15 Behind The Scenes Photos Every Star Wars Fan Needs To See

There may not be a bigger franchise in movie history than Star Wars. But we don't know if you've ever seen Star Wars quite like you are about to on our list today of unforgettable behind-the-scenes photos. We span decades to bring you photos from every "generation" of the franchise.

Though we do warn you, some of the photos may forever change how you view some iconic characters and moments. Such as Greedo, who decided heels were the most comfortable footwear, or Boba Fett, who looks more like Ned Flanders behind the mask, or the immense amount of CGI that was involved during Natalie Portman's scenes.

We'll also apologize when we tug at your heartstrings, as several fantastic Fisher photos are scattered throughout our list. Many photos may also leave you laughing, like Chewbacca getting his hair combed and C-3PO trying to survive the heat of the Tunisia desert with the help of a beach umbrella! And of course, we've got a tremendous photo featuring almost (sorry Fisher) the entire primary cast of the most anticipated movie of the year: The Last Jedi.

There's not a Star Wars fan out there who won't love getting to see these behind the scenes photos.


15 Hamill And Fisher Relaxing Together Back In The Day

You can imagine that attending various press events for the upcoming Star Wars film will be incredibly hard for Hamill to do without Fisher by his side. Described in the past to having a relationship akin to that of siblings, Hamill spoke out about her tragic passing:

"It’s never easy to lose such a vital, irreplaceable member of the family, but this is downright heartbreaking. Carrie was one-of-a-kind who belonged to us all— whether she liked it or not. She was OUR Princess, damn it, and the actress who played her blurred into one gorgeous, fiercely independent & ferociously funny, take-charge woman who took our collective breath away."

Judging from the two photos we've combined for our latest entry, it's clear the two had a special connection.

14 Another Look At The Infamous Finn/Kylo Duel


John Boyega had been acting on a few small projects, but he could never have imagined landing such an incredible role as Finn. Equal to the task was Adam Driver who has been excelling in his role as Kylo Ren.

The above photo of the two of them locked in a duel is one of the most iconic moments of The Force Awakens, but we don't know if you've ever seen the moment quite like this! Especially because many fans were shocked to learn that the scene was filmed on a sound stage and not in an actual forest.

The photo was shared on Instagram by Dan Mindel who was the Director of Photography.

13 Lucas And McGregor Get Their First Look At Christensen's Scarred Face

Regardless of your thoughts on the prequels, there is no denying that there was still a significant amount of work being put into making the effects look as amazing as they could. The biggest undertaking may have been for Star Wars: Episode 3 - Revenge of the Sith that was going to require a significant amount of work to turn Hayden Christensen's clean face into a burnt mess.

Judging by the first impression of Ewan McGregor and George Lucas, it's clear that the two of them were ecstatic with the transformation that had been accomplished by the makeup team.

12 Portman Shocked While Filming


There are many elements of the prequels that people love to sh*t all over. But one thing that needs to be highlighted was perhaps the overabundance of CGI - including for things like backgrounds, instead of letting actors feel out the environment themselves.

The above photo shows a great insight into what some days of acting must have looked like for Natalie Portman; as she acts out the Geonosian Droid Factory Scene. It was reported that this may have been one of the last scenes filmed, which may also explain the inability to construct more of a physical set to work with.

Kudos to Portman for doing her best to at least act shocked by the man in a blue suit!

11 Greedo Has Some Surprising Footwear 

There aren't many topics in Star Wars that are as controversial as the infamous "who shot first" scene between Han Solo and Greedo; which Lucas edited in 1997 to indicate that Greedo shot first.

When talking about the incident with the New York Daily News, Paul Blake (who played Greedo) spoke out about how they shot it “At the end of the scene, it reads 'Han shoots the alien' It’s all it says and that’s what happened.”

Regardless of your thoughts on the matter, we're sure you'd agree that Greedo looks the most fabulous with those heels that were logically added to make sure he was the proper height for filming.

10 Carrie Fisher Enjoying Some Sun With Her Stunt Double


One of the biggest fantasies that a gentleman may want to live out, is getting to booty bump it up with Princess Leia. Now just imagine if you got the chance to lay with not one, but both of them?! Though we wouldn't blame you if you would be left speechless and unable to make a move.

We'd like to hope that Carrie Fisher got along with her stunt double on the series, who is seen sunbathing beside her with our next entry. There's no doubt that there were some long days on set, so kudos to these two for taking the time needed to relax. Let's just hope they managed to escape the shoot without suffering any sunburns!

9 Behind Boba Fett's Mask

One of the coolest characters in the Star Wars universe is definitely Boba Fett. But you may think he loses some significant "cool points" when you see him unmasked and see that the actor looks more like Ned Flanders than anything badass. It's also hard to imagine he'd be smooth with the ladies, even if the ladies are another species!

The above photo was taken during the filming of Return of the Jedi: Special Edition. The last two words being key, as this was just an actor who was filming an extended scene. So you can still pretend that Boba Fett is still a badass most of the time and just try and avoid this edition.


8 Chewbacca Getting His Hair Combed


Who doesn't love Chewbacca? He's easily one of the most iconic characters from the franchise, but that costume was definitely a lot of work to keep clean. And as evident by the work being done by makeup artist Kay Freeborn who was probably often busy combing away.

Kay, alongside her husband Stuart, helped bring many of the iconic characters (and their respective costumes) you know and love to life. Their work on Chewbacca, in particular, required all of the hairs you see to be handwoven into the suit. With that amount of work, no wonder she wanted to make sure he was properly combed.

If curious, this photo was taken during the filming of Star Wars: A New Hope.

7 Storm Troopers Need To Get Changed Too

The above photo from Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens made people ecstatic to see. Unlike the prequels which used CGI for the Clone troopers, more practical effects were brought in for large portions of the newer franchise.

This also gave renowned actor Daniel Craig the opportunity to play a Stormtrooper. He can be heard (but obviously not seen behind the mask), seen releasing Rey from the restraints after she uses her Jedi skills to "persuade" him. We're sure he wasn't the only actor who got to live out their dream of appearing in a Star Wars movie, even if only as a "background" actor. Heck, you could even tell women at the bar that you were one of the Storm Troopers in The Force Awakens. How would they be able to convincingly say you're lying?

6 Fisher And Ford Having Fun On Set


One of the best parts of getting to work on the original Star Wars franchise for Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford was the chance to get to know Carrie Fisher. Judging from the huge smirks on both Ford and Fisher's face, it's clear that the two of them had plenty of amazing times on the set.

But in a memoir published before her passing, Fisher admitted to having plenty of fun times off the set, and in the bedroom, with Ford; describing the situation as

"A very long one-night stand. I was relieved when it ended. I didn’t approve of myself. He didn’t abuse the situation — he wouldn’t have hurt me, especially once he understood that I was inexperienced. It seemed to take its natural course."

At the time, Fisher was 19 and Ford was 33.

5 C-3PO Uses An Umbrella To Survive The Heat

When talking about his experiences filming the first Star Wars franchise, Anthony Davis admitting that the incredibly hot desert of Tunisia was definitely a negative factor. Even with the fan that was given to him, we're sure it still made for some very long days.

Davis also admitted to slicing his left leg open when his leg piece shattered after taking only two steps. Things have definitely improved for Davis however, whose costume for the new franchise is all 3D-Print and far more comfortable.

Despite this, Davis did joke to People, “The longer that my career as C-3PO goes on, the more I marvel at some greater force taking over. [But] I’d still rather be playing Luke Skywalker. He has clothes he can sit down in.”

4 Fisher And Hamill Relaxing On The Set Of The Last Jedi


We're going to have to apologize from the start that this photo may make you incredibly sad. As we're sure you know, Carrie sadly passed away on December 27th, 2016.

Perhaps fittingly, her final film will be Star Wars: The Last Jedi, which is also the set where our next entry was taken. Rian Johnson, who had the honor of directing her final performance, interviewed with Rolling Stone and said that her passing has not impacted the film: “We didn’t end up changing a thing. Luckily, we had a totally complete performance from her.”

3 The Cast Celebrates Alec Guinness' Birthday

There are few jobs that may take you away from your loved ones for significant periods of time like being an actor. Which means that some of the biggest moments of your life, such as your birthday, aren't going to be celebrated with your family but instead your fellow cast and crew.

Kudos to them however for still bringing a cake for Sir Alec Guinness to help commemorate his special day. Especially because we're sure actors can get seriously hungry as the days drag on! Who knows, if Guinness was lucky and Lucas was in a good mood, maybe he would have even let him get off work early?

2 Princess Leia Enjoys The Beach In 1983


This list is chock-full of amazing photos that are taken from behind the set of the Star Wars films that we know you love. But the next entry is taken far away from the set, and instead on the sandy shores of a beach.

The photos were taken for Rolling Stone magazine all the way back in 1983 in order to help promote Return of the Jedi. Not like the movie needed much help though! Fisher looks comfortable in the photos, but in a past interview has admitted that the "bikini" which was made of metal, was incredibly uncomfortable to wear.

Perhaps they gave her one with softer fabric for her beach day?

1 Most Of The New Cast Together On Jimmy Kimmel

You can imagine that the cast of Star Wars: The Last Jedi is going to be plenty busy this Holiday season promoting the film for various talk shows. But with our next photo we aren't going "behind the scenes" but instead showing you a tremendous photo of most of the principle cast together.

A rare feat to say the least! Jimmy Kimmel was the host who managed to track them all down. Featured on the show was Mark Hamill, Daisy Ridley, Adam Driver, John Boyega, Laura Dern, Andy Serkis, Oscar Isaac, Gwendoline Christie, Kelly Marie Tran and director Rian Johnson.


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