15 Beauty Products That Keep Salma Hayek Looking So Young

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably know by now that Salma Hayek never seems to age and is always looking amazing at any given time, despite her age. Some say it’s magic, but she claims that it’s her amazing skincare and wellness routines. She’s seriously a goddess and we’re not the only ones that think that. Many people look up to Salma Hayek because of how amazing she has aged. She’s broken so many rules in Hollywood when it comes to aging actresses. She has accepted her age with grace and instead of simply getting surgery to fix the signs of aging, she’s decided to just take care of herself.

Many people have thought that she probably has some extensive beauty routine, but in reality it’s anything but. She keeps it simple, she doesn’t go above and beyond, she’s herself. She’s in her 50s now and she has been in some of the hottest movies this year, playing every kind of role, and most importantly she believes in natural beauty. She believes that you should accept your natural self and just take care of yourself. Anyone can do what they want with their beauty to boost their confidence, but today we’ll be exploring the philosophy behind Salma Hayek’s beauty routine. This bombshell is here to teach us some much needed lessons in the art of self-acceptance and body confidence and she’s spilled her secrets with the world. We’re here for the scoop and ready to learn from the best.

15 Over Cleansing Is A No No

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One of Salma Hayek’s top secrets is of course, to not over cleanse your skin. She’s not all about the long complicated morning routines, she wants something quick, simple, and realistic. She doesn’t want to wake up early in the morning and spend hours on her skin; she just wants to be able to get up, enjoy her routine, and get out the door.

“I never cleanse my skin in the morning. My grandmother taught me that at night your skin replenishes all the things you lost during the day. Also, if I cleanse very well at night, why would it be dirty when I wake up?”

She gave us all this piece of advice in a New York Times interview. That should go to show you that she is all about keeping it simple and lets her skin breath, instead of constantly packing on products that can clog pores and do more harm than good. Just like Salma Hayek, you should simply find what works for you and stick with it.

14 Keep It Simple

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The main theme of this beauty routine and all of Salma Hayek’s secrets revolve around being simple. She has made comments in the past that she believes companies constantly put out new products that are a series of steps just to keep up with the market, not because it’s always necessary to use a three-step program when you take part in your beauty routine, but because they want to make a profit and keep people interested. She always opts to stay away from products that have a ton of steps or other products that need to be used with it to see any result. Instead Salma Hayek always chooses to use gentle and brightening products that work well with her daily moisturizer.

One of her favorite things is using a rose water spray in the morning before she applies a moisturizer that keeps her skin fresh looking.

Sometimes she will even spray rose water on a towel and warm it up for a bit of a steam facial to keep her pores unclogged and smaller.

13 Serums Are Here To Stay

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One of the major skin secrets Salma Hayek has always made sure to stick to is to never exfoliate your skin in any kind of extreme way. Exfoliating will make your skin look great right after you do it, but it has a high chance of damaging your skin over time. Instead she has a secret she always is sure to include in her beauty regime.

She always makes sure to use serums and oils when she deals with her skin being extra dry. Instead of damaging her skin for a flawless look that will only last a short while, she chooses to moisturize and hydrate her skin.

She has said many times that her skin changes quite often and for that reason she always makes sure to use a range of different oils and serums for that day. Whether her skin is a bit extra dry or closer to being combination skin, she has a serum to work with her unique skin texture for any given day. Plus, serums are much more gentle on the skin.

12 A Beautiful Blush

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Since Salma Hayek has such an easygoing attitude towards how she creates her unique beauty routine and skincare routine, she also has a really simple makeup routine as well. The secret is in the blush for her everyday look. She typically will use a bit of foundation to give her skin a good base – nothing too full coverage, though. She then will use her lipstick as a light cheek tint as well, to keep the look natural and light. She also loves to do the same with her lip balms as well, as it adds the perfect amount of color and life back into her skin and just opens up her face to look more youthful. This might seem like a simple makeup routine, but it works for her. This simple blush hack is a great way to minimize the products you need to buy as well. You won’t have to have the same color in every kind of product, so it will save time and room in your makeup bag.

11 Keep Your Hair Natural

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You might not realize right away because of how great her hair looks, but she doesn’t do anything to it, other than occasional styling. While not everyone will be able to achieve the same look, since everyone is so different, but it’s true. Salma Hayek doesn’t dye her hair! Not only does she not touch her hair with dye, but unless she’s on a red carpet, she doesn’t usually style her hair either.

She has said many times that she loves her natural color, her wild curls, and even her white hair. She doesn’t want to spend the rest of her life pretending that she’s younger when she’s not.

She wants to live her life the way she is, without having to sit for three hours trying to keep up with covering up her age with hair dye. She has accepted herself and she wants others to do the same as well. Age doesn’t mean you’re no longer beautiful.

10 Shadow & Shimmer

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Since Salma Hayek keeps her routine so simple, that doesn’t mean she is totally against putting on some more glam makeup every once in a while. While she doesn’t really ever go for a very dramatic look – she generally will keep it quite simple – she does like to add a little bit of a pop in her beauty routine to make her features stand out. She loves to include a very long-lasting shadow stick from her own collection, Nuance Salma Hayek. It’s a lip color that really makes her lips look full. This adds a youthful highlight to her natural features that looks fantastic with a bare face or with a bit of Hollywood glam. If you want to include this into your makeup routine for a date night or an evening out with the girlfriends, we would suggest that you pair it with a natural brow and bold cat eye. It’s a great simple lip to add a bit of drama without looking too vampy!

9 Scent Of A Dream

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Sometimes one of the best things you can choose to include in your beauty routine, according to Salma Hayek, is a signature perfume.

Hayek has chosen other perfumes in the past but all sources point to Charlotte Tilbury's Scent Of A Dream being her favorite scent at the moment.

She has said many times that a perfume is what pulls together a whole look. It’s something simple you can spray when you walk out the door, but she does warn to not over do it. Make sure the perfume you choose is light and fresh, and don’t make the mistake of drenching yourself with a smell that’s way too strong, as it could easily ruin the event you’re headed to. Choose something slightly floral and a bit natural/musky. Keep it subtle, nothing too overwhelming and only apply the scent to your neck and wrists. You’ll be sure to get a ton of compliments!

8 Stay Away From The Botox

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One piece of advice Salma Hayek is very proud of happens to be the fact that she hasn’t done any Botox or surgeries to prevent any aging. All she does is take care of her skin the best she can. She had this to say to Harpers Bazaar:

“I still have not done any Botox, fillers, or peels. Nothing. Sometimes I think I should do something, but I don't know what.”

She has said that she feels as though the pressure of Hollywood is always pushing the goal to be more youthful, but she has experienced so much freedom and self-love exploring her natural age and how she looks as herself. Of course individuals can choose to do whatever they want with their body and find self-love, but for Salma Hayek, she believes that you should at least try to find acceptance within your natural state at some point in your life. Don’t just assume getting older is so bad!

7 Scent Free Tan With Ease

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A great way to show off your glowing skin is with a little bit of help from a self tanner. Not only will tanning from home be much safer, compared to going out in the sun and harming your skin, but it is simple! Just like everything else in Salma Hayek’s routines, she likes things to be simple, which is why she loves to use the Self-Tanner St. Tropez Gradual Tan.

She says that this tan smells amazing, doesn’t streak easily, and gradually tans you so it isn’t an extreme change; it’s natural and just makes you look glowing.

This is a great option for those who are around the same age as Hayek, as it will make you look youthful in the sense that you aren’t washed out. It’s a great choice for a date night or an evening out as well, she doesn’t tan all the time, but when she does, it’s a great addition to herself care routine. Plus it makes you look super young and toned as well!

6 Rose Water Elegance

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We briefly mentioned this above, but it does deserve its own spotlight, just because of how long Salma Hayek has included this in her every day morning routine. Salma Hayek has always included a rose water spray in her morning routine. She even has made her own for her skincare collection.

The reason why she included a rose water spray is because it acts as a natural toner. It wakes up the skin each morning, prepping it for light makeup or a simple natural look.

It will make your skin look moisturized but not oily and it is great for any skin type. She has included this skincare secret in her routine for years, even before the hype of rose water began back in 2016. While there are so many different kinds of rose water on the market, we would suggest trying the rose water from her own collection, because that’s the same one she uses every single day.

5 A Chamomile Cleanser

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Having a reliable cleanser is seriously important. Salma Hayek uses a chamomile cleanser. She uses this every night before she goes to bed. If she happens to be wearing makeup that day she will occasionally use an oil cleanser as well, since it takes everything off. Because she cleanses her skin every single night before she goes to bed, she never will wash her face in the morning because in the morning your skin will regenerate all of the healthy natural oils that keep your skin healthy and youthful. This is something that her grandmother taught her when she was very young. She has been doing this since she was a teen and it’s worked for her ever since. You can tell by just looking at her that this is probably one of the biggest reasons she looks so great! If it’s worked this long why not add this little tip into your own routine for healthy and naturally youthful skin?

4 The Perfect Moisturizer

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Everyone should have a quality moisturizer that works for your unique skin texture. You should always use a moisturizer that will keep your skin balanced and natural looking. It shouldn’t make your skin too oily or dry. Salma Hayek constantly flies between LA and Europe, she’s on the plane for long amounts of time, she uses this time to really test if a moisturizer is working for her. Because plane air can be extremely drying, before takeoff she will apply a new product cream to her face and she’ll see if it keeps her skin looking fresh and soft by the time she lands at her destination. She often uses products that contain tepezcohuite because it will regenerate skin cells very quickly, making her skin look youthful without showing signs of aging. But occasionally she will try new products in this little experiment so she knows if a product will work for her needs and skin.

3 Keep The Hair Texture

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Salma Hayek is a true believer of "next hair days." Next hair days are the days after you washed your hair, when the hair is calmer and easier to style. She always loves to take advantage of next hair days because her hair is so much easier to work with. It’s apparently not as frizzy and she can use a dry shampoo to really make her hair look fantastic, even for the red carpet. She even loves hair that lasts for a few days so she can experiment with different styles and it will actually corporate. She has always believed that everyone should take advantage of dry shampoo because it will literally save your hair completely. If you’re looking to have great hair the day after you wash, even if your hair isn’t oily according to Hayek, it’s great to flip your head over and spray dry shampoo all over and in the roots, just to give it some needed texture. You’ll have much better control over any look you try and it’s great if you want to curl your hair after!

2 Mastering Contouring

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Like we mentioned before, Salma Hayek’s makeup routine is quite simple. She doesn’t always wear makeup because she likes to let her skin rest, but she does love to experiment with different looks and just have fun when she feels like it.

One of her best kept secrets that she revealed to Vogue this year is that she loves to contour. This wasn’t always the case, but the trend grew on her and she loves it. She loves to “paint her own portrait” when she contours.

She told Vogue that she starts with her light foundation as a base, then she will add a bit of contour around her jaw, cheeks, and forehead, a bit on her nose as well, and then she will add a bit of blush to her cheeks. She says that this will really naturally make your features pop! There shouldn’t be any shame in experimenting with makeup at any age you happen to be. Go for it, girl!

1 Embracing Your Age

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She doesn’t try to hide her age. Instead, she showcases her best features and has the confidence to pull of her age with style. She believes you shouldn’t try to cover up your flaws, just have fun with makeup and take care of your skin. She also regularly uses sunscreen as well to help her skin, sometimes using a tinted sunscreen face lotion for a bit of coverage when she doesn’t want to be bothered with foundation. The number one thing you should do, according to Salma Hayek, is to make sure that you find your own confidence. We all have different needs and wants, but one thing we should all work towards is accepting our bodies for the way they are, work towards the changes you want to see, but never be toxic towards yourself wherever you are in the moment. That key step is what keeps Salma Hayek always looking great. She’s confident in herself.

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