15Zayn Rides His Bike Home In Tears From WWE's Performance Center

Signing a deal with the WWE in 2013, the long time indie star Sami Zayn, reached the pinnacle of his career joining McMahon’s company. He thus moved to Florida in order to live close to the Performance Center.

Zayn learned early on that things were bound to change.

His popular El Generico character was to be scrapped as the WWE chose to go another way with his persona. Sami struggled early on with a new name, pitching several Arabic type names along with even sprinkling in some Irish-type names as well. While in promo class that same day, Sami would drop an epic monologue that officially put his past persona to rest. Overcome with emotions that he had to give up his “baby”, Zayn recalls riding his bike home from the Performance Center in tears on the day. It wasn’t the easiest transition for poor Sami!

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