15 Behind The Scenes Secrets From Gypsy Sisters

Here is what the sisters don’t want you to know.

TLC has been known to produce some pretty over-the-top dramatic shows that some people cannot get enough of. One of these shows is Gypsy Sisters. The show first aired in 2013, but only lasted until its fourth season in 2015 when the show was canceled. The show follows a group of sisters from West Virginia in their daily lives, and there is usually a lot of fighting and drama. You would think that having people film your every move would leave no room for secrets about your life and that everything would be caught by the cameras, but that is not always true. This is especially not true when the producers edit the footage so that certain things remain a secret.

Everything that you see on television is edited with  ratings in mind, and so while you think that you might know everything that there is to know about your favorite reality stars, there is actually a lot that you do not know. The same can be said about the gypsy sisters, who seem to bare it all for the cameras, but actually have a lot of skeletons in their closet. In this article you are going to learn 15 things about the girls from gypsy sisters that you never knew before and were never meant to know. These are things that were never meant to get out and things that the producers tried their best to keep a secret, but things always manage to get out and people always find out the truth.

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15 They Got Their Start By Having A Loud Fight In Public


Not a lot of people might know how the girls from TLCs Gypsy Sisters got their start, but it was actually totally by accident. Apparently some TLC producers were shooting scenes for another show when the girls were at a nearby location and got into a big, loud fight with one another in a public setting. The producers thought the fight was hilarious and just the kind of drama that they needed to make a good show, so they approached the girls and got their names and information and not too long after that they had their very own show. Could you imagine getting your very own television show just for getting into a fight in a public place, making yourself look like a complete idiot in front of everyone? If that is all that you need to do in order to get a show of your own, then count me in, because I am ready to make the big bucks like these girls are.

14 Annie Is A Scam Artist


A behind the scenes secret that might shock some people is Annie’s criminal history. That's right – Annie is a convicted criminal. Apparently she was convicted of repeatedly scamming an elderly man that she had been working for. Annie was supposed to be working for the man at his house and she began forging his checks, and writing in very large amounts to herself. She was let out on only six thousand dollars bail and the investigation is still ongoing, so she has yet to serve time for this horrible crime. Stealing from an elderly man that is too old to care for himself is probably one of the lowest things that a person can do, and she should definitely receive jail time for it. Hopefully that man got every penny of his hard-earned money back, because he deserves it. It will probably be a little difficult for him to trust anyone to come into his home again.

13 The Show Was Canceled For A Very Tragic Reason


A lot of people seem to think that the show was canceled very suddenly and that there was no real reason behind it, but this could not be any further from the truth. Apparently, a very big fight had broken out among the girls and their husbands – big surprise there – and during the fight one of the women’s husbands picked up a small puppy and threw it. The puppy died instantly and right after that occurred they canceled the show. I am actually surprised that this did not receive more media coverage, since it was such a horrible thing to do. I mean, who throws a puppy?! That is psychotic behavior and it is probably a good thing that this show was canceled because these kinds of people do not deserve the fame and attention that they were receiving from being on the show. Charges were pressed against the man who threw the puppy, but he did not receive the type of punishment that he deserved.

12 Kayla Got Engaged A Day After Her Divorce Was Finalized


Kayla’s divorce was a very juicy, drama-filled part of the show, and she seemed so worked up over it, but apparently that was all an act because exactly one day after her divorce was finalized Kayla announced her engagement to a new man. This left people wondering if she had been cheating on her now ex-husband with this new man, or if she was just stupid enough to get engaged to someone who she had only been dating for about a month. The couple is now married and said to be living a happy life, but we still think that it was a bit too soon. What better way is there to move on then to announce to the entire world that you are engaged again the very day after you get a divorce. Not all viewers were aware of the new man, or just how soon the new man came into the picture because producers tried to keep it swept under the rug. This, however, did not work out for the producers because Kayla posted it all over social media.

11 Their Mother Has An Extensive Criminal History


Lottie Mae Stanley, the mother of the gypsy sisters, has a criminal record dating all the way back to 1969 and apparently the girls are not her only children. In fact, Lottie Mae has twelve children and at one point there were warrants out for her arrest in ten different states. She was described as a career con artist and had 27 aliases, some of them being the names of her very own children. Stanley had faced nine years in prison and has actually been to prison multiple times. Talk about a bad mom. It's no wonder why these girls are as loud and inappropriate as they are, and seeing as how some of them have a criminal history themselves, it would appear as though the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Not a lot of people who watch the show are aware of this, since the girl's mother is never talked about in the show, and it is easy to see why.

10 Mellie's Past Career Was Pretty Scandalous


If you were a pretty big fan of the show, then you probably have found yourself wondering at some point what some girls did for a living before they started making their income from the show. Well, Mellie’s career before the show started was one that is actually frowned upon by a lot of people and it is something that the producers definitely did not want anyone know about. Before the show started Mellie was actually a professional exotic dancer. This has been brought up a lot whenever Mellie managed to make the news, but never gets brought up in the show. Since the arrest of her sisters, Mellie seems to have grown up a little, making a more honest living and taking care of children the way that a mother should. So, perhaps Mellie is growing up and not following in her mother's or sisters' footsteps. Only time will tell.

9 Nettie's Stepson Met A Very Sad End

Nettie is the oldest sister and refers to herself as the mother of the group. Some people may not be aware of this, but Nettie had a stepson with whom she was very close to. Huey Stanley, her stepson, unfortunately was taken from the world a little too early when he was stabbed to death late one night after getting into a brief altercation with someone. This is another thing that is never really talked about on the show, but definitely should be. It was a very violent crime that should have been avoided, but ended in the loss of life for this young man. Perhaps this contributes to why Nettie is the way that she is. The man who stabbed Huey Stanley to death was caught and is not serving time in prison for murder, although we are unaware of his name or for how long he will be in prison for. Rumor has it that he turned himself in and admitted guilt right away.

8 JoAnn Was Arrested For Conning Target Using Coupons


Couponing is something that can be great and very beneficial if done properly, but people like JoAnn are the reason that extreme couponing has been so frowned upon. JoAnn was arrested for apparently stealing over fourteen thousand dollars from Target in a very elaborate couponing scheme. That is a lot of money to scam a store out of simply by using coupons, and you would think that the cashier would have caught on, unless of course the cashier was in on it as well. This is a perfect case of the apple not falling far from the tree, as she followed in her mother’s footsteps being named as a career scam artist. Like mother, like daughter. The show tried hard to keep this swept under the rug, but obviously that did not work out for them since arrest records are usually open for the public to see. So, it was just a matter of time before someone found out and told everyone about what had happened.

7 Nettie's Daughter Was Charged With Child Endangerment


Anyone who watched this show knows that Nettie, as well as all the other girls on the show, have very poor self-control and act like they irresponsible teenagers with the freedom of an adult. So, it is easy to see why Nettie’s daughter got in trouble for child endangerment, since she never really had a good role model to show her what a mother should and should not do. The whole incident of child endangerment came about when Nettie’s daughter crashed into a light pole while she was babysitting two little kids. She was only fifteen years old at the time, so not only should she have not been babysitting, but she definitely should not have been driving. Her daughter wound up going to jail and doing time for child endangerment, and she will never be allowed to babysit another kid in her entire life. Hopefully she learned lesson after serving her time.

6 Dallas Will Be Getting Married To Her Cousin


This was not necessarily something that took place on the show Gypsy Sisters, but rather its sister show, My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding. Nettie’s daughter Dallas was set to get married to her boyfriend James. Everything was planned out and seemed to be going smoothly, but then they ran into a little of an issue. James was still married to Nettie’s cousin (Dallas’s second cousin). They went ahead with a ceremony even though it was not an official wedding. Now James and his soon to be ex-wife are close to finalizing their divorce and Dallas and James will soon be married. At this point, we are unsure whether TLC will be putting their name on the wedding and air it as a special, regardless of whether it is actually legal, but I would not put it past them. She is technically going to be marrying her cousin, if this actually goes through.

5 Mellie's Changed Her Daughter's Entire Name To Get Revenge On Her Ex


Mellie’s third child was a girl who she named Divinity Rose Marie Lee, giving her the last name of the man who she had the child with. Shortly after this little girl was born, though, Mellie and her boyfriend broke up, and she decided to change her new daughter's name. Now it might seem totally normal to change your baby's last name after a divorce or breakup, but what Mellie planned on doing was taking things a little too far, if you ask me. She was quoted saying, “Well, I get to go this week to change my girl’s name, she will no longer be Divinity and her last name will officially be Stanley. She will now be known as, Delanie Marie Grace Stanley.” She was apparently only doing this to seek revenge on her ex, and it definitely seems as if she was going way too far. I mean who changes their kid's entire name, first and last, just for revenge? Seems crazy to me.

4 Nettie Might Get Her Own Spin-Off


There was always a lot of drama on the show, but apparently a lot more drama happened off of the show. One instance of this happening was when Nettie posted screenshots on Facebook of a conversation that she had been having with a producer. In this conversation the producer goes on to say that Nettie was the true star of the show and that she plans to meet with her soon. To make things worse, Nettie is seen in the screenshots asking the producer, just to be sure, if she will be meeting with the other sisters as well. The producer replied with, "Absolutely not," and she then goes on to talk about a spin-off made just for her. This, of course, made her sisters very angry and created a lot of drama between them. The spin-off has yet to happen, and there is no word on whether it actually will.

3 The Final Bridal Shower


Toward the end of the show, Nettie’s daughter, Nikki, has a bridal shower when the biggest fight to ever occur on the show took place. The fight was in regards to Nettie’s other daughter, Dallas, who, as we now know, was dating James, who is Annie's estranged husband. I'm sure that at this point things might start to seem a little confusing, but bear with me. Annie was not invited to this bridal shower simply for the purpose of avoiding the drama between her and Dallas, which makes total sense, but the producers decided to step in and make sure that something would happen. Annie said that the producers of the show approached her and Mellie and asked them to crash the shower to stir up some drama. Annie refused at first but then the producers kept offering her more and more money until she finally agreed to do it. So, if it were not for the producers sticking their noses where they do not belong, then this fight never would have happened.

2 Mellie's First Marriage


Mellie has had many relationships, if you can call them that, and it is definitely no secret that she has had her fair share of men. What is a little bit of a secret, though, is how old she was when she got married for the very first time. Apparently, Mellie was only a mere 16 years old when she first got married. That is awfully young to be taking on such a serious role. Obviously that marriage did not work out, which the guy is probably very thankful for if he has watched any of the episodes of this show. He is probably thinking that he dodged a bullet by divorcing her. Some people might not have realized that you can get married at such a young age, but apparently as long as you have parental consent, it is completely legal to be wed at the young age of 16. This leaves us wondering what kind of parent would allow their child to marry at such a young and immature age.

1 Most Of The Brawls Are Staged


Since Gypsy Sisters is a reality TV show, it might not come as a surprise that some fights are staged. This is because most of the things that you see on television are staged and scripted. Apparently, if the producers felt that they were not getting enough action or drama while they were filming they would either instigate a fight between the girls or ask them to pretend to fight for the camera for a little added drama in hopes to boost ratings. That being said, not all the fights that you saw on this show were fake, but rumor has it that at least half of them were indeed set up. It just goes to show you that you cannot believe anything that you see or hear on TV because most people will do anything in order to get some more views on their shows, even if that means making their so-called real show very fake.

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15 Behind The Scenes Secrets From Gypsy Sisters