12The Link to Home Improvement

You may think that the '90s sitcom Home and Improvement and the Halloween movie Hocus Pocus have nothing in common, but you would be incorrect. In fact, the two productions shared something that brought the casts quite close together during filming: a lot! In the early part of the 1990s,

both were being filmed on the Disney lot, and as a result, the kids from Home Improvement and the kids from Hocus Pocus became pretty close. Vinessa Shaw, who played Allison in Hocus Pocus, said, "Tim Allen's show Home Improvement was filming, so the kids of Hocus Pocus and Home Improvement were on the lot and high-fiving each other. We hung out with Doug Jones [the zombie, Billy Butcherson] and laughed with him and Sean Murray, and we really just had the best time."

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