15 Best Camping Pics Of Sara Underwood

Most of you know that Sara Underwood, also known as Sara Jean Underwood, is one of the hottest blondes in the entertainment world right now. She’s acted in a few lowbrow movies and starred in that unforgettable Carl’s Jr. commercial with Emily Ratajkowski. But what really launched her career is her time with Playboy and her title of Playmate of the Year.

What most people don’t know about Sara, though, is her love of the great outdoors. Sara has traveled to some of the most scenic destinations in the country. She’s an avid camper, and hikes far into the hills to witness the finest vista points. All along the way, Sara wears something very revealing, takes a few hot photographs, and posts them on Instagram.

Lately, however, Sara has taken her outdoor photos beyond Insta and other social media outlets. She now offers an exclusive club that funds her journeys and allows its members to see exclusive and personal images, including personal Snaps. If you are a loyal fan, you may consider purchasing a plan. But many casual fans like us already have plenty to ogle. Here are some of Sara’s best pics that showcase her wonderful figure while she goes camping and hiking in the great outdoors.

15 Setting Up Camp

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Look at this beautiful shot of our favorite blonde playmate all settled in at camp. She has her tent pitched and hiking boots on. She must have already hiked quite a while to find a site with such a breathtaking view. Most sites like these are not easy to find. We’re not sure where she is, but it might be the mountains of the northwest. One reason Sara likes camping so much is because she was born and raised in Oregon. If you’ve ever met an Oregonian, you know how much they value gardening, camping, forestry, hot springs, and the mountains. People from Oregon are so in touch with nature that they often get stereotyped as hippies. And sometimes there is truth in the stereotype. When Oregon legalized “wacky tobacky,” the beaver state annihilated the sales totals previously set by Colorado and Washington DC combined.

14 Forest Trail

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Most dudes love yoga pants. They are the ultimate trousers that provide the wearer comfort and flatter certain features of her figure in the best ways possible. Here’s a nice pic of Sara hiking through the woods. She’s wearing some nice leggings, right? These pants are multipurpose from everywhere to a yoga studio to these densely wooded hills. Sara also loves to do yoga in her spare time, which helps her keep such a fit figure. Another thing Sara does to keep herself in shape is American-Ninja-Warrior-style obstacle courses. Although she never tried the official ANW course, she attempted a similar one in Japan. Sara did quite well and finished the first round course, beating several more athletically experienced women. Sara failed in the second round, but was happy with her results.

13 Wading In The Lake

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After a long sweaty hike, there’s no better way to cool off and refresh yourself than jumping in a beautiful lake surrounded by trees. Here we have the former Hooters waitress taking a well-deserved dip, with the acres of evergreens in the background. Surely, she is smelling that wonderful pine scent and feeling the cold water enveloping every inch of her body. We all know there is no better way to swim in a lake than going buff, and that’s exactly what Sara decided to do here. She is either skinny-dipping or taking a bath. Either way, she looks fantastic. Just imagine the view the fishes have. Hopefully they aren’t hungry.

12 Snow Camping

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This picture shows just how serious of a camper Sara is. Most campers don’t even consider trekking into the wilderness if it’s this cold. They’d rather get a hotel or hike for a day, and then, leave before it gets too cold. But it looks like Sara doesn’t mind one bit. Judging by her clothes, or lack thereof, we are imagining that Sara just woke up after a long night’s sleep. She probably had a super hot sleeping bag that is uncomfortably warm, unless you wear barely anything at all. Then you wake up, take a look around, and let the cool air revive your bones. Then you put on your coat, make some breakfast, and go out hiking once again or maybe even enjoy some cross-country skiing or snowshoeing. Most campers don’t visit the mountains in the snow, but there’s a majestic beauty that the snow provides that the green grass cannot match.

11 Catching Lunch

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After a long day of camping and sleeping in a tent, and then waking up the next day, there’s a wild type of appetite that takes over which is far more powerful than city hunger. But if you’re a serious camper, you enter the woods alone only bringing the tools to survive, but not the luxuries of prepared food. Then you grab a shovel, dig up some bait, put the worm on a line and cast it into the water. Sara looks to be quite happy and content with a fishing rod in her hand. In fact, you can hardly notice with this angle, but she decided to get some extra mountain air and exposed her top. Those twins aren’t real, by the way. She had them enlarged a bit. The announcement was made on reality TV, at a bachelorette party, on the wedding episode of Kendra. Sara also appeared on several episodes of The Girls Next Door.

10 Recreational Vehicle

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Hey, you don’t always have to rough it, right? Most serious campers enjoy the thrill of getting lost in the woods. Losing cellphone reception and escaping the grid for a week can feel invigorating. However, at other times, you just want to relax, get out of the city, have a campfire, and drink beer. For that latter option, sometimes, the best idea is to rent an RV. The good thing about recreational vehicles is that you don’t have to worry about rain. The thunderstorms can ravage the tent site while an RV will stay nice and dry. RVs also boast comfortable beds with real mattresses. Sara would surely prefer to roll around on springs and cotton, than rocks and dirt. RVs also offer a chemical toilet for those middle-of-the-night urges, especially after drinking eight or nine of the aforementioned brews.

9 The Mighty Buffalo

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One attraction that campers cherish is coming face to face with a wild animal. If you’ve ever driven into the mountains or visited parks like Yellowstone, you know the first sign that animals are present because there’s an unexpected traffic jam. Everyone pulls their cars to the side of the road and gets their cameras out. In this day and age, this animal attraction is even more dangerous because people want to take a selfie with the wild beasts. If you’re on a safari, hippos are very cute but very deadly. In the wilds of North America, it’s the bull moose that you don’t want to mess with. Here, we have Sara doing a portrait with a buffalo. Buffalo are usually pretty friendly. Sara has also been pictured with a deer but her butt was so hanging out in that shot that we went with the buffalo instead.

8 By The Sea

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If you’ve ever been to the northwest coast, then this view seems extremely familiar. Look at the pounding waves. They're so powerful that over centuries, they created a hole in the jagged rock. We’re not sure exactly where she is located on the coast, but it looks like she’s somewhere in Oregon. As we mentioned earlier, Sara is from the beaver state. She attended Oregon State, which is where she made her big break. When Playboy did their college issue, Sara was featured in the PAC-12 section and was pictured in body paint on the cover. Editors took notice and soon she became Miss July of 2006. Playmate of the Year came next and Sara won even more publicity, as well as a brand new Mini Cooper. Sara seemed humble at the time and said that she never thought she’d be pretty enough for PMOY.

7 Tent View

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We’re back in the tent. This time, enjoying one of the finest views on earth. Can you imagine waking up, looking over, and gazing over at that? Checking out those rocky mountains would be pretty cool too. This looks like a very nice tent, but it’s actually pretty small. Tent technology has come a long way in the last ten years and pitching a much larger tent has become much easier. Most campers also prefer a secondary entrance called an anteroom or screen room, which allows you to take off messy shoes and shake off insects before entering the sleeping area of the tent. Also, the larger tents allow the camper enough space to stand up, which makes changing clothes and moving about all that much easier. For winter, camping a smaller tent is still preferred to help trap the heat, but looking at this picture, it looks rather warm in more ways than one.

6 Drinking Buddies

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If you ever go camping, don't forget your tent, your beer, and your drinking buddy. This is an older shot of Sara (before her chest augmentation) that proves she's loved camping for years. It's also a less polished picture, something we wanted to include for a more organic feel. This quality of photo is what you and I would take while we’re out in the wilderness. Sara looks great on the right, and her buddy looks good too. For many campers, a big part of camping is drinking and it looks like these two ladies know how to party. We were kind of wondering who was out there in the wilderness with Sara. She dated Ryan Seacrest in the past, but that was a while ago. As far as we could tell online, she is currently still dating longtime boyfriend Roberto Martinez. Roberto was a contestant on the Bachelorette before meeting Sara. Maybe he’s out camping too. If he’s not, then it's about time he should be. Looks pretty fun, and you better keep an eye on mister photographer.

5 Shower Time

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Here’s something that I’ve never tried, but I’ve seen on sale in stores like REI and LL Bean. I always figured that the water would be way too cold, but for unclothed photography reasons, maybe colder is better. It brings out the best shape of certain body parts. The portable shower is being demonstrated here by Sara in the buff. You can’t see it all here, but you can surely see it in your imagination. Sara has quite a petite frame, with a large bosom...that's buxom...but not too big. She loves showing the twins off in all kinds of camping pics. Many of them were almost too hot to handle. There are shots of her running around the forest totally in the buff, and covering her n*pples with her fingertips. She also wears super skimpy thongs or puts a leaf on it, like a renaissance painting of Adam and Eve.

4 Stormy Weather

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This very recent picture illustrates the highest points and the lowest points of camping. Here, Sara is hiking with an extraordinary view, but bad weather is on the horizon. Bad weather is the wildcard involved in any outdoor adventure and you never know when it'll show its ugly head. Of course, if you’re camping with Sara Underwood, you have nothing to worry about, because the wetter she gets, the hotter she’ll look. And she’s a pro, so she won't hesitate to take full advantage of the situation. She’ll strip down to nothing and prance around in the rain. Or she’ll find a white t-shirt and put that on, just so it can be soaked through and expose nearly everything. Did you see the pics she did of a Star Wars-themed carwash? That was a city affair, but it was just as hot as this camping stuff. She was dressed as a hot cosplay Stormtrooper and rubbed her lovely body parts all over some wet vehicles.

3 Waterfall Siren

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If you ever had to take an ancient literature or mythology class, you probably remember a little bit about Homer and his all-time classic tale, The Odyssey. Or maybe you just read the Cliff Notes or an online plot summary. And if you skipped all of that, maybe you saw George Clooney in Oh Brother Where Art Thou?, which was based on the same story. One of the most memorable characters in any take on the Odyssey are the dangerous, yet irresistible Sirens. According to Greek legend, Sirens sang a captivating magical song that lured sailors to their death on rocky shores. Since then, the the Siren legend has evolved into any sort of female character who is very attractive and very deadly. We’re not saying Sara Underwood can sing well. And we’re not saying that she’s going to kill anybody either. But here she is by the water being utterly attractive. And to think, in this picture, she has her clothes on. Imagine if there's none.

2 Truly Amazing View

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Naked and nearly naked playmates are a wonderful thing. But in this shot, we see Sara with the most clothes she’s worn on the entire list and she’s still quite beautiful. Sure, it’s great to see her kneeling on a rocky canyon floor wearing absolutely nothing, with only her knees covering her breasts and her butt hanging out. We’re not denying ourselves a look at that. Yet, here we have a much more dignified portrait of the woman and she still looks great. I’m wondering if her parents, if not grandparents, ask to see her travelling pics, and she has this as the only shot she can show them. As I’ve said before, the girl likes to go au naturel in nature and there’s no shortage of those images if you care to Google. But right here and right now, we will pretend to be civilized and brag that we don’t need the nudity to recognize real beauty.

1 On the Road Again

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It seems like our outdoor adventure has come to an end, yet here we are at what appears to be a new beginning. As all campers know, the journey is never over because another one awaits around the corner. This is Sara looking marvelous. She looks happy and content in her camper van. The Insta caption of this photo, written just a day before this article was written, declared that she was off to another two-week adventure, so check out her page for more awesome pics. She certainly seems to have figured out a good shtick. The Oregon girl gets to go camping for a living and see some of the most beautiful views the wilderness has to offer. She’s outside fishing and relaxing on the beach, on the riverside, in a canyon, on a grassy field, or mountain top. The only catch is that she has to take her clothes off once in a while, but she seems to be enjoying that too.

Sources: Instagram, Wikipedia, YouTube

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