has been spotted in random productions like The Smurfs, and even appeared on Bravo's Top Chef, among other things.

6 Andrew McCarthy

Every child and teen that grew up in the '80s has a special place in their hearts for John Hughes films, whether it be Pretty in Pink or St. Elmo's Fire. Andrew McCarthy starred in many of John Hughes' films, and thanks to his feathered hair and boyish charm, proved to be well-liked in his time. However, as most young celebs do, Andrew fell into bad habits and turned to alcohol to solve his problems. Since then, Andrew McCarthy has earned a reputation in Hollywood for being difficult to work with, resulting in a career geared mainly towards television instead of film. You may see Andrew McCarthy at times in the average guest star spot, but these days the actor spends much of his time travel writing. Eek.

5 O.J. Simpson

O.J Simpson is perhaps the most notorious celebrity to be shunned from Hollywood to make this list... although, even if he wanted a career again, it'd be difficult to achieve from behind iron bars. O.J. Simpson gained fame as the likable football player turned actor. In the late '70s after retiring from football, O.J. made a name for himself as an actor and was fairly well liked by both peers and the public. It wasn't until O.J. was accused of murdering his wife, Nicole Simpson and her friend, Ronald Goldman that his fame hit a whole new level of national proportions. After a highly publicized murder trial, O.J. Simpson was acquitted of his murder charges to the dismay of many people. Since his trial, O.J. never pursued another acting career probably due to the fact that he's now doing time for kidnapping and robbery charges. O.J's fame was recently brought back into the spotlight thanks to FX's The People VS. O.J Simpson : A Crime Story.

4 John Travolta

Once a sex symbol, actor, John Travolta has somehow managed to make it onto Hollywood's D-list. Known for his roles in timeless movies like Grease, Saturday Night Fever and Pulp Fiction (just to name a few), it was easy to assume the actor would go on to have a respectable career into his senior years. Unfortunately, Travolta has proven us all wrong. Somehow, Travolta has transitioned from an American sex-symbol into a creepy old guy who doesn't seem to know what's going on around him. Nowadays, we remember Travolta as the guy who is completely brainwashed by Scientology. Oh, and we can't forget his part as the overweight mother in the movie version of Hairspray. What the heck happened to you, John?

3 Chris Brown

Chris Brown was a much adored R&B artist and performer in the early '00s. His songs were catchy and overall likable. However, once he was caught laying his hands on hip-hop princess Rihanna, it was easy to start to dislike the guy. In 2009 the couple had a dispute resulting in Chris Brown giving the singer a black eye. Fans were outraged that Chris could do such a thing, and needless to say, the singer lost quite a few fans that day. Since the incident, Chris Brown has had some issues with the law but nothing too major. While he still managed to have a music career, most people could care less about the singer, and that should not come as a surprise to anyone.

2 Kanye West

Oh, Kanye West, while you really are a talented rapper, we honestly can never predict the crazy stuff that comes out of your mouth. Over the years, Kanye West has proven that he knows what he's doing when it comes to hip-hop. Many of his songs are catchy and generally enjoyable. Unfortunately, many of his musical accomplishments are overshadowed by his outlandish opinions and crazy declarations. During his last appearance on SNL, Kanye had to be coaxed onto the stage because he disagreed with the way the stage was dressed. Ever since he married the Queen of Reality, Kim Kardashian, Kanye has become known more for his kooky personality than his musicianship. Kanye has been known to be extremely difficult to work with due to his picky aesthetic and pretentious options.

1 Stephen Collins

It's hard to believe the actor behind the wholesome TV show 7th Heaven, ended up being a total pervert. Stephen Collins reached the height of his fame during the time he played Reverend Eric Camden on 7th Heaven, before appearing in various movies and TV shows over the following years. The actor's name peaked our attention again when tapes of his recorded therapy sessions were leaked, revealing that he had inappropriate sexual encounters with underage girls. Collins has since spoken on the matter, apologizing for his behavior, but explained that these were urges he was privately talking about with his therapist. The two were apparently recorded without either of their knowledge-- but does that really make a difference? Not good, Reverend Camden, not good.


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