15 Bi-Curious Thoughts All Women Have

As people, we focus too much on the whom of love, and not love itself. Instead of focusing on why he gets married to her or why she goes on dates with him, just look at them as a couple. Their appearance may hook you, but their smile, laughter, and look reel you in.

Science can explain anything, but not life's sine qua non—love. Even explanations of s*xuality seem like a fish out of water. You may identify as straight, yet, like Tyler The Creator, tweet, "I'm currently lookin' for '95 Leo." Maybe your girlfriend is looking for her '95 Kate?

Since "intimate" feelings are more fluid than stagnant, your woman could like other women too. At the very least, she either obsesses about her girl crush or her friend's appearance, which raises an important (not really) question.

Why? According to a Telegraph article, "Women spend more time checking each other out than they do the opposite s*x." Sorry, guys. The truth hurts. In all seriousness, the real reason is due to assessing female competition. However, for argument's sake (and a successful list), let's just pretend all women take a page out of the bro-bible instead.

Maybe we enjoy a woman's features just as much as the next man, okay!? With a third of the American population identifying as bis*xual, the notion of bi-curious behaviors feel less like a fabricated concept and more like an in-your-face possibility.

In the famous words of Anaïs Nin, "Only the united beat of s*x and heart together can create ecstasy."

15 Questions Her S*xuality

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Whether a woman cleans houses, works in an office, or twerks onstage, she thinks about being with a woman...at least once.

Just look at Hollywood actresses, like Cameron Diaz, who normally date men. She aligns with the same sentiment. "I think that all women have been s*xually attracted to another woman at some point. It's natural to have an appreciation for the beauty of other women and a connectivity," she says. Even though love takes time, lust is instantaneous. Women can be attracted to other women in a second.

In the wise words of Katy Perry, "It's just human nature."

14 Wants To Check Another Woman Out

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Like you read above, women usually observe their competition. However, we still enjoy a good set of boobs (and maybe a good booty) too.

According to a Daily Mail article, "Half of the 2,000 women polled by online retailer Swimwear 365 said they 'enjoy' comparing themselves to women they work with, befriend or pass in the street." Whether your girlfriend and you take a walk together, go to the beach, take a cruise, go on a road trip or shop at either Target or Walmart, she probably stares at the hot, busty blonde more than you do, which we could assure you, is totally normal.

13 Gets Nervous Around Another Woman

If you introduce your best female friend to your girlfriend, then she may blame her nerves on intimidation, but maybe she just found your friend really attractive.

Learn a lesson from rapper T-Pain. He and his wife traveled to Costa Rica, where they detoured to a strip club. As the couple got a lap dance, his wife asked him and the girl about the possibility of a threesome. They both agreed. According to him, their liaison "was very awesome." Now, threesomes stay integrated into their everyday life. His wife just likes them; so does the "I'm Sprung" singer.

Expect to hear "I'm N Luv (Wit A Stripper)" Part II very soon.

12 Wants To Flirt With A Female

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Regardless of your s*xual orientation, people flirt in the same way. Whether you blush, laugh too loudly, or speak too quickly, you let others know just how much you like your crush.

Even if your woman is the Bonnie to your Clyde, she can still get butterflies when she's around another woman. Just read an Elle article where women discuss why they deserted their husband for a same-s*x relationship. "Lisa M. Diamond tracked the s*xual behavior of 100 women, checking in with them over the course of a decade, and found 'that one of the fundamental, defining features of female s*xual orientation is its fluidity,'" it reads.

Hey, it seems girls just really want to have fun.

11 Wants To Get Intimate With A Female Friend

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If your girlfriend enjoys being with another woman, you know "intimately", then she knows she's more than just bi-curious.

The straight girls I know prefer guys, after all. Curiosity leads to experimentation, though. Women need to explore their libidos, especially if they want to settle down, get married, or raise children. We just want to know who we like, after all. One way to find ourselves can be through college. "S*xual experimentation can be an integral part of college," one article states. While collegiate women are portrayed in pop culture as s*xually fluid, men can also be just as curious.

Just read the article above.

10 Loses Interest In Her Boyfriend

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If your girl leaves you, then maybe she wants to be single, date another man, or focus on her career. Is she interested in a female lover if she deserts you? Probably not. There is a small chance, though.

If you feel like your woman always wants to see a particular woman, even if you can only see her once a week or month, then she desires the company of the woman more than you, most likely. Just watch the movie Gia. The model began dating her first serious boyfriend, yet she dumped him for a makeup artist, who left her boyfriend to be with her too. They loved each other, and they loved their exes, but only in a platonic way.

The movie reflects true events.

9 Gains Interest In Her Girl Crush...

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The man of my dreams, Leonardo DiCaprio, remains in my dreams. Even though I'll get eaten by a shark before I ever date him, I still talk about him like I know him (creepy, yes).

While my girl crushes extend to the likes of Amber Rose and Kylie Jenner, they stay alive only in my fantasies. However, other women obsess over their female loves, especially if they know them, i.e., a best friend or colleague. So the next time you and your girl talk or text, pay attention to what she says about her closest companion. Maybe she loves her, or, maybe she just enjoys her company.

Keep your fantasies to a minimum, boys.

8 ...And Kisses Her, To Boot

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Your girl may talk about her best friend all day long, but if she kisses her, complete with tongue and all, then you know the feelings are real.

Regardless of her religious family or conservative upbringing, nobody can hide their true feelings. Sooner or later, the truth just comes flinging from the closet. Hopefully, your girl never cheated on you with another woman. However, if she did you dirty, just remember that you lack a rack and vajayjay. She needs a woman, just like you need a woman. So, after the dust settles, maybe you two can grab an ice-cold beer and burger.

At least the conversation would be scintillating.

7 Maybe She Only Got Kissed In Her Dreams?

When you and your woman talk about dreams, do y'all give raw details or do you just forget the small talk and grab coffee instead?

If you guys enjoy the lengthy discussions about vivid illustrations of a mind asleep, does "getting it on" even factor into the equation? Everybody knows the awkward awakenings and lustful feelings of wet dreams. However, if you see yourself as a heterosexual, then same-s*x...well... the deed seems so out of place. You feel so weird the next morning, as if your brain duped you in your sleep. Your girlfriend may feel the same way.

As Honey Boo Boo would say, "Everybody's a little gay."

6 Now She Thinks About Said Dream

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You either forget about your dreams or remember bits and pieces, but other dreams are so graphic in detail that you just overanalyze them.

Your girlfriend probably does the same. Maybe she never forgot about Jennifer Coolidge kissing her on the lips, and now she incessantly gabs about the one-time experience. Now you feel like Coolidge takes priority over you, which makes your relationship tense, not to mention torn. What do you do? A conversation seems like the best route but, in reality, if your girlfriend clings on to one dream obsessively, then she should look into therapy.

I hear Marriage Boot Camp is looking for new contestants.

5 Resorts To Instagram Models

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You can accomplish your dreams through the simple app of Instagram, which seems legit when, as reported by TechCrunch, 700 million people utilize the popular outlet.

If you and your woman spend hours a day on your phones, then you use Instagram just like you use a toothbrush—often, without hesitation. While you follow the brunette and blonde beauties, your girl may follow the same models. Maybe you fantasize about Erica Mena, while she fantasizes about Tori Brixx. They're both gorgeous ladies, after all. But make sure the reveries stay onscreen.

Your girl should want a relationship with you and not her iPhone.

4 And Blasts Her Anthem 'I Kissed a Girl'

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What woman hated Katy Perry's "I Kissed a Girl?" The song played like the national anthem in 2008. And, even in 2017, radio stations still give the hit airtime.

While every girl knows the lyrics by heart, they take Perry's story with a grain of salt. Her message of rebellious and experimental hipsters rang loud and clear, but other songs, like Lady Gaga's "Just Dance" and Ray J's "Sexy Can I" also played with importance. They put pop music on the charts too. However, songs do much more than simple lyrics in tandem with a clean beat. They speak to people's soul.

If your girl constantly listens to and sings "I Kissed a Girl," maybe she lives out her desires through Perry. Just a thought.

3 Then Asks Herself Why She Likes Men

After the music stops, a woman assesses her life, particularly her love life. Whether she feels content or dissatisfied only empowers her to make a move. Will she dump you?

Like you read earlier, female s*xuality remains in constant motion. Women can like men just as much as they like women (my personal opinion), so they may date either s*x. Your girl may envision herself dating another women as well. If you find yourself stuck between your wants and her needs, then maybe you two need time apart. As she explores her newly-minted desires, you should focus on yourself. And who knows?

Maybe you guys will get back together.

2 Now Pines After Her Favorite, Female Celebrity

Camila Cabello
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Your gut never leads you astray. If you feel like you and your woman share anything but s*xual chemistry, then take a break.

Just go to the gym, work at your job, and daydream about your superwoman. Let her daydream about her own superwoman, too. Whether she longs for the blonde locks of Blake Lively or the plush lips of Camila Cabello, just let her do her. If she desires a star who makes hit singles like Selena Gomez, then you need to focus on other women who show an interest in you.

Give Jennifer Lawrence a ring.

1 Which Leads To Her Wanting To Leave

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If you actually read my entire list, then I give you mad props; but, I also give you more bad news.

Obviously, if a woman leaves you for another woman, you now know your relationship crumbled under false promises. No matter how many arguments you started or annoying quirks you revealed, you need to remember that you cannot give what she truly wants. If she came out as lesbian or bis*xual, then she may choose to date women. Your impeccable abs and perfect tan pale in comparison to DD cups and a clit. Don't cry, though.

Just make an account on Tinder or Bumble.

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