15 Beautiful Women Who Fell For Rich Tech Nerds

You may not know this, but last year geeks got their own dating app. Its founder stands behind the idea that even the most colossal nerds deserve to find love without having to hide behind secret identities just to impress their possible match.

The geeks we are going to tell you about, however, didn’t have to download an app like this to find themselves girls. Their secret? It’s simple - all of them are successful tech titans. We certainly remember the times when the hottest Hollywood babes fancied professional football players, rock stars, and Wall Street moguls. They didn’t really care about the smart guys because they found them boring and embarrassing to be seen with. But the pancake flipped, and now, solid stock shares are not the only bonus that comes with being smart and resourceful. CEOs and tech managers are considered the best matches.

From ex-Victoria’s Secret Angel Miranda Kerr to Amber Heard, more and more celebrity beauties are doing their best to bag a geek. But do not instantly jump to the conclusion that it’s a bargain which benefits only one of the sides! Except being extremely smart, tech guys are also very strategic. They have realized that dating a Hollywood celeb will skyrocket their own publicity. It’s a win-win situation, really.

Meet 15 of the most talked about beauty-and-the-geek couples.

15 A Girl From Girls Marries The Co-Founder Of CollegeHumor

Although she has recently landed some major film roles, Allison Williams is still best known for playing the unlikable character of Marnie in the HBO’s series Girls. Unlike many of her colleagues in the business, this girl hadn’t been sleeping around much before she started dating her now husband, Ricky Van Veen in 2011. Van Veen is famous for being the co-founder of IAC’s CollegeHumor site. The couple got engaged in 2014, and married the year after, with Tom Hanks officiating the private ceremony in Saratoga, Wyoming. Over the years, Van Veen has built an impressive Hollywood network, thanks mainly to his wife. This fact certainly came in handy because eventually he was offered a job at Facebook. As we understand, the job involves collaborating with media companies making them supply FB with more stuff.

14 Serena Williams Welcomes Baby Girl With Reddit Co-Founder Alexis Ohanian

Everybody knows her name - after all, she’s been one of the most successful tennis players of the last decade. But who is Alexis Ohanian? He is the co-founder of the social website Reddit, and the sole founder of the social enterprise Breadpig. In 2012, Forbes magazine pronounced him ‘Mayor of the Internet.’ The two met in Rome, at the Cavalieri Hilton Hotel. Williams and her friends decided to play a prank on the guy (Ohanian) sitting at the neighboring table. They told him there was a rat sneaking under his table, but as it didn’t work, they invited him to join them. Before falling for Ohanian, Serena dated rapper Common, whom she dumped for another rapper - Drake. By April 2016, Ohanian was already convinced he wanted to marry Williams. But although he would show up at most of her matches, the tennis player kept their relationship away from social media for a long time. She posted their first photo together in November 2016. Their daughter, Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr., was born ten months later.

13 Model Lily Cole Dated Twitter Founder Jack Dorsey

In January 2013, model Lily Cole and the billionaire tech guru and Twitter founder Jack Dorsey were caught by paparazzi cozying up on a luxury yacht in St. Barts. She had just split with her long-time boyfriend, actor Enrique Murciano. Obviously, the actor, best known for playing FBI agent Danny Taylor in the drama series Without a Trace, couldn’t compete with Dorsey, whose net worth at that time was estimated at $1.1 billion. However, Dorsey and Cole were not meant to be together and, only a couple of days after they were photographed on the yacht, Dorsey tweeted that things are not always as they appear to be. The read-head model, who was brought to fame by starring the 2009 film The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, kept silent on the subject. Yet, the photos showed clearly what might have been going on between her and the twitter mogul.

12 Lily Cole Definitely Has A Thing For Tech Nerds

Two years after rumors about her dating the Twitter founder Jack Dorsey started circulating, the British supermodel and Cambridge University alum Lily Cole announced she was expecting a child with Kwame Ferreira - founder of the digital innovation agency Kwamecorp. She met Kwame when she was in the process of developing her own social giving network Impossible. Kwame offered to help build the platform, and after working together for some time, the two fell in love. Ferreira became a key investor in Impossible. When Cole realized she was pregnant, she tweeted, “The first known impossible baby is going to be born.” Cole, who achieved top marks while reading History of Art at the university, has always had the brains for entrepreneurship. So, when she was introduced to Ferreira by a mutual friend, he was simply swept off his feet not only by her beauty, but also by her innovative ideas.

11 Venture Capitalist Joshua Kushner Gets Lucky With A Victoria’s Secret Angel

Karlie Kloss is probably the only supermodel who is convinced love is science. In June this year, she declared her love for her boyfriend of five years Joshua Kushner in the form of scientific poetry. On Instagram, she wrote, “My atoms love your atoms. It’s chemistry.” And she humorously calls Kushner her “partner in crime.” Joshua is the younger brother of Jared Kushner - son-in-law and close advisor of President Trump. Karlie and Josh “the Better One” Kushner are not only a very attractive, but also a super-smart couple. Karlie is a computer science activist, and her boyfriend - a Harvard Business School alum. Despite all the glamour that surrounds them, they are trying to keep a low profile. As for us, we like to believe the couple is hatching a plan to save the planet with brains and beauty.

10 Miranda Kerr Weds Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel

After the split with her first husband, Orlando Bloom, in 2013, Kerr talked about falling into a dark depression for quite a long time. The guy who succeeded in bringing the smile back on the beautiful Australian model’s face was Evan Spiegel. Some of Kerr’s first tweets revealing her relationship with the Snapchat CEO would describe him as a typical nerd. “Evan’s 25, but he acts like he’s 50. He is not out partying. He goes to work in Venice Beach, he comes home. We don’t go out. We’d rather be at home and have dinner, go to bed early." We mean, we totally understand why Kerr would like to go to bed early. As for Miranda, she obviously doesn’t mind sacrificing her fabulous life for that of a stay-at-home wifey. After all, her new husband has been valued at as high as $20 billion.

9 Emma Watson's New Beau, William “Mack” Knight, Makes Her Laugh

After dating a rugby player, a British financier, and an Oxford student, Emma Watson ended up in the loving arms of William “Mack” Knight - a 35-year-old Princeton grad and tech manager working in Silicon Valley. Although the guy’s look is kind of mediocre compared to that of her exes, Watson must have been looking for other qualities when she started dating him in the beginning of 2017. Just like the actress, Knight, too, likes nature and documenting his travels and adventures on his camera. They both enjoy going to musicals, and according to posts on his Instagram account (before he hid it from public viewing!), the guy has also a great sense of humor. What else could a woman desire more but share a good laugh with the man she loves!

8 Model Faye Dinsmore Met Her Super Rich Tech-Titan Long Before He Rose To Prominence

In May 2016, Web Summit founder Paddy Cosgrave made it official with his girlfriend of seven years, model Faye Dinsmore, in a top-secret wedding ceremony. There was no doubt that stunningly beautiful Cosgrave was not marrying for money as the two first met while still students at Trinity College Dublin. Since then Faye had a successful modelling career and lived in Paris and New York. But for the love for this bi-spectacled curly-haired Irish geek, she threw all the fame away and returned to Dublin to settle down. Only five months after the secret wedding, the two welcomed their first child. Now, the ex-model runs her own Aran jumper company, while Paddy… well, he is trying his best to stay on the crest of the way in his business. In 2015, he was ranked 18th in the list of the most influential people in Europe in the field of technology.

7 The Dreamy Couple Heard-Musk Is Over

We wonder: Is it Amber Heard’s fault or… is it Amber Heard’s fault? The girl just doesn’t seem capable of making it work with any guy, no matter how famous, sexy, desirable, and wealthy he is. After Heard’s rough split with Johnny Depp and Elon Musk’s divorce from actress Talulah Riley, they started dating and soon became the most talked about couple. The tech entrepreneur, who is currently worth $15 billion, is based in L.A., while Amber lives in Sydney, Australia. It was exactly the distance they blamed for the death of their relationship. Although the Tesla CEO relentlessly pursued the actress for five years before they became official, he was the one who insisted on ending it. He must have been really fed up with flying 18 hours every week just to see his girlfriend…

6 Sean Parker's Wife, Alexandra Lenas, Saved His Life

His name became known worldwide when the movie The Social Network was released in 2010. In the movie, he was portrayed by Justin Timberlake. Sean Parker became instantly recognizable as Napster co-founder and the first president of Facebook. Later, Parker invested millions in Spotify. He got married in 2013. The girl who stole Sean’s heart was Alexandra Lenas - a super cute singer and songwriter, whom he first met in 2011. She made a name for herself as a socialite on the New York party scene, and with her appearances on MTV. Lenas should be considered the most important person in Parker’s life not only because she is his wife and the mother of his two kids, but also because she saved his life after he ate… peanuts. The incident happened while they were dining in a restaurant in Davos. When Parker tried Lenas’ lamb he was hammered by a rapid-onset allergic reaction to nuts.

5 Talulah Riley Gave Up Her Career For Elon Musk

Before starting his romance with Amber Heard, billionaire and inventor Elon Musk was married TWICE to the same woman - British actress Talulah Riley. The two first met in 2008. Their first marriage ended in 2012, with Riley walking away with a $16 million divorce check. They remarried in the spring of the following year, but in December she was already suing for divorce again. Only to withdraw it the following year! Eventually, in March 2016, Musk and Riley divorced. Although they kept saying they were still the best of friends, the young actress was feeling really frustrated about the way her relationship turned out. She actually blamed Musk for having sacrificed her career on the altar of their (non-eternal) love. Not long ago, Riley published a novel entitled Acts of Love, which tells about the relationships of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs. What else!

4 Violinist Gabi Holzwarth Dated Uber Founder Travis Kalanick

Charming and hugely talented Gabi Holzwarth and Uber founder Travis Kalanick (net worth of $5.9 billion) met at a Silicon Valley party where the violinist played the Bruno Mars hit Billionaire for an audience of… take a wild guess! Right, billionaires. The two dated for a couple of years before Holzwarth decided to end it. Her reasons? The environment and the sexist culture in Silicon Valley proved to be too unhealthy and degrading for her. What in particular enraged the professional violinist was a trip to South Korea on which she accompanied Kalanick and his co-workers. Holzwarth was appalled by the fact that at some parties, the men would pick out women with numbered cards for entertainment.

3 Airbnb Founder Brian Chesky Met Elissa Patel On Tinder

They are young, successful, and rich (especially him), and they are one of those couples people think are as real as a flying unicorn. But the facts do not lie: Airbnb founder Chesky and the American-Indian artist Patel met through a dating app, got married, and now live a happy life in their apartment in San Francisco. In her free time (which must be a lot), Patel uploads her own artwork on her Instagram account. As for her husband and former bodybuilder, he’s been working his butt off for the last ten years. As a result, he is now one of the richest tech founders in America. His net worth is around $3.8 billion and rising. So, we guess he doesn’t mind if his wife does some art just for pleasure.

2 Model Nikita Kahn Is Dating One Of The Wealthiest Men On Earth - Oracle Founder Larry Ellison

She is a model and is best known as the current girlfriend of Forbes’ fifth richest man! But she is certainly not a manipulative Eastern-European gold-digger, because she is an animal rights activist above all else! Her Facebook page says that Nikita Kahn has a BA degree in tourism from Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics, and that she started learning ballet at the age of nine. The reward for her diligence in studies and dancing, and for her good heart as well is that Nikita is now a proud owner of ten oceanfront houses at Malibu’s Carbon Beach. At this very same place, her beau has also built a restaurant, which he named after her. Ellison was married four times before he met Nikita.

1 Alex Rodriguez Dated Tech CEO Anne Wojcicki

It’s inspiring to know that the Beauty-and-the-Geek fairytale doesn’t happen only to women. Let’s take Alex Rodriquez’s story, for example. In March 2016, the former Yankees baseball player, best known by his nickname A-Rod, started dating one of the most prominent executives in Silicon Valley - 23andMe CEO Anne Wojcicki. The news came as a shock to many as A-Rod’s name had become notorious for striking up short romances with celebrities like Madonna, Demi Moore, Cameron Diaz and Kate Hudson. But then, out of thin air, appeared the 42-year old Wojcicki - a biologist who earned her degree from Yale. Yet, their romance didn’t last, and the couple split in February this year. “They were an unusual couple, from very different backgrounds," was the explanation of their separation given by an insider.

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