14Orton Caught On Tape

Joining OVW in 2001, Randy Orton had the wrestling business running through his veins. The guy was a natural early on and still to this day, various Superstars have made the claim that Orton himself doesn’t even know how good he is in the ring, wrestling

a style that’s so effortless.

Well, early on, his lack of effort was a big problem and it almost cost him in a bad way. While attending a class during his OVW days, Cornette recalls a situation which saw Randy bad-mouth the wrestling business (if you can believe it?). What Randy didn’t know was that during the class, a tape recorder was running nearby. During the taping, Randy was caught saying that he was only at the training center with OVW for the $750 bucks a week, claiming he had no desire to be a pro wrestler. After a meeting with the higher-ups and addressing the situation, the issues were resolved and thankfully, Orton would later cement his legacy as a true great in the business.

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