15 Beauty Secrets That Keep Eva Mendes Looking Ageless

If someone asked you to guess how old Eva Mendes was, how old would you say she was? If all you had to guess her age was her beautiful face and body, you'd probably say she was in her thirties, right? However, she's actually turning 44 in March and it's hard to believe just how beautiful she is at her age.

Therefore, it's important for us to try and find out why a woman of her age should look so hot because she could be hiding the secret to never aging and she has been testing it on herself the last few years. Mendes is an accomplished and highly talented actress and she has also made a successful career in modelling and as a businesswoman.

Some of her most notable films include her roles in 2 Fast 2 Furious, We Own the Night, Stuck on You, and Hitch, among others, as well as other roles on different TV series. She is a model and an ambassador for many brands including Magnum ice cream, Cartier, Revlon, Reebok, Calvin Klein, Pantene shampoo, Thierry Mugler perfume, Peek & Cloppenburg, and Campari apéritif, among others. She is CIRCA Beauty's creative director, a New York & Company makeup fashion collection.

Here are 15 things Eva Mendes does to look the way she does. Since she looks exceptionally beautiful, it only makes sense that she does a few things in an exceptional way. If any woman was to take care and pay as much attention to her looks as Mendes does, there's no reason why she shouldn't get similar results.

15 She Always Uses Omega-3 Fatty Acids To Improve Her Skin

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Fish oils have so many health benefits that regardless of how healthy you think you are if you don’t take them on a regular basis, you're missing so much. Eva Mendes says her beauty comes from within, so whenever she experiences any form of paleness for whatever reason, she knows it's time to take omega-3 fatty acids.

These fish oils nourish an individual's skin by adding fat-soluble vitamins, which help to maintain the skin's smoothness and elastic texture. Fish oils also prevent the skin from wrinkling, reduce inflammation, and slow down the aging process. Furthermore, research has also proven that fish oil supplements can provide relief from sunburn and any sun-induced inflammation.

When an individual does not have these essential oils in his or her body, he or she will lose too much moisture through the skin, which can lead to dandruff, eczema, psoriasis, and even thinning hair. Taking fish oils regularly can prove to be better than applying conventional moisturizers, and they will definitely help you look beautiful and keep you as ageless as Mendes.

14 She Uses Coconut Oil For EVERYTHING

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If you have the good habit of always checking the contents of every beauty product you buy before applying it on your face, you must have noticed just how many of those products has coconut oil in them. Manufacturers of beauty products know just how important coconut oil is just even on its own, let alone the overall advantages it adds to their finished products.

Coconut oil is naturally anti-fungal and antibacterial, a few of the reasons why it's such a wonderful moisturizer. These oils can penetrate hair better than all other oils on the market, and they smell great.

One more reason why Mendes looks ageless is her love for coconut oil. She applies this oil on her face and on her hair owing to its antibacterial and antifungal qualities and uses it to moisturize her hands, her face, and her whole body throughout the day. She prefers using the Estée Lauder Hydrationist Moisture Crème since it's thick and is great when worn under makeup.

13 She Keeps Hydrated 24/7

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How much water do you drink per day? Fluids are very important in maintaining an individual's health and they are central to helping the brain, the heart, and the muscles to operate properly. Water, which you drink directly or in the form of different fluids and in food, helps to carry nutrients to cells, to aid digestion as well as to flush out bacteria from the bladder.

When it comes to its role in beauty, water keeps the skin soft and healthy, since it prevents the skin from drying up, itching, and even aging. Lack of enough water in the body will cause the skin to lose its elasticity, become rough, flaky, and inflamed, while also exaggerating wrinkles and fine lines on the skin.

Mendes looks amazing because she always carries a bottle of water and even forces herself to drink it when she's not thirsty. However, she has also been trying out the Estée Lauder New Dimension Expert Liquid Tape and Shape And Fill Expert Serum to make her skin look fresh and hydrated all the time.

12 The Secret To Minimal Makeup And When She Doesn't Want To Apply It

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Like all the beautiful celebrities out there, you will hardly ever catch Mendes without makeup, because she really cares about how she looks. However, she doesn’t always take too much time applying makeup, though the time she will spend will largely depend on her program for the day.

On a normal day, she will only take five minutes to apply all her makeup. Her minimal makeup routine involves applying a tinted moisturizer and then she dabs on some pink cheek stain. She also includes a bit of lip liner, eyeliner, and balm. The fact that she claims to have dark circles on her face means she always has to wear a concealer. However, when she's going out to dinner or an event, she will take about 45 minutes to get ready.

When she really doesn’t want to wear makeup, because there are such days, yet she still has to look polished and amazing, she usually mixes her moisturizer with a bronzer. This gives her the naturally healthy and polished look she needs on such days.

11 She Uses The Shape Of Her Face To Her Advantage

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When you spend time in a particular field for a while, you will discover how to do things in a better and more efficient way, tactics which you acquire when you're on the job through experience. For celebrities like Eva Mendes, many different makeup artists have applied makeup on her face, depending on the show she will be appearing on or the salon she decides to visit.

Unlike most people, she can afford the very best makeup artists on the planet, and when she's having her face done she will obviously pay attention to what is happening and even ask questions concerning the process. Over the years, she has learned a few tricks that make it easy to apply makeup on her own face and to produce even better results.

Owing to the fact that she has a long face, Mendes has learned to swipe blush horizontally across her cheeks (never vertically) while also applying a bit of it over her nose in order to break the length.

10 She Uses Makeup To Draw Attention To Her Eyes

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If you know anything about makeup, then you know how important it is to apply the right makeup on the eyes in a professional way. Of course, the eyes are considered the windows to someone's soul, so you need to let everyone who sees them know you're a beautiful soul.

Your choice of eyeliner is just as important as how you apply it because you have to consider what you're wearing, what time of the day or night your event will take place, and of what nature the event it is. You can play around with how you apply the eyeliner while having in mind your objective is to make your eyes pop.

Women who want to look casual can line the upper outer lid only whereas those who want to look good during the day or in the evening can line both the upper and lower outer lids. Women who want an intense look can line both the upper and lower lids as well as the inner rim of the lower eyelid. To attract even more attention to her eyes, Mendes never lines her outer corners; she keeps them open.

9 She Uses Deep Hair Treatments

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What is the worst thing that has ever happened to your hair? When your hair starts becoming dry and frizzy, or even starts splitting and breaking off, you need to take immediate action, unless you're okay with losing all your hair. The best way to prevent hair problems is to go for treatment as often as you can.

Although conditioners are great, they don’t offer the same benefits treatments do, because conditioners act on the surface of the hair to provide temporary strength and protection. Conditioners don’t penetrate the hair, as is the case with treatments, which not only penetrate the hair but also maintain its internal strength and restore the weak and splitting hair to normal.

Mendez doesn’t blow-dry her hair, but she takes hair treatments seriously. At least once every few weeks after shampooing her hair, she soaks her hair in coconut oil, massages it, puts a shower cap on, and leaves it overnight. In the morning, she rinses her hair properly and her hair looks amazing.

8 She Makes Her Lips Pop By Highlighting The Cupid's Bow

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Lipstick has a way of brightening up a woman's face, making it look beautiful and polished. However, when women make the mistake of applying lipstick the wrong way so it appears imbalanced or gets on their teeth, it can be a huge embarrassment.

Therefore, if you want to apply like a pro, you first need to apply lip balm to help you have an even application. Then use a lip liner that matches the color of your lips to prevent the lipstick from feathering and to encourage a more defined lip line. Apply the lipstick starting from the upper lip's center moving towards the corners of the lips. Finally, blot out the lips with a facial tissue to keep it off your teeth and to help it last longer.

Eva Mendes confessed she was once obsessed with Cindy Crawford and loved wearing Revlon lipstick, though you'll probably see her wearing Circa. Mendes makes her lipstick pop even more by adding some illumination on her Cupid's bow above the lip using a highlighter. You can try it one of these fine days and see the results.

7 Her Signature Scent Is From Estee Lauder

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Have you ever been in such a hurry that you left the house without wearing any cologne or perfume? This is possibly one of the worst ways to start your day because you will imagine everyone around you knows you didn’t wear any, then you'll start sweating, and for sure, they will discover just how horrible you smell.

According to Eva Mendes, Cubans love to douse themselves and their children with a type of cologne called "violetas," which actually smells like violets. Therefore, if you get an opportunity to come close enough, you'll probably detect the beautiful smell of violets, and if you enter any of the rooms in her house, you can be sure you'll find a bottle of "violetas" inside.

However, when Mendes was just 13 years old, she came across a sample of Knowing By Estee Lauder Eau De Parfum Spray, and she has loved it ever since. Everyone associates this perfume with Mendes, making it her signature scent. She has worn this perfume since she was in seventh grade, and according to her, a woman should smell like it.

6 Her Mom's Advice Is To Blend Face Cream Upwards To Avoid Wrinkles

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Being human means that when we're young, our parents appear as if they can do no wrong, then they appear as if they're always wrong, and finally we discover they were right more times than we could've imagined. Therefore, regardless of what situation we're facing in life, as long as they're kind and respectable, we should always treasure their advice, because they will not be around forever.

Some of the beauty secrets Mendes learned from her mom have greatly contributed to making her look as ageless as she does today. For example, her mom always told her to "blend upward" when putting on face cream, as well as to sprinkle a bit of baby powder on her hair to facilitate better absorption of oils, which she does and has never regretted.

However, the one thing she regrets is ignoring her mother's advice when she told her to moisturize her elbows, which she never did and in her own words, "they're hideous."

5 She Is All About Doing Squats And Works Out 5 Days A Week

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As you would expect, it would be next to impossible for Eva Mendes, who is a mother of two, a businesswoman, and an actress to maintain her beautiful figure and outstanding radiance without some sort of workout regimen.

Like a disciplined professional, Mendes loves doing intervals of running and sprinting versus episodes of steady cardio on the treadmill. She also lifts weights under the instruction of professional trainers, because even when she had a herniated disc, she kept working out in a way that wouldn’t aggravate her condition. Although she loves doing squats, when she was injured she was advised to do lunges instead, an instruction which broke her heart.

During her off-season, she works out three days a week, which is great, however, when she's preparing for an event or during summer, she hits the gym five days a week. When she's working out, her body benefits so much from the sweating, the increased heart rate, and the retention of her muscles.

4 Her Diet Is High In Protein

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Eva Mendes loves proteins, which is the reason she will always start her day with eggs. Eggs are her first option every morning because she can do so many things with them, though most of the time she'll just scramble a few and have them together with a slice of Ezekiel toast.

However, if you're ever planning to pay her a visit and decide to bring delicious muffins or any other sweet treat, she'll not hesitate to take it with coffee, though she'll regret it later on. Mendes loves starting her day with the right protein-rich foods, which is something every one of us should strive to do, especially if we want the secret to her beauty.

With regard to what she likes eating throughout the day, she has a habit of eating some kind of grain in every meal. However, she loves having salmon and quinoa or rice with a healthy salad, both for lunch and dinner, because she hardly ever gets bored with food.

3 She Avoids Sugar Because It Is Terrible For The Skin

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By now, everyone knows sugar is bad, but why did it have to be so sweet? Experts say the only things sugar does are to displace nutritious food from a diet and to add calories to someone's diet. The risks involved here include losing out on nutrients and resulting in excessive weight gain.

However, not all sugars are bad, since those that occur naturally in fruit, milk and some vegetables are perfectly healthy. The processed sugars are the enemy, though you can have your desert the way you like it, you must be strategic enough to eat it in moderation.

Mendes loves sweets, and she has to keep reminding herself to manage her cravings. The reason she can have sweets after every meal is she works out on a regular basis, so she actually works off her sugar intake. If you don’t have the time or resources to work out, please cut down on as many sugar-rich foods and drinks as possible.

2 She Uses Special Foundation For Olive Skin Tones

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You might be one of those women who have an easy time finding the right foundation for their skin tone, which is great. However, Mendes is not so lucky, because her beautiful olive skin requires specialized foundations, and here's where EX1 Cosmetics comes in. These cosmetics were made for people with olive tones, which is the reason Mendes is a fan. Therefore, she takes great care in choosing everything from foundation to lipstick, while staying away from cool tones.

When it comes to her makeup essentials, her arsenal will usually consist of a black eyeliner pencil, a cream blush, and a good base. This might be a shocker for most women since you would expect a woman who looks as beautiful as she does, walks around with an extra bag full of makeup. Her pencil of choice is the L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Le Khol Eye Liner Pencil. It's interesting just how amazing she looks even with just the essentials.

1 She Goes For A Simple Makeup Removal

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Although it's common knowledge you should always remove your makeup before going to bed, the damage you can do to your skin when you decide to spend the night without removing it properly will cost you. When we go to sleep, your skin starts to renew itself, therefore, leaving makeup on will prevent this very important process from taking place. Makeup prevents the skin from breathing and this will result in the appearance of signs of fatigue.

When you do not remove makeup properly from your skin, it will clog the skin's pores and lead to the breakout of blackheads and acne. Therefore, it's very important for anyone who wears any form of makeup to remove it using proper makeup removers and then to moisturize the face to help it to breathe. Eva Mendes loves keeping things simple, which also includes her choice of makeup remover. Her choice remover is wiping her face with a washcloth wet with coconut oil.

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